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SHADY COVE PROJECT rescheduled for 2018 A pavement overlay project in Shady Cove will see its construction schedule pushed back an additional year. ODOT now targets 2018 for the start of work on Oregon 62. The Oregon 62 overlay project will extend north from the Rogue River Bridge to Cleveland Street in Shady Cove. In addition to a new roadway surface, the construction project will build a center turn lane, bike lanes and sidewalks. The city of Shady Cove plans to install a new water line in the project area and a right turn lane on Rogue River Drive.

Anderson and ODOT Roadway Designer Brian Sheadel briefed the Shady Cove City Council on the latest project developments in March. Hoping to make their community more attractive for residents and visitors alike, city leaders collaborated with ODOT to add enhancements to the project. Recreational motorists headed to the upper Rogue River travel through Shady Cove on Oregon 62.

The good news is that the project is fully funded and we’re confident we can deliver.

“Our project team thought it made sense to see if we could attach funds specifically targeted for bicyclists and pedestrians,” — ODOT Area Manager Art Anderson said ODOT Project Information Specialist Gary Leaming. “The need ODOT Area Manager Art is there to keep people off Anderson also cited workload issues the highway and shoulder, especially caused by staffing cutbacks as another children walking to school. cause for the project’s delay. Project planning began in 2012 “The good news is that the project with an initial scoping meeting and is fully funded and we’re confident briefing to the Shady Cove Chamber we can deliver,” said Anderson. “We of Commerce. ODOT has focused on anticipate all of the work can be keeping construction impacts to a completed in a single construction minimum not only for the businesses season.” but also for the project budget.

April 10, 2015