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Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2020

The Bayou Road neighborhood is known for its unique collection of small businesses, its fascinating history, and for the sense of community, the culture, and the food. Although a small corridor, there is plenty to do when taking a stroll through Bayou Road — take in some world class art, get your hair styled or cut, enjoy some great music, and eat some of the most authentic Caribbean food in the city! Come by and check out the many business and cultural institutions that make Bayou Road so vibrant, and visit our website for the latest information and upcoming events.



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Community Book Center

2565 Bayou Road | 504.883.1858


King & Queen Emporium

McHardy’s Chicken & Fixin’

2500 Bayou Road | 504.317.7570

1458 N Broad St | 504.949.0000


Domino Sound Record Shack

Cajun King

2557 Bayou Road | 504.309.0871

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2523 Bayou Road | 504.948.7323

2514 Bayou Road | 504.945.1515


Ego’s Gentlemen’s Spa

Pagoda Cafe

2509 Bayou Road | 504.446.5679

1430 N Dorgenois St | 504.644.4178


Artist Journey Allen

Whiskey & Sticks

1474 N Broad St | 504.400.7224

2513 Bayou Road | 504.444.8454

MLV Nail Studio

Le Musee de F.P.C.

2563 Bayou Road | 504.948.9300

2336 Esplanade Ave | 504.323.5074

Bayou Road Justice Center

Club Caribbean

2563 Bayou Road | 504.267.4805

2441 Bayou Road | 504.957.9666


Southern Rep Theatre

2520 Bayou Road | uber.com

2541 Bayou Road | 504.522.6545

Keys of Beauty Hair Studio

Waldorf School (2019)

2518 Bayou Road | 504.884.1901

2539 Columbus St | 504.525.2420

Artistry of Her

Parish Hall Work Space

2516 Bayou Road | 504.913.9386

2533 Columbus St | 504.569.0014

CoCo Hut

Joan Mitchell Center

2515 Bayou Road | 504.945.8788

2275 Bayou Road | 504.940.2500

Half Shell on the Bayou

Art Home New Orleans

2517 Bayou Road | 504.558.4403

CupCake Fairies

2511 Bayou Road | 504.333.9356

2326 Esplanade Ave | 504.218.4807

Degas House 2306 Esplanade Ave | 504.821.5009

The New Orleans Tribune 1468 N Broad St | 504.944.3001


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2317 Esplanade Ave | 504.945.0772

Benachi House & Gardens 2257 Bayou Road | 504.525.7040

Gayarre Place Sculpture: ‘Peace, the Genius of History’

Kruttschnitt Park Sculpture: ‘Shotgun Temple’ by Robert Tannen

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Southern Rep Theatre Aimée Hayes, Producing Artistic Director presents


Translated by Ntozake Shange Directed by Chivas Michael Original Music by Lisa E. Harris

January 24 - February 8, 2020 CAST (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE) Recruiting Officer/Ordnance Officer/Farmer’s Son Rahim Glaspy Soldier/Clerk/Farmer Donald Lewis* Mother Courage Sarah Nansubuga** Enoch Josef Pons Smoked Cheese/Soldier Mack Guillory** Katie Elexis Selmon** Cook Rodney Graham** General/Rancher/Soldier/Old Tough/Young Mestizo Boy Leland Ensminger Chaplain Lawrence E. Weber* Yvette LaKesha Glover** Deputy/Man with Patch/Ranger/Farmer Mona Naswari** Man in Rebel’s Clothes/Soldier/Ranger/Farmer Joe Fredo** Young Tough/Mestizo Woman Ilyanette Bernabel** Kiowa Woman Lola Darling Kiowa Brave Jeffery Darensbourg ARTISTIC STAFF Director Associate Director Scenic Designer Assistant Scenic Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Costume Design Props Designer Stage Manager Assistant Stage Manager Spotlight Operator

Chivas Michael Richon May Autumn Knight Jasmine Williams Melissa E. Martinez Brendan Connelly Darolyn Robertson Kara Borasch Jamie Berry* Brianna Thompson Cesar Corzantes

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association ** Equity Member Candidate

MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN is presented with one 15 minute intermission, with a running time of approximately two hours and 45 minutes. This production contains racialized violence, racially charged language, racist terms, gunshots, and theatrical haze. Late seating and re-entry are permitted solely at the discretion of house management. Please turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices. The taking of photographs or video recordings is strictly prohibited.


