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Celebrate Earth Day in Georgia Here are my recommendations for Earth Day events around the state. Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s third annual Sweep the Hooch event on April 13 places volunteers at 21 sites along a 48-mile stretch inside the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area to help clean up the trash that collects in our life-giving river. sweep-the-hooch.php White clover provides bees with good sources of pollen and nectar.

I challenge you to grow a chemicalfree yard in 2013. Most of the time, if you’re following the elemental rules of gardening basics, you won’t need to expose yourself, your family, and the Earth to all the chemicals out there that claim the grass will be greener on their side. Paul Tukey, whose organization works to combat the use of synthetic chemicals in lawn and garden care, has some great recommendations for getting a green landscape without using the egregious chemicals and fertilizers that can have a negative impact on our aquatic systems and the critters that share our yards. Don’t forget that our children and pets play in those yards, too, and exposing them to these chemicals can have unintended long-term effects. One easy lawn saver is to leave the clippings behind after you mow, a process known as grasscycling. The clippings disappear into your lawn in

a day or two, and it provides half your lawn’s fertilizer needs for the season. Another idea is to leave the clover in your yard. Clover is the favorite flowers of bees. I actually seed my yard with two types of clover, because I keep a beehive and want to make sure they have enough pesticide-free food. Plus, my family and I love clover honey! One out of every three bites of food from your dinner plate was made possible by the pollination of honeybees. Some crops, such as almonds, are 100% dependent on honeybees to produce. These insects are an essential part of the systems that produce our food, but they’re threatened the world over. To learn more about this crisis, visit Help the Honey Bees (helpthehoneybees. com), The Pollinator Partnership (, or the Xerces Society ( Clover also puts vital nitrogen back into your soil, keeping your whole yard healthy, lush and green. And it softens the hard grass, making it more comfortable on bare feet. As the flowers blossom and birds sing, celebrate this beautiful planet by attending events, getting your children out into nature, and growing your own flowers and foods. And as you’re celebrating, join my family and me in making a promise to do all you can to protect our God-given Garden of Eden – and our children’s health. visit for more living well tips.

Grow a chemical free yard in 2013. 38

Earth Day Kids Fest on April 13, sponsored by the Captain Planet Foundation and Chattahoochee Nature Center, is a kidscentered day of fun and service with music, food and games. EarthShare of Georgia has several events planned around Earth Day. This organization raises funds through employee giving for more than 60 environmental member organizations dedicated to conserving and protecting our air, land and water. The Corporate Green Day Challenge on April 6 provides volunteer opportunities for employees of Earth Day event sponsors at specially selected environmental improvement project sites across Metro Atlanta and beyond. The Earth Day Leadership Breakfast will be held April 19 at the Georgia Aquarium with keynote speaker Bea Perez, Corporate Sustainability Officer for The Coca-Cola Company. The Earth Day Party on April 25 is a celebration that includes food, music and an Eco-silent auction. This event will be held at the King Plow Arts Center, a renovated historic building, once home to the King Plow Company. The 19th Annual Hoochie on April 19 is a casual event with games, entertainment, and eco-friendly cuisine. regions/northamerica/ unitedstates/georgia/19th-annualhoochie.xml.

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Southern Seasons Magazine Spring 2013- Cover 3  

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