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Council on course with port back flip decision Frankston Council is to be commended for its reversal of its previous stance for the Port of Hastings development. To do otherwise it would go down in history as the biggest bunch of hypocrites in Australian local government history. Along with their hypocrite bedfellows at Mornington Peninsula Shire they are on public record at the Port of Melbourne privatisation inquiry as being opposed to any further dredging in Port Phillip, but happy to see 24 million cubic meters (minimum) pulled out of Western Port and, in the process, wreck one of the most environmentally sensitive waterways in Australia. Frankston’s submission started off with a pledge to “do no harm�. You also have to love the fact that Mornington Peninsula Shire participated in three recent Western Port environmental studies which all basically say “leave it alone�. Yet on the economic front the shire is quite happy to ignore this for the sake of a few automated container port jobs. Don’t staff in these respective areas talk to each other? Whatever jobs would come out of the container port would probably be surmounted by those lost in the $300 million a year tourism industry on the eastern side of peninsula. Tourists like wildlife and beaches, not container ships. As for [Liberal leader] Matthew Guy sounding off about jobs, 5000 or one third of all jobs in Bass Coast depend on the $600 million tourism industry, plus another $700 million in recreational fishing in the bay. So there’s $1.3 billion a year at risk if he gets his way and builds the container port. The previous Liberal government spent $30m of our money on the Port of Hastings Development Authority trying to prove the opposite to the “leave it alone�. To murder a metaphor: “you can’t have your Port and drink it too�. Kevin Chambers, The Gurdies

History ignored As was the case with the Hastings Club, Mornington Peninsula Council has failed to take into account the history of Devilbend Golf Club in suggesting it be only given a five-year extension of its lease and consideration of offering control of the club to another entity after review (“Golf club in rough over lease� The News 24/4/17). The land on which the golf course stands was subject of a “grant of land� by Lysaghts [steelworks] in the 1970s as compensation to the state for exclusive right of access to the coastal strip where its wharf was constructed. Construction of the golf course was undertaken voluntarily by local farmers, earthmoving contractors and Lysaght staff accessing resources available to them. The Shire of Hastings was only called on to support their efforts when needed. In a news report on opening day in 1974 it was highlighted that the club members had “transformed a cow paddock� into a magnificent golf

course. Ignoring that in the report which was presented to council is a disgrace and highlights a warning to other sporting club’s to be wary of the outcome of decisions made by the shire’s property department when their lease is due for renewal. The Hastings Club and Devilbend Golf Club have earned the right, through their initiative and immense voluntary contribution to the community, to be treated with far more respect than that being shown by Mornington Peninsula Shire at present. Brian L Stahl, Hastings

Time to tidy quarry It’s great to see that VCAT sometimes can get it right (“VCAT ‘non’ to quarry permit� The News 9/5/17). Hopefully the Ross Trust/Hillview Quarries will now desist from turning this piece of land into a rubbish tip or have further quarrying happen there. The site should now be made safe and added to the Arthurs Seat State Park, which would be in keeping with the Ross Trust’s environmental charter. Let us all hope this affair will not become another lawyers breakfast. Rupert Steiner, Balnarring Beach

Sign up Mornington Mornington town centre is not currently sign posted from Peninsula Link and therefore many people coming from Melbourne and beyond are now bypassing Mornington. This is very bad news for shops in Mornington as fewer visitors might even threaten the sustainability of some businesses. What can be done to make VicRoads erect suitable signs at Bungower and Mornington-Tyabb roads, advising motorists that those turnoffs are the ones to take for Mornington town centre? Jonty Reason, Mornington

Missing in budget I would like to share my state budget analysis with your readers; $0 for the Mornington Peninsula. With a 20 per cent increase in taxes the Andrews Labor Government has not provided one dollar for education, health, roads, public transport or public housing. This, despite me repeatedly raising these issues in parliament and directly to ministers over the past two years. We residents have paid our increased state taxes; we deserve a share of our taxes returned. Taxpayer funds belong to all of us, but Labor uses them as their own campaign slush fund. Martin Dixon [Liberal] MP for Dromana

Keeping tabs It would appear that Brian Michelson (“Moored at Mornington� Letters 18/4/17 ) is somewhat astray with his memory as to what he has said

No-go zone: A temporary fence keeps visitors off the scallop wharf. Picture: Keith Platt

Pier takes a dip on the side THE scallop wharf at the start of Mornington pier has been fenced off after it began sagging. Divers inspected 19 piles supporting the deck and confirmed they were “near the end of their practical life span and that their condition had deteriorated�. “Parks Victoria is in the process of engaging contractors to replace the piles,� Parks Victoria regional director for Melbourne marine and

maritime, Jo Richards said. “These works will involve lifting the current decking, extracting the old piles, installing new piles and reinstating the deck.� The wharf repairs are expected to be completed by the end of winter, but Parks says this is subject to weather conditions and availability of contractors.

and done. Now he claims to be the hero of the local yachting fraternity, and claims never to have expressed dislike of sailors, verbally, in writing or by implication. I remind him of his published proclamation in (“Pull the boats out “ Letters 4/4/17) relating to his suggestion to eliminate a harbour at Mornington. Mr Michelson also writes that he has never heard of Edmund Burke. It is wise to keep some record, written or otherwise, as to what we have done, in order to know just what we have done. Edmund Burke, Mornington

in the world. This means that the CFA needs to maintain a capability to quickly deliver a large number of skilled resources to combat large fires across the State. Much of this CFA volunteer “surge capacity� comes from CFA’s outer metropolitan Melbourne brigades, so it is vitally important to maintain well-trained CFA resources, both volunteer and paid, in these areas to protect Victoria. In addition to thanking our volunteers, we should also thank the families and employers who support them in doing their work. Their support is greatly appreciated. CFA volunteering is about much more than firefighting – it’s an important part of our social fabric. It is about community spirit and resilience. CFA volunteers can be relied upon to give tirelessly when others need it the most. Eric Collier, District 8 President, Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria

Thanks to fireys As we celebrate National Volunteer Week (8-14 May), we should take this opportunity to thank the dedicated Country Fire Authority volunteers that protect our communities on a 24/7 basis. The CFA’s 60,000 skilled volunteers comprise around 96 per cent of Victoria’s firefighting capability, and come from all walks of life. CFA volunteers are highly trained to nationally recognised standards to enable them to deal with a wide range of fires and incidents, including house fires, factory fires, road accidents, chemical spills, and bushfires. CFA Coast Guard brigades deal with fires at sea. CFA District 8, covering from Edithvale to Bunyip, then to Wonthaggi and Sorrento, has around 3000 CFA volunteers in 72 CFA and Coast Guard brigades. On the Mornington Peninsula, we have around 19 fully volunteer CFA brigades, and two “integrated� CFA brigades where volunteer and paid firefighters work together seamlessly to protect the community. Overall, they respond to thousands of incidents per year. While last summer was relatively quiet, Victoria is one of the most fire prone areas

Anzac regrets I am a bit sad that all RSLs were not mentioned in your article about Anzac Day (“Wind, rain but Anzac crowds shine� The News 1/5/17). We had a record crowd attend in the rain at our dawn service and also our breakfast, march and service at the cenotaph. The service at the cenotaph also included students from Dromana College who sang “In Flanders fields� and were then joined pupils from Dromana Primary School for the national anthem and “We are Australian�. Our speaker from HMAS Cerberus was great. Our march was led by World War II diggers in an old car and members of the public attended in their hundreds. It’s a shame we and Sorrento Portsea RSL were not mentioned in your article. Pam Rowler, secretary Dromana Red Hill RSL

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