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of bad policy, not bad people. - Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist

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Your kindness went a long way. In fact, much more than we can say.

Community support throughout the COVID-19 crisis came in many forms—and flavors. From individual neighbors to national corporations, familiar faces to simply “anonymous,” MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital received hundreds of calls that began with a simple question: “How can we help?” Together, our Southern Maryland community provided more than 60 straight days of meals, snacks, and refreshments for our healthcare workers in 105 unique deliveries. Small business owners and families alike shared thousands of gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment. Innovative ideas like 3D printing helped us work through present challenges. From positivity drawn on our sidewalks to coffee brewed in dark hours, your support boosted our spirits and helped keep us going in trying times.

Thank you for being there for us. We continue to be here for you! Visit to learn more about our response efforts and ways to help.

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UM Charles Regional Medical Group — Breast Health Monday - Friday | 8am - 4:30pm 5 North La Plata Court La Plata, MD 20646 | 301-609-4964

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Southern Maryland Woman College of Southern Editorial Assistant Graphic Design Rachel |Lytle Dave Schindler Maryland (CSM) President Dana Foody Dr. Murphy believes Writer community colleges are Crystal Brandt Photography social justice through Irving Harris, Irving Harris Photography education. We sat down with Graphic Design Dave Schindler her as she reflects on the Dana Foody mission of CSM, responding SOUTHERN MARYLAND WOMAN, LLC to changing needs of a P.O. Box 1656Photography • Leonardtown, MD 20650 diverse population, and the (301) 904-3366 Fax: (301) 475-2680 Beth Graeme,• important role community Sales & Marketing colleges have always played Megan Vereb, in closing social equity gaps. The Woman’s Journal newspaper is published bimonthly and is available free of charge, by subscription, display stands in approved priTurn to page 15. vate and public establishments and authorized distributors only. Trademark laws and U.S. copyright laws protect The Women’s Journal. Distribution


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Southern Maryland Roller Derby Girls Pictured (L-R) Jacki Taylor - Beelzebruise, Tammy DePhillip - Buffy Shovers, Christina Simpson - Princess Sleia, Rachel Harris - Rach Against the Machine, and Letitia Clem-McClanahan - Rhapsody N. Bruise. Page 18

advice “Live in the moment and don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Just learn from it and keep it pushing!”

“Get involved and have fun. Studying and schoolwork are important but not as important as professional growth and a support network. Do not room with your friends, meet new people and have new experiences. Never leave your clothes in a washer after the cycle is over. Be there to take them out a minute before the cycle ends. Not doing this is rude and people WILL pull your clothes out and set them somewhere.”

– Dr. Laryssa Creswell, Dunkirk office We know how difficult this time is right now, especially if you’re a senior graduating from high school OR college. You feel left out and left behind, and maybe you feel angry that you’re missing out. You have every right to feel all of your feelings! To honor you and your accomplishment, we at Empowered Connections thought we’d put together a group of advice that we wish someone had told us at your age. We hope these bolster you and remind you that this too will pass, and your next great adventure is waiting. Happy Graduation!

– Jess Thompson, LMSW, Leonardtown office “Nothing in life is final. Friends will come and go; the right friends will stick around. You must kiss a few frogs before you meet the right person for you. If something or someone stops making you feel happy; make a change. Change your mind, make mistakes, take a semester off if you need to, quit that job you hate, travel the world… Do what makes you feel happy. Emphasis on you because you are the only person who can make you happy today and every day.”

“Don’t worry about anything you can’t control. Focus on one day at a time. If you make a mistake, learn from it, but don’t dwell on it.” – Erika Keller, LGPC, Dunkirk office “My advice to you is to be brave. Now is the time in your life to truly enjoy your freedom, embrace your creativity and try something new. Don’t be afraid of failure because with failure comes growth and resilience. Life is about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the ride.”

– Jess, MSW student, Administrative Goddess

Advice Advice to to Seniors Seniors

– Alexes Boutin, LMSW, Leonardtown office “It sounds cliché, but it is so true… Be who you want to be and follow your own path. Find worth within yourself without any external validation. Don’t cave to the pressure of societal and family expectations. Know who you are and own it without apology!”


– Liz Holdsworth, LCSW-C, Leonardtown office “Keep your head held high always. There will be times that challenge you, but when you can find the confidence and strength within yourself to persevere, your rewards will mean so much more! Best of luck in the next chapter in your book of life.” – Jennifer Guy, LMSW, Leonardtown office “Therapist Advice: Now is the time for you to be in control! No more teachers, classmates, or IG to tell you who to be. So, take this opportunity to say Yes or No to what fits best with who you are. Alex’s advice: Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean the fun stops... or naps. Keep doing both.” – Alex Rigby, LCSW-C, Leonardtown office

“Keep your eyes on the prize! Expect bumps and detours, but always remember what you’re working towards and keep moving step by step. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you arrive there!” – Deborah Duley, LMSW, Owner of Empowered Connections

Schedule a session by calling 301-690-0779 or emailing us at 25482 Point Lookout Road | Suite 201A | Leonardtown, MD • 2972 Penwick Lane | Suite 101 | Dunkirk, MD

Jul y/Augus t 2020 |


health&wellness By Karl Smith, DDS, MS

To Wine or Not to Wine When It Comes to Your Teeth and Gums? Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of chardonnay, merlot or cabernet, and settle in to see how drinking wine can relate to our dental health and wellness. Let’s check out the good stuff. We all know that red wine offers a host of potential health benefits. Healthy brain function, preventing heart disease, and combating inflammation are just a few. Recently, a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that exposure to compounds found in red wine can also help prevent bacteria from sticking to your gums. The compounds the researchers studied are called polyphenols and they can also be found in things like

coffee, cranberry juice and other kinds of berries. Polyphenols act as antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals that would otherwise damage your cells and increase your risk of conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Another study has shown that drinking wine might help prevent periodontal disease and tooth loss. Wine with added grapeseed extract was effective in fighting three out of five oral disease causing bacterial strains. What about the not so good stuff? Your teeth are made of enamel, which is the hardest tissue in the human body. Even though enamel is hard, it is also very susceptible to erosion from acids.



