Moving Ahead - Winter 2014

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BOASTS GROWING RIDERSHIP Just two months into its three-year demonstration project, the Rogue Valley Commuter Line (RVCL) service is attracting an enthusiastic, growing customer base for the round-trip bus service from Grants Pass to Medford. The weekday service began in September with five trips departing from both Grants Pass and Medford per day. The new service also provides stops in Rogue River and Gold Hill. RVCL riders can make free transfers on Josephine Community Transit and the Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD). According to Scott Chancey, the Josephine Community Transit Program Supervisor, the RVCL nearly reached 2,200 boardings over the first two months of service. “The response from the entire Rogue Valley has been overwhelmingly supportive,” said Chancey. “I appreciate everyone’s help, especially from RVTD, in starting this service and look forward to its continued success.” RVCL averages 51 boardings per day but has already reached a single-day high of 115 passengers. The early figures break down to 500 boardings originating in Grants Pass, 76 in Rogue River, 38 in Gold Hill and 560 in Medford. The 11:05 a.m. run shows the highest ridership, followed by the 3:15 p.m. service. “My goal when we started the service was to average 100 boardings per day, so we’re halfway there,” said Chancey. “I plan to do a big media push for the winter term of Rogue Community College as well as launch other marketing efforts.”


Chancey said an on-board passenger survey is also planned for spring 2015 to obtain better origin/destination statistics and rider demographics. The Middle Rogue Metropolitan Planning Organization funds RVCL with monies passed down from the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program. The CMAQ program provides a flexible funding source to state and local governments for transportation projects and programs to help meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

ROGUE VALLEY COMMUTER LINE The weekday service provides five trips per day in each direction for $2 per boarding; children 6 and under ride free. Only exact fare is accepted as drivers do not carry change. Free transfers can be made to the JCT and RVTD routes with a valid RVCL transfer ticket within one hour of deboarding. For more information, call the JCT office at 541-474-5452, ext. 2. RVCL departs Grants Pass at Anne Basker Auditorium, 500 N.W. Sixth St., for Medford — 6:35 a.m., 7:35 a.m., 11:05 a.m., 3:15 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. RVCL departs Medford at the Rogue Valley Transit Front Street Station, 200 S. Front St., for Grants Pass — 7:45 a.m., 8:45 a.m., 12:15 p.m., 4:25 p.m. and 5:25 p.m. December 12, 2014