Dear Friends, Welcome to MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Ntozake Shange. The story of this particular version starts more than forty years ago as Shange was coming off of the hugely successful two-year Tony-nominated Broadway run of FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE / WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF. Produced at The Public Theatre and then at The Booth, COURAGE went on to win an Obie Award and featured gifted up-and-comers Anna Deavere Smith, Morgan Freeman, and Samuel Jackson, as well as a cast of incredibly storied and beloved performers with Gloria Foster and Trazana Beverly each tackling the eponymous role. The original text by Brecht is considered by many as the greatest anti-war play ever written. The intersection of pragmatism, desire, and need present in the play is given a uniquely American and a uniquely female perspective here. Shange to me was first and foremost a poet. One can get dreamily lost in the incredible beauty of her images when delving into her choreopoems. Yet her poetry moves, shakes, upends, surprises, and always makes me laugh. Shange is essential truth. It has been an electrifying process to see and hear Brecht’s masterful story be renewed, re-seen, refreshed by Shange. And yes, it was translated over forty years ago, but war, poverty, love of family, risk, motherhood—none of that has changed nor will it ever. We need stories like these to remember the terrible aspects of war, to focus on what matters in life, and maybe, to find ways to make peace and connection rather than strife and chaos. So grateful that you are all here with us to experience this historic viewing of MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN.

Featuring members of the Southern Rep Acting Company, SINGING IN THE DARK TIMES is an evening of selected readings from several of Brecht’s and Shange’s transformational and groundbreaking works. This event will celebrate the legacy and artistry of two of the most important theatre-makers of the 20th century speaking to the past, present, and future of humanity. Seats are limited!

A NOTE FROM DIRECTOR CHIVAS MICHAEL “Slavery was a bad thing, and freedom, of the kind we got, with nothing to live on, was bad. Two snakes full of poison. One lying with his head pointing north, the other with his head pointing south…” -Patsy Mitchner, age 84, Raleigh, North Carolina, a formerly enslaved woman When Ntozake Shange sat down to reimagine Brecht’s MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN, she recast its titular character as a formerly enslaved woman in the American Southwest and Great Plains just after the Civil War and in the middle of the genocidal campaign called the “Indian Wars”. We find her Nana Fierce roaming as many formerly enslaved persons would have done, improvising on life in a new, but still hostile nation, an improvisation that many subsequent generations of black people would come to master. But I imagine while writing she came to a moment of exhaustion, one in which she wondered why this story felt like her own despite the distance time and history would suggest. I, too, am perplexed at the persistence of this story’s realities in the lives of black women some forty years after Shange’s adaptation, and some 150+ years after its setting. This confusion perhaps is inextricably tied to the foundation of our nation’s understanding of African-American citizenry and seems to only be equaled by the bewilderment and chaos wrought in a long-captive people’s sudden freedom. As such, our story finds itself produced in something akin to a museum gallery - the only rightful place for such a story if the nation has learned the lessons told therein. Perhaps here we will have permission to stare at and contemplate the consequences and meanings of liberty, equity, justice, self-governance, and self-possession. Here, too, we are allowed to see the world as the newlyemancipated must have seen it: full of whimsy and caprice, danger and instability, desire and ambition. And ultimately here we can ask if we are finally ready to make good on the promise inherent in that, our most solemn of words…FREEDOM. -Chivas

REYKJAVÍK by Steve Yockey directed by Aimée Hayes

March 18 - April 5, 2020 National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere SouthernRep.com | Box Office (504) 522 - 6545

