Moving Ahead Spring/Summer 2020

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Header I-5 CA Border to Ashland Paving for the winter travel season when the contractor’s equipment will be replaced by ODOT snow plows.

for local traffic. Ramp work includes paving the shoulders, repairing the concrete interstate, replacing guardrail and moving power lines to accommodate a new electronic variable speed and message sign.

The 2021 season will see the final year of the project and the replacement of the southbound Exit 6 bridge deck.

Bridge and ramp openings are set for late August. If time allows this season, next comes interstate work similar to last year, only this year higher up the mountain. Between milepost 6.5 near the upper truck escape ramp south to milepost 9, traffic will be switched to the northbound lanes while the contractor repairs the southbound slow lane.

“Next year, we’ll see the same impacts to the interstate, but the Exit 6 ramp accessibility will be better,” said Hunter. ■

Like last year, rutted roadway surface will be repaired or replaced with new concrete. The goal is to have it wrapped up by mid-October in time

Scan code to check out the Exit 6 bridge deck work. Part of the I-5:California Border to Ashland paving project on YouTube watch?v=D9yil_js6Zw

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June 26, 2020