ODOT Moving Ahead - September 2012

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Evans Creek Bridge has “taken a real pounding over the past fifty years. ” ODOT Bridge Maintenance Manager Bryan Mast

FRP is defined as an engineering material that consists of thermosetting resin and fiber reinforcement. Installation of FRP is temperature and humidity sensitive. Preparations are tedious before the wrap can be applied. The surface of each concrete girder must be cleaned and sanded smooth. The sharp corners on each girder need to be rounded off to allow for the best adhesion. “A large portion of the repair work also involves constructing work platforms and containment systems,” Mast said, “as all of the repair work occurs under the structure.” Work platforms were installed underneath the bridge. During this period, traffic was reduced to a single lane at night with I-5 ramp closures at Rogue River. With the platforms in place, the crew can work during the day. However, once the repair work is completed, the same night-time traffic impacts are needed as the contractor tears down the work platforms.


September 28, 2012