CAST BIOGRAPHIES Ilyanette Bernabel (Young Tough/Mestizo Woman) is honored to be in Southern Rep’s production of MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN. Her acting credits include Johnna in AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (Southern Rep Theatre), Little Becky Two Shoes in URINETOWN (The James Betty Hall Theatre), Belen in ANONYMOUS (PepsiCo Theatre), and various roles at the State University of New York, Purchase College. She holds a BA in Theatre and Performance Studies from SUNY, Purchase College and a MA in Museum Studies from Southern University at New Orleans. She wants to thank her parents for her life and to all her loved ones for supporting her dreams and aspirations. Jeffery Darensbourg (Kiowa Brave) is an enrolled member of Tribal Councilperson of the AtakapaIshak Nation of Indians, and is of mixed Native & Louisiana Creole ancestry. He is a founding coeditor of the anthology zine Bulbancha Is Still a Place: Indigenous Culture of New Orleans, and has often been featured on national and local media discussing Indigenous matters. He is currently working on a monograph about his tribe and will be in residence at A Studio in the Woods later this year. Lola Darling (Kiowa Woman) is Choctaw and from the Pearl River Reservation in Mississippi. New Orleans, or Bulbancha in her native language, has been her home for 7 years. She is an artist and an accomplished musician. This is her first stage play. Leland Esminger (General/Rancher/Soldier/Old Tough/Young Mestizo Boy) is currently attending Loyola University as a Theatre Arts major. He has most recently performed onstage in Loyola’s production of LIFE SUCKS as Vanya. He is studying every aspect of the theatre, both on and off stage, and one day plans to direct and collaborate with fellow artists on new devised pieces of theatre. He has worked previously with Southern Rep in their Acting Company in 2018, as well as a carpenter on their mainstage shows since then (including this one!), along with several smaller projects, such as directing a show with the company for Goat in the Road’s Play/Write program. Leland is excited to continue working with Southern Rep as part of the Acting Company. A special thanks to his family and loving partner who put up with his shenanigans. Joe Fredo (Soldier/Ranger/Farmer) is honored to return to Southern Rep’s stage since his last acting company show, EVERYBODY. A first generation native of Louisiana, Joe’s stage credits include PICNIC, DIAL “M” FOR MURDER, KING LEAR and, most recently, JOHN at the Beaubourg Theatre Co. His film and TV credits include HBO’s Treme, Beautifully Broken, and the locally-shot web series King Ester, which was an official selection in 2019’s New Orleans Film Festival, as well as Stay Woke, which played at numerous film festivals around the world in 2018 including Cannes. A founding member of the Acting Company, Joe’s previous credits with Southern Rep include SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH and ALL THE WAY. This spring, Joe will appear in No Dream Deferred’s production of BOOTYCANDY at the Beaubourg Theatre. Joe would like to thank Chivas for the honor of telling this with such a strong and wonderful cast. Special thanks to his friends and theatre family for always cheering him on and, as always, much gratitude to his family for their undying love & support. Rahim Glaspy (Recruiting Officer/Ordnance Officer/Farmer’s Son) is a soulful rock artist native to the city of New Orleans. He saw his start in theatre starring in hits such as DREAMGIRLS as Jimmy Early at McDonough 35. Since then he’s performed in other exciting projects such as JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, HAIR, SLEEPING BEAUTY, AIN’T MISBEHAVIN, THE CRADLE WILL ROCK, and THE WIZ, to name a few. Rahim has an album out called No More Karaoke available on all streaming platforms. He couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this production. “People may forget what you say, and what you’ve done, but they’ll never forget how you’ve made them feel.” -Maya Angelou LaKesha Glover (Yvette) recently appeared in EVERYBODY, and as Runaway 3 and Chorus 3 in FATHER COMES HOME FROM THE WARS (PARTS 1, 2, & 3) with Southern Rep, VIEUX CARRE with Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans, Ruby in SEVEN GUITARS with the St. Louis Black Repertory Theater, and others. Her film credits include The Adulterer, Away Awake, and The Johnny Starr Story. Her production company, Tootsie’s Productions, is currently in production for her web series Rosebud. Follow her on Instagram @actressLaKeshadGlover. Thank you, God, for the amazing things about to happen for my career in 2020! Rodney Graham (Cook) Born in Los Angeles, CA, Rodney is a teacher of seven years and an actor of many more. He is an Alumni of Dillard University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Theatre. Since arriving in New Orleans in 2006, Rodney has performed, as well as

