Moving Ahead Summer 2018

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Ashland’s Summer Repairs Prime contractor Carter and Company will pour new concrete decks on the twin Interstate 5 bridges spanning Crowson Road south of Ashland. The $2.5 million rehabilitation project will occur during daylight hours and should take about three months to complete. The work requires a traffic crossover, allowing the contractor to close one bridge while removing, rebuilding and pouring a new deck with a new concrete wearing surface. The Crowson Road bridges, which are located near the Siskiyou Summit chain up area, date back to mid1960s when I-5 first opened. The decks are old and in poor shape with significant concrete spalling. The use of deicer chemicals and salt for winter maintenance leads to the premature deterioration of concrete bridge decks through corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Once the rebar starts to corrode they in turn cause the concrete to spall and deteriorate.

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May 18, 2018

“Hydroblasting will remove where the concrete is poor,” said ODOT Lead Bridge Engineer Bob Grubbs. Hydroblasting utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated concrete, providing an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. Unlike jackhammers, hydroblasting does not produce vibrations throughout a structure and therefore does not introduce micro fractures. “About half the depth of the concrete deck will be removed,” said Grubbs. “Once repairs are made, the bridge will receive a new concrete deck.” Preacher Slide Preacher Slide is a historic, chronic slide located on the Old Siskiyou Highway (Oregon 273), just east of the Southern Oregon landmark, Callahan’s Mountain Lodge. Several temporary fixes over the past seven