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Come home for Homecoming! On the cover

Pictured on the front cover is the current SNU School of Business faculty, holding photos of former faculty: Front row, l to r, Dr. Mary Jones; Dr. Tom Herskowitz, chair; Dr. Jiuhong Tang. Middle row, l to r, Dr. Randall Spindle; Prof Cindy Powell. Back row, l to r, Prof Rendall Garrett; and Dr. Larry Mills.

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Celebrating the SNU School of Business: Taking the mind of Christ to the world of business Point of Grace in concert

9/19/06, 10:10 PM

Summer/Fall 2006

Gresham’s Good News Great tradition – still improving Danskin, Shellenberger, Mills, Powell, Biggs, Snell, Garrett, Harris, Seyfert, Spindle, are names recognizable to SNU grads from the SNU School of Business. For the last half century, this discipline has produced some of our most outstanding graduates, such as Ron Mercer (Xerox), Howard Hendrick (Director of Human Services, OK), Greg Hall (Wal-Mart), Brad Moore (Hallmark), Dale Webster (House of Webster), David McClung, Carl Sawyer, Hayward Sawyer, Gary Cummings, Dan Martin (Point Loma Nazarene University), and hundreds more. The list is too long to enumerate. What is most noteworthy about this School is the strong mentoring bond created between instructors and students. Wherever my travels take me, the question from alums is the same: “Are they still doing the same great job of developing students as they did when I was in college?” Thankfully, I can report that the faculty in the School of Business is still one of our finest. Dr. Tom Herskowitz, current Chair of the School, comes from the realm of practical business as former president of companies like Mail Boxes, Etc., and I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt. New hire Dr. Jiuhong Tang brings her skills in finance gained in her graduate program at the University of Illinois, along with her native speaking ability in Mandarin. Dr. Mary Jones, recently Chief Academic Officer at Africa Nazarene University in Kenya, also joins us this fall, combining substantial international experience with a seasoned view of business. Yes, I am enthusiastically boastful! The work of the decades has laid a strong foundation for the current new momentum. With initiatives in microfinance in Central America, exploration efforts in making relationships with institutions in China, and partnership with Feed the Children, we are moving to globalize our opportunities for students. What a time to be a student in the SNU School of Business! Take pride, graduates. Your work in the field around the world has given our product a strong reputation, and your successors are preparing to continue this practice. Join us for a great time of celebrating the tradition and heritage of the SNU School of Business at Homecoming 2006. I hope to see you there!

Celebrating the SNU School of Business T

aking the mind of Christ to the world of business begins with professors who bring the mind of Christ to the classroom. Three current business students tell their own stories of how this has taken place for them, giving voice to the years and students before them who have experienced the same.

Sophomore Andrea Kesterson, junior Landon Jaggers, and senior Katy Stewart all agree that it is the combination of strong faculty, rigorous academic standards and life-changing opportunities that propels the consistent education of exceptional leaders at the SNU School of Business.

Today’s Students The opportunities for involvement within the School of Business are incredible, according to sophomore, International Studies major Andrea Kesterson.

Below, from left: Dr. Tom Herskowitz , Chair of the School of Business, visits with this year’s faculty team: Dr. Jiuhong Tang, Professor of Finance & Mandarin; Dr. Mary Jones, Professor of Marketing; Dr. Larry Mills, Professor of Management; Prof Cindy Powell, Professor of Accounting & Finance; Prof Rendall Garrett, Professor of Accounting; and Dr. Randall Spindle, Professor of Business.


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Taking the Mind of Christ to the World of Business


“The Chat with the Execs, a chance to study abroad, and interactions between students and professors really make the SNU School of Business a life-changing journey where God is rampant all around you,” said Kesterson. Kesterson plans on going to law school upon graduation. She has been especially grateful for the positive professor-student relationship. “I chose SNU because I loved the atmosphere when I visited. I loved the small numbers [in classes] and the community of students and professors … who start off every class with prayer, which is very encouraging. Professors are willing to work with you and take extra time just to talk, if needed. They are great teachers, mentors, and friends.” Junior Marketing major, Landon Jaggers, applauds the wide variety of volunteer opportunities available to Business students as one of the strengths of the School of Business. “By getting involved in the Business School’s Board of Directors, I have helped plan and participated in every event sponsored by the school. One particular experience that stands out is the Angel Tree event that takes

9/19/06, 10:18 PM

place once a semester. As business students we commit to spending time with children of incarcerated parents … playing sports, games, eating pizza, and going to a football or basketball game. The purpose is to influence the lives of these children, but it always has a huge influence on my life as well,” said Jaggers. “In addition to the opportunities for involvement, the strength of the faculty and quality of education sets the SNU School of Business apart from other colleges.” Katy Stewart, senior Business Finance major, wants to impact the lives of people through the field of sports business management. “SNU has provided me with a great atmosphere to develop more than just skills to assist me in the business world. The professors are willing to do whatever it takes to see students become successful. There is also a wonderful opportunity to develop networking skills and relationships with many SNU alumni and members of the local business community.” said Stewart. Stewart believes it has been the opportunities to participate in the Business Gaming Team and (Continued inside)

Taking the mind of Christ to the world of business (From page 1) the Student Board of Directors that has elevated her educational experience above and beyond other schools. She sees the SNU School of Business as a place that challenges as well as guides.

