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Finding Felix

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Southern Paws & Tails Winter 2020 Volume 16 Issue 1

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A Touching Tale of Finding Felix Ins”purr”ations Corner .………………...………………………..…..………...........8

Behold. Appreciate. Refresh Six Ways the Holidays Can Stress Out Your Dog………..………..9 Kassi’s Korner………………………………………………………………...……..……....10

A healthier Felix poses next to his “just found” photo.

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A must-have! Pop N' Go Pets Playpen® Page 14

Cover Photo All Set for Winter and Christmas! Eerie is a male Domestic Short Hair tabby kitten who is super playful and loves climbing. He is up for adoption at Pawmetto Lifeline in Columbia, SC. Cover Photo by Lisa Freeburg, foster mom of Eerie.

Winter 2020

Melanie would be the purr-fect companion! Page 16 5

Home for the Holidays

A Touching Tale of Finding Feli Felixx 2020 has been a year for the history books. There have been countless headlines to follow, from the pandemic to the national election. However, in our small corner of the world, near Columbia, SC, in the town of Irmo, all eyes have been set on finding a lost black cat named Felix. His story was seen and followed on social media and neighborhood sites and had stolen the hearts of hundreds, as his owners (and many others) searched tirelessly to bring him back home. Karen Fitch rescued Felix in September 2019, from a nearby Walmart parking lot. Her plan was to foster him until he could be adopted but Felix fell in love with her dog, and instantly became a member of the Fitch family. Nearly a year later, the Fitch family goes out of town and leaves Felix at a kennel in Irmo. Karen will never forget the call she received informing her that Felix had escaped at night while no one was at the kennel. She says they drove several hours back to SC the next day to search for him... and shares the rest of the story with us. 6

The Lead

Doubtful but Determined

Felix had been missing 70 days before I received her call. Her name was Josephine, and by the time I spoke with her, she told me she had tried two other times to reach me. The first time, she dialed the 1800 number listed on our microchip poster, which left her on hold. The second time, she got my voicemail but did not leave a message because she was not sure she copied the number correctly. She had scribbled it quickly, holding up traffic in the process. The third time was a charm; we finally connected‌

She invited me over that night, showed me her backyard, and pointed out the trees the cat had been climbing. She also showed me where her property backed up to an elementary school; it was from that direction the cat would come and go. She said she just noticed the cat, but her father, who enjoyed spending his days sitting outside and listening to the radio, just informed her the cat had been there for weeks. Her husband joined us later that night, saying he had also seen the cat; in fact, it had come up to the porch and meowed at him as if he wanted inside. Before leaving, I put up a trail camera on her tree and showed them a few more pictures of Felix, which only convinced them even more that it was Felix in their yard. I, on the other hand, was not convinced. At this point, I had already spoken to at least 10 other couples, all who swore Felix was in their yard. But Josephine was so sweet and so excited to help that I hid my skepticism.

A Chance Sighting Josephine prefaced her call-as did many others- with not wanting to get my hopes up, but she believed the black cat frequenting her backyard was Felix. She said she had never seen a cat in her yard in the four years she lived there. She also noted that the first time she saw the cat in her yard, she coincidentally saw Felix’s lost cat poster that same day, giving her pause.

Winter 2020

Southern Paws & Tails

The Encounter I returned a few nights later. During those next two days, Josephine did manage to get a photo on her phone, but when I returned, there was not anything on the camera I set up. I left Josephine’s for the second time empty-handed. Feeling frustrated, but not completely defeated, I drove over to the elementary school to look around behind her house. After about 15 minutes and no sign of any cat, I decided to call it a night. The only problem was that I could not leave; somebody had locked the gates to the parking lot. I was stuck. The only thing I could do was laugh. Realizing there was nobody at the school, I started contacting people, trying to figure out how to get out without having to call the local police. After exhausting my contacts, I sent a message to the school’s Facebook page. I did not expect anyone to reply. I figured I could leave a message to at least explain the random car in their parking lot if I had to Uber home. To my total surprise, somebody responded. I identified myself, explained the s ituat ion and apologized for my actions. The person responding told me to sit tight; an administrator was on his way. The person then wanted to know if I had found my cat. As I was typing my “sadly, no…” response, I glanced up toward the school, and there standing on the upper walkway, half in the shadows, was a small black cat.