taken part in the technical side, for various plays and films. Some of his most notable roles were in MACBETH, GEM OF THE OCEAN, CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, ALL THE WAY, IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER, as well as several others. Now a member of the Southern Rep Acting Company, Rodney plans on furthering his professional career in acting and making the most of every opportunity along the way. Mack Guillory (Smoked Cheese/Soldier) is an actor, musician, and educator based in New Orleans, LA. He was last seen in IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER (No Dream Deferred). Upcoming: THE BAR OF A TOKYO HOTEL (Tennessee Williams Theatre Company). When not embodying human beings, he can be seen performing with the avant -grade folk ensemble THE RAMSHACKLE REVIVAL. When not burning the midnight oil making art, he can be seen caring for and creating with young children at Green Trees Early Childhood Village. Donald Lewis (Farmer/Soldier/Clerk/Farmer) trained at the University of New Orleans and the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He worked with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee in the New Orleans premiere of FRAGMENTS. He was invited to the Sundance Institute for the film Heaven Before I Die, and he and Dr. Michael Chafetz co-wrote a play on African American and Jewish relations that premiered at Dillard University. He is also on the Board of WRBH Radio for the blind and print handicapped. Donald hosts the Tuesday Live Wire on WWOZ, and is the current stage manager for the Kids Tent at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. He is a storyteller on the Young Audiences Roster, and teaches Talented Theater in Orleans Parish. Donald dedicates this performance to all who struggle for equity, and is humbled to be part of this company. Sarah Nansubuga (Mother Courage), a recent MFA (Acting) graduate from Louisiana State University, most recently appeared on the LSU School of Theatre Mainstage and at Swine Palace in AIRLINE HIGHWAY (Miss Ruby), A SERVANT OF TWO MASTERS (Clarice), ARCADIA (Thomasina – Understudy with performance) and THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME (Ensemble). She also appeared in ECLIPSED (Maima) on the Southern Rep Mainstage and is thrilled to be back. Recent staged reading appearances include VOICES FROM THE BAYOU (Shanterria), BY THE WAY, MEET VERA STARK (Vera Stark), as well as TYA works including GIRLS WHO WEAR GLASSES (Mira), and NEW KID (Mencha). Sarah has also worked as an actress in South Africa, appearing in YERMA (Old Woman), Ted Hughes’ TALES FROM OVID (Tiresias, Salmacis & Ensemble), THE TROJAN WOMEN (Talthybius) and VUMANI OEDIPUS (Chorus) at the Market Theater. She is honored by the opportunity to do this work, and gives all glory to God. Mona Naswari (Deputy/Man with Patch/Ranger/Farmer) is so happy to be making her Southern Rep debut in this show and also as a new member of the Acting Company! She was last seen in Le Petit’s production of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE and The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival’s production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. She is incredibly inspired to continue performing and growing as an actress here in New Orleans. Mona would love to thank her beautiful family, friends, production team, and fellow actors! She feels truly humbled and grateful to be a part of this show, telling such a powerful story. Josef Pons (Enoch) is from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been acting on the stage since he was nine years old. Some of his favorite plays he has performed in are August Wilson’s TWO TRAINS RUNNING, and SAINTS & SINNERS, created and directed by Evan Cleaver. This will be Josef’s third time performing with Southern Rep Theatre. It has been an honor to blaze this stage once again with such an amazing cast, crew, and of course our fearless director Chivas. Follow him on Instagram to see where he will be performing next @AlphaJo504 Elexis Selmon (Katie) is a sophomore Musical Theatre major and Music minor at Loyola University. She is thrilled to be a part of yet another Southern Rep production with such talented castmates. Elexis has recently been seen in Loyola Univerity’s ROMEO AND JULIET as Friar Lawerence. She would like to thank the production staff for this amazing opportunity, her mom, friends, and most importantly, God for being her number one fan! Lawrence E. Weber (Chaplain) is an actor and native of New Orleans, LA. He is also a writer and director, having written the short play REUNION for Infringe Fest and directing a production of ZOOMAN AND THE SIGN for Dillard University. Recent credits include PIRATES OF PENZANCE, SOUTH PACIFIC, PETER PAN, CAROLINE, OR CHANGE, and AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’, the latter earning him a Big Easy Award for Best Ensemble. He would like to thank his family and friends for being the circle of support and love that every person should have in their lives.



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ARTISTIC PERSONNEL Bertolt Brecht (Playwright) was born in 1898 in the German town of Augsburg. After serving as a medical orderly in the First World War and appalled by the effects of the war, he went first to Munich and then to Berlin in pursuit of a career in the theatre. That period of his life came to an end in 1933 when the Nazis came to power in Germany. Brecht fled and during this period the Nazis formally removed his citizenship, so he was a stateless citizen. In 1941 Brecht became a resident in the USA but returned to Europe in 1947 after appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Ostensibly against communism, this committee also targeted intellectuals. By the time of his death in 1956, Brecht had established the Berliner Ensemble and was regarded as one of the greatest theatrical practitioners. As an artist, Brecht was influenced by a diverse range of writers and practitioners including Chinese theatre and Karl Marx. The turmoil of the times through which Brecht lived gave him a strong political voice. The opposition he faced is testament to the fact that he had the courage to express his personal voice in the world of the theatre. He also had an original and inspired talent to bring out a dynamic theatrical style to express his views. His most acclaimed work is MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN. Although it’s originally set in the 1600s, the play is relevant to contemporary society and is often regarded as one of the finest anti-war plays. FEAR AND MISERY OF THE THIRD REICH is Brecht’s most overtly anti-fascist play. This work analyses the insidious way the Nazis came to power. Ntozake Shange (Translation) was a poet, performance artist, playwright, and novelist, born Paulette Williams on October 18, 1948, in Trenton, New Jersey. She earned a BA in American studies from Barnard College in 1970 and then left New York to pursue graduate studies at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles. It was during this time that she took the name “Ntozake” (“she who comes into her own things”) “Shange” (“she who walks like a lion”) from the Zulu dialect Xhosa. She received an MA in American studies from USC in 1973. Her many books of poetry include Ridin’ the Moon in Texas: Word Paintings, From Okra to Greens, A Daughter’s Geography, Three Pieces, which won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize; Nappy Edges, Natural Disasters and Other Festive Occasions, and Melissa & Smith. Among her plays are DADDY SAYS, SPELL #7, FROM OKRA TO GREENS/A DIFFERENT KINDA LOVE STORY, A PHOTOGRAPH: LOVERS-IN-MOTION, and the renowned for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf, which won an Obie Award and received Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award nominations. The play, or “choreopoem,” became an instant classic. Among her numerous honors are fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund, and a Pushcart Prize. Shange lived in Brooklyn. She died on October 27, 2018. Chivas Michael (Director) is pleased to be making his directorial debut with this extraordinary work by one of America’s most groundbreaking artists. He was last seen in MANDATORY MERRIMENT at Southern Rep and as Sir Toby Belch in Yale Repertory Theater’s production of Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT. He developed and originated the Role of Maliq in the Broadway-bound SUPERFLY THE MUSICAL, directed by Bill T. Jones. His work has also been seen at The Royal Shakespeare Company UK, The Public Theater, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Classic Stage Company, Villa la Pietra, Florence, Italy; Lincoln Center, New York Theatre Workshop, Baltimore Center Stage, The Guthrie Theater, Berkeley Rep, Williamstown Theater Festival, Shakespeare on the Sound, and New Orleans Shakespeare Festival. Education: BA, Dillard University; MFA, NYU’s Graduate Acting Program. Richon May (Associate Director) is an actor, director, writer, and acting coach who has been in theater education as the Theatre Director at KIPP Central City for over 8 years, and believes it to be a blessing and an inspiration to encourage actors to explore and make discoveries that are honest, yet entertaining. Richon is also grateful to have worked alongside her college friend of 20 years during his directorial debut. His vision for this show is so contemporary, fresh and eclectic. Congratulations Chivas to orchestrating a beautiful piece of theatre, may you continue to create and be the change. Richon’s other directing credits include: FLOWERS FOR HALIE, POSTCARDS FROM OVER THE EDGE, BREATHE, SPAMALOT, JR., THE INTERNET IS A DISTRACT…, and a host of other original pieces. Her assisting directing credits include AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, ALL THE WAY, and EL HAJ MALIK. Lisa E. Harris (Composer) is an independent and interdisciplinary artist, creative soprano, performer, composer, improvisor, filmmaker, writer, singer/songwriter, researcher, and educator from Houston, Texas. Autumn Knight (Scenic Designer) is an artist based in New York, NY.

