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Greenway Trail Etiquette Yield to Pedestrians Pedestrians always have the right of way. Obey All Trail Signs & Rules For your safety, note all marked hazards and travel at a safe speed. Keep Pets on Short Leash Walk pets on the right-hand shoulder if possible. Use a 5-foot or shorter leash, and clean/carry out your pet’s waste. Keep Right and Pass on Left Think of the trail as a roadway. Always allow other users room to pass you on the left. If You Stop, Please Leave the Trail Always allow other trail users room to pass on the left. Announce Yourself Before Passing — Politely Warn Trail Users as You Approach from Behind Example, “Passing on your left!” Please Help Keep the Trail Safe and Clean Report any suspicious behavior to 911. Absolutely No Motorized Vehicles on Trail, Including Scooters Handicap scooters are the exception to this rule. Did you know? Trail counts conducted in May 2012 determined that there are over 150,000 trips annually and over 400 trips per day at each of six locations on the trail. Greenway Host and Adopt-a-Greenway programs are up and running for residents interested in volunteering. The Bear Creek Greenway is complete from the Ashland Dog Park to Pine Street in Central Point. Stanke said another project is in the works to connect through the Expo property to another .85-mile of trail from Upton Road to Dean Creek Road, which will create a 20-mile continuous trail. Go online to to find out more and help the effort.

December 7, 2012