The Reunion My heart skipped a beat. I spoke softly to the kitty, walking slowly toward it to try and get a better look. Upon hearing my voice, the cat turned and sat down. It let out the tiniest meow, so I continued to speak to it, even saying the name Felix a few times. The cat proceeded to walk toward me, the meows getting louder with each step. It was at this exact moment the administrator arrived to let me out. I pleaded for five more minutes because I had to

see if it was Felix. The administrator said that was fine; he had cats too. I thanked him and quickly grabbed some food out of my car. I turned back toward the cat, expecting it to be gone due to the presence of the administrator, but the cat was still there. It continued to walk toward me. By now the meows were sounding like cries. I did not want to spook the cat, so I hunched down in the grass, trying to get a better look at its face. Finally, the cat got close enough for the parking lot lights to hit its face. Once I saw those eyes, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, it was him. Even more beautiful, he knew it was me. After multiple failed attempts to get Felix into a carrier, a few battle scars on my arms and a southern rainstorm (downpour), my husband anxiously met us and managed to coax Felix into a large dog crate. Four hours later, we were home. As relieved as I was, there was still one thing that worried me, the dogs. Felix loved dogs prior, but I had no idea what he experienced while on his own. I knew it would probably take a little time for him to warm up to our two dogs again, but now we had a third dog. My fear was how she would react to a cat and, in turn, how Felix would react to a new dog. We reintroduced Penelope first. She was so excited she smothered him in kisses, and to my surprise, he smothered her back. Our second dog, Ollie, who has always had a love/hate relationship with Felix ignored him as usual. Finally, it was time for Trixie. I could feel my anxiety take over as we let her in the room to check him out. As quickly as it rose, it fell; Trixie kissed Felix. Welcome Home Felix!!

Felix and his guardian, Penelope enjoy their window time.

Reunited! Mom and Felix sharing a bonding moment.

After 72 days, hours upon hours of searching, hundreds of flyers and dozens of calls, we finally had Felix home again!

All of Felix’s fans can continue to follow him on Instagram at Felix_loves_dogs Winter 2020

Felix rests with his new sister, Trixie. 7

Ins purr ation ationss Corner Author Romana Gould shares her inspiring writings and eye-catching photos of her furry friends with an everyday purrspective of gratitude and appreciation. Her gentle observations of joy and love in our lives will appeal to the cat lover in us all.

by Romana Gould

Behold You can become a passionate collector of stamps, coins, antiques or fine art. Over time, you may run out of space for your collectibles. What if you become a passionate collector of fine moments? Significant moments are the ones that stand above the rest and when you think about them, you can’t help but smile. You can remember every detail because you were fully engaged in the experience. You were laser focused and completely captivated. As a result, every sight, taste, smell and physical sensation of the experience are emblazed into your memory. Can you slow down and give honor to everyday events in this way? As you begin the practice of celebrating the ordinary, life becomes extraordinary.

Appreciate This year in addition to writing your holiday to-do list, create a holiday toBE list. Remind yourself to be thankful, to be joyful, and to do small things with great love. As you make your preparations for the holidays, allow yourself to slow down and really enjoy the process. You can do things while feeling stressed or you do things while feeling blessed- it is all up to you. As you wrap your presents, tuck love into each fold of wrapping paper. As you bake, stir a blessing into your cookies. Give the gift of patience to those in your life who need it the most. Sing the songs of the season at the top of your lungs, and brighten your home with the twinkling light of your heart.


A diamond is formed deep in the earth from years of immense heat and pressure that is placed upon it. When this sparkling gem is released from the soil it displays strength and resiliency, and carries with it only light. Not one speck from the diamond’s dark past can be seen. Over the course of this past year you may have felt immense pressure weighing down upon you. Leave it all behind and move forward holding only your newly discovered, shiny jewels of wisdom. As you ring in a brand new year press the refresh button. Wipe the slate clean and leave the past where it belongs; behind you. Resolve to move on with new wisdom and an open heart. Pray for the grace of renewal and have faith that the best is yet to come. 8

Winter 2020

Southern Paws & Tails

Six Ways the Holidays Can Stress Out Your Dog by Roxanne Hawn Sometimes, the most wonderful time of the year can also be pretty doggone stressful – for people and dogs. I’m not saying completely avoid the following things. I’m just suggesting we should acknowledge that this season of celebration might be more stressful than usual for our dogs and do what we can to give them a break.

1. More Household Activity Than Normal Busy schedules – shopping, cooking, gift-wrapping, parties – mean much more activity in your house. Dogs like routines and can feel stressed when things seem suddenly and drastically different. Try slowly acclimating them to the increased foot traffic by positively rewarding them.

