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Wyden visits Medford to push for federal stimulus package U.S. Senator Ron Wyden recently stopped in Medford as part of his statewide tour to push for a new federal stimulus package. Standing with local leaders from the City of Medford and Jackson County on the morning of Nov. 7, Wyden pressed his case for infrastructure funding. “I think dollar for dollar these transportation projects give you a lot more of an economic boost and make your economy healthier for today and tomorrow,” Wyden said. Jackson County Commissioner C.W. Smith agreed with Wyden.

“We are grateful that Senator Wyden continues to push for infrastructure funding in the economic stimulus and hope Congress will take up this challenge,” Mather said.

Highway 62 draft EIS set for 2009 release Good things come to those who wait and ODOT Project Leader Dick Leever hopes that holds true for the Highway 62 Corridor’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), a federally-required environmental document. “We’d hoped to have the DEIS put to bed by now but the technical team found the regional traffic models needed updating,” said Leever.

“We simply don’t have enough revenue to support the road system that we have in light of the reduced timber revenues,” Smith said. “[Infrastructure funding] provides direct jobs in the community.”

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden listens as Jackson County Commissioner C.W. Smith points to declining pavement conditions.

“There’s tremendous need for highway investments in Oregon, and there are many opportunities to invest federal money in projects that would produce thousands of living-wage jobs quickly,” said Travis Brouwer, ODOT Federal Affairs adviser. ODOT Region Manager Paul Mather spoke with Wyden and local transportation stakeholders at the event. According to Mather, these investments would pay off long-term returns by building a safer and more efficient transportation system that would reduce the costs associated with inadequate roads in terms of congestion, car crashes, and wear and tear on vehicles.

• The Existing Highway Alternative would merge the bypass with Highway 62 from I-5 to near the Butler Truck Center and Lava Lanes. Due to high traffic volumes, there would be no access from there west to I-5. The Poplar/Bullock intersection would change into either an underpass or overpass.

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Based on 2008 dollars, about 14 family-wage jobs are sustained for every $1 million spent on transportation construction in Oregon.



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In mid 2007, ODOT awarded Shasta Constructors Bundle 302, located in and around Pacific Highway in Central Point. Construction, which began summer 2007 and will continue through late spring/early summer 2009, includes modifications, reconstruction and/or replacements of four bridges: Upton Road over I-5, Upton Road over Bear Creek, I-5 over Foley Avenue and CORP. Roadway approach and drainage improvements will also be made in the areas adjacent to these structures. We thank you for your cooperation and patience during construction and look forward to a successful completion!

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Greetings Oregonians! Shasta Constructors, Inc. is a General Engineering Contractor specializing in highway bridge and structures construction. Headquartered in Redding, CA, our primary area of business is California, however we also enjoy performing work in Oregon and Nevada.

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• The Split-Diamond Alternative would modify the existing ramps north of Interstate 5 exit 30 to accommodate bypass traffic. Motorists would travel on a separate road from I-5 to White City. The existing alignment on Oregon Highway 62 would remain as is with full access to businesses.

Shasta Constructors, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We always encourage qualified DBE/WBE/MBE/DVBE subcontractors and suppliers to submit bids/quotes on projects out to bid.

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In addition to cities’ and counties’ needs, ODOT developed a $564 million list of more than 100 projects, including modernization, bridge repairs, paving, safety, and other projects that would be good candidates for funding under an economic stimulus package. These projects are ready to go and could be under construction in summer 2009, producing jobs in highway construction and related industries quickly.

The project proposes to build a bypass for through traffic from the north Medford interchange to White City. The corridor alternatives would allow through traffic to travel on an access-controlled highway and leave Highway 62 as it currently is with full access to streets and driveways. There are several variations of the route to avoid development or natural resources. Here are the two options for the south end of the bypass: