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February 2016

Inside This Month Afternoon Mud Flats

February Land Management Dress For Success

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Mike Graham of Perry, enjoys the fruits of his labor. Mike makes and tunes his on scratch turkey calls. Satisfaction is calling in a turkey like this one he got early last season. Mike is busy at his work bench making and tuning calls getting ready for the 2016 season.

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February 2015



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February 2015

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February 2015

Welcome Spring Julie B. Evans

Southern Outdoors Magazine Associate Editor

Daniel F. Evans

Editor & Publisher devans@

Julie B. Evans

Associate Editor Advertising Director jevans@

Contributing Writers Mike Farmer, Joey Thiel, Hubert Bickley, DaWayne Spires, John Trussell, Pat McGriff, Tony Mathis, Tony Bozzella, Warren Offenburg, Ray Knight


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Welcome Spring or maybe I should say that “hopefully” it’s right around the corner. Each year at The Great Outdoor Show that’s held in Perry, I start thinking about what Spring really means to me. You know the obvious thoughts are warmer weather, color coming back in our yards, the time change bringing longer days and my all time favorite reason that I like the Spring time…… FISHING! Many people fish all year but with my schedule staying relatively packed each month, Spring seems to be a good time where I have some days that I can spare and head out for “The Hatch” or for those who aren’t familiar with that term, Steinhatchee, Fl. Danny and I have met a lot of new friends down that way in the last year and grown to appreciate the area that’s only 3:15 hours away from our world in Georgia. You’ll find “down to earth” locals, locally owned restaurants, and

even friendly strangers who have come down to the area many times for more than just fishing. Hanging out in Steinhatchee is like taking a “chill” pill or a savoring the smooth taste of your favorite beverage on the rocks after a busy day…For me, It’s so refreshing to finally see the welcome sign just outside the city limits approaching after a long week at what I call, “The Real World” and the issues I deal with on daily basis. It’s like stepping back in time. I usually don’t use my phone, the internet, watch TV or even drive my car…..We keep a golf cart down there for all of our transportation needs like going to the only grocery store, close by restaurants or my favorite place to go… watching the sunset every afternoon up by the marina….It’s absolutely gorgeous and so peaceful. • • • Lastly, don’t forget to send us your pictures from your outdoor activities. We love to be a part of your experiences with your family and friends and making memories. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook too. Thanks for reading our magazine. I’ll see you next month. Be safe out there.


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10.0 Superb Top Attorney Personal Injury

David M. Van Sant

Volume 17 Number 2

February 2015


“The Weather” Capt. Tony Mathis

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

I am sure you have heard some of them. “The weather is here, with you were beautiful.” Jimmy Buffet A satirical twist to the old adage, “The weather is beautiful, wish you were here.” We in the south are blessed with a lot of things, and the weather is certainly one of them. Most places above Cordele have four seasons. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Here in Florida, we have two. There is hot, and there is rainy. Those of us that are lucky enough to live South of Chattanooga can relate to this one. “If you are in the South and you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Author Unknown And this one: “The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.” Patrick Young Those of us who have to work outdoors have learned that the ONLY thing that a weatherman can accurately predict is the sunrise and sunset. Everything else seems to be conjecture. I have a trip this weekend, and I checked three different forecasts. All three were different. I usually throw the three together and try to average them out. Or, you could do what I believe the weather people do, and that is throw darts at a board. Both seem to work about the same. What follows is probably the most accurate forecast that I have ever seen. “Weather forecast for tonight: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely

scattered light by morning.” George Carlin Ole George seems to have hit the nail on the head. Kind of along the same lines as “the most accurate clock in the world is a stopped one. A stopped clock is EXACTLY 100% dead balls on twice a day. The most accurate clock in the world, the atomic clock, is slightly off and has to be adjusted from time to time. A stopped clock, statistically speaking, is more accurate! What I am getting at is this. When outdoors, ESPECIALLY on the water, pay attention to what is going on

Weather Rock around you. No matter the forecast, which is mostly always WRONG! In the summer, a storm can quickly bring wind, rain and lightening. Certainly a storm can spring up in the winter, but usually it is associated with a cold front. Always pack wet weather gear. Like a weapon, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! Pack rain pants, a rain jacket, and towels. Make sure the rain gear actually repels water. Some claim to do so, but finding out hours from shore in a rainstorm is not the place to experiment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on raingear to keep dry, though spending a little more in most cases will keep you drier. If you are sweating because your gear won’t breathe, you can get wet and miserable

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from your own sweat even thought you are protected from the rain. And dress in layers. Again, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it! I have learned something over the last years about the weather prognosticators. At some point, they are ALL dead wrong. Make sure their inability to predict what only God controls does not get you into a situation that you don’t want to be in. Be aware of your conditions. They are always changing. Don’t get so involved in what you are doing to be caught in a dangerous situation. I can tell you that sometimes, when the fish are biting strong, or you are caught up with what is going on you might not see that storm coming up, or that fog bank rolling in. Pay attention! I have called on my Maker on several occasions to get me home. Several times I was not sure if he heard me……….. He did! Sitting on the couch is the only safe option. I prefer not to do so. I like to get out and enjoy God’s gifts. But I have learned to be careful in doing so. Cautious and aware, with a healthy respect for the power of Nature. Not fear, but knowledge that being unaware can cause some major issues! Don’t rely on the forecasters too much. They, like politicians are the only people that I know of that get paid regardless of results. You and I might get fired if we are constantly wrong. They don’t! “quit wishing and come fishing” YKnotFish Captain Tony Mathis Steinhatchee, FL Gulf of Mexico 904-545-0433


