ODOT Moving Ahead - September 2010

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(ABOVE) Working from the pit, Motor Carrier Safety Inspector Leslie Elbon inspects a commercial truck at the Ashland Port of Entry. (OPPOSITE) Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer Jeff Fairbanks mans the scales at the Ashland Port of Entry.

Oregon with 56,450 truck inspections and a 15% rate for placing drivers out-of-service. Only Wyoming, with 19,447 inspections and an 11% driver out-of-service rate, comes close. And nationally, safety inspectors place drivers out-of-service at only a 6% rate. One team of Oregon inspectors that has outperformed all others was recently nominated for an award available to only the best in North America. A five-

man team called Oregon’s Safety Shift 4, which includes Harold Smith from the Motor Carrier Division’s Medford safety office, was nominated for this year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance International Safety Team award. Oregon’s team specializes in finding the sneakiest truck drivers, particularly those trying to avoid inspections by driving the back roads in the middle of the night or parking somewhere to wait things out.


September 10, 2010