4. Stranger Danger Depending upon your dog’s level of socialization as a puppy, she may find the onslaught of party or house guests daunting. Children can be especially scary to some dogs because they move in unexpected ways and can be noisy and grabby. Plan ahead and create a safe zone for your dog – away from the noise and activity and people. Never require your dog to interact with people she doesn’t know. Some tips that may help introduce new people to your dog are: •

• •

2. Noise Can Be Over-stimulating Holiday music, doorbells, pots and pans clanging, phones ringing, new toys beeping, kids squealing, and everyone laughing can really set dogs on edge – even if they aren’t normally sound sensitive.

3. New Smells Mean Less Familiarity Cleaning supplies, scented candles, potpourri, air fresheners, guests’ perfume/cologne, and even some holiday foods can assault a dog’s sensitive nose. What smells nice to us is likely overwhelming to our dogs and even confusing.

Separate them from the new people until everyone is settled and calm Let your dog make the first move Praise your dog when they engage positively with your guests. Rewarding them with a treat is always a good idea. If your dog chooses not to interact, respect their process. Let them take their time. Have your guest s offer t reat s (passively) and use gentle movements when around the dog. Slowly but surely – they will come around.

5. Rule Changes Any behavior that you allow on a normal day will only be heightened in the excitement of the holidays. If you suddenly don’t allow your dog on the furniture or holler at him for begging at the holiday table, he’ll Winter 2020

likely be confused and a little stressed about the change in rules. Try to keep a solid foundation for them to work from.

6. Less Attention, Less Exercise…More Energy Whether it’s due to cold weather or an overbooked schedule, there’s a good chance your dog is getting less attention and exercise during the holiday season. Dogs accustomed to high levels of play and exercise may show signs of stress by acting out in ways you don’t typically see – chewing on furniture, tearing up toys, unwrapping gifts. Try to prioritize your pets’ needs by anticipating what t he y w i l l ne ed in t er ms o f enrichment during this holiday season. 9

Kassi’s Korner by Jennifer Marthers


hristmas time is on its way… Ho wayHo Ho, Santa is on his way… Jingle bells, jingle bells…. I looove this time of year. Everyone is just “so” happy and this seems to spill over to their pets. Yeah you bet I’m getting happy ‘cos there’s so much cooking and extra treats are usually on the counter. If I have any luck, some usually land in my stomach. No, I don’t steal’em! Why would you even think I’d do such a thing?! All you have to do is learn how to work the situation—turn on the charm! -- We learn to work the situation. You bet we do!! In saying that, remember Christmas is a sparkly, shiny time attracting animals to the glitter. Safety is a must! There is SO much for us to get into. Bows, ribbons, food, plants, decorations, etc. can be especially dangerous to us, and can turn into expensive vet bills for you. Foods such as eggnog or liquor can be a hazard for animals and put us at risk for severe gastrointestinal upset.


Other dangerous foods are chocolate- especially dork chocolate and dry cocoa powder; onions, raw yeasty bread dough; raisins in that fruit cake, and one that is often forgotten – nutmeg is toxic for pets. Please check online for lists of food, plants, and decorations that are life hazards for the pets in your home. You may be surprised at what you might find!! A nifty thought… put some animal treats out in a festive animal dish labeled for us that company can give to us!! Don’t worry if the company

eat some, our treats won’t kill ‘em! Ha! Ha! Christmas marks the end of a year gone. It is a time of looking back and being Thankful. I can’t believe that this is my 10th Christmas with Jennifer and her family and my 10th year as a member of The Greater Columbia Obedience Club! I’m about 11 1/2 years old now. Time is surely marching on. This time of year, I think about all the places I have traveled; fun times I’ve shared with people making them smile; the education I have received; the titles I’ve earned, and the list goes on! Sometimes it’s hard to remember being a shelter dog. Every year, I just “Thank” God for placing me in such a wonderful, loving home. I’m a very fortunate shelter dog. I just wish every shelter animal could find such a loving and caring home. My little life is still crazy! It is getting cold and I am still outside the big house. I have a neat little used house that I just got this Fall. Wanda, a real estate friend Winter 2020

of Jennifer’s, helped locate my new home! It is very stylish, I think, and just the right size for little me. Jennifer has it all fixed so I am fairly cozy. Plus I have many sweaters and dog blankets like horse blankets. I’m somewhat cold-natured so on cold nights I wear a sweater and a blanket. I’m a lucky little dog! Goodness I’m getting typing cramp in my little paws and I’m so sleepy. I’m going to trot off to bed and dream of Christmas toys. At this special time of year, remember the homeless little animals. They are out there losing their lives in shelters every day. Take food and items, even used toys, crate mats and bandannas, to your local shelter. If you have room in your home and heart, don’t pity a shelter dog or cat or whatever animal- adopt one! Shelter/ rescue animals have so much love to give. Be proud to have their greatness by your side! They are just waiting and praying for you to walk through that door! I know I was…