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February 2015

Importance of February in Management Matt Shurley

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

As deer season winds down, the months following the season’s end are critical in deer and habitat management. Many hunters over look this time of year and it is evident in their hunting success the following season. February can be an excellent time to improve your hunting property and deer herd. With an extended “trickle rut” this year and a cold late winter forecasted, supplemental feeding can be a great way to carry your deer herd to spring green up. On many properties I manage I use supplemental feeding as just that, a supplement to the primary food source whether that is food plots or native browse and forage. Supplemental feeding should never be the backbone of a properties food program but this February I believe it may be helpful. This time of year is when all food plots should have soil samples taken and lime applied to adequately raise soil pH. A rise in soil pH does not happen overnight, it takes lime 4-6 months to properly raise soil pH to a desirable level. Many hunters that lime their food plots right before planting are doing little benefit for that years plot. Apply lime now to reap its rewards in November. My target soil pH on client properties is 6.5 -7, anything lower than this and the food plot will have a hard time pulling nutrients from the soil thus making the plants less nutritious. February is prescribed fire month for many of my properties. Prescribed fire is the single most beneficial deer and habitat management practice one can

do on their hunting property. Prescribed fire benefits your deer, turkey, and quail populations. Prescribed fire, on average, creates 2,000lbs of high quality native browse and forage throughout a growing season. Much of this new browse growth has protein levels of 20% or more and can add 10-20 extra inches of antler growth on your bucks. Prescribed fire can also arrange habitats on your property in a way that encourages daytime movement and can hold deer on your

February Prescribed Burning

property all year. This can be a huge benefit on small acre tracts that make up only a part of a deer’s home range. If you don’t burn at least part of your property every year you are really missing out. As you can see February is a very important month that allows us as hunters and land managers to improve our property in many ways. In 2016 start early and take advantage of this special time of the year.

Matt Shurley, is a consulting wildlife biologist. He grew up in the coastal plain of Georgia spending the majority of his time outdoors. He always hunted whatever farm or hunting club his father could find to lease for a few seasons. This is where his love for growing big, mature bucks began. He loved the challenge of taking ordinary property and making it extraordinary. Matt developed a respect for wildlife systems and sound wildlife management principles. He earned a degree in Natural Resource Management from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, a management based institution that is highly touted among the wildlife community.

February 2015

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February 2015

Rigging Soft Plastics for Saltwater Capt. Mike Farmer Southern Outdoors Magazine Columnist For many years fisherman in pursuit of fish on the flats have used soft plastic baits as a primary choice of bait. Soft plastics over the years have probably only been second to the use of live bait. I can remember even back as a kid everyone that I knew who fished for speckled trout had several bags of Mann’s Stingray grubs which were baited onto a lead jighead. This was a staple of flats fishing basics and pretty much the equivalent of what a plastic worm was to a bass fisherman. Since that time manufacturers have produced a myriad of colors and styles of these soft plastic bait imitations which replicate all kinds things and fish from shrimp, mullet, eels, crabs and other creatures that swim, creep, crawl or slither around in the sea. The introduction of all of these new baits to the market has also allowed for innovation in rigging these baits. There are many choices available to the angler today in which to rig soft plastics allowing them to become more versatile than ever.

Let’s start with the old fashioned method which is still probably the most widely used method of rigging and presentation of these soft plastic baits, Jig heads. This has been around for decades but now the angler has multiple sizes, colors and styles available to them that can fill up half an isle in a tackle store. There are ones with big eyes, little eyes, no eyes, fish head shaped and all kinds of other variations. For most applications just keep it simple ! Use the lightest weight you can get away with and still be able to bottom bounce a soft plastic bait along the grassy, shell, mud or rocky bottom terrain that you are fishing. The wind, tide and water depth

are the key criteria that will decide just how much weight jig head you need to overcome these obstacles and still make a proper presentation with your bait. What about color you might ask, at times the color of jig head may make somewhat of a difference but I have generally found that it makes little to no difference.

But I do like the multiple colors available for another reason. I generally use three different weights of jig heads 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 ounce, I will buy these in a different color for each size so that I can easily identify which size they are at a glance. The jig head has many options but like I said just keep it simple and you will be ok. Once you have your choice there isn’t much too it other than threading the bait onto the hook starting

at the head and coming out of the top of the bait. The main thing to worry about is making sure your bait is straight and not bunched up or crooked as this will cause a tremendous amount of line twist. It make take you a few tries to get it right but once you get the hang of it you will be doing it every time like a pro. Another method I like to use is to nose hook a soft plastic bait with just a standard hook. The same ones you use to hook your shrimp on will work quite well in most cases. Just hook your bait through the nose about a quarter inch from the very tip. It’s a pretty simple no frills method that can be very productive at times. This method is best suited when


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February 2015

targeting fish in skinny water which tend to be a bit spooky at times. The weightless hook allows you to present your bait quietly and fish it slowly through the shallow depths. Even though you have an exposed hook this rig can be fished through grass and other cover pretty easily. But this method is also limited during times when the wind won’t allow you to make cast with such a light bait. But it is definitely a nice trick to keep up your sleeve and will produce very well at times. The two previous methods we discussed aren’t the best in the world if your looking for something a bit more weedless. As you become more experienced fishing the open hook styles of rigging you will become more proficient and not hang up nearly as much but there are still times and situation where even the most seasoned of veterans will opt for a more weedless approach. For this you can use a Texas rig style hook which is nice because they come in weightless styles and with weight made onto the shaft of the hook. Also you could always add a bullet weight or a small splitshot as needed

