Moving Ahead - Winter 2014

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construction work is the installation of a new water line for the City of Phoenix before roadwork construction can begin. Oregon 99 will also be widened to accommodate turn lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks. Grove Road Wet fall weather hindered the opening of Grove Road and the new North Phoenix Road alignment behind the Home Depot, even though much of the road construction and sidewalks are complete. Opening of those roadways in 2015 will allow more phases to kick in,


including the replacement of the existing northbound on-ramp with a temporary northbound on-ramp near La-Z-Boy Furniture. The closure of the existing North Phoenix Road in front of the Home Depot will follow. That phase will allow Hamilton Construction to essentially bridge the gap and connect the new I-5 bridge. “Once the temporary northbound on-ramp opens, the project focus in the interchange area is completing the new bridge spanning I-5,� said Leaming.

December 12, 2014