Melissa E. Martinez (Lighting Designer) is a New Orleans-based freelance lighting designer for theatre, opera, dance and events. She has an MFA in Production and Design from Tulane University and is the resident assistant lighting designer for New Orleans Opera Association. Most recently, she has worked with New Orleans Ballet Theatre, Opera San Antonio, Summer Lyric Theatre, Loyola University, Creede Repertory Theatre, New Orleans Opera, The NOLA Project, The Tennessee Williams Theatre Company of New Orleans, and The New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane. Previous Southern Rep lighting designs include MANDATORY MERRIMENT, SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH, ORPHEUS DESCENDING, and THE TOTALITARIANS. Brendan Connelly (Sound Designer)‘s Southern Rep credits include AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, ALL THE WAY, FLOWERS FOR HALIE, AIRLINE HIGHWAY, SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH, DETROIT, ORPHEUS DESCENDING, and THE TOTALITARIANS. He has collaborated with Pearl D’Amour (HOW TO BUILD A FOREST, MILTON, LOST IN THE MEADOW), Jim Findlay (ELECTRIC LUCIFER), New Noise (JUBILEE, OXBLOOD), Scott Heron (APPALACHIAN SPRING BREAK), JuneBug Productions (LOCKDOWN) and made sound for Adam Rapp, Pam MacKinnon, Suzan-Lori Parks, Anne Kaufmann, David Levine, and Tom Murrin, among others. Brendan is co-founder of the Obiewinning Two-headed Calf and teaches at Tulane University. Darolyn Robertson (Costume Designer) has worked in various areas of costume for film and theater since completing her fashion degree from Pratt Institute, NY. She was a costume designer for shows such as NATIVE GARDENS, ECLIPSED, THE WOLVES, GLISSANDO; THE ART OF CRUELTY, and PLAY. She was the assistant costume designer for plays locally and in NY, notably FATHER COMES HOME FROM THE WARS (PARTS 1, 2, & 3) (Southern Rep), FRANKENSTEIN (Soho Rep), MASSACRE (The Public Theater), and SIN (The New Group). Darolyn was the artist-inresidence for Acadiana Center for the Arts, producing a textile art/performance installation called ShadowBoxMyth. She taught Visual Arts in Lafayette Parish for 6 years. Darolyn worked at Atelier Danielle Gisiger NY, helping to create garments for fashion designers, costumes for THE LION KING, and couture garments. Her latest work has been as designer for the short films ALIENATED and THE ROUGAROU. Darolyn is a member of IATSE 478 and works as a costumer, shopper and tailor for the film industry. Kara Borasch (Props Designer) enjoys a successful career in film and television. She relocated to New Orleans in 2007 to become a part of the emergence of “Hollywood South” and was a pivotal member in the movement’s growth and development in the Crescent City. She has acted as a Key Producers Associate on films including Living Proof, The Final Destination, The Yellow Handkerchief, Mon Amour, Tribute, and Racing For Time and television hits such as “Drop Dead Diva” and “K-Ville”. In 2009, she signed on as an Associate with Independent Studios Services, an international supplier of props and other stage pieces for all major motion pictures and television shows that are shot in the area. Recent Southern Rep credits include NATIVE GARDENS, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY, FLOWERS FOR HALIE, AZUL, THE WOLVES, MANDATORY MERRIMENT, A DOLL’S HOUSE, PART 2, FUN HOME, MISS BENNET, ECLIPSED, and ALL THE WAY. Jamie Berry (Stage Manager) is a native of Fort Worth, TX and received training at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC. She is thrilled to have a career in theater and has enjoyed being stage manager for MOTHER COURAGE AND HER CHILDREN. Most recent credits include being stage manager for No Dream Deferred’s production of IN THE RED AND BROWN WATER and Southern Rep’s productions of EVERYBODY, MANDATORY MERRIMENT 2018 (ASM), and AZUL. She has also been stage manager, ASM, and properties manager for a host of other productions in New Orleans, as well as director/teacher at the JCC for children’s theater. She is currently creating an inclusive and culturally diverse theater program for the youth of New Orleans and will begin classes for the students of Young, Gifted, and Black Education Group this summer! “We must begin to tell our young. There’s a world waiting for you…”- James Weldon Johnson Brianna Thompson (Assistant Stage Manager) is a senior at Loyola University and is excited to be back working with Southern Rep. Her credits include ROMEO & JULIET (Stage Manager), AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (Assistant Stage Manager), and CAROLINE, OR CHANGE (Dotty). She hopes to continue her stage management career on the road and one day travel back to South Korea. Big thank you to her friends and family for supporting her journey!

Alex Smith (Technical Director) is a theatrical jack-of-all-trades and can be happily found behind, above, below, in front of, or on the stage. He holds a degree in Performance and a degree in Technical Theatre from Whitworth University. He is also professionally trained in Mime, Stage Combat, and Youth Theatre Education. Alex is a co-founder of Prescription Joy, a hospital clowning non-profit organization based in New Orleans. Eduardo Ramírez Kortright (Assistant Technical Director) joined Southern Rep Theatre for its 20182019 season. Eduardo is a recent graduate of Loyola University New Orleans, where he received his B.A. in Theatre Arts. You can find him all around town hanging lights, building sets, and occasionally performing on stage. Some of his recent Technical Direction credits include MEN ON BOATS at The NOLA Project and CAROLINE, OR CHANGE at Loyola University / JPAS. Actors’ Equity Association (AEA), founded in 1913, represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence.

