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Southern Paws & Tails Winter 2017 Volume 13 Issue 1

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Endurance. Healing. Begin Pet-Friendly Holiday Home Decorating Tips ……………....…..14

Aiken handler, pup Newton win big at National Dog Show Page 6

Kassi’s Korner.............…....……….....…...…....…..…….....16 Vet’s View.................................…………………..……….....…...…...…..…….....17

Keep Your Pets Warm and Safe this Winter Paw-fect Holiday Gift Guide 2017........................……….....…......20 Take Me Home! .....…........….……………..…………………..….........…...….....24

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‘Tis the Season for Decking the Halls with Your Pets’ Safety in Mind! Page 14

Doesn’t Gabby make an adorable Santa Pup? Cover Photo by Rob Wilson Photography Irmo, SC

You’ll love Lio! Will you give him the furever home that he deserves? Page 24 www.southernpawsandtails.com

Winter 2017


Paws & Tails in the News

Aiken SC handler, pup Newton celebrate Best in Show win at National Dog Show by Holly Kemp (article original appeared in the Aiken Standard and on www.aikenstandard.com)

One Aiken resident and her

"Newton, known in the show



circuit as GCH Somerset Wynzall

celebrating a major win since

Hashtag, beat out more than


2,000 other dogs for the Best in


h a ve

Show title, taking the Toy Group Susan DePew, of Aiken, is

before winning the final ribbon,"

celebrating a big win as the

according to the People article.

handler of Newton – this year's Best in Show winner of the

“I think we’re going to get an ice

National Dog Show Presented



by Purina.


Ne wt o n ’s



p o s t - wi n

schedule. Newton is a Brussels Griffon. Newton’s DePew






Jackson, according to the People

interview with People magazine after the win.


article. Susan DePew and Newton – this year's Best in Show winner of the National Dog Show Photo by Steve Donahue

The Philadelphia National Dog Show took place on Saturday, Nov. 18, and originally aired Thursday, Nov. 23, on NBC. Photos by Steve Donahue 6 Winter 2017

Southern Paws & Tails

Paws & Tails in the News

One-Stop-Shop for Coffee and Furry Companionship Cattitude Cat Café: The Midlands Welcomes its First Cat Café No matter how you take your coffee, it’s not complete until you stir in some petting, purrs and cuddles from feline friends. Midlands residents now have the Purr-fect coffee shop to interact and bond with other cat people and adoptable cats!

California where the first one was launched in 2014. The owners are Jaime Andres Ortega and Maria Garcia Riopedre. They have been busy making Cattitude Cat Café

Cafes that are half coffee shop and half cat rescue have been in cities like Denver, New York City, and Portland for quite awhile. Catitude Cat Cafe, located at 118 State St in W est Columbia is the first cat cafe in Columbia! The concept first originated in Taiwan, where the world's first cat cafe opened in 1998. T h e y co n t i nu e d to a p pe a r throughout Asia, where living spaces can be small and owning pets is difficult. Making its way through Europe, the trend finally made it to the U.S. in Oakland,

the most paw-some spot in town since its grand opening on November 12. “We decided to open the café after eating at Sonic one night,” says Maria.

It was a cold and rainy day. As we were ordering our food, we spotted a bunch of kittens in the dumpster trying to find food. At that moment, we decided we needed to be a part of the solution in helping with cat welfare and rescue. The next day, Jaime quit his job in corporate America and we started planning for this business!” There are currently 17 cats at the café and three of them have been adopted so far. “We are partnering with the animal rescue organization, Pets Inc., housing some of their kitties at the café giving more cats an opportunity to be adopted,” she explains. All the cats at the café are up for adoption with the exception of Kissy Face. “She is our permanent kitty at Catitude,” she says. Come visit any time you want to enjoy the company of Columbia's cutest and furriest residents along with a great cup of joe or beverage of your choice! The café is open everyday of the week (Mon-Thurs: 12pm - 10pm and Fri - Sun: 10am - 10pm). The kitties are located upstairs, in a separate area from the café, so no worries about cat fur in your drinks. The café currently sells coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices and prepackaged pastries. Beer and wine will also be sold in the near future. No reservations are necessary, but they are encouraged. So come by for a drink and have a meow-velous time!