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to accommodate your needs. For this method you hook your bait starting at the tip and then come back out a quarter inch or so down below then rotate your hook over to where it gets inseted back into the bottom of the bait. Many baits now have a slit cut into the belly section where the hook is inserted

into the bait and allows for better hook sets as the bait doesn’t wad up on the hook shaft as bad. This method is a little more versatile than the nose hook method but doesn’t have quite the same fall and presentation so each has its own time and place. Similar to the Texas rig method and just as weedless is a screw lock swim bait hook. I have really grown to like these hooks and keep them in my arsenal. These hooks come in weightless and weighted styles as well. They are basically a hook with a small corkscrew type attachment made onto the eye of the hook. This screw lock is

also known as a keeper. You first screw the bait onto the keeper then insert the hook point through the belly of the bait and up until it comes through the back and then slip it back down into the back or bring it through and then barely insert it back into the skin of the bait to cover the exposed hook point. These are very versatile in use as they will accommodate rigging of most any of the soft plastics available. They also are available in models that have spinners attached to them to add just a little flash which can be helpful at times. We have covered some of the most predominately used methods of rigging soft plastics but there are other ways available. Don’t ever limit yourself to what you have seen or heard about, be creative and try new things on your own. Give the fish a little something different to look at and it may make the difference between a bad day and a really good day of fishing. Capt Mike Farmer Salt Addiction Charters Steinhatchee, Fl 352-210-1551

Here is your friend, your neighbor, your bank. 478.929.1004 |

Banking products are provided by Synovus Bank, Member FDIC. Divisions of Synovus Bank operate under multiple trade names across the Southeast.

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February 2015

have a great rain suit, rubber boots, gloves, and insulated hats. They showed up at Highland Marina extremely unprepared! One had on short pants, a light wind breaker, and tennis shoes. Another had on blue jeans and a sweat shirt, and the 84 year old man brought a black trash bag that he tore holes in to put over his head. I should have taken a picture of them before and after the trip! The weather was exactly as had been predicted. We left the marina at 8 a.m., and by 8:15, I could tell these guys were as miserable as they could possibly be. I gave them the option of going in right then, paying me for the day, and coming back for free as my guests at a later date. They accepted my offer, and we headed to the marina. A month later, they did return fishing and had the fishing trip of a lifetime! It is unfortunate but this happens several times a year on my guide trips. When fishing in the wintertime, be sure to layer your clothes, use insulated underwear, socks, and a toboggan. I also wear a rain suit over my clothes that will keep the wind and cold air

out. Warm gloves are a must along with a waterproof pair of boots. On clear days, don’t forget your sunglasses. I wear Typhoon sunglasses, the best on the market today for the outdoorsman. Check them out at TYPHOON.COM. It is very important to understand that even though the high temperature might reach 60 degrees during the day, the water temperature may still be in the 40’s. Sitting in a boat is like sitting on an ice cube! Wintertime fishing can be a lot of fun, and you can catch limits of fish. Make sure you pick the best weather days, fish during the middle of the day. Dress For Success Until next month, “Y’all have some good hunting and good fishing!”

Dress for Success Joey Mines

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

Over the past 33 years of being a fishing guide on West Point Lake, I have learned to respect the weather. Winter is the time of year you have to be extremely careful . When I finalize my guide trips, usually 2 to 3 days before the trip, I always explain what the weather will be and advise them how to prepare. Even after my phone call, a typical guide trip of 4 people usually has 2 of the 4 show up not prepared for the day’s conditions. Last year I had a 84 year old man book a trip in February for him and his two sons. The weather was going to be terrible on that day: thirty mph winds, high temperature of 35 degrees, and 100 percent chance of rain. I tried to cancel the trip three different times. They insisted on fishing that day so I told them to wear several layers of clothes,

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February 2015

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Inspiration Taking TTBB to the “Ends of the Earth”

like Shooting Sports for Cancer, Inc.. However, there was so much more to our conversation. The Lord was definitely using him as a messenger. We noticed Rick has been living out

Carmen Neil

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

What is it to inspire? It is seeing a friend and brother in Christ go into his FOURTH year after being diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Rick Carone has inspired me and so many others to push on and fulfill a “purpose”. His love for life and love for the Lord has taught Shooting Sports for Cancer, Inc. so much over the past year. In October, we were blessed to have Rick and his daughter down for a long weekend hunt. (special thanks to Shan and Joan Akin for having all of us for a long weekend of fellowship at their private Plantation in South Georgia) We discussed how the Team Carone Foundation is helping others from a “grassroots” scenario, much

Us on the porch! Rick was enjoying himself! Doug Neil, Trevor Locke, Rick Carone, Carmen Neil, Tasha Locke, Anslee Wodzinski.

February 2015

his cancer diagnosis as an Acts 1:7-8 ministry: 7 He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” I believe God crossed our paths for a reason. Not just by us being amongst the “cancer family” (although Rick’s diagnosis is way more complicated than mine was), but because God wanted us to see it was more than just “ending late stage cancer”’s about sharing God’s love in time of need “to the ends of the earth”. I began to realize this just a few months ago when God revealed Shooting Sports for Cancer, Inc. would be holding TA TA BANG! BANG! sporting clays events in TWO more states, Tennessee and Alabama. Could they be our “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth”? I believe

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February 2015

they are and other states are falling in line with our “purpose”.... Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for exciting updates!

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For more information visit www. Aim. Shoot.Blessed.

Carmen W. Neil Founder/CEO, Shooting Sports for Cancer, Inc. Founder/Owner, TA TA BANG! BANG!

After the hunt. Doug Neil, Carmen Neil, Tyler Carone, Ben Yelverton, Warren Offenberg, Anslee Wodzinski, Trevor Locke with a big Boar.

