Moving Ahead Spring 2018

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Oregon 140 at Kershaw Road




LEGEND Kershaw Road

Oregon 140 during their investigation in early January. “We saw one driver enter from Kershaw onto the highway right in front of a log truck, nearly causing a head-on collision,” said ODOT Traffic Investigator Bob Sechler. “The log truck had to veer around the car using the oncoming left-turn lane to avoid a crash. “Our analysis showed that drivers on Kershaw Road were in a hurry, trying to cross Oregon 140. Rather than coming to a complete stop, a high percentage of drivers simply followed the vehicle in front of them without looking for oncoming traffic.” ODOT traffic engineers presented


March 9, 2018

• Add new intersection street lighting • Speed limit lowered through intersection to 50 MPH • Replace and increase size of all intersection signing • Restripe and refresh existing striping including turn lanes and stop bars

immediate safety recommendations to Marmon and Jackson County Roads and Parks Manager John Vial, who manages the county-owned Kershaw Road. Safety improvements scheduled for installation include: • Installing larger signing at the intersection, including new 48-inch stop signs and red flashing beacons above the stop signs; • Reducing the Oregon 140 speed through the Kershaw intersection to 50 MPH; • Adding new intersection street lighting, and; • Adding transverse rumble strips on Kershaw Road.