Ju l y / A u g u s t 2 0 2 0 |

Acids are a primary component in wine, meaning excessive wine drinking can cause tooth erosion leading to tooth decay. Staining is a secondary, but also unfriendly, aspect that comes from drinking wine. Red wine bears most of the blame for this because red wine contains a higher level of chromogens. Chromogens are also found in coffee, tea, and berries. They produce a pigment that binds to the teeth and can lead to dullness or discoloration of teeth with long-term exposure. While white wine doesn’t contain as much pigment as red wine, it has a much higher acidity level that can break down the enamel faster and leave your teeth even more vulnerable to staining. This is why your teeth might seem especially stained when you drink one glass of white wine followed by a glass of red wine. You’ve essentially primed your teeth for staining by drinking the acidic white wine first and followed it by coating them with red pigment. Wine’s impact on teeth might sound a little off-putting at first, but wine lovers can unite and continue to celebrate at wine-tastings all around town. No need to worry about your dentists telling you to stop drinking wine altogether. Use good oral hygiene habits, brush and floss twice daily, rinse with water

after eating or drinking highly acidic food and drink, eat a wellbalanced diet, and see a dentist or periodontist regularly. As long as you follow the dentist’s orders, the benefits of drinking both red and white wine far outweigh the potential dental concerns. For more information on this and for answers to other tooth and gum related questions, schedule an appointment with a periodontist today. Cheers!

Dr. Karl Smith has been in dental practice for more than 34 years. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1981 and immediately entered General Practice in the US Air Force Dental Corps. He successfully completed three years of advanced education in the specialty of Periodontics with additional training in IV Sedation and Dental Implants in 1992, at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio and Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He won the John Pritchard Prize for outstanding research which included looking for a vaccine against bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Year after year, Dr. Smith has been consistently voted Top Dentist by Washingtonian Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine, and Virginia Living.



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Expert cancer care close to what matters most. Introducing MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center MedStar Georgetown Cancer Institute at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center brings unmatched medical expertise, the latest therapies, and research to the region – providing the best possible care close to where our patients live and work. Our cancer specialists offer tomorrow’s treatment options today and work collaboratively to develop individualized care plans for each patient.

Meet our Nationally-Recognized Cancer Team Our experts include a diverse group of nationally and internationally renowned specialists for many forms of cancers, including but not limited to brain, breast, gastrointestinal, head and neck, lung, and prostate.

We work tirelessly to prevent, detect, treat, and cure cancer. Our Institute provides access to a wealth of groundbreaking treatment options all under the same roof that are designed to improve patient outcomes and more importantly, offer hope. From immunotherapy, to precision medicine and targeted therapies, our specialists use the latest advancements in cancer care, including: •

A multidisciplinary team approach – physicians from imaging, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgery working together in one location to develop a unique care plan Clinical trials – Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in the Washington

To make an appointment, or refer a patient, please call 301-877-HOPE (4673)

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health&wellness By Kyle Webber

Develop a Strong Spirit with Taekwondo Pull this car over, 2020, and let me out… I’ll walk from here. What a wild year this has been. Most of us hope that better days are very close at hand, but if there’s anything certain, it’s that nothing is certain. In the meantime, we must soldier on like our grandparents and great-grandparents did in the Great Depression, or during World War II when the world must have seemed very bleak indeed. With the lockdowns we have endured, keeping physically fit and mentally healthy has been a challenge. Fortunately, we are once again (in limited capacity) able to

return to healthful routines and exercise. At Black Belt Academy, we are taking all the necessary precautions to provide a safe environment to practice the art of Taekwondo. This creates new challenges, but humans are incredibly adaptable creatures and every day we will find new ways to achieve our goals. The most important goal is to stay healthy and for that, exercise is an especially important component. Physically strong bodies have healthier immune systems for fighting disease, and can recover faster, sometimes avoiding illness altogether.

Climb to New Heights Sign up now for classes at BLACK BELT ACADEMY of Prince Frederick


Before/After School Summer Camp Birthday Parties Kickboxing Self-Defense and more...

Black Belt Academy of Prince Frederick 285 Merrimac Court Prince Frederick, MD


Exercise also improves mental health. According to medical experts, when you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body. Exercise stimulates the body’s production of many other neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. These natural brain chemicals play an important part in regulating your mood. Now is an excellent time to begin working on improving your health by starting a regular exercise program. Even if it’s just walking every day for 20-30 minutes, the difference will be felt quickly. At Black Belt Academy of Prince Frederick, we offer classes for all ages from beginner to Black Belt levels. Martial Arts emphasizes not just physical strength, but mental strength as well. One of the precepts of Taekwondo is “Strong Spirit,” which is something we can all use right now. Here are three benefits to Taekwondo training: Physical Health – Martial arts training is especially effective in improving cardiovascular health, physical strength, weight loss, agility, and flexibility. Taekwondo training builds on each previous level to increase ability and skill at a pace that is tailored to the individual. Learning each skill improves physical abilities in a goal oriented and engaging program. Mental Health – Focus, mindfulness, goal orientation, and patience are also benefits derived from martial arts training. Students are taught to incorporate

meditation in their training. Patience is learned by dedication to training and the understanding that improvement takes time. Self-Esteem – Confidence in one’s abilities, respect for others, and the ability to anticipate and mitigate situations all lead to improved self-esteem. Working with others in class, martial arts students learn to interact in a respectful manner. They also learn situational awareness and how to respond to threats. These skills build confidence and self-esteem. Whatever physical activity you choose, the most important thing is to find something that suits you, your needs, and your abilities, then get started! You will feel better and be healthier for it. To learn more about Taekwondo, please call or stop by our studio at 285 Merrimac Court in Prince Frederick, MD. Our phone number is 410-414-7530. You can also check out our website:

Master Kyle Webber began martial arts training under Master Kyu Shim in 1999 after a bullying experience in middle school. He developed an affinity for the Olympic sport of Taekwondo and achieved his first-degree black belt within three years. By 2005, Kyle had progressed to owning Black Belt Academy of Prince Frederick and achieved the rank of Master Instructor (4th degree Black Belt) in 2010. Kyle graduated from Great Mills High School in 2004 and obtained a degree in General Studies from CSM. He now lives happily in Lusby with his wife and 5 children.

