ODOT Moving Ahead - November 2010

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Avoid driving headaches this holiday season. Spend more time celebrating with family and friends and less time on the road.

and gas money. Before heading out the door, take some time to think about where you need to go and plan out the most efficient route.

You’ll save wear and tear on you, your family and your wallet!

• Shop online. Take advantage of retail websites and buy gifts online. Also use the Internet to check out gift possibilities and prices before heading to the store.

• Plan ahead. Decide in advance what recipes to make, decorations to buy and supplies to get. Keep recipes and coupons in one place so you’ll have them on the go. • Just like Santa, make a list and check it twice. Avoid all those extra and last minute trips. Use list pads, your cell phone or whatever works best for you. • Shop local. Instead of hitting the highways, visit shops around town. You’ll save money on gas and help support the local economy. • Combine shopping trips. Try combining your shopping trips to save time


November 12, 2010


• Tap into transit. Take the bus, and let someone else do the driving. RVTD services shopping centers throughout the Rogue Valley, including the Rogue Valley Mall every 30 minutes. Use Google to plan your transit trips. • Carpool. Increase the holiday fun! Carpool to stores and other destinations.

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