Customers in upstairs area giving the kitties a lot of TLC at the grand opening of Cattitude Cat Café! www.southernpawsandtails.com

Winter 2017


Highlights From Bark For Life of Spartanburg Nov 18, 2017

Furry friends and their families came together to celebrate the 2nd Annual Bark for Life of Spartanburg last month. The event was held on Saturday, Nov 18, at Milliken Arboretum in Spartanburg, SC. Bark For Life is an American Cancer Society fundraising event that honors the lifelong contributions of our canine caregivers. There were 95 participants and 7 teams who helped raised a grand total of $10,905.40. The top team, Barkause We Care (Berry Shoals Intermediate School), raised $2,860.40 and the top individual participant, Tammy Miller Humphries, raised $1645.00 The fun-filled day featured pet-related vendors, a dog walk around the pond, dog games and a dog costume contest. The American Cancer Society Bark For LifeTM is a noncompetitive walk event for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer. Supporting Bark For Life, helps the American Cancer Society save lives, and that helps to achieve the ultimate goal of a world with less cancer and more birthdays. 8

Winter 2017

Southern Paws & Tails


TOP Golden Paw Team - 2860.40 Barkause We Care (Berry Shoals Intermediate School)

TOP Dog individual - 1645.00 Tammy Miller Humphries

Second Place Individual Stephanie Vaughn

Costume Contest Winners & Participants 1st

Cop Dog



1st and 2nd place winners of Musical Chairs Contest


Pirate Dog


First Place Winner of Dog Olympics

Winter 2017


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Winter 2017

Southern Paws & Tails

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Winter 2017


Ins purr ation ationss Corner Author Romana Gould shares her inspiring writings and eye-catching photos of her furry friends with an everyday purrspective of gratitude and appreciation. Her gentle observations of joy and love in our lives will appeal to the cat lover in us all.

by Romana Gould

Endurance The challenges of life help you to build endurance of the body, the mind, and the spirit. From experience you learn that endurance brings success. When you feel like giving up, hold on for just a bit longer. By making this one small choice, your chance of achieving your goal gets much greater.

Healing Cats snuggle close, make you laugh, and provide unconditional love. The simple act of petting a cat for even just a few minutes can relieve stress, lessen pain, and promote healing. The next time you're aching, skip the hot pad and put a warm, purring cat on the spot in need. The joy and comfort you receive can often be better than any medicine.

Begin A new year is an opportunity to begin fresh. Start with a vision, and make a decision. Envision and feel all the wonderful details of your dream life, as if it were happening right now. Take charge, and decide to take the first step towards your dream. With each step, don’t look back. Keep moving forward and don’t stop, because in the end you will be so glad that you did.


Winter 2017

Southern Paws & Tails

Order Romana Gould’s book,

Daily Inspurrations on Amazon.com

WESCOTT ACRES Pet Rescue Program PET ADOPTIONS EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! For adoptable pets and information, please visit our Petfinder site: petfinder.com/shelters/SC227.html www.southernpawsandtails.com

Winter 2017



HOLIDAY Home Decorating Tips Sources: PetSafe.com & Doug Giesler, Lake Murray Premier Realtor

Decking out the house for the holidays gets us all in the holiday spirit, but one emergency trip to the veterinarian can ruin holiday fun. Pets can find the smells and textures of holiday decorations very interesting and many of these can be extremely dangerous. Both cats and dogs have pulled over Ch rist mas t rees and candelabras, ingested pine needles, tinsel, toxic plants, flowers and even tree lights. The wrapped gifts can also be dangerous. You can still make your home beautiful for the holidays. Just remember to decorate with your animal friends in mind.

Greenery Plants and flowers, including holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and pine needles can cause stomach irritation, intestinal blockages and even be toxic to pets. Place these plants where pets cannot reach them and/or use artificial versions. Consider decorating with non-toxic plants such as Christmas Cactus, Ponytail Palm and the Phalaenopsis Orchid that are safe to have around pets.


Christmas Tree


Tree preservatives are often sugarbased which pets find yummy. Because the water stands so long, the water in the tree stand can harbor h a rmf u l ba cte ria . Fe rt ilize rs, insecticides, or flame-retardants used on the tree may also contaminate the water.

Don’t expect Fido to know the difference between his favorite tennis ball and those shiny, glass ornaments on the tree. Place breakable ornaments on higher branches.

Cover the stand with a tree skirt or use other means to prevent access to the water. Place Christmas trees in a stable stand, and attach the tree securely to a window or wall with something like fish line. Use baby gates, or an indoor dog pen (placed around the tree) to keep pets away. Make sure your pet is supervised when in a room with a tree. Placing an artificial tree up high on an entertainment center or on a balcony – out of reach from your furry friends could be a good alternative.