Jul y/Augus t 2020 |



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Georgette B. Gaskin Silver Leader

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Women to Women (W2W) ~ Virtual ~ Men are Invited to Attend


W2W Express-O ~ Virtual ~

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410-535-2577 I I


paion profile RECEIVE OFF






Antoinette’s Garden (AG) co-owners Rochelle Jackson and Jon Boss are natives of Leonardtown in St. Mary’s County. As entrepreneurs and family friends, both frequented downtown Leonardtown where they saw the need and potential for a place that locals can come to relax. Nicknamed “The Garden,” AG’s goal is to take you on a journey unlike anything in the Square, one sip at a time. Shall we? HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE ANTOINETTE’S GARDEN? The atmosphere is both laid back and inviting with French, modern décor akin to classic luxury. The café bar has a chill vibe that is mysterious and welcoming to everyone, which was the goal. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO OPEN DURING COVID-19? We felt there was real opportunity to step out of the box. With so much chaos and uncertainty, we wanted to bring a little hope and a few smiles is such a desperate time.

GIVE US A BREAK DOWN OF YOUR OFFERINGS: WINE, COCKTAILS, AND COFFEE The menu has a wide selection of wines and continues to grow. We want to support local wineries and distilleries as much as possible. We have a series of wine-based drinks, including our red and white Sangria Margaritas – a refreshing twist on the classic drink. Another favorite is our “Wine and Shine,” a cocktail that includes shots of Southern Trail, a distillery located in Mechanicsville. We will also have slow pour-over coffee and some other fun options like multi-flavored mimosas and espresso martinis.

Antoinette comes from my middle name and the garden name comes from the memory of growing up in St. Marys County and working with my grandmother and grandfather in their garden. The garden was a place of peace for family and friends. That’s the environment we want to promote here at The Garden.

“The café bar has a chill vibe that is mysterious and welcoming to everyone, which was the goal.” VISIT TODAY! FACEBOOK.COM/ANTOINETTESGARDEN @ANTOINETTES_GARDEN ADDRESS: 22694 Washington Street Leonardtown, MD 20650

on o S g n i m o C


• Wine club with private happy hours and socials • Wine and food pairings (lite fare) • Wine flights • Coffee club • Lattes HOSTING & EVENTS AG is looking forward to collaborating with local businesses to host events or offer rentals. RESERVE SPACE TO ENJOY: • Informational seminars • Book clubs • Social meetups • Live jazz music

PHONE: 301-690-2500

In each issue Southern Maryland Woman recognizes local women doing exceptional work in the community. She may be a leader who is paving the way and inspiring confidence in the future, or a businesswoman taking a leap of faith and launching her entrepreneurial dream. To nominate a champion to be featured in an upcoming issue e-mail: Jul y/Augus t 2020 |


            

for more up-to-date info!

Your home away from home

Escape the stresses of everyday life, connect with family and friends & create lasting memories.




Summer Pool & Tennis Memberships Still Available! For inquiries, please call 301-475-3068

Call us today at 301-475-2300 to learn more about our golf memberships, leagues & tournaments.


Open to members and non-members for both eat-in and take-out dining every day.

Offering light fare dining facilities overlooking picturesque Breton Bay.

21935 Society Hill Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650 •

    

  



Our mission can never be achieved when some members of society are discriminated against and unsafe in their daily lives. To reach out, learn more, become involved and hold us accountable to building a healthy, sustainable, just and equitable world for everyone, please visit:

To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

The College of Southern Maryland



I believe that community colleges are social justice through education. That’s what CSM is.

ollege of Southern Maryland President Dr. Maureen Murphy reflects on the American experience during a global pandemic and the important role community colleges have always played in closing social equity gaps.

” Jul y/Augus t 2020 |


Dr. Murphy, you earned a Ph.D. in American Studies. Why? I am fascinated with the ever-changing American experience. [This country was] founded using a pseudoGreek framework and many wonderful enlightenment ideas appropriated from the existing Native American cultures. It is a grand experiment that we keep trying, trying, trying, to see if it works. Until fairly recently, I was optimistic about our great American experiment. I’m not sure what I think today. But I am optimistic that human beings will figure things out.

“The most important work happens between the professors and the learners. That is the most critical work; that’s where it all happens.” international nonprofit, nonpartisan forum for values-based leadership and the exchange of ideas). They develop their rankings using outcomes of nationally recorded data in four ways: in learning, transfer, alignment to the labor market, and equity. And I’m most proud of the work that we have done in the equity arena.


What is the mission of CSM?

You founded the Minority Male Conference during your presidential tenure at Brookdale Community College. Tell us more about that and equivalent work you’re doing at CSM.