`xÜÜç V{Ü|áàÅtá tÇw [ÉÑx TÄÄ lÉâÜ WÜxtÅá VÉÅx gÜâx4 ~KassiVeda, CGC, CGCA, TKN, TKI, TKA

Southern Paws & Tails


et’s iew


Making the Holiday Season Safer for Your Pets

f you think about how your pet loves to ambush a ball, a feather or a toy, just imagine how your pet will react to a real pine tree with all sorts of tempting things dangling from it. We want to be sure that our pets are safe during this holiday season! While it is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of activity, it’s important to remember to take the extra steps to keep our pets safe during the holidays. With all of the activities that come with the season, things can be very stressful for our pets. There are even more dangers around the house if our pets get bored and get into some kind of mischief. However, with a few precautions, you can make the season safe and fun for you and your pets.

Here are Some Helpful Holiday Food Tips: Be sure to make holiday meals offlimits! Though roasted turkey, ham, cheese balls, dips and other holiday fare may be a treat for humans, the high fat and salt content are not good for pets and can lead to pancreatitis, which can be deadly for our pets. Make sure that garbage cans are firmly sealed and that your pet is out of the kitchen while you make and serve food. Keep in mind that onions, garlic, grapes, and bones are also very dangerous to pets. Bones are especially dangerous because they can splinter, causing internal injuries and even death. Chocolate and coffee contain a substance called caffeine and theobromine, which are both toxic to pets, and the darker the chocolate the higher the amount of dangerous components. Put all chocolate cookies and cakes away or cover them when you’re not in the room.

Alcohol is an absolute no-no for pets. Your pet probably won’t be attracted to wine, but eggnog might be more tempting, so keep it out of reach. A More Pet-Friendly Christmas Tree: Tinsel, angel hair and other stringytype decorations are very bad for your pets. If your pet plays with the strands, then chew on them and potentially eat some, they can get intestinal blockages and need emergency surgery. Hang your non-breakable decorations high (and hang Grandma’s antique glass decorations very high) and leave the lower branches bare to avoid temptation (and the loss of your beloved decorations). Make sure your tree is on a sturdy base and that its water container is covered. The tree’s water could contain fertilizers or bacteria, so don’t let your pet lap up any of it. Keep wiring for Christmas lights protected so that your pet cannot chew them. Keep lit candles far away from where your pet could knock them over and start a fire, get burned or ingest any wax. Also, be careful about what type of candles you are burning if you have birds because they are very sensitive to inhaled toxins. Keep holiday arrangements, especially those containing plants, where your pets can’t reach them. Some of the more dangerous plants include mistletoe, poinsettias, lilies and holly berries.

About Dr. Emily Hoppmann

Dr. Emily Hoppmann completed her undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina and graduated from the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. She works with pre-veterinary and pharmacy students to further their educations. She has many informative articles for pet owners. She is the proud owner of the Elgin Veterinary Hospital in Elgin, South Carolina, which she bought in 2011. Since high school, Emily has volunteered with Homeworks, a program like Habitat for Humanity. She enjoys fitness, reading, going to the beach, and rescuing animals.

Provide Safe havens for Your Pets: The holidays mean lots of socializing and this can be stressful for our pets, so you want to be sure to have a safe place that your pet can hide and feel secure. You’ll probably be going to parties or even having a few yourself. Out-of-town guests may stay with you or maybe you’ll have family over for dinner. From your pet’s point of view this means noisy strangers are invading her home or her owner is disappearing for long periods of time.

Your pet will appreciate a cozy, quiet area - just for her - during the busy times in your home. Vet’s View continued on page 12

Winter 2020


Vet’s View continued from page 11

This may make your pet anxious about when dinner is going to be served or when she’ll have some playtime with you. Keeping your pet’s schedule consistent will help keep her str ess levels down. Incorporate an extra twenty minutes of playtime daily to help her burn off some holiday anxiety. For cats, make sure the litter box is out of the way of traffic and that she has easy access to it, even while guests are staying over. The same goes for your pet’s water and food bowls. If your pet is shy around strangers, you may want to put her in your bedroom with some of her favorite toys and soft music playing while people are over. Leave her space to hide - open closet doors or make room under your bed. Also make sure you know where she is at all times - many pets run out of open doors while guests are coming in and out and the last thing we want is a lost pet during the holidays. Just in case your pet does decide to dart out, be sure she’s microchipped and wearing an up-to-date identification tag.