Winter 2017

Tinsel's shininess is attractive to most pets. It can cause blockages and require surgery to remove. Leave it off the tree altogether. Angel hair, flocking, and artificial snow are mildly toxic. If consumed in larger amounts they could cause blockages. Don’t tempt your pets by decorating with food. Candy canes and gingerbread people can be as enticing to your dog as they are to children. Popcorn and cranberry garlands look lovely, but (the string) to which they are attached can cause obstructions when eaten.

Southern Paws & Tails

Miscellaneous Supplies Ribbons, yarn, and string can cause intestinal obstruction and bunching of the intestines. Adhesives and glues can be toxic and are often attractive to animals. Batteries for toys or other gifts can be toxic and cause intestinal obstruction. Keep them in a safe place until they are ready to be inserted in the toys or electronics. Chewing on electrical cords, including cords of lights can cause problems ranging from burned mouths, to electrical shock to death by electrocution. Some lights can become quite hot, and could also cause burns. Unplug

decorative lights when you are not there, use pet-proof extension cords, and spray cords with a product such as Bitter Apple.

Safe Holiday Travel "Pack your gifts when traveling so that anything with a scent or that may be attractive to your pet is inaccessible, while providing a safe travel space in your vehicle,” Lake Murray Premier Realtor Doug Giesler advises. “Some venues may be closed on the actual Holiday, so remember to pack extra water and food for your pets." He also says to consider packing some rewards, for a pet that may need enticing back into the car, or for good behavior. Be prepared to stop frequently for pee breaks and for you AND Fido to stretch those legs on a long trip!

Holiday Fun for Pets Make your pets feel like they are a part of this special time of year. -Start a pet stocking or gifting tradition. Your pets would love to have presents to open on Christmas morning too! -Toss your dog a chew toy to keep him distracted during the holiday feast. -Give your pet his own holiday treat (holiday cookies made especially for dogs or Temptations snack treats for cats)! "Remember that the holidays can be a time of stress, not just for you... but f or your pet,” Giesler shares. “Routines are important for our favorite furry friends. Try to keep up with them, and monitor your emotions as well. They feel our emotions, good and bad. Send them the love and joy of the season instead of the alternatives, it'll do well for both of you!"

Your Dogs Deserve It…

Find your DREAM Home Here:


803.580.9399 www.southernpawsandtails.com

Winter 2017


Kassi’s Korner by Jennifer Marthers


o Ho Ho! I’m dreaming of a Merry Christmas. Christmas is a coming. Christmas is a coming! Yeah you bet I’m getting happy ‘cos there’s so much cooking and extra treats are usually on the counter. If I have any luck, some usually land in my stomach. No, I don’t steal’em! Why would you even think I’d do such a thing?! All you have to do is learn how to work the situation... turn on the charm! Christmas marks the end of a year gone. It is a time of looking back and being Thankful. I can’t believe that this is my 7 th Christmas with Jennifer and her family and my 7th year as a member of The Greater Columbia Obedience Club! I’m about 8 years old now. Time is certainly moving on. At this time of year, I think about all the places I have traveled, fun times I’ve shared with lots of people making them smile, the education I have received, and the list goes on! Sometimes it’s hard to remember being a shelter dog. Every year I just “Thank” God for placing me in such a wonderful and loving home. I’m a very fortunate shelter dog. I just wish every shelter animal could find such a loving caring home. This Chri stmas will be different without my housemate cat, Zo. He was such a character. 16

I still miss him as does Jennifer. He had a habit of rubbing against the presents knocking the bows off. Jennifer will miss fussing at him as she replaced the bows. That seemed to be “their” special Christmas thing. During Christmas there are a lot of sparkly and shiny objects that are attractive to animals. There is SO much for us to get into. There are bows, ribbons, food, plants, and decorations that can be especially dangerous to us and can turn into expensive vet bills for you. Safety is a must! Please refer to the article on page 14 for the Do’s and Don’ t s of pet- fri endl y hol id ay decorating. You may be surprised at

what you might find!! I’m not worried about Santa leaving me some gifts this year! I’ve been a stellar dog! No bad shenanigans. Well, none I can rightly remember. Oh I will still tear up the toilet paper, napkins and things like this but… that’s just me! Jennifer has learned just to simply not leave this about. Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting many treats lately. Not ‘cos I’ve been naughty. Think back... Remember I’ve been a very sickly doggie with yucky UTI problems all year. I wasn’t getting better with meds so it has been doggie herbs and “prescription” food. “Prescription” food and treats are quite tasty- not like medicine at al l ! ‘ Cos m y tr eat s a re sti l l “prescription”, and very expensive, not many are coming my way. I do miss my treats and training was always glorious ‘cos treats were my heavenly rewards. I do get to have a limited amount of mini marsh mellows and I dearly love them! I’ve had to go back to the doctor for checkups so this has been a pricey deal. Jennifer has made some sacrifices so I can get healthy. I must say, I feel so much better. I feel like training and learning new things- now if I could just get my old treats back… Wishful thinking only as Dr. Rosemary says this will not happen. My condition will not allow this for the Winter 2017