I believe that community colleges are social justice through education. That’s what CSM is. We were initially founded in 1968 to give access to higher education to people who did not have it, to meet people where they are and take them where they need to be. We serve the underserved. Our student populations tend to have a higher degree of diversity and lower socioeconomic status than those in traditional four-year institutions. So, to that end, I think that we have a very, very powerful mission. Right now, I can’t think of anything more powerful. The College of Southern Maryland has been recognized twice as one of the Aspen Institute’s top 150 colleges in the United States (the Aspen Institute is an

When you see a need that is screaming to be met, you just do it. Our outcomes with minority male students were terrible. Absolutely terrible. So, we needed to do something, and that conference satisfied the need. It also spurred a lot of other activity, and it’s still doing very, very well. At CSM, we have a mentoring program called Men of Excellence. It’s very labor-intensive, very comprehensive, and has had extraordinary success. I’m very proud of that. And we’ve recently had a request from our female minority students who said, ‘What do you have for us?’ We are working on it and going to launch a new program in the fall because we need to. It’s important. When you look at it just from the perspective of student learning outcomes, minority women tend to do pretty well. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t need support.

Ju l y / A u g u s t 2 0 2 0 |

What’s another way that CSM responds to the changing needs of a diverse student population? We realigned a couple of years ago, and one of the things we did was rename our student services division to Student Equity and Success. Words matter. That group hosts weekly Talon Talks sessions to address student interest topics and features guests from various departments. At a recent Zoom Talon Talk, we discussed how racial injustice affects us all. It was open to students and employees, and we had over two hundred people attend. It was pretty powerful. It showed we need to continue these conversations. It’s really, really important. We have a lot of work to do, and we’re there to do it. We absolutely need to be there.

What does it mean for you to be a good leader? I started as a faculty member. I thought I was going to retire teaching English. I absolutely loved it! I picked up a class as an adjunct and fell in love with the mission and the students. I’d been teaching for about 10 years, and I was offered an interim appointment as a dean. I took it out of curiosity and felt that I was pretty good at administration, bringing lots of different pieces together to advance that mission. So that’s really what my interest is: it’s about the work. We’re all engaged in the work in different ways, and we touch it in different ways. Honestly, I think we can unequivocally say that the most important work happens between the professors and the learners. That is the most critical work; that’s where it all happens. But for that to happen, and for it to happen in a meaningful and successful manner, a whole lot of systems need to be managed. I’m good at pulling those things together behind the scenes to allow the people who need to do that work the freedom to do it unencumbered. I also found that I’m an excellent financial manager. I’m good at dealing with shrinking budgets and prioritizing the mission. Particularly at public institutions, you have to know your funders well. I get to know the Southern Maryland Delegation and have relationships with all of them. Blessedly, they’re terrific people. Our delegates and senators are supporters of the College, and we’re grateful for that. But I have to be responsive, and I’ve got three sets of commissioners to engage and help them to understand how we’re benefiting each county.

part-time from necessity. Keeping them engaged and making sure that they are moving through their programs in a way that helps them achieve what they want to achieve is essential. To that end, we have to be focused precisely on our career paths and our curriculum paths to make sure that they align. Eighty percent of our graduates stay in Southern Maryland. Our graduates stay here, they live here, they work here. As we’ve been going through this pandemic, all of the first responders come through us.

Besides the mission, what else inspires you? Something I am really missing now in quarantine is interacting with students. They inspire me. I am always astounded when I get to know them and learn about their lives, their complexities, and how they find a way to achieve their goals with grace. Can you imagine being in your last semester, before graduation, and then COVID-19 hits? It takes resilience to a whole new level. We’ve got students whose hours have been cut at work or who have lost their job altogether, or whose kids were in school but now they’re not. Those folks are amazing. So incredibly amazing. It’s humbling.

Do you have a message for the Southern Maryland community? This world needs every single person. We need every person to grow and develop and to participate meaningfully in our culture right now. We need everybody. And that’s why I’m glad CSM is here. For many of our students, we are the option. They’re bound by geography. They’re bound by circumstances, and we’re here for them. If we want to move forward in this country, we need every single person.

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At the College of Southern Maryland, students can choose from more than 100 quality academic programs including associate degrees, certificates, and letters of recognition. Continuing education students can also choose from an array of quality programs designed to help them meet their professional and personal learning goals. Apply at today.

Students who attend community college have a distinct sense of urgency. Can you speak to that?

First of all, our students are there to make their lives better, period – end of story. We have very few students who are there for any other reason. There is an economic impact that they’re expecting to have at the end of this education. All of our students work. Sixty-five percent of them are

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Celebrate Your Love Locally

Save Save the the date date for for next next year’s year’s Calvert Calvert Bridal Bridal Expo Expo

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Photograph by Jax Photography Photograph by Jax Photography

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6/22/20 10:40 AM 6/22/20 10:40 AM

Ask about our Professional Headshot Experience Package!

The RIGHT Exposure Means EVERYTHING Studio & Onsite


Professional Headshots


Real Estate/Commercial


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Beth Graeme Photography Beth Graeme, CPP, Owner

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Office 301-475-0303 Mobile 240-504-5091

financial By Carlisa Kent, Financial Coach

How to Find Financial Peace Were your finances able to sustain this financial pandemic? If COVID-19 brought more surprises than desired to your bank account, let me help guide you on your journey to finding financial peace in the future. It starts with three main priorities:

Budgeting During these uncertain times, did your financial situation fail you? Did a loss of hours or unemployment equate to loss of traction in your goals for 2020? It is going to rain, so you need a rainyday fund. A simple $1,000 starter emergency fund can change an emergency into an inconvenience. While it will not get you through the big emergency, it will help you

deal with the little emergencies without having to create more financial burdens. Money Magazine says that 78% of individuals will experience a major negative event in any given 10-year period. A liquid emergency fund, meaning the money is easily accessible, is the first step to combat these circumstances.