Yesterday’s Heritage The School’s mission is to provide a quality program in preparation for professional careers in business and society, based on a foundation of ethical Christian principles. This mission began in 1944 when a degree in Business Education was added to the offerings of then Bethany Peniel College. The Department of Business was first headed by Dr. Donald Danskin, with Mrs. Elmer Shellenberger the first degree recipient in 1947. During the move through the 1950’s, degrees in Business Administration and Accounting were added to the business curriculum, and the development achieved national accreditation in 1956. In 1960, Dr. Elmer Shellenberger became the fourth department chair. Over the next three decades Business would become the largest of all campus departments. Under Shellenberger majors were added in Marketing, Management, Aviation-Business and the Master of Science in Management. In 1987 the school’s name changed to Southern Nazarene University. In 1989 the Department of Business became the School of Business. As the fifth leader in the 45year history of the business program, Dr. Larry Mills, took the helm. Added to the curriculum during the 1990’s was a Finance degree and the

Master of Business Administration. Co-curricular activities of the Student Board of Directors, Chat With the Executive, Mock Interviews, the Ultimate Challenge, SIFE and other service orientation projects have all been added to the student opportunities in the School of Business. (i.e., Angel Tree/Angel Care). The School of Business remains the largest school or department of the university. It faces the future with a commitment to provide the finest of professional business education, while developing business leaders with a strong Christian perspective.

Tomorrow’s Leadership Tomorrow’s business leaders are being taught and guided by today’s School of Business faculty, including two new professors added this year: Dr. Jiuhong Tang, who will teach finance courses as well as a new course in Mandarin Chinese language for the Modern Language Department; and Dr. Mary Jones who will teach Marketing. “We are expanding our faculty and programs as our vision expands, “states Dr. Tom Herskowitz, chair for the School of Business. “We will continue to recognize successful for-profit business leaders, but we will do so while including the non-profit business leaders as well. We want students to know that they don’t have to live in the bush for 20 years to serve God in the mission field … they can use their business skills and make a real difference in the lives of people all around the world. Our vision includes working

On campus SNU launches RSS Feed This year’s annual SNU website redesign included the addition of an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to provide access to the most current SNU news and events. RSS is a no-cost, simple way for media outlets and individuals to receive updated news as soon as it is released. News is always updated through the RSS feed and is delivered to subscribers through an RSS reader. Free RSS feed readers can be accessed at websites such as Microsoft, Google, MSNBC, and Yahoo! The SNU RSS feed should work with any reader using the standard XML-based format. To subscribe to the free SNU RSS feeds, you can add them to your reader by clicking on the RSS icons on the snu website at after you have installed a reader, or by keying in the following URL: • For news: • For events:

The SNU Room! The youth group from Baton Rouge First Church of the Nazarene created an SNU Room to increase SNU visibility at their local church, complete with a hand painted larger-than-life SNU logo. “SNU is something they are a part of

now because of the ownership they have in this room,” said youth leader Heidi Babin. Way to go Baton Rouge First … you rock!

Mike Brooks, VP Student Development (far left) and President Loren Gresham (far right) stand with students Jonathan Meisner and Lindsey (McKellips) Dermer, recipients of the President’s Award.


• Angel Tree – the annual Prison Fellowship event that challenges business students to become “difference makers” in the lives of needy and disadvantaged children with parents in prison. • Delta Mu Delta Honor Society – recognizes and rewards superior scholastic achievement of students in business. • Internships – designed to enrich and enhance the student’s experiential learning through real world applications. • Management Gaming Team – an intercollegiate business management event participated in by teams from SNU since 1986. SNU has achieved eight national championships in the past 15 to 19 years. • Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) – An international organization committed to helping students develop community outreach projects that teach people how to operate better in the free enterprise system. • Student Board of Directors – a nine-member board of students elected by their peers and

Established and facilitated by SNU in 1995, the Peer Learning Network brings together the leadership teams of Oklahoma companies for the purpose of professional development. Members pool resources and hear world-class presenters, share management, leadership and planning ideas and network with a wide array of successful Oklahoma company representatives. For more information visit the web at

Construction on the SNU Gate has begun as the next phase of the “Transforming Vision” campaign. The Gate will be located on the north side of the 39th Expressway and Peniel Street intersection. You can follow the progress through the online Construction Cam found on the home page of the SNU website at The Gate will be dedicated during Homecoming Weekend on Saturday, November 11, at 9:30 a.m.

On Saturday, May 13, 345 alumni were added to the SNU Alumni Association as 285 undergraduate and 60 graduate students received degrees. Jonathan Meisner and Lindsey (McKellips) Dermer received the President’s Award. Students are nominated for the President’s Award based on academic achievement, campus involvement, and demonstration of SNU’s values of character, culture and Christ. Faculty then vote for a male and female student to receive the award. Added to the graduates from the Winter 2005 commencement the total graduates for the 05/06 academic year equals 610.

Zig Ziglar • Thursday, September 28, 2006 William Krystol • Tuesday, November 14, 2006 J.D. Power • Thursday, February 8, 2007 Nicholas Negroponte • Wednesday, March 28, 2007

faculty to serve in the leadership of the School of Business. • Ultimate Challenge – developed in 1990 as an opportunity for a creative way for students and faculty to interact, compete, foster friendship and build community. Andrea, Landon and Katy represent the many School of Business students who have come to SNU seeking a degree to prepare them for the business world. They can testify to the quality of education they have received. Under the framework of Character, Culture, and Christ, they will graduate from the SNU School of Business knowing their experiences – in and out of the classroom – have equipped them to be successful in their respective professional