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It’s Good to Be Back !! and the growth of our sport in 2016. January 9-10, 2016, we held hosting predator hunting seminars at the Cabela’s store in Acworth, Ga. as part of their Predator Classic sales event. On February 5-7, we will be at the Georgia Wildlife Federation’s Great Outdoors Show, where we will also be offering educational seminars, as well as working our booth at the event. Most importantly, on February 19-21, we will be hosting the 7th Annual Georgia Predator Hunting Association’s Coyote Classic, which

February 2015

Rick Carone through Carmen Neil and the Shooting Sports for Warren Offenburg Cancer foundation. Rick is a former Southern Outdoor Magazine videographer for Willie Robertson Columnist and the Buck Commanders who is battling Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He and his daughter Tyler came to Middle Georgia to do some hunting It’s Good to Be Back !! and wanted to try and bag a coyote Please let me begin by saying for Rick and a hog for Tyler. We all that it is good to be back writing met and had supper and shared some again about the sport I have come fellowship and testimonies, but Rick to love … Predator Hunting ! My became ill was not able to go out, commitments to the Perry High but a group of us were able to take School Tyler and help Softball her bag her first team, my Georgia hog. daughter’s Ben and I were wedding worried when and my we left because competitive we had not been cooking seeing many team’s pigs, but when participation you are doing in the Big God’s work and Pig Jig in put a situation Vienna, Ga. in His hands, have had me He will always quite busy provide a way! these past And He showed few months, us how big He is but we at in putting us on a the Georgia Participants in the 2015 6th Annual PHA Coyte Classic brute of a pig! Predator That is the Hunting Association have also been is a statewide 2 man team coyote best part about this great sport, and busy making some organizational hunting competition, which is second what many miss out on. It is not changes, and preparing for a BIG to none! For more information on the always about the harvest, but the 2016. One of the biggest changes event, or to find contact information fellowship and lifelong friendships has been the addition of Regional for any of our staff, visit the GPHA that are forged in the process. I ask Field Staff to help facilitate our website at that you all please pray for Rick and efforts more locally around the state, Hunting for coyotes and hogs has his family in earnest, and support the and serve as resources on the sport been a little slow for my partner GPHA and the Shooting Sports for in their respective regions. Our NE and me as of late. The combination Cancer so that we can continue to Representative is Jason Mayfield of our year round control efforts share our love for hunting, our love from Jasper, Ga. Serving the NW and the widespread cotton crop for the Lord, and continue to make is Jeff Hudgins of LaGrange, Ga. have limited our numbers, but we a difference in people’s lives. In Covering the SE is Jeff Hughes from did have the opportunity to spend closing, I have attached a picture of Willacoochee, Ga. We will be looking some time with some great friends our hunt with Tyler and her big boar, to add additional staff as the year and share in a ministry opportunity and I look forward to sharing more progresses, but these gentlemen are I’d like to tell you about. We were stories with you next month !! going to be a huge asset to the GPHA introduced to a gentleman named

February 2015

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Calling Them In!

Come See US in Perry on FebrUary 5th-7th at the GeorGia national Fair GroUndS For “the Great oUtdoorS Show” Our Mission To inspire those with a passion for the Outdoors to use their influence and abilities as a platform to share the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Dennis Stubbs

- See more at:

Want more info? Contact Paul Dennis at 404-642-7819 or email at

B &B

Dennis Stubbs with some of the ducks his group got while hunting at Back Dog Hunting Club in Shuttgart, AR.

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February 2015

Call Today To Book Your Cottage.

Located a stone’s throw from where the emerald Gulf of Mexico and the bucolic Steinhatchee River converge, nestled among mossdraped oaks and towering pines. P.O. Box 963 Steinhatchee, FL 32359


Joey Mines with a couple of large Strippers he caught. This will be Joey’s 31st year of being at the Georgia WildLife Federations “Great Outdoor Show” in Perry, Ga., Feb. 5-7. It is an outstanding show for the entire family . He will be displaying the 20 foot Angler Qwest Pontoon Boat that he uses to tape shows as well as guide with on West Point Lake.

Salt Addiction


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Nice One

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River Haven Ross Ulmer with a nice trout he caught fishing with Capt Jim Henley in Steinhatchee,FL.

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February 2015

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Family Hunt “Wearing Apparel for the Family” Boots, Boots, Boots Available! Open: Mon-Sat 8:30am-6pm • Closed Sunday

229-273-5299 3730 Hwy. 280 East (I-75, Exit 101 - 4 mi. east on Hwy. 280) • Cordele, GA 31015

1-888-816-4361 In December 20-year-old Tripp Boggus and 17-yearold Karlie Boggus takes two magnificent Whitetail Bucks off of Quest Haven Lodge in Tyrone PA. Tripp’s deer on the left scored 230 non-typical and weighed 320 pounds. Karlie’s deer on the right scored 200 typical and weighed 350 pounds. Tripp said “One thing he will not forget is the awesome family that works together to make every hunters experience at Quest Haven a dear hunt they will never forget.”

Cajun Thunder – ClarkSpoon Saltwater Assassin - Flying Fisherman Trik Fish • Bite-A-Bait • Star Rods

• Trout • Reds • Blues • Flounder etc.

Guide ce Ser vi

Operating from Keaton Beach Marina 33 Years Experience 850-584-9145 850-838-7541 21 Foot Parker w/150 hp Yamaha |

New Savings: Bundle Products Save On Shipping CALL: Brent Price 270-847-7075

Your Choice....$5.95

Visit Our Site For All Our Selections

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2016 Moon Phases

JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE New 10 8 9 7 6 5 First Q 16 15 15 14 13 12 Full 24 22 23 22 21 20 Last Q 2 1 1 & 31 30 29 27


JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC New 4 2 1 1&30 29 29 First Q 12 10 9 9 7 7 Full 19 18 16 16 14 14 Last Q 26 25 23 22 22 21



February 2015

VERSA TOTE MOBILE GRAVITY FEED WAGON Buy Wildlife and Livestock Feed In Bulk and Save

• • • • •

Weather Proof Mobile Easy Open Lid Rodent Proof Heavy Duty Constuction • Road Worthy • 3000 and 5000 Pound Capacity Available 3,000 LBS - $2150 5,000 LBS - $2550


478-230-7577 OR 478-230-9006

February 2015


Page 19

More Shots

(left to right) Mark Man, Clint Barthel, Benjie Blessing, Kevin Barry (standing Jarrod Scharber). With ducks you can only get to by airboat shot in Dixie County, FL.