Conquer Your Debt Are your debts building up? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to make minimal payments? Conquering debt little by little is your next step. You can accomplish this with the debt snowball system, a method of paying off liabilities from the smallest to the largest. Each payoff

Contact Me Today to Change Your Tomorrow Carlisa Kent | 240-528-1743 Zoom Appointments Available

is a huge accomplishment and will give you more motivation to conquer the next. For many Americans, the financial future is uncertain. According to a 2018 survey by NerdWallet, Americans carry an average of $267,596 in consumer debt between auto loans, credit cards, student loans, personal loans, and mortgages. At the end of the day, your overall goal should be to achieve financial freedom from consumer debt.


• Create a starter emergency fund • Pay off all debt • Save 3-6 months of household expenses • Invest 15% of your household income • Begin a college fund for kids CARLISA KENT Financial Coach • Pay off your home early


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Were you prepared for the uncertainty of income brought about by the novel coronavirus? With the kids home from school, did your grocery bill increase? A full emergency fund should consist of three to six months of household expenses in a savings account. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Truthfully, it does not matter if you make $30,000 or $1.5 million per year, to get ahead you must commit to spending less and saving more –

and we all can do that with the right help.

Financial Coach Carlisa Kent helps individuals and businesses conquer their finances in a smart and sustainable way. A graduate of Trinity College, Washington D.C., and a mother of four, Carlisa successfully lived through her own financial crisis and now wants to help others do the same. After a devastating car accident in 2008, Carlisa was able to keep her family financially secure while going through litigations and financial stress. Due to self-discipline and education, Carlisa never missed a bill and was able to continue a happy life although her family had no income for two years. Looking back on it, Carlisa knows she was successful because she stopped and evaluated her future before the crisis hit – and you can, too.

financial By Stephanie Taubert Dali, Marketing Communications Specialist, Cedar Point Federal Credit Union

Is Now the Time to Refinance? Have you heard of refinancing, but don’t fully understand the benefits? Read on to learn about the process and decide if refinancing is right for you.

also help them pay off debt faster or slower. There are many other reasons to refinance, but that decision should depend on your unique financial situation.

What is Refinancing?


Regardless of how long you’ve owned your home or vehicle, refinancing is a big financial decision and should involve careful consideration. It’s essential to understand your personal goals, financial well-being, and the process of refinancing. Let’s start with the basics. Refinancing allows a borrower to replace a current loan with one that has more favorable

Homeowners refinance their mortgages all the time. Some refinance to take advantage of lower interest rates. In this case, refinancing could help the homeowner to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over the life of their mortgage. Others refinance to decrease or increase the duration of their mortgage. For example, changing a 15-year loan to a 30-year loan would give a homeowner more time to pay off their mortgage and would likely result in a lower monthly payment amount. In contrast, changing a 30year loan to a 15-year loan would raise their monthly payment, but allow them to pay off the balance much faster. Other homeowners will use a cash-out refinance. A cash-out refinance replaces your existing mortgage with a new home loan for more than you owe on the house. The difference is returned to the borrower in cash to spend on home improvements, large purchases, or other financial situations. It’s important to note that if you refinance your mortgage, you would be required to pay closing costs. Keep this in mind when choosing which lender to use. Some lenders, like Cedar Point Federal Credit Union, offer very low closing costs.

terms. During this process, the borrower takes out a new loan to pay off existing debt, and the terms of the old loan get replaced with updated terms. Borrowers refinance for all sorts of reasons. It might help them save money with lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. It could

Whether it’s your car or home, now is a great time to refinance!

Cedar Point consistently offers some of the lowest interest rates in Southern Maryland. NMLS #405423 • Federally Insured by NCUA We do Business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. | | 301-863-7071

Auto Loans There are numerous reasons to refinance an auto loan as well. If a vehicle owner settled for a higher interest rate due to a low credit score, she might be offered a better rate after working towards

better credit. Perhaps the owner’s financial well-being has changed, so she needs a different monthly payment, whether it be lower or higher. Even better, maybe interest rates have dropped, and she wants to take advantage of a lower rate. Many people don’t realize that interest rates change over time. Hypothetically, let’s say a vehicle owner got an auto loan with a 7% interest rate. However, a few years later, the average rates have dropped significantly to as low as 4% APR (Annual Percentage Rate). Refinancing would allow her to take advantage of this lower rate. This seemingly small change could end up saving her hundreds of dollars over the life of the loan. Now that you have a better understanding of refinancing, carefully consider whether refinancing your loan is right for you. Determine what your goals are and how refinancing could help you reach them. Consider making a list of pros and cons. Explore your options at a local financial institution like Cedar Point Federal Credit Union. It’s a good idea to speak with a financial professional or even a trusted friend. Maintaining your financial well-being is essential, so make sure you take the appropriate steps to set yourself up for success.

Stephanie Taubert Dali is the Marketing Communications Specialist at Cedar Point Federal Credit Union. She has lived in Southern Maryland for most of her life, currently residing in St. Mary’s County. Stephanie is an active member of the Newtowne Players, a nonprofit theatre group in Lexington Park.

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paion profile Cute, flat, ankle wrap sandal with jute wrapped sole.



Maria Feaster is a retired registered nurse and graduate of Armstrong State College, Medical University of South Carolina, and Duke University. She also attended Entrepreneur Bootcamp at Florida State University.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PASSION FOR SHOES AND BUSINESS? I LOVE shoes! A beautiful pair of shoes can change your whole outfit and outlook on your day. Opening an independent shoe store has been quite rewarding and challenging. It has introduced me to a community of business owners and some wonderful women locally. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO OPEN COBBLER’S CREATION? I wanted to shop locally, and I wanted great customer service. I hated shopping for shoes in a warehouse-type environment. I saw the need for a women’s shoe store with quality shoes that were well made and comfortable. ON BEING A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER WHAT HAS THIS EXPERIENCE BEEN

LIKE? WHAT HAVE BEEN STRUGGLES AND SUCCESSES? The experience has been exhilarating and exhausting. It has been a struggle to build the business and increase sales. The successes have been my customers and the feedback I get from them. ON LESSONS LEARNED: ADVICE TO OTHER WOMEN DREAMING OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP? Develop your business plan and have someone critique it and your budget. Whatever amount you budget for most things, especially marketing, triple it! ON WHAT’S NEXT TALK ABOUT BUSINESS DURING THE CURRENT SITUATION AND ANY UPDATES ON YOUR BUSINESS. Business during the pandemic has been very hard. People are not going out and about or into the office, so they don’t need any new shoes. I do have house slippers and flip-flops, but business has decreased dramatically. I have adjusted my business model to offer online shoe shopping via the store’s website!

WHERE TO FIND COBBLER’S CREATION WEBSITE: COBBLERSCREATIONS.COM FACEBOOK.COM/COBBLERSCREATIONS @COBBLERSCREATIONSSHOES ADDRESS: 25 Dalrymple Road, Unit 106 Sunderland (Calvert County), MD 20689 HOURS: Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment only PHONE: 443-964-5057

In each issue Southern Maryland Woman recognizes local women doing exceptional work in the community. She may be a leader who is paving the way and inspiring confidence in the future, or a businesswoman taking a leap of faith and launching her entrepreneurial dream. To nominate a champion to be featured in an upcoming issue e-mail:


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travel By Wendy Guth

Traveling in the New Normal Question: What does a travel advisor do when the world cannot travel? Answer: Well, dream about traveling, of course! And, look forward to the world fully reopening to travel experiences and transformations. But also, come to the realization that what we have become used to – with hotels, airlines, and cruise ships – will not be the same for some time. So, what do I see travel looking like for the foreseeable future? Let’s jump right in.


Focus on local and regional travel Cabin fever has set in! Time to focus on trips that are within easy reach. For me, this means day trips in Maryland, weekend getaways

to Washington, D.C., or road trips to the Shenandoah Mountains. Now is the time to be able to hop in your car, on short notice, and head off in whatever direction you choose. If you are like me, you want to get out and explore, but may not be ready to board a plane. And that’s OK.


Traveling under your own power Rebel on the Go Travel focuses on creating the life you want. Travel is an amazing catalyst for change. Why? Because it allows you to step out of your day-to-day routine and have experiences at your own pace and using your own body. Why is this important? There is a power to forward motion, especially that which you control. That power gives motivation and incentive to make changes and create transformation. Hiking, biking, walking, kayaking, skiing,

and snorkeling are all examples of traveling under your own power.


Traveling in social bubbles Two families traveling together. Four couples traveling together. Ten friends on a weekend getaway. Traveling with others provides the opportunity for interaction, connection, and fun. Now is the time to create your own social bubbles of up to 12 people with whom you want to socialize. Social bubbles are private and allow for safe interaction both at home and while traveling.

Throughout the pandemic lockdown, we have seen how destinations previously suffering from over tourism have rebound the past few months; pollution is down, animals have returned. It is a beautiful time to visit destinations in their true state. And especially destinations that are committed to keeping tourism at a reasonable level.

For more information on local, regional, or international travel, visit


Look for strong health and safety standards Are masks required? Is there physical distancing? Is attendance limited? These are questions to ask and things to think about when booking your travel. If going on a road trip in your own car, bring a portable toilet. Try carrying a bucket with cleaning supplies to wipe down surfaces where you are staying. You can also bring your own pillow. Look for hotels, airlines, trains, buses, and restaurants that have written cleaning protocols. Be sure to make reservations in advance so they know to prepare – and clean – for you.


Use travel suppliers who are flexible With ongoing uncertainty, plans can change. The last thing you want is to be stuck losing money because of inflexible cancellation policies, so be sure to ask questions before booking. Do they allow cancellations? What are the cancellation fees? If no cancellations, will they reschedule at no charge? Right now, there are travel suppliers who are flexible with their policies!


Target sustainable destinations

Wendy Guth is the founder of Rebel on the Go Travel. Her vision is to create REAL. RADICAL. LIFE CHANGING. TRAVEL EXPERIENCES for her clients. As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, she focuses on gatherings clients want, whether it be adventure travel, celebrations, and wellness travel. Wendy sifts through all the information and options in order to provide insider details, exclusive amenities (like upgrades and credits), and experiences (like private tours, sold out tickets, or unattainable reservations). As a Transformational Travel Coach, she strives to: 1) get you out of your comfort zone, 2) focus on your passions and interests, 3) connect you in the way you want, 4) allow for self-care AND, 5) travel under your own power. It’s all about PERSONALIZATION. CUSTOMIZATION. TRANSFORMATION.

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Are you worried about your young child’s development or behavior? “I wanted to help my child. But I didn’t know where to go, who to see, or what to ask.” Our experts will empower you and support your young child’s behavioral health, reduce family stress, or simply help you become the best caregiver you can be. Talk to a parent who has “been there.” Our specialists will talk with you about your child and family needs and then connect your family to a range of family and child-focused services to empower you and support your child’s behavioral health.

Call BRIDGE at 443.546.0617 or visit 24

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healthcare By Attorney Alexander M. Pagnotta

The Pandemic & Planning:

What Health Care Documents Do I Need During COVID-19? The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious lifethreatening respiratory condition that has resulted in death, extended hospitalizations, and a general strain on the health care system. During these times of uncertainty, it is advisable to have your health care documents arranged with clear instructions just in case – but what does that include? While it may not be the most exciting topic to tackle, it is particularly important, especially for your family. Below is a list of things to consider when evaluating if your health care documents are up to date: Who can make health care related decisions for me?

