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contests and maybe even cash prizes. The journal side of things has grown a lot over the years and continues to be very popular with readers, so as long as we can manage it, we'll keep getting those Southern voices out there. 5) I want this question to be one that you make up. Some cause that you think is important or artists not getting enough attention. You can add as many as you like. I want this to be "our" piece. I'd like to talk about the state of Southern literature and where the genre seems to be going. I recently attended a "Southern Fiction Today" panel moderated by M.O. Walsh during the Mississippi Book Festival. The panel discussed whether the genre can actually be defined, how it's different from Northern or Midwestern lit and why that Southern voice is so strong for writers who are from here. I think it's important to note the importance of championing the young and modern writers who are are continuing the tradition and taking Southern lit to new levels. Southern writers grow up with storytelling and dialect and characters all around them, and if they can figure out a way to make that work on the page, then it becomes our pleasure to read the result.

122 | T h e B l u e M o u n t a i n R e v i e w ( A n n i v e r s a r y I s s u e )

The Blue Mountain Review (Anniversary Issue)  

Featuring prose, poetry, and photography; as well as interviews from Robert Pinsky, Tennessee Werewolves, Isabella Gautier, and Regina Vallu...

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