River Haven

Dana Poteat and Captain Tony Mathis with a board full of Trout caught.

Jewell Cochran and Captain Tony Mathis with a limit of nice trout.

Mark, Max and Shelly with a nice catch with Capt. Mike Farmer.

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February 2015

same group of hogs multiple times, to the point that the hogs no longer came out of the woods and now had no official pattern. They were still around but they would stay hidden. That’s where the dogs came into the picture and where I found a new style of hunting that I have grown to love.

Basically, there are two main types of dogs involved in hog hunting with dogs. The first type of dog is a bay dog. This dog is generally some breed of cur dog or hound. Bay dogs have a good nose as well as good stamina. They actually track down the hog or hogs, surround them, and start barking repetitively. This

Hog Hunting Dogs Getting Down And Dirty By Daniel Montgomery Special to Southern Outdoors The history of hunting hogs with dogs can be traced back to the settlement of America when farmers found that branding or tagging their herds of free range pigs was much easier with the use of dogs. Sometime later, the Eurasion wild hog was introduced to America for hunting purposes. The hunting of these hogs became a fun form of hunting after deer season ended for many hunters. Over time, hogs have grown in numbers, to the point that they have become a nuisance, especially in the southern states. The largest issue with the feral hog is its ability to destroy crops and really tear up land. These feral hogs have the ability to reproduce twice per year with average litter sizes of six to eight. Female hogs are able to reproduce between the ages of six to eight months, allowing the numbers of hogs to grow rapidly.

February 5th, 6th, 7th 2016

$100 Per Team Entry Fee Mandatory Team Meeting February 5th at 6:00PM • • • Weigh In at 3:00PM Sunday February 7th

Tyler Montgomery Hunting feral hogs by means of archery and firearms definitely has its place in our culture and, is no doubt, very exciting and effective. It was only five years ago that I went on my first hog hunting trip using dogs. I actually didn’t even know that such a thing existed until that day. The reason I called my buddy with a dog pack that day was because my brother and I had shot at this

nt Eve sor n Spo

Meeting and Weigh in at Georgia’s Best Deer Cooler 1457 Aultman Road Peach County, Ga.

For More Information Call: Marvin Stewart 478-365-2805

February 2015


alerts the hunter that the hog is “bayed” or stopped and surrounded. The second type of dog is the catch dog. The catch dog is usually some breed of bulldog or pitbull. These dogs are much rougher than the bay dogs are. The catch dog’s job is to listen for the bay dogs to bay, and then run into the bay and catch the hog on the ear. The hunter follows the catch dog in and grabs onto the hog and either ties it up

or sticks the hog with a knife. For me, hog hunting with dogs is the more effective way because you don’t actually have to see the hogs to catch them. Hog hunting with dogs is one of the most exciting things that a hunter will ever do just for the fact that you never know if the dogs are baying an 80 lb hog or a 300 lb hog. Hog hunting with dogs isn’t always as easy as it sounds though. Hogs are very smart and learn that when

Daniel Montgomery and Jonathan Lewis Tyler Montgomery

Page 21

they hear a dogs bark, they need to get gone. This style of hunting really pushes hogs out of areas that are frequently hunted making it very effective for the farmers that we hunt for. If you are looking for an exciting and new way to hunt hogs, find someone with dogs and ask to tag along. I have learned a lot about hogs in the five years that I have been hunting them with my buddies.

Zach Smith and Jonathan Lewis

Warner Robins Area Best Golf Course Best Fine Dining Best Bartender For tee times or membership information please contact us 478-218-5253



100 Champions Way Perry, Georgia 31069 478-218-5253 Middle Georgia’s Premier Golf and Dining Facility


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February 2015

Tennessee: River Monsters Myths & Great Destinations Capt. Scott Manning

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

by EMS crews. Found floating and unconscious, they reported catfish so large that one of the divers was sucked

East Tennessee toward Chattanooga before crossing into Alabama. Watts Bar Lake is a reservoir on the Tennessee

into the giant bottom-feeders mouth, only to be spat out. The most common bait shop story states that a dam repair man goes down to check for cracks in the dam. He sees a gigantic catfish that could swallow a Volkswagen Bug whole. He comes up from the murky depths of the lake and never is a dam repair man again. However, the largest catfish in North America are blue cats, and the world record blue catfish caught in in 2011 weighed 143 pounds. While many of the world’s largest freshwater fish are located outside of North America, several large species can be found in area rivers, including blue catfish and flathead catfish. An angler better have stout tackle when doing battle with these beast. A Okuma Battle cat rod teamed with Okuma Coldwater reel will do the job just fine. The Tennessee River, covering more than 650 miles in the south ranks at the top of most catfish & striper anglers “Bucket List”. The Tennessee River is formed at the confluence of the Holston and French Broad rivers on the east side of Knoxville, Tennessee. From Knoxville, it flows southwest through