You decide – usually, it is a close family member, like your spouse or next of kin. This person(s) should be named in your Durable Health Care Power of Attorney. It is also a good idea to have back-ups in case the primary agent is unable or unwilling. If you have health care documents in place already, you should review them to make sure the person you have designated is up to date. What terms do I get to specify in my Living Will? In general, your wishes for end of life care. For instance, if death is imminent and there is no reasonable expectation of recovery, you can specify what should

happen next. One option is that you are kept comfortable but want natural death to occur and do not want any medical interventions to try and extend your life. Another option is to receive (or deny) nutrition and fluids by tube or other medical means. Alternatively, you may elect for the medical professionals to try and extend your life for as long as possible, using all available interventions to try and prevent or delay death. This could mean the use of a ventilator if you are suffering from COVID-19. How can I account for the uncertainty in diagnosis, treatment and recovery, surrounding COVID-19? In your Living Will document, you get to specify how you would like to be treated as noted above. In addition, you may also state that you want your wishes followed exactly as you have documented. Alternatively, you may indicate that you would like your wishes to be used as a guide, but to allow for flexibility if it would be in your best interests. These two options are quite different, and you should put a lot of thought into deciding which option best suits your situation. Let’s take a look at an example: A patient has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the doctors believe it to be terminal with no reasonable expectation of recovery. In the Living Will, the patient has indicated that he/she does not want any medical interventions used to try and extend life neither nutrition and fluids by tube or other medical means. The patient also indicated they want their wishes followed exactly as they have documented. Technically, notwithstanding any new treatments or a cure for COVID-19, the patient should not receive any further medical interventions aside from being kept comfortable and allowing natural death to occur. On the other hand, if the

patient elected no medical interventions, yet allowed for flexibility in applying this standard, then technically there is more room for the doctors and health care agents to figure out if there is an alternative to allowing death to occur naturally. As medical professionals continue to learn more about COVID-19, a flexible approach to the Living Will allows for any future advances in diagnosis and treatment of the virus to be taken into account prior to making any decisions that are specified in the Living Will. What should I do now? Decisions in a Living Will and who will serve as your health care agent are unique to you. Doing your own research, and having your intentions spelled out clearly in the correct legal documents is the best way to ensure your wishes are kept.

FREE Estate Planning Webinars We are hosting our popular Estate Planning Seminar online so you can watch from the safety of your own home. Please visit to view the upcoming webinar schedule and register! Alexander M. Pagnotta’s personal experience with the problems that can result from an inadequate estate plan along with his interest in helping others drove his desire to pursue the areas of estate planning and estate administration. Alex was born in Maryland and has spent his entire life in the state. He received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland School of Law, graduating with cum laude honors. Alex is a member of the Estates and Trusts, Tax Law, and Disability Rights Sections and recently joined the Prince George’s County State Bar Association.

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(You want to keep it)


Climate Controlled Units Drive-Up Units Individual Security Alarms Video Surveillance Access Controlled Entry Boxes & Moving Supplies WWW.TOWERSELFSTORAGE.COM



Here are some Quick Tips


You will be surprised as to how easy and convenient self storage really is. Whether it be a space big enough to store a car, a large unit for household furniture, or a small unit that would be perfect for seasonal clothing and small items... it is up to you. TIP: Discuss with the managers the things you are storing. They can help you assess the size you need so you don’t waste money on a unit bigger than you need.


You can rent the space for as long or as short of a time as you need. The contracts tend to run month to month, and you cancel at anytime. TIP: Ask about monthly specials!


Invest in some quality sturdy boxes or clear plastic bins. Try to keep them in similar sizes. It will be easier to stack, and it will save you space. TIP: For clothing, try the wardrobe boxes; all you do is transfer your clothes from the closet and hang them in the box... easy!




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health&wellness By Kathleen Stark, LMSW, Inner Pathfinder Coach

Learn to Love Your Imperfections Do you feel ashamed and annoyed by your imperfections? Imperfections are a part of your being and make each person more interesting, special, and unique. It is time to learn to accept these characteristics instead of fighting them. You can’t achieve optimal health and wellness if you’re battling inner issues about who you are. Loving yourself, including your imperfections, doesn’t mean that you don’t have self-improvement goals. You can always strive to strengthen your good qualities and develop skills and characteristics you desire while loving the person you are. Try these techniques to learn to love the imperfections that help make you who you are. First, acceptance. The key to having a fulfilling and happy life is accepting yourself. Once you

acknowledge your imperfections as a unique part of yourself, you can move on to actually loving them. Everyone makes mistakes, has scars, or feels inadequate at some point in their lives. Avoid dwelling on these facets of your life. Make up for them as best as you can and move on. Let go of the comparisons. If you spend time comparing yourself to others, it’s time to stop. Your journey is unique. You’re not on the same path as others. You may grow and change quite differently, and that’s a good thing! Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, focus on yourself. Notice how you’ve grown, celebrate your accomplishments, and look forward to a bright future with your own goals. Remember you’re not broken. It’s tempting to view setbacks as permanent, but you can overcome them. Challenges are a part of

Transformation Life & Business Online Coaching Schedule A Free Discovery Call Specialized Coaching for Women

301-769-1176 ✤

everyone’s life, so there isn’t anything wrong with you because you have obstacles. Focus on brainstorming a solution and acting on your new approach. Pay attention to what you say to yourself. There is a direct link between self-talk and your health and mental wellness. Notice if you use negative self-talk that is humiliating or demoralizing. Does your inner dialogue make you feel inferior, ashamed, or guilty? You don’t want your words to create more pain and suffering! Learn to forgive yourself and be gentler. You can change your inner dialogue to words of love and support. Each time you say something negative, immediately change it to something positive instead. Remember that your days will vary. You may have days that make you feel amazing and on top of the world. You will also have days that make you feel defeated, sad, and tired. This rollercoaster of life is normal. The key is to avoid letting the difficult days affect you long-term. Turn your focus to positive self-talk, solutions, and taking action. Eliminate the toxic people. Toxic people can make it harder for you to accept and love your imperfections. Reduce contact with those who consistently make you feel bad about yourself. An occasional critique from a loved one or friend is normal. However, constant criticism tends to wear you down. Evaluate your relationships and focus on the ones that are healthier for you. Celebrate your imperfections! They make you the unique person you are. Use these tips to learn to love yourself inside and out. As a result, you’ll boost your selfconfidence, increase your charisma, and gain greater peace as you pursue a life you’ll love. To learn more about strengthening your belief systems with a step by step plan, visit