rest of my little life! Poor me and poor Jennifer. We did not have the Obedience Club’s Halloween Party. I had spiffed up on my tricks and checked my costume out but it was cancelled this year for some reason. I sure hated this as I was ready!! The whole family, and me of course, went to the beach house for a pre-Thanksgiving trip. Goodness this was a fabulous time! It was cold at night and Jennifer’s daddy allowed me in the house at night. Of course, I was in my crate but I had my winter jackets and a crate on the back porch until bedtime so it wasn’t bad. I got to play on the beach and made lots of new human and dog friends. I even made some people smile by showing off some of my numerous tricks! I love to make people smile. Claude took many pictures of Jennifer and me on the beach. Maybe later you’ll see one! I just love to travel and the beach is a favorite of mine! Oh I’m getting typing cramp in my little paws and I’m so sleepy. I’m going to trot off to bed and dream of Christmas toys coming. At this special time of year, remember the homeless little animals. They are out there losing their lives in shelters every day. Take food and items, even used toys, crate mats, bandannas, to your local shelter. If you have room in your home and heart, don’t pity a shelter dog or cat or whatever animal- adopt one! Shelter/ rescue animals have so much love to give. They are just waiting and praying for you to walk through that door! I know I was…

`xÜÜç V{Ü|áàÅtá tÇw [ÉÑx TÄÄ lÉâÜ WÜxtÅá VÉÅx gÜâx4 ~KassiVeda, CGC, CGCA

Southern Paws & Tails


et’s iew


s winter approaches, we all need to consider how our pets can be affected and make responsible decisions for their care and well-being. Although we do not get the frigid temperatures that other parts of the country experience, there are days and nights below freezing and we do get occasional snow and ice. Common sense consideration of our furry friends is all that is required. While they do have a fur coat, they can be susceptible to hypothermia, just as we can. Certainly the smaller and shorter coated varieties will be affected more easily, but also the older, arthritic animals will s u f f er u n n ec es s a r i l y i n c o l d temperatures. In addition, pets with diabetes, thyroid disease and heart disease may not be able to regulate their t emp er a tur es a s well in c old temperatures. Be aware. A very common question asked to veterinarians is, "At what temperature is it unsafe for my pet to stay outside?" There is no exact answer because of different breeds, acclimation, and shelter. Some animals are miserable indoors, and others, such as dachshunds, need to be under layers of comforters no matter what the temperature. Again, common sense will help you keep your pets safe. Shelters with extra blankets or hay and wind protection, are often sufficient for temperatures to freezing. You can purchase microwavable gadgets that can act as an 8-10 hour heat source to place under the bedding. I've had clients use great creativity in designing outdoor cozy habitats for feral cats with boxes and outdoor rated heating pads or light bulbs. When an animal lives outdoors in cold weather, they will need more calories to maintain their metabolism. Also be sure to monitor their fresh www.southernpawsandtails.com

water supply and prevent it from freezing there are heated water buckets available for purchase. For indoor dogs who need to exercise in cold weather, consider a well-fitted coat and booties. It is a good rule of thumb to not leave an animal "clothed" without your supervision. If you have walked your dog where the ice or snow has been melted with salt or other chemicals, be sure to wipe the feet off on your return, to avoid cracked and chapped pads which are extremely painful. Before starting your car on a cold day, bang on the hood in case a cat has crawled up on the engine to keep warm. Fortunately for us southern veterinarians, the "fan belt traumas" are rare compared to our northern colleagues. The other issue related to cold weather and vehicles is the increased risk of antifreeze toxicity. People tend to add antifreeze in the fall and winter months to keep their cars functioning properly. If there is a leak from the car's radiator or a spill, dogs and cats will drink it readily (highly palatable) and develop severe toxicity rapidly. In rare instances when the ingestion has been observed and immediate treatment occurs (within an hour or two, the pet can be saved. More often, without a known history, the pet's kidneys shut down permanently and euthanasia is the humane answer. For indoor comfort, many households use space heaters. Be aware of the location and stability of these to prevent your pet from getting too close or tipping them over. Carbon monoxide sensors are helpful for humans and animals alike and can save lives! Along with winter come holidays and the hazards for pets that we ne ed t o r ememb er . Poisonous plants such as

