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Senger said drivers should also remember that two new laws went into effect last January: the ‘Move Over’ law and the ban on mobile communications without a hands-free device.

side assistance vehicles to the list of emergency vehicles. In addition, the law clarifies that “slow down” means slowing down to at least 5 mph below the posted speed limit.

The Move Over law requires a motorist to move over to another lane if there is an emergency vehicle on the shoulder with its lights flashing. If you cannot move over safely, you are required to slow down. The new law adds tow trucks and road-

The mobile communications law specifically prohibits drivers from using such a device for talking or texting while driving unless the driver meets a specific exemption. Those in violation face a minimum fine of $142 (a Class D violation).

What can you do to avoid the potential for disaster when your car stalls on the highway? Your first concern must be your safety and the safety of your passengers.

side of the road. Marking your vehicle’s location to give other drivers advance warning of your location can be critical. Remember to turn on your hazard lights.

The following safety tips will help when your car breaks down:

• In the case of a blowout or a flat tire, move the vehicle to a safer place before attempting a repair — even if it means destroying the wheel getting there. The cost of a tire, rim or wheel is minor compared to a fatal injury.

• Never get out of the vehicle to make a repair or examine the damage on the spot. Get the vehicle to a safe place before getting out. • If you can’t drive the car, it may still be safer to stay in the car and wait for help or use a cell phone to summon help. Standing outside the vehicle in the flow of traffic, under most circumstances, is a bad idea. • Carry flares or triangles to mark your location once you get to the

• Roadside tragedies remind us of the importance of having wide shoulders or safe places immediately available for motorists to use when they need them. When safe places are not readily available, motorists should move their vehicles to the nearest safe pull-off area.

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June 11, 2010

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