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by eileen goRDON

Remember the days when “puppy training” was merely trial-anderror by the owner? This rarely produces a truly well-behaved dog, to anything near the degree that professional dog training does.

The Educated Puppy Alpharetta Dog Trainer offers Boutique Services


ichael Quattrochi is the ultimate go-to guru for generations of dog lovers. He’s an urban legend of sorts with a celebrity clientele who sings his praises. He’s a “happy dog” advocate and his services are based on common sense and psychology of the pooches and people who patronize him! While not everyone can afford the boutique services of “Uncle Mikey,” as he is affectionately known, he said cost should be the last consideration for those looking into dog training. “My clients initially react to how expensive it is to enroll in The Educated Puppy. At nearly $3,900, this is not an insignificant investment, but my repeat customers never question the cost! Without exception, afterwards, they feel like it was totally worth it. It’s a get-what-you-pay-for world and dog training is no different.” Mike points out that his profession is neither licensed nor degreed. Caution is advised when choosing a trainer, as it requires a great deal of instinct, expertise, compassion and understanding. He possesses a Svengali-like quality of communication with dogs based on positive affection for good behavior. “The training I do is centered around the spirit of the dog,” says Mike, who answered his life’s calling after completing an apprenticeship under one of New York’s top dog trainers. “It’s important that


“Well-behaved dogs are happy dogs,” says dog trainer Michael Quattrochi of The Educated Puppy. “I do this for the dogs.”

they are well behaved, because their good behavior ensures them a more secure and happy life with you.” So just how does The Educated Puppy operate? Mike works one-on-one with each pup, starting at age 9 weeks, with class size limited to four or five dogs at a time. As the pups live with “Uncle Mikey,” he gets to know each one intimately and he has unlimited access to them. Training typically takes about three

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Southern Seasons Magazine Spring 2013- Cover 3  

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