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want a color that appears more natural. Ensuring the shape and arrangement of teeth are natural, even though the color may be bright, is an essential part of creating that dazzling smile. Drs. Goldstein, Garber and Salama combine the art and science of esthetic dentistry and partner with an in-house dental laboratory for exquisite results.

Other Factors Patients Should Consider “Nothing lasts forever,” not even dental restorations. Different types of restorations have varying life expectancy and retain their appearance for a limited period of time. Porcelain tends to last longer than bonding if well cared for. A patient’s decision should be based, to some extent, on the life expectancy of the material suggested to them. The fee for a complete smile restoration can also play a role, as ideal treatments can be a larger investment than restoring one or two teeth. Patients should be up front when discussing their needs and limitations with their dentist or treatment coordinator. Any potential discomfort, time, longevity and finance should all be discussed within the individual’s framework. When it comes to ceramic restorations, there is a huge difference between the acceptable and the exceptional, which are typically created by master ceramists. It may be like comparing a discount jeweler with Tiffany’s jewelry. Tiffany’s products may be more expensive, but they’re also higher quality, original and last longer. Patients should be open and direct with their dentist or treatment coordinator, who can provide treatment recommendations to fit within most budgets. Poor oral health can be an obstacle for completing a successful smile design. Creating and maintaining a healthy foundation is always a priority. If a patient’s gum tissue is inflamed, it’s recommended that he or she has healthy tissue before any attempt to place veneers or crowns. Otherwise, the final restorations will not only be unhealthy, but the overall appearance of the smile will suffer. The most attractive porcelain veneer won’t look its best if it’s framed with diseased, red or bleeding gums.

Tips for Patients Seeking to Rejuvenate Their Smiles • Before their appointment, patients should make notes on what they would like to see in their smiles and then review them with their dental team. • Patients shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, especially whether or not the concept would be the right choice for their new smiles. • Patients should bring celebrity pictures or photos of themselves at younger ages that demonstrate smiles they desire. • Being open to all possibilities is important – experienced cosmetic dentists usually have several treatment alternatives to

Hope Baldwin, of Glo Salon in Watkinsville, Georgia, is proud to show her new Goldstein, Garber and Salama smile.

help patients accomplish the smile of their dreams. • The quickest method to transform a smile isn’t always the best. Many times, the best technique can be a combination of various specialties to provide the longest lasting result, but may need a little more time. Featured in over 1,200 articles on the topic of beauty and dentistry over the years, Goldstein, Garber & Salama is recognized as one of the most advanced, integrated dental offices in the world, while Dr. Goldstein, author of Change Your Smile (Amazon), is recognized as the “father of modern cosmetic dentistry” for his pioneering work in esthetics. The shared knowledge of Drs. Goldstein, Garber and Salama combined with their associates, plus new available technology and materials, allows patients to see their dream smiles brought to life. To learn more, visit or call 404-261-4941


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Southern Seasons Magazine Spring 2013- Cover 3  

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