River created by Watts Bar Dam as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority system. Even today, it remains one of the top catfish destinations in the US. Cabela’s King Tournament Trail holds a annual 2 day super event here each spring. Located about midway between Chattanooga and Knoxville, the lake begins as the Tennessee River below Fort Loudon Dam in Lenoir City, Tennessee and stretches 72.4 miles to Watts Bar Dam near Spring City, Tennessee. The Clinch River connects to the main channel of the lake at mile 568 near Southwest Point in Kingston, Tennessee. The partially navigable Emory River connects with the Clinch near the TVA’s Kingston Steam Plant just upriver from the meeting with the Tennessee. Including the Clinch and Emory arms, Watts Bar has 722 miles of shoreline and over 39,000 acres of water surface. Minor tributaries include Poplar Creek, Caney Creek, and White’s Creek. The lake contains several large islands, most notably Thief Neck Island, Long Island, and Sand Island. Fort Loudon Reservoir, located on the Tennessee River at Knoxville, is the uppermost in the chain of nine

For over 100 years, myths and legends have flourished along the banks of the Tennessee River of monstrous creatures that live in their muddy depths. In the 1800s, tales of river monsters abounded throughout the river system, including a legend in which anyone spotting the creature was cursed. In the mid1900s, the most popular legendary river creature became “catzilla,” a species of catfish that reportedly grew to the size of Volkswagen Beetles at several dams

along the Tennessee River. There are some reported photos of monster catfish over 500 pounds during the 1900’s that seem to back up these claims. What lurks beneath the placid surface of the Tennessee River ? Are there monsters in our midst? Newspaper accounts indicate divers, while cleaning out the intake to a local power plant, had to be rescued from the murky depths

February 2015

TVA reservoirs that form a continuous navigable channel from there to Paducah, Kentucky, 652 miles away. Fort Loudon is a popular recreation destination, known for boating and monster catfish. The tailwater area immediately below the dam is an excellent site for viewing a variety of waterbirds, including herons, cormorants, gulls, osprey and bald eagles. The reservoir is connected by a short canal to Tellico Reservoir on the nearby Little Tennessee River. Water is diverted through the canal to Fort Loudon for power production. The canal also offers commercial barges access to Tellico without the need for a lock. Barges passing through the Fort Loudon lock carry about half a million tons of cargo a year.

Page 23


Area attractions include the Oak Ridge Atomic Museum of Science & Energy,

Dollywood Theme Park and Gatlinburg. In May of 2014, The Animal Planet TV Show filmed Season 7 episode 1 of Finding Bigfoot. That particular episode is still one of the highest rated watched

shows in the world. World-famous Big Ed’s Pizza in Oak Ridge is a must-eat location as well as Calhoun’s BBQ on the river. I recommend Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, Kingston and Harriman as motel destinations with plenty of places to eat and not far from numerous boat ramps; such as Caney Creek Marina, Ladd Landing, Concord Marina and Tom Wheeler Park. So if chasing legends or real world monster catfish is on your “Bucket List”; then East Tennessee and the Tennessee River system is a Can’t-Miss destination. Feel free to call Captain Scott Manning (865) 6807672 for information ranging from area sites to guided fishing opportunities. Bring the kids; this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


LAND FOR SALE • Mobile home on 39.09 acres w/Pond, can be subdivided in Peach Co. • Cottage on 33.88 acres includes 14.7 acre pecan orchard in Macon Co. • Home w/ wired workshop on 4 ½ acres in Dodge Co. • Mobile Home on 496.72 acres in Twiggs Co. • House and cropland on 75 acres in Dodge Co. • 300 Acre Farm, pond, mature pines, row crops in Dodge Co. • 100 Acres with pond site in Houston Co. • 15 Acres in Dodge Co. • 54 Acre timberland in Twiggs Co. • 72 Acres in Crawford Co. • 34 Acres with a stream in Bleckley Co.

Scott Free

Office: 478-218-2600 Cell: 478-951-3333

$250,000 $245,000 $99,900 $894,000 $197,500 $660,000 $4500/ac $45,000 $1500/ac $1900/ac $2450/ac


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February 2015


Check out  all  of  our  listings  at  .

Kevin Barry 478-333-3377

Feature Property:    Poplar  Ridge,  249.5  acres  in  Schley  County,  Georgia

Ride with the #1 car insurer in Georgia.

This hideaway  and  hunters’  paradise,  with  its  open  stands  of   mature  planted  pine  and  natural  hardwoods,  combined  with   the  edges  of  its  pastures,  holds  a  beautiful  setting  for   hunting  the  resident  populations  of  deer  and  turkey.

The large  air-­‐conditioned  doublewide  trailer,  with  all  of  the   comforts  of  home,  including  three  bedrooms,  two  baths,  a   large  living  area  with  fireplace,  provides  a  comfortable   resting  place  after  a  long  day’s  hunt,  or  as  an   accommodation  for  the  weekend  hunting  trip  …  or  longer. The  large  enclosed  metal  shop  will  keep  ATV’s  and  other   equipment  safe  and  secure  while  the  hunters  are  away.

The property  also  has  near-­‐term  income  potential.    The  older  planted  pine  stands  and  the  hardwood  stands  are   ready  for  harvest.    Younger  planted  pines  are  ready  for  thinning.  

See the  website  for  more  details  -­‐  click  LISTINGS,  GEORGIA,  SCHLEY  COUNTY  POPLAR  RIDGE





Contact Sandy  McLendon  at  (478)  957-­‐9152  or  by  email  at  . “reducing feral hog damage since 2009”


M.I.N.E. Hog Trapping Systems with Cellular Remote Gate Closure


384 X 288 (50Hz)

Zeus-Pro 640

4-32 X 100 (30Hz)

706.570.5753 •

February 2015

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America’s �ailer Headquarters! WE’VE GOT OVER 300 RVs IN STOCK TO GET YOUR FAMILY READY FOR


The camping experts, since 1989. 2016 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 26DBH Travel Trailer Stock #11431

$189/mo. (12 years @5.99%)

2016 Forest River R-Pod 180 Travel Trailer MSRP $21,310 SALE $16,472

2016 Coachmen Catalina 273DBS Travel Trailer Stock #11484

$185/mo. (12 years @5.99%)

2016 Coachmen Orion 24RB Class C Motorhome

2016 Coachmen Pursuit 29SB Class A Motorhome

Stock #11214

Stock #11484

$444/mo. (20 years @4.99%)

$498/mo. (20 years @4.99%)

2016 Coachmen Freedom Express 297RLDS Travel Trailer Stock #11420

$242/mo. (15 years @5.99%)

Georgia’s Largest RV Dealer! I-75 Exit 149 131 Peachtree Parkway, Byron, GA

All prices exclude tax, tag/title, and documentation fees. Financing examples are based on 10% plus tax, tag/title, and doc fees down, with qualifying credit.

