Moving Ahead Fall/Winter 2019

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What's the Deal with Real ID?

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By the time the Oregon Legislature allowed an Oregon Real ID license, DMV was in the midst of a giant computer system replacement — a project that couldn't be stopped to work on Real ID. The vehicle part of that upgrade debuted in January 2019. The driver part launches in July of 2020. A Real ID option will be part of that launch. Oregon DMV will begin offering Real ID licenses on July 6, 2020. But do the math: we figure about a million Oregonians will want a Real ID license and there are only 64 workdays between July 6, and Oct. 1, 2020. DMV would have to issue nearly 2,000 licenses an hour to meet the demand. That's not going to happen (no matter how hard we work)! What happens if you don't have a Real ID form of ID? TSA has something called: "Identification Verification Call Center." Basically, you'll have to prove your identity to an agent while at the airport. It takes time, and there are only so many agents on the line at one time. Don't go there. It's not a good option.


November 15, 2019

There is some good news here. A driver license isn't the only form of accepted ID out there. A valid U.S. passport or passport card works just fine, as well as many military IDs. TSA has a complete list: security-screening/identification. That's our best suggestion — get a passport or passport card. A passport card is cheaper than a passport book ($30 vs. $145 if you already have a passport) and takes four to six weeks (and can be expedited for a fee). If you are applying for a new passport book or card, the documentation requirements are nearly the same as for a Real ID license: • Evidence of U.S. Citizenship • Proof of identity •P hotocopy of your identification document • A recent passport photo There are over 75 passport acceptance facilities in Oregon — mostly post offices, county clerks, and universities. They are all aware of the Oregon dilemma and are prepared to serve you. But don't wait. October 2020 will be here before you know it.