Online Event Inner Pathfinder 5-Week Coaching Program Online registration starts August 1, 2020 Start Date: August 10, 2020 End Date: September 14, 2020

The Inner Pathfinder 5-week coaching program is an online program that will guide you to learn the tactics, techniques, and strategies for creating YOUR ideal lifestyle and the mindset, beliefs, and habits that support it. For more information, please visit

Kathleen Stark is a licensed social worker in the state of Maryland. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Maryland, University College, as well as a Master of Social Work from Salisbury University, Maryland. Kathleen combines her years as a social worker and a psychotherapist with her experience as a cognitive behavioral therapist. She teaches concrete skills to assist women to own their value and create a positive outcome in their personal and professional lives. Kathleen is the founder and owner of Kathleen Stark, LLC, and creator of the Inner Pathfinder online coaching program. Kathleen has 10 years of experience working with women in many capacities: trauma healing specialist, empowerment coaching and cognitive behavioral therapist. As a therapist and life coach, she is passionate about connecting with women and guiding them through their challenges. Kathleen integrates her knowledge of women’s issues and her life experiences to guide them in increasing their overall view of self, to decrease struggles with imposter syndrome and gain a full loving relationship.

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Change Your Life in 2020 Woman Publishing Entrepeneurs Wanted...

Essential Workers!

Join over 371 other counties that are publishing or have an option to publish in the United States and BE YOUR OWN BOSS! We are looking for a few bright, energetic, creative women and men to publish trademarked, copyrighted newspapers in your COUNTY IN YOUR STATE, IN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Join the fastest growing educational Woman’s Newspaper syndicated in the Unted States.

MININAL INVESTMENT REQUIRED! Maximum return...Be your own boss, set your own hours and make your life mean more!

ALL TRAINING PROVIDED! If you are interested in developing with us in 2020 in your STATE, in your COUNTY...

License Available In Your Area


1-800-993-3822 Join the #1 Woman’s Educational Newspaper in the U.S.

Thank you to all the frontline and essential workers keeping us safe. Your hard work and selflessness during this unprecedented time does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you more than you know. Nurses and doctors Health care technicians Cleaning staff Truck drivers and delivery folks Grocery workers Teachers and professors School support staff Cashiers and store stockers Bus drivers Utility workers and maintenance technicians Public officials Police and security personnel Civil service employees Food service workers First responders Farmers Mail carriers Journalists and media personnel Factory workers Pharmacy technicians Volunteers And everyone who is working to keep things going.


W O M A N magazine

We’re Hiring! ADVERTISING SALES REPRESENTATIVE Southern Maryland Woman magazine is looking for an enthusiastic advertising sales representative to join our team! The ideal person must have previous sales experience (preferably in advertising) be a self-starter, independent worker, creative and love interacting with small business owners. This position is paid commission only, with unlimited earning potential.



for the women a lifestyle magazine land of Southern Mary

years! 2008-2016








January/ February 2016











KELLY SUTTER OF SKINWELLNESSMD on the Amazingr Effects of Lase


ouches inishing T ’ F s y bb E

BLES FOR YOUR TROU hern dating in Sout Maryland


Local Shops Showcase their Best Gift Giving Picks of the Year!


: The Details It’s All In

Tiles Fabrics & eatments, indow Tr Floors, W


Gift Guide



PHOTOGRA PHY BY STEV photosbyste veandjane.c E & JANE, om



Please send resume to:








POW ER ED BY CO LLEG E O F S O UTH ER N MARYLAN D EXPE R T S I N TR AI N I N G AN D D EVELO PI N G YO U R B U S I N ES S ' N E E DS : • I n n ova t i ve l e a d e r s h i p a n d p rofe s s i o n a l d eve l o p m e nt co u r s e s • I T a n d cy b e r s e cu r i t y t ra i n i n g a n d ce r t i f i ca t i o n • S k i l l s t ra i n i n g fo r h e a l t h ca re, b u s i n e s s , t ra d e s , a n d t ra n s p o r ta t i o n • D i ve r s e l e a r n i n g fo r m a t s a n d co nte nt to f i t yo u r b u s i n e s s n e e d s Yo u r strate g i c p a r tn e r to i d e nti f y a n d d e l ive r fl ex i b l e a n d i n n ovative e m p l oye e tra i n i n g s o l uti o n s .






Register by Aug.1st

Pay NO Registration Fee


SAVE $129.00

Before/Afterschool Taekwondo Class Only

Black Belt Academy

students are taught how to attain self-confidence, discipline and a strong, indomitable spirit with physical fitness and self-defense training.




2 -Week

Trial Membership

00 $19.

* Includes FREE Uniform

Offer Expires September 15th, 2020 New Students ONLY - Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Black Belt Academy


Of Prince Frederick

285 Merrimac Court | Prince Frederick MD

Local Postal Customer

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Southern Maryland Woman - July/August 2020  

College of Southern Maryland (CSM) President Dr. Maureen Murphy believes community colleges are social justice through education. We sat dow...

Southern Maryland Woman - July/August 2020  

College of Southern Maryland (CSM) President Dr. Maureen Murphy believes community colleges are social justice through education. We sat dow...

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