SOUTHERN REP STAFF Producing Artistic Director Sr. Director of Operations Associate Artistic Director/ Director of Arts Education Director of Grants & Strategic Partnerships Patron Services & Special Events Manager Marketing Manager Publicist Literary Manager Production Associate Director, Care for Creatives Care for Creatives Team Bar Manager Arts Education Coordinator Box Office Associates Front of House Volunteer

Aimée Hayes Siobhán Foley Helen Jaksch Jenny Windstrup Kaylene Torregrossa Michael Guillot Jaron Caldwell Jessica Podewell Hannah Alexandra Jacuzzi Sarah Zoghbi Kelsey Kotsovos, Dr. Penny Roberts Ruth Ann Apruzzese-Welke Sachandra Grandoit Cat Thomas, Gwen Delorme, Ilyanette Bernabel, Jordan Phillips, Hannah Alikhani Alma E. Dixon


Technical Director Assistant Technical Director Master Electrician Scenic Construction and Electrics Crew Chair Installation Crew Costume Crew

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Samantha Beaulieu*, Troi Bechet*, Ilyanette Bernabel, Trey Burvant*, Leslie Castay*, Tracey Collins*, Carli Collis, Justin Davis, Leland Ensminger, Joe Fredo*, Rahim Glaspy, LaKesha Glover*, Rodney Graham*, Mack Guillory III, Zondra Howard*, Donald Lewis*, Sheldon Mba, Whitney McHugh, Alexandria Miles, Sarah Nansubuga, Mona Nasrawi, Lance Nichols*, Bryan Peyton, Sebastian Phillips, Josef Pons, Madeline Read*, Olivia Ros*, Emma Schillage*, Elexis Selmon, Carol Sutton*, Madeline Taliancich, Constance Thompson*, Wanetah Walmsley, Brookes Washington, Lawrence E. Weber, Nancy White*, Brittany Williams, Reid Williams *denotes Founding Company Member


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Douglas Grundmeyer, Nina M. Kelly, Richard Lee Mathis, William D. Reeves, Kenneth Reine, Mark Romig, Miriam Schulingkamp, Gayle Seybert-Gish


The Heirs of the Brecht Estate, The Ntozake Shange Revocable Trust, Leah C. Gardiner, Donald Sutton, Hyacinth Reynolds, Paul T. Williams, Jr. theater seating for this production generously provided by

The New Orleans Museum of Art

GET INVOLVED! 2019 was been a year of profound growth and challenge for Southern Rep. With our move to this majestic, new venue last year, Southern Rep expanded programming to two stages; added a sixth show to the mainstage season; continued arts education classes and camps; expanded the Acting Company; and launched Care for Creatives. Ticket sales continue to cover only about 30% of the costs of these programs. Southern Rep is working hard through this transition to establish a strong foundation for the future. If you share our belief that elegant, fierce, theatrical storytelling that explores the human experience needs a place in our world, and that establishing a professional arts destination in the heart of New Orleans is important for our city, join us! Two great opportunities this season are Krewe du Coeur, our new booster club. Benefits include special events, tokens of our appreciation, a chance to parade with us, and secret swag. Krewe benefits don’t end with Mardi Gras! As a founding Krewe du Coeur member, you will have special access to VIP experiences with Southern Rep throughout 2020 and beyond. Details and recognition levels are at kreweducoeur.org. Plus ... through a happy series of events, we have been able to upgrade the seating in our Mainstage! Relax, recline, and enjoy larger, more comfortable chairs at our performances. Dedicatory plaques will be installed before our next production, so act fast if you want to join the founding donors of our ongoing Chair Campaign! For information about these and other ways to get involved or show your support for Southern Rep, contact us any time at development@southernrep.com or (504) 444-8208. With gratitude, Southern Rep Board of Directors and Staff

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Mother Courage and Her Children Program  

Mother Courage and Her Children By Bertolt Brecht Translated by Ntozake Shange Directed by Chivas Michael Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2020

Mother Courage and Her Children Program  

Mother Courage and Her Children By Bertolt Brecht Translated by Ntozake Shange Directed by Chivas Michael Jan 24 - Feb 8, 2020