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Tony’s vision became a reality: A charming and utterly Southern venue to host weddings, events, and all the moments in between. IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK! Bill Lowe called Tony as soon as he heard about Tony’s acquisition of the home. Lowe, a well-known Atlanta and California-based art dealer specializing in upscale contemporary art, thought it might be a long shot but offered his services to Tony to curate the art for The Estate. To his delight and surprise, Tony shared his vision. Dave Lishness, president of A Legendary Event, spent

weeks with Bill Lowe selecting the art. This remarkable showplace is accessorized with a magnificent collection of paintings, brilliantly contrasting and punctuating each space. “Any home that has survived for two centuries has seen all of those 200 years, from the late 18th century to the present,” Bill said. “Therefore the art reflects the contemporary more recent history of the southern culture in which she exists.”

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Southern Seasons Magazine Spring 2013- Cover 3  
Southern Seasons Magazine Spring 2013- Cover 3  

Third cover of Spring 2013 issue for better newsstand coverage on sale May 2013.