Winter 2017

About Dr. Louise Burpee

Dr. Louise Burpee completed her undergraduate studies at Middlebury College in Vermont in 1980. She graduated from The University Of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. She recently retired after 25 years at Dutch Fork Animal Hospital. She and her husband, Dr. Randy Basinger (a retired veterinary surgeon) have two children, Will and Carly, and share their home with one dog, three cats, two birds, two rabbits and six laying hens. Dr. Burpee enjoys watersports, tennis, traveling, and reading. She is a member of many professional and community organizations.

holly, mistletoe and poinsettias; overindulging on holiday food or getting into chocolate; decorations such as glass ornaments or tinsel that is so very tempting to cats...thinking ahead and planning properly will keep your pets home for the holidays and not in the hospital!




304 12th Street West Columbia, SC (803) 936-0077

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111 Ministry Drive Irmo, SC (803) 403-4419

Monday - Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM Saturday 8:00AM-1:00PM Closed Friday from 1:30PM- 2:00PM for staff meetings


For all your pets’ medical needs, trust Battle Animal Care! Preventative Care Emergency Medicine Illnesses Dental Care Vaccinations Boarding Grooming 90 Indoor/Outdoor Spacious Dog Runs Safe and secure home-away-from-home experience Enjoy playtimes, naptime, treats, and lots of hugs Separate boarding for your feline friends! Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Closed Sunday

Where I go for grooming AND goodies goodies!!

9367 Garners Ferry Rd

Hopkins, SC Jacob Battle Jr, DVM

Follow us at facebook.com/battleanimalcare 18

Winter 2017

Southern Paws & Tails

Boarding is Ruff.. Let ‘Em Stay Home!

Professional Pet Sitting

By Pup Strutters

8 0 3 .7 81 . 55 8 5

www.pupstrutters.com A+ Rating with BBB * Licensed & Bonded



Winter 2017


c aw-fect

[ oliday The Ripple Rug Snuggly Cat www.ripplerug.com

Mewow!: That will be your cat’s reaction once she experiences The Ripple Rug! The Ripple Rug is like a playground for cats and kittens to play, scratch, groom and nap. It is designed to meet your cat’s natural instincts. This is an excellent toy for multiple cat households. The ripple rug is strong, durable, yet soft, perfect for kitty claws or teeth, and cozy enough for your cat to snuggle up and sleep in. You can re-shape the rug as often as you like, giving your cat a new play space everyday. Unlike large cat furniture and scratching posts, the Ripple Rug folds and stores away neatly, should guests visit. The Ripple Rug consists of two pieces of carpet: the bottom half is lined with a thermally insulating non-slip gel-coating, and the top half contains multiple touch-points to help form your own ripples. Holes of various sizes on the top rug are perfect for your kitty to hide and peer out at passersby. The Ripple Rug is non-toxic and easy to wash with soap and water. Both top and bottom rug measure: 35 x 47 inches each when unfolded. Retails at $39.99

Darien Pet Carrier A Pet with Paws www.apetwithpaws.com/products/darianpet-carrier A Pet Bag with Swag: Now here’s a pet carrier that looks stylish being carried by male and female pet owners! The Darien carrier, available in black cruelty-free vegan leather (polyurethane) with an embossed expedition bag image, exhibits a sophisticated, unisex and urban appeal. The carrier's mesh top and side allows for the pet's viewing, comfort, ventilation and ease of entry and exit. While the unique back panel with zipper inside pocket enables the carrier to slide down the Pet-Trek handle. Once you have arrived at your destination simple raise the carrier off the handle and fold up the Pet-Trek. Darien can be purchased with or without the PetTrek. Size: 17 1/2” W x 9” D x 10” H - 100% embossed Polyurethane fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles - Breathable mesh top and side gussets - Removable and washable polyester Sherpa fleece covered bottom. - Works with the Pet-Trek 4 spinner wheel trolley cart with adjustable handle height - Retails at $159.00 20