(800) 226-3654


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February 2015

Mid Afternoon: The Mud Flats can be productive Capt. Tony Bozzella

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

Many trout will be below the 15 inch minimum. If the standard float rigs is not your style, through a bright colored soft plastic and slow roll, keeping in contact, on the bottom. Reds Blues and flounder can be in the mix. Dress warm and fish!!

Although we are limited what we can fish for, February can be great for shallow water red fishing. Backcountry waters of North Fl. can be at its clearest point of the year. Mid afternoons on the mud flats when the wind and sun cooperate, can be very productive.

Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS Professional Angler / Guide 904 651 0182

Capt. Tony Bozzella Inshore Light Tackle & Fly Fishing at it’s Finest!

Over 125 Trout, 5lbs or bigger Over 40 top five Redfish Tounament Wins 30 Years Experence 904-651-0182

Tackle, Lures, Bait, Rods, Drinks Licence, Fish cleaned. Good Attitude.....Provided

L SEL WE RMAL d E ice H r T P CS er I T OP Und 0 0 $35

Mud minnows & shrimp paired with the lightest TBS Jig fishing around mid to the last of the outgoing tide around the rips coming off the oyster bars can be outstanding. Through up current and stay in tune with your bait as it may roll with the tidal movement. Polling at this time can also be very productive. Slipping up on a backing or tailing redfish, again, mid day when suns overhead and wind minimal, can be a great experience. Fly anglers can take advantage of this time of year as well. Many times you may have a shot at a tasty Sheephead or Black Drum. Shrimp is a good choice and they will be in these areas. Anglers wanting trout should start out soaking shrimp/ Muds in some of the deeper holes and bends of creeks with moving water for best results.

No Limits! No Trophy Fees! We Supply THe WeAponS, Ammo & THermAl opTicS

per 0 0 5 $ T nigH

Hog S.W.A.T offerS fully guided THermAl Hog HunTS AT nigHT in SouTH WeST georgiA


February 2015

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Forever Outdoors

Founder of C Mo’s kids Winston Barlow (left ), Rob Robinson (right) founder of Forever OutdoorsJohn Wayne Spradley on a turkey hunt together in South GA.

Bill Sharp , Bill Sharp Jr ., Rob Robinson and Kevin Wilcox after the hunt.


e Hu urpos

s All P




eath F 5 2 7


n A5 Hu

BARROW GUNS 29 South Broad Street Butler, Georgia 31006

Call For The Best Prices


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February 2015

Captain Tony Mathis

U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain

Accommodations • Fishing • Scalloping Steinhatchee, FL A short drive From Steinhatchee, Jena & Horseshoe Beach. Come visit us while you fish in the Gulf. 16368 SE HWY 19 Cross City, FL 352-578-8066

Inshore Gulf of Mexico Charter Fishing Targeting Trout / Redfish and Scallops

Email: or Call:


Accepting Pay-Pal, all major credit cards and cash. Please visit the website or contact us for more info.



Alcovy Main Shop 4032 Sunset Ct. Covington, Ga. 678-859-8384

Quality Work

Now Open For Middle Georgia Customers 335 Raka Dr. East Dublin, GA 678-609-1708 Birds • Fish • Game Heads • Mammals • Reptiles


Big Buck Processing 755 Monticello Road Eatonton, Ga. 706-485-6090 *New Drop off location

Pittman Processing 279 Raytown Rd. Sharon, GA. 706-456-2496

Affordable Prices

February 2015


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Page 30


February 2015

Paul Brown Devils in a half a dozen colors.... you choose your favorite. I believe the smaller #14 MirrOdines will also take good trout in the colder water temps February has to offer. Creek fishing is pretty much automatic at times; unfortunately those are usually very short times. Work the northwest banks and slews for an afternoon bite in February. The sun warms these areas up a few degrees more than the balance of water on the opposite bank. Reds will often be where the trout are but will also hole up in the deeper holes and channels and sometimes choose a different “tide time” to bite. Fish synthetics or dead shrimp in the dirtier water as often the reds will eat it better than live offerings. Fish small spoons like Precision Tackle’s 1/8 ounce Gold and Copper Intruder weedless spoons; if you can slow down and keep your spoon in contact with the bottom. Tip: don’t hit the strike but bow the rod tip into the strike for more hook-ups. Flounder will also show up as they move out to spawn now that the water has finally cooled off. FishBites in the shrimp flavor is one of my favorite winter flounder baits. Fish it on a very light slip sinker “fish-finder” style rig or on the lightest jighead you an find. A 1/16 oz. is often

heavy enough. If you aren’t going fishing ...Now is a good time to call me and set up a

Keaton Beach Report February 2015 Capt. Pat McGriff

Southern Outdoor Magazine Columnist

February is a tough month at Keaton; but if you must go choose the third day of a warming trend and look for water temps over 58 degrees. Fish s-l-o-w and try to work an area thoroughly rather than covering a lot of water. Expect the bite to be brief and anchor or pin up once you get a bite. If you get a report from a buddy ask him, “What time was the bite?” and then look up the tide on your chart or machine and then fish the same tide accordingly.

