Moving Ahead - Winter 2014

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Cave Junction’s TSP update identified several issues of concern to local citizens and businesses, primarily traffic speed and safety, and motorists within the city limits.

conversion would solve a lot of problems.

According to Cave Junction City Recorder Ryan Nolan, the biggest issues the city addressed involved traffic and pedestrian safety.

“Changing this to a three-lane section with a center turn refuge will lower the crash rate,” said ODOT Traffic Engineer Dan Dorrell. “It will also make downtown Cave Junction more livable, and safer for cyclists and pedestrians.”

“Our biggest traffic complaint is speeding through town,” said Nolan. “We are appreciative of the ways ODOT has worked with us to help slow traffic down.”

The city is leading the discussion with the public. City staff hosted open houses and shared the design concepts at public art walks and city council meetings.

ODOT worked with Cave Junction to identify potential improvements that would address local traffic concerns. After examining traffic patterns, volumes and collisions, Cave Junction and ODOT determined that a lane

“The lane conversion design is a win for all,” said McDonald. “Businesses will have improved access and drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians will all reap the travel and safety benefits.”

December 12, 2014