Moving Ahead Spring 2018

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Caveman Bridge

Working behind a curtain by day and on bridge rail by night, the construction crew performs rehabilitation work on the historic Caveman Bridge generally out of sight and mind for most Grants Pass residents.

performing crack injections,” said ODOT Project Manager Tim Fletcher. “The curtain helps contain dust and maintain a moderate temperature for the rehabilitation work.” Single-lane closures allow the construction workers to cut the old bridge rail out and replace it with a new rail with an identical design that meets today’s safety standards. ODOT and the contractor will schedule 12 full-night closures, from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., as needed over the course of the two-year project. Special provisions in the project scheduled nowork weekends to avoid conflicts with community events.

Prime contractor HP Civil Inc. of Stayton constructed a work platform attached by cables under the bridge. The work platform provides safe and sturdy access to the belly of 86-yearold bridge, which spans the Rogue River as the gateway to the Redwood Empire in southwest Oregon and northern California. The $5.3 million rehabilitation project is Caveman Bridge’s first major upgrade since its construction in 1931.

Boatnik Strengthening Caveman Bridge involves repairing exposed steel rebar, injecting the cracks with epoxy, and installing titanium rebar. After the bridge work is completed, the historic gateway sign on the north side of the bridge will also undergo rehabilitation by the city of Grants Pass. “During the winter, crews are repairing the bridge’s concrete and


March 9, 2018

Grants Pass celebrates Boatnik every Memorial Day weekend. The Grants Pass Active Club has hosted the annual multi-day celebration since 1959. Families enjoy the event throughout the community, including the downtown parade and boat races on the Rogue River. Prime contractor HP Civil Inc. of