Billy Pillow of Perry, Fl. with a fine trout taken in December 2015 trip in the Spring. Remember I teach all techniques of trout and red fishing from jig-n-grub, to stickbaits, to hard jerkbaits, to live bait . Call or Email and we’ll mark you down a date! Let’s Go Fishing! Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 25years! cell: 850.838.7541

Debbie Miley of Clermont, Fl. with a nice trout taken December 31, 2015. Most of the trout that will be caught will come from the creeks but I don’t charter inside the creeks; too much of a clown act going on by folks who are losing their mind to get after the fish you are on etc. Besides the all or nothing “bite” can be unpredictable at best and unreliable on the bad days as creek fish are finicky and move around a lot from day to day. I have been creek fishing, at least a few times over the years and here is how it was. Our best artificials last year were as follows: #17 MirrOdines in the Trout C-eye Pro series and in the 808 pattern. SoftDines in two colors # 91 & # 49 were also hard to beat. I also caught trout on the TT series #51 in the CHPR pattern. Occasionally we caught a fish on the


Contact Robby Stripling or Rocky Chambers

(229) 273-0300


(888) 751-2839

February 2015

Page 31


Doug Hannon’s Moon Times

FEBRUARY 2016 Fishing and Hunting Times Feb 2016 DAY Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

EXCELLENT TIMES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

A.M. 5:06 - 7:06 5:54 - 7:54 6:42 - 8:42 7:30 - 9:30 8:18 - 10:18 9:06 - 11:06 9:54 - 11:54 10:42 - 12:42 11:30 - 1:30 NA 1:06 - 3:06 1:54 - 3:54 2:42 - 4:42 3:30 - 5:30 4:18 - 6:18 5:06 - 7:06 5:54 - 7:54 6:42 - 8:42 7:30 - 9:30 8:18 - 10:18 9:06 - 11:06 10:42 - 12:42 11:30 - 1:30 NA 1:06 - 3:06 1:54 - 3:54 2:42 - 4:42 3:30 - 5:30 4:18 - 6:18

PM 5:30 - 7:30 6:18 - 8:18 7:06 - 9:06 7:54 - 9:54 8:42 - 10:42 9:30 - 11:30 10:18 - 12:18 11:06 - 1:06 11:54 - 1:54 12:42 - 2:42 1:30 - 3:30 2:18 - 4:18 3:06 - 5:06 3:54 - 5:54 4:42 - 6:42 5:30 - 7:30 6:18 - 8:18 7:06 - 9:06 7:54 - 9:54 8:42 - 10:42 9:30 - 11:30 11:06 - 1:06 11:54 - 1:54 12:42 - 2:42 1:30 - 3:30 2:18 - 4:18 3:06 - 5:06 3:54 - 5:54 4:42 - 6:42

GOOD TIMES AM PM 11:33 - 1:03 11:57 - 1:27 NA 12:45 - 2:15 1:09 - 2:39 1:33 - 3:03 1:57 - 3:27 2:21 - 3:51 2:45 - 4:15 3:09 - 4:39 3:33 - 5:03 3:57 - 5:27 4:21 - 5:51 4:45 - 6:15 4:21 - 5:51 4:45 - 6:15 5:57 - 7:27 6:21 - 7:51 6:45 - 8:15 7:09 - 8:39 7:33 - 9:03 7:57 - 9:27 8:21 - 9:51 8:45 - 10:15 9:09 - 10:39 9:33 - 11:03 9:57 - 11:27 10:21 - 11:51 10:45 - 12:15 11:09 - 12:39 11:33 - 1:03 11:57 - 1:27 NA 12:45 - 2:15 1:09 - 2:39 1:33 - 3:03 1:57 - 3:27 2:21 - 3:51 2:45 - 4:15 3:09 - 4:39 3:33 - 5:03 3:57 - 5:27 4:21 - 5:51 4:45 - 6:15 5:57 - 7:27 6:21 - 7:51 6:45 - 8:15 7:09 - 8:39 7:33 - 9:03 7:57 - 9:27 8:21 - 9:51 8:45 - 10:15 9:09 - 10:39 9:33 - 11:03 9:57 - 11:27 10:21 - 11:51 10:45-12:15 11:09 - 12:39

For your Copy of Doug Hannon’s Moon Clock Calculator send $9.95 each plus $3.75 (per order) shipping and handling to:

Moon Clock, P.O. Box 28460, Atlanta, GA 30328 or Check out the website at

Page 32


February 2015

The Best Truck in Your Field...

2016 GMC Sierra Denali 4x4

T36081 2016 GMC Sierra Denali 4x4, crew cab.

2016 Chevrolet Colorado

P8530 2016 Chevrolet Colorado, 4x4 Z71, only 6895 miles V6, automatic, full power options. $32250.00

2016 Chevrolet Silverado

2016 GMC Canyon SLT

C36079 2016 Chevrolet Silverado LT crew cab Z71 4x4.

T36092 2016 GMC Canyon SLT crew cab.

2013 Chevolet Silverado

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Z71

C35464A 2013 Chevrolet Silverado crew cab, very clean, 39554 miles, hard tonneau cover, running boards and more. $28987.41

C35379A 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Z71, one owner, local trade, 28625 miles, leather seats, oversized tires, leveling kit and more. $37803.74

2015 Chevrolet Silverado

P8486 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab 4x4, custom wheels, brush guard, and lift kit, 17892 miles, $40980.00

2014 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab

T36100A 2014 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab 4wd, they don’t get any nicer than this, one owner, extremely clean truck, 34456 miles, 20� wheels, running boards, leather, navigation and more. $37873.64

Visit for a complete listing of our new and used trucks to make your outdoors come alive.

2000 Highway 41 South, Perry, GA


Southern Outdoors Magazine February 2016  
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