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May 2016

You also do not have to own the big powerful SUV or Truck to pull a boat. Kayaks cost can range from anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand and there are several types for either fishing small streams or rivers to fishing big lakes and the ocean. I have put together some helpful information of many of the products out there and

Kayak is a Kayak that you literally sit on top of and the hull is closed. Each type has its place and use. However, from my experience of Kayak fishing and for the type of fishing I prefer to do, I like the Sit-on type Kayak. In fact most fishing Kayaks are sit-on types of Kayaks. The Sit-on Kayak offers you more flexibility and in my case more room, the ability to stand-up while fishing, and the ability to carry more gear that is accessible. Second, there is length, weight, width, weigh capacity, comfort, tracking and maneuverability. When choosing a Kayak you need to consider all these factors and where you plan to fish the most. If you plan to fish in streams and rivers where you may encounter some very shallow water and you need to be able to maneuver around, you need to buy a Kayak that is 10-12 feet in length, has a shallow draft, and is easy to paddle. If you plan to fish large lakes and ponds, I would recommend a 12-14 foot Kayak and one that is a little wider and with more stability so you could stand to fish. If you plan on fishing the ocean, then the longer the better and you

Kayak Fishing Steve “Colonel� McCorkle

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist Lake Harding

Now that Spring is here and summer is just around the corner it is time to dust off your rods and reels and start enjoying the great fishing offered in the south in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. There are so many opportunities for fishing from ponds, Georgia Power Lakes, Army Corps Lakes, Rivers, Streams and the ocean. The good thing is that you do not have to own an expensive bass boat or offshore rig to go and enjoy some of the best fishing. There is another alternative to owning the expensive boat and an alternative that really gets you more access to more waters, a Kayak. Kayak fishing is growing in popularity all across the country because the Kayak offers everyone the ability to fish at a fraction of the cost of an expensive boat.

the types of Kayaks to help you find the perfect Kayak for you. You can also go on the web and search many websites about Kayak fishing and learn more. First, there are two basic types of Kayaks. Sit-in and Sit-on. Sit-in Kayaks are basically Kayaks you sit in the hull, these are what most people think of when they look at Kayaks. The Sit-on

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