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“Studies show that driver inattention is the biggest factor in work zone crashes.” Oregon State Police patrols the work zone. Traffic fines double in work zones, even though there are no workers present. Bear Creek Bridge and Greenway The Bear Creek Greenway crossing was temporarily replaced at grade with Fern Valley Road because of the bridge construction. Rectangular, rapid-flashing beacons are used so Fern Valley Road drivers


can see that a greenway user wants to cross the road. Greenway bicyclists and pedestrians are strongly encouraged to push the buttons to alert motorists, who should treat the flashing beacons as they would a standard crosswalk. “For everyone’s safety, people really need to pay attention in the work zone,” said Jackson County Special Projects Manager Jenna Stanke. “We’ve had instances where drivers haven’t stopped for Greenway users and users who haven’t bothered stopping at the crossing.”

December 12, 2014