Fall 2017

Southern Paws & Tails

Z ift

Z uide


Earthbath Dog & Cat Grooming & Specialty Wipes Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care Products www.earthbath.com No More Stink!: When you need to spruce up your pet’s hygiene quick, fast and in a hurry, Earthbath’s grooming and specialty wipes can be right at your fingertips! The comprehensive line of grooming wipes offer heavenly scented™ solutions for the unique needs of your pet, including everyday cleansing and coat conditioning, relief from itching or hot spots, combating pests, skin sensitivity or allergy, odor relief, and more. Natural essences will make your pet smell better than ever before while naturally improving their skin and coat. Cat Wipes with Awapuhi safely and easily wipe away dander, dirt and residual saliva in your finely furred friend's coat. These wipes will leave your cat or kitten softer, shinier & smelling better than ever before. Tushy Wipes offer a safe and convenient way to keep your pet’s tush fresh, clean and odor free between baths removing stuck on mess and stains. These wipes are the professional groomer’s choice to express anal glands, which helps alleviate booty-dragging behavior (smile, you know the dance…) Tooth and Gum Wipes are the easy and convenient solution to keeping your pet’s mouth clean from plaque, tartar and odorcausing bacteria. These handy wipes are free of parabens, alcohol, and other nasties that don’t belong in your pet’s mouth. Eye Wipes are a fast, convenient way to keep the area around your pet’s eyes clean and free of tear stains, dirt, secretions and other general discharge. Safe for all dogs, cats and other furry pets over 6 weeks old. Will not remove spot flea treatments. Grooming Wipes with Green Tea Leaf Extract to safely and easily wipe away dirt and odor between baths. Handily clean pets’ dirty paws and undercoat – dirty bottoms, too! Remove dander, drool, discharge and cling-ons from playing in the unknown. Check your local pet supplies store for pricing.

Kitty Play Zone Automated Pet Care Products www.litter-robot.com For Kids and Kitties! Your children will enjoy decorating the house and the cats will love being inside. Kitty Play Zone is a cardboard playhouse and feeding station for kittens and cats. It has an internal climbing tower, loft area, and roof opening to promote fun interaction with your pet. It houses a semi-private feeding station that is accessible through a side panel (includes two bowls). Ships in a compact box and allows for easy-yet-satisfying assembly for ages 8 and up. White colored panels encourage custom decorating and customization. · · · · · www.southernpawsandtails.com

Build a cottage or castle Comes with 2 bowls for food and water White surface great for decorating Great starter kit for kittens Retails at $24.99 Fall 2017


c aw-fect

[ oliday

Gifts for Pet Lovers

Plush Cuddle Clones www.cuddleclones.com The Next Best Thing: Of course, no pet can ever be replaced, but a plush Cuddle Clone makes a great remembrance keepsake of your previous or present furry friend. Cuddle Clones can “re-create” your pet in the form of a “life-like” stuffed animal. This recreation includes pet’s eye color, fur color, size and distinctive markings and features. A truly one-of-a-kind plush replica of your pet! All you have to do is upload photos to them of your pet in various positions, and a few weeks later you’ll receive an amazing handmade work of art! This unique gift would be perfect for many of your pet-loving friends! For instance, someone who is away at school/college; in the military; or traveling and cannot snuggle with their favorite pet, would cherish this customized gift. It also makes a nice personalized keepsake for someone who wants to honor their pet’s memory. Lastly, everyone has that friend who already has every pet-themed gift known to man...EXCEPT a Cuddle Clone! As you can see from the photos (on the right) of our tester cat, Mayzie, even the pets themselves will get a kick out of their own Cuddle Clone! Many pets like to play or sleep with stuffed animals. Now they can have a “twin” playmate! Be careful though, because YOU might not be able to tell the difference! Plush Cuddle Clones are available for various types of pets including: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more! Check their website for details on ordering and pricing. A portion of each Cuddle Clone purchased goes to pet-related causes to help our furry friends get the care and love they deserve. So not only can you can get a really cool product for yourself or a pet-loving friend but you’ll feel warm and fuzzy knowing that your purchase has helped better, and in some cases saved, the lives of animals everywhere.

Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers & Mugs Uncommon Goods, LLC

www.uncommongoods.com Fill ‘er up: Sit back and take a lesson from man's best friend. Sip on your favorite beverage with one of these comical dog-themed tumblers or mugs. Makes a great gift for the dog lovers in your life! This fetching tumbler set features cutesy artwork of Fido teaching his owners a few new tricks: Learn to Bluff (Small dog barking at large dog...only because he’s on a leash) Defy Authority (Dog sneaking daily drink from the toilet) Assess risk & Reward (Dog stealing food from counter when no one is looking) Assert Yourself (Dog relieving himself on fire hydrant)


