Moving Ahead Fall/Winter 2019

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JCT Electric Buses

ELECTRIFIES ITS FLEET After years of research, Josephine County placed an order with Compete Coach Works for the purchase of two 35 foot, 100% electric-powered transit vehicles. Last month, approximately 8 months later, those two vehicles arrived and are now being prepped for regular transit service.

by Scott Chancey, Manager, Josephine Community Transit

incorporate electric vehicles into service is pretty bold for a transit system the size of JCT. With that said, it seemed like a natural transition since JCT was moving to more traditional heavy duty transit vehicles already. With a useful life of 12 years the vehicles purchased today are going to be in service for a long time. Both vehicles will be used to replace JCT buses that are well beyond their useful life.

This has been a long journey, much longer than anticipated. The move to

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Larry Nicholson, Agent 1380 Biddle Rd, Ste B Medford, OR 97504 Bus: 541-772-3233 MF-00108593

November 15, 2019