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FERN VALLEY continued from page 13 private contractors to develop construction methods best suited for the challenges ahead of this project, such as the close proximity of the new bridge ramps to the existing ramps. Natural Colors Aesthetic features inspired by the natural colors surrounding Phoenix, the hills and grasses, are incorporated in the Fern Valley Interchange project. The use of concrete form liners and different stains and paints presented opportunities to design a bridge with a local look instead of the drab concrete structures commonly built when I-5 was first constructed. The project team filtered through several designs with the help of Medford landscape architect John Galbraith, before selecting aesthetics for the Fern Valley Road bridges that span I-5 and Bear Creek at Exit 24.

Work Zone Safety People benefit from many safety features in the Fern Valley Interchange project’s work zone, including TripCheck traffic cameras, the Rogue Valley’s Incident Response vehicle, transverse rumble strips and a reduced speed limit to 50 mph. The Oregon State Police patrols the work zone. Traffic fines double in work zones, even when there are no workers present. TripCheck cameras were installed to help keep an eye on traffic in the work zone. “Adding TripCheck cameras to the project provides drivers with timely information to avoid congestion during construction,” said Leaming. ODOT maintains a temporary construction office within The Shoppes at Exit 24 to serve as a base of operations for the project inspectors. The public is welcome to stop by the office for more information.

June 17, 2016