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Nutrition experts cite salmon’s supremacy


says. Memory improves with doses of omega-3, which also almon’s reputation as the “king” treats symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder references more than a fish and a variety of skin conditions, she adds. While a few other fish — namely sardines species. The prized staple of and mackerel — come close to salmon’s traditional Pacific Northwest nutritional profile, those species’ Beware of salmon strong flavors make them less diets reigns supreme in the popular, says Carlson. Any fish, realm of nutrition. poisoning in dogs however, is least “fishy” when

processed properly — flashA parasite common in Pacific Northwest fish, including trout Packed with B vitamins, frozen is best — and cooked salmon has minerals — and steelhead, make raw salmon dangerous for dogs. until just done. “Salmon’s including magnesium, Common in Southern Oregon, salmon poisoning disease really easy,” she says. “You selenium and iodine — in arises when dogs consume salmon flesh containing flukes that just don’t want to overcook addition to the omega-3 embed in the canine intestinal tract. Water-loving dogs that it.” fatty acids that set it apart accompany people to rivers are most likely to contract it from Favoring the milder flavor from so many other types discarded salmon carcasses or fish who died after spawning, of farm-raised salmon, says of fish. “It supports bone says Dr. Diane Wittenberg, a Grants Pass veterinarian. Carlson, is a misguided health in women,” says Dr. The parasites spread throughout the bloodstream to other choice. Deficient in the Angela Carlson of Bear Creek organs and tissues. The infection causes fever, vomiting, nutrients of wild fish, farmNaturopathic Clinic in Medford. diarrhea, weight loss and seizures. Unless treated, raised counterparts contain “It can also help with brain 16 times the pesticide residue, 50 to 90 percent of infected dogs development in children.” says Carlson. “We have food that’s Essential to human health but die within seven to 10 days. being marketed as a health food but derived only from specific foods, it’s not.” omega-3s have many benefits, says The flesh of farm-raised fish is often Carlson. They reduce systemic inflammation adulterated with red dye, says Carlson. Farm-raised and the risk of high blood pressure and stroke, she


Oregon Healthy Living • September 4, 2017

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8/23/2017 3:44:30 PM

Oregon Healthy Living  

September 2017 - workplace ergonomics

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