How to Make Presents Safe Around Your Pets Most pets love to “help” wrap (and unwrap) gifts. After all, rustling wrapping paper, ribbons and empty boxes are some of their favorite things!

Winter 2020

It may be fun to play with all the fun stuff that comes with presents, but don’t let anything get inside your pet’s mouth. Watch your pets carefully on Christmas morning or put them away in a quiet room during the excitement of opening gifts. Of course, it’s undeniably fun to see how fast your pet can rip through wrapping paper to get to her new toy (that’s right don’t forget to get your pets a holiday gift, too ), but make sure that the toy is appropriate for your pet and that you open your pet’s gift first so they will have something to do while the rest of you open your gifts!

Southern Paws & Tails

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9367 Garners Ferry Rd

Hopkins, SC Jacob Battle Jr, DVM

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c aw-fect

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Z ift

Z uide


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Would You Like to Take Me Home? See someone you like? Check out these cats and dogs at South Carolina animal shelters who are looking for good permanent and foster homes. Forrest is a seven month old, neutered Carolina Dog, pit bull puppy. He and his mother, Luna Blu, were found starving after apparently being dumped. He is happy to be rescued, not being scared and hungry anymore. A sweet boy, he is doing well with housetraining and gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home. He is 18 pounds now, but will likely be around 40 when full grown. Homeward Bound Pet Rescue Irmo, SC 803-454-9094 Melanie is a beautiful one year old female Domestic Short Hair cat. She is super sweet and just really wants someone to love her. Melanie loves people but would have to warm up to another cat in the home. Kershaw County Humane Society Camden, SC (803) 425-6016


Melanie Marmalade is a super adorable male Domestic Short Hair and tabby mix cat who loves to cuddle and take lap naps. He can be a little shy in new situations, but warms up quickly. He would be good in a home with other dogs, cats or children. Cullen's Archangel RescuE, Inc. (CARE) Lexington, SC 803.622.9813

Marmalade Beau, a four-year old, fifty-pound, male hound mix, is intelligent, gentle and generally housetrained. He is very affectionate and has not developed any habits of getting on furniture. Beau is curious about other animals, including cats and squirrels, but he does not lunge at them. He’s easy to walk on a leash and loves riding in vehicles. Beau is also comfortable in a crate and sleeps in one every night. Charleston Animal Society Charleston, SC 843.747.4849


Adopting a dog or cat from a humane society, an animal shelter or rescue group saves a life! Contact the organization about shots/ vaccinations, adoption fees, etc. for any animal that you are interested in adopting. Please keep in mind that the decision to bring a pet into your family should be a family decision, not a surprise gift. Because owning a pet is a huge emotional, financial, and time commitment, any person taking on this responsibility must be fully prepared. 16

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Southern Paws & Tails

Gift A Box - Dog Mom Lifestyles The ultimate dog mom subscription box Heart-warming for you and tail wagging for your pup! This monthly box ritual helps create a habit of trying new things, exploring new places, and enjoying simple pleasures (all from the comfort of home) while giving back to animal welfare. EACH BOX INCLUDES… -Uplifting animal rescue stories -Sensational lifestyle surprises for both mommas & fur babies to enjoy -A dog toy or accessory for your pup to keep the good times rolling -A relaxation ritual for you to create habits of balance and self-care -Yummy treats for your dog VIP Boxes: Classy matching apparel/accessories for both dog & mom In addition, all members receive access to Dog Mom Lifestyles intimate online community for #imperfectlyperfect dog moms that includes a monthly workshop featuring guest experts from around the globe. These special guests will help you learn more about your dog, and help you take on whatever adventure life brings your way. Dog Mom Lifestyles feels strongly about giving back to the animal community and donates $1.00 from each monthly box to a featured animal welfare group.

inClover Pet Supplements These all-natural supplements for dogs and cats support the most common pet health concerns, including joint health, dental care, skin & coat, digestive comfort and immunity. These award-winning pet supplements are scientifically formulated to produce noticeable results in a single container’s use. All products are made in the USA using only natural, human-quality ingredients and proudly feature the National Animal Supplement Council’s Quality Seal. Supplements available as soft chews that can be given to pet as a snack or treat; or powder that can be mixed with moist food or sprinkled over dry food.

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Paws & Tails BUSINESS DIRECTORY P l e a s e S u p p o r t O u r A d v e r t i s e r s. Let them know you saw their ad in SP&T!




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Winter 2020

Southern Paws & Tails


Paws & Tails BUSINESS DIRECTORY P l e a s e S u p p o r t O u r A d v e r t i s e r s. Let them know you saw their ad in SP&T!




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