6" High x 3.4" Diameter 16 Fluid Ounce Capacity

Made from ceramic 3.75" H x 3.38" diameter 10 fl. oz. capacity

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Stocking Stuffers Stuffer s

Lucas b. Natural Dog Toys www.lucasbdogtoys.com Frog - $10.99

The Go-To-Toy: Every pet has a favorite toy and our dog tester, a cute cockapoo named Frisky, has fallen in love with Lucas b. Natural Dog Toys. She carries the fish or frog toy around like it is her pacifier because it really satisfies her strong urge to chew on something. The Set of 3 eggs - $12.99 frog legs have gone through a lot of chewing and it is still intact! These soft and squeaky toys are 100% natural rubber (latex) and come in vibrant colors which makes them standout toys! You can rest assured that these pet toys are safe. They are 100% toxic-free, lead-free and chemical-free. This company takes pride in complying to the same safety standards as companies who make children’s toys. Lucas B Natural Dog Toys are great toys for small dogs and excellent Fish - $10.99 for playing and retrieving.

The PET DINETTE & Leash www.sitstaygoco.com Walking essentials: When going on a walk with Fido, there are many essentials you will both need to bring along on the journey. Leashes, poop bags, treats, keys, cellphone and water are a few important items to have. The PET DINETTE modular serving and storage bowls can be used to serve water and hold a portion of food or stash of treats. It also has the diameter to hold credit card, license, or spare house key. If water is all you need, just carry one bowl with the flask. Not only is it great for walks or hikes, but road trips and plane trips as well. It's also ideal for a kitty in transit! Spout is easy to refill at sinks and fountains. Retailing for $29.99, the PET DINETTE & Leash includes a strong 5 foot nylon leash and two BPA-free, dishwasher safe, food-grade plastic serving/storage bowls. Pet owners can hold the PET DINETTE & Leash comfortably in their hand during walks or hikes thanks to the soft rubber handle. Pet parents will appreciate the many benefits of the PET DINETTE & Leash this holiday season and beyond!

Puppy Kisses Hair Bows and Bow Ties www.PuppyKisses.com Dress to impress: If you’re looking to give your pooch a gift that will be a real showstopper, you’ll want to check out the accessories at PuppyKisses.com. This holiday season consider stashing your pup’s stocking with adorable and festive hair bows for girls or bowties for boys! Puppy Kisses' signature designer hair bows for dogs are cute accessories made from grosgrain ribbon attached to a French barrette with a non-slip interior grip. For sassier dogs, go with one of the dog hair bow styles decorated with Swarovski Elements. Hair bows retail for $10.00 each. For male pups, add a debonair flair to their collar with Handsome Hound bow ties & neckties for dogs! Puppy Kisses carry prints, argyle, plaid and striped dog ties. These bow ties and neckties have a 4" Velcro closing, for easy attachment to any size or type dog collar. Handsome Hound ties for dogs will make your pooch the most stylish and well-dressed dog in the neighborhood! Bow ties retail for $10.00 23

Would You Like to Take Me Home? See someone you like? Check out these cats and dogs at South Carolina animal shelters who are looking for good permanent and foster homes.


Prior to rescue, Wonton, a young female Siamese mix cat, lived a life of fear and while she is improving, is still occasionally spooked by loud noises or sudden movements. She would do well with another cat to give her confidence and show her the ropes. Cat Around Town Project Lugoff, SC 803-237-1550


Mister Blue is a 2012, 15.3H sweet, personable gelding. He is thoughtful, quickto-learn, and respectful. Blue is a fancy mover and makes floating on air look EASY. While still young, Blue's gaits are well-balanced, smooth, and consistent. Although he is green, Blue will become a terrific, honest mount with someone who is gentle and understanding. Please contact Equine Rescue of Aiken to schedule a meeting! Equine Rescue of Aiken Aiken, SC Adopt@AikenEquineRescue.org


Meet Lio, a 6-year-old Hound mix! He's on a mission to find his furever home. He's a charming southern gentleman who is welltrained, loveable, and super intelligent! He loves when people make him sit, speak, high five, or lay for a treat! He's also a fan of a nice back scratch. Lio spends his days longing for someone who will give him a lifetime of understanding and happiness, plenty of space to romp and fetch, and even more of the kind of encouragement and very important boundary setting that has helped him become the great dog he is today. He's looking to be an only-child (fur and human). Pawmetto Lifeline Columbia, SC adopt@pawmettolifeline.org

Mister Blue

Toby is a cute approx. 3-5 year old male American Staffordshire Terrier. He would love to have a family to learn fetch, and would be a good family dog for an active family that still works a 9-5 job, as he easily chills out after a short walk and can be left alone for long periods without becoming too hyperactive. Chance Fur Life Animal Rescue Spartanburg, SC (864) 485-3186

Solar, a young female calico cat, is a character; playful and curious. She's a sweet and social kitty; she likes to meet new people and be where the action is. Solar is a petite little girl with a beautiful coat. She's a gentle kitty; she doesn't use her claws but is in a nibbling stage right now. In her free time, Solar enjoys looking out the window, playing on her cat tower, having her head and tummy rubbed and napping in foster mom’s bed. Freedom Rings Rescue Sumter, SC freedomrings@ftc-i.net


Adopting a dog or cat from a humane society, an animal shelter or rescue group saves a life! Contact the organization about shots/vaccinations, adoption fees, etc. for any animal that you are interested in adopting. Please keep in mind that the decision to bring a pet into your family should be a family decision, not a surprise gift. Because owning a pet is a huge emotional, financial, and time commitment, any person taking on this responsibility must be fully prepared. 24

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Simon is a male cat who is a few months old. He gets along well with children, other cats and dogs. This sweet kitty would love to be a part of your family! He is neutered and upto-date on vaccinations. Sinbad-Sadie Second Chance Rescue Summerville, SC dawn.sinbad.sadie@gmail.com

Chico is a one year old male Chihuahua mix. He is very sweet and is a ball of energy. He likes running around outside. Can you give him a loving and exciting home? Newberry County Animal Care and Control Newberry, SC 803-321-2185



Kia, an adult female tabby cat, has had a tough start in life, but has been lovingly nursed back to health by her fosters. And don't let her fool you, she is steady and speedy on those three legs! Kia is a happy, sweet girl who is ready to be pampered and loved by her new family. ARC Animal Rescue Carolina, Inc. Columbia, SC animalrescuecarolina@yahoo.com



If you love hounds, you’ll love Chester. This 1-year-old black and tan coonhound mix loves to run and sniff around the exercise areas at Save the Strays. But, like most hounds, he’s quite happy lounging indoors, as well. Also like most hounds, he’s fooddriven. He learned to sit in 5 minutes using treats. That’s also how we trained him to kennel up in his crate when he comes inside. Chester is large (58 lbs.) and fairly active, so he needs room to run. Because of his size and enthusiasm, we think he would be best with adults only or a family with older, bigger children so he doesn’t knock them down when he greets them. Save the Strays Animal Rescue Camden, SC info@savethestrays.org

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90 Indoor/Outdoor Spacious Dog Runs Safe & secure Separate boarding for cats


9367 Garners Ferry Rd Hopkins, SC

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Paws & Tails BUSINESS DIRECTORY P l e a s e S u p p o r t O u r A d v e r t i s e r s. Let them know you saw their ad in SP&T!




Boarding is Ruff.. Let ‘Em Stay Home!

Professional Pet Sitting By Pup Strutters Christie Kinney - Owner/Groomer 803-465-4015 ck@groovytails.com www.groovytails.com

8 03 . 781 . 55 85

www.pupstrutters.com A+ Rating with BBB * Licensed & Bonded

VETERINARIANS/ANIMAL HOSPITALS WE’RE BACK IN FOREST ACRES! 4 Monckton Blvd. Columbia, SC M-F: 8-6; Sat 9-Noon Nori Warren, DVM · Tracy Wales, DVM Marcie Maloney, DVM · Cara Gardner, DVM, CVA Tiffany Moore, DVM

6070 St. Andrews Rd, Columbia

803.798.6252 803.798.625 2 www.banksanimal.com Mon - Fri 8am -1pm, 2pm - 6pm Sat 9-12 By Appointment Only Family is important to us, and you....are family!

Tim Loonam DVM

Owner/Veterinarian Briana Davis DVM Jennifer Potts DVM 147 Charter Oak Road Lexington, SC 29072 803.808.PETS (7387) 803.785.2385 (FAX) www.gracepets.com

PET MEMORIAL JEWELRY 610 Killian Rd Columbia, SC


(803) 781-7483 www.rainbowbridgememorialjewelry.net www.southernpawsandtails.com


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Proudly serving Columbia and the surrounding areas Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8am - 6pm Wednesday 8am-8pm Sat 8am-10am or 12pm (call for Doctor's hrs) PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS TO PET owners! T o A d v e r t i se - 509 - 240 c a l l 803 80324050911 27

Profile for Southern Paws & Tails magazine

Southern Paws & Tails magazine Winter 2017  

A quarterly magazine encouraging responsible pet care and promoting the rescue and adoption of shelter pets. We offer up-to-date, valuable i...

Southern Paws & Tails magazine Winter 2017  

A quarterly magazine encouraging responsible pet care and promoting the rescue and adoption of shelter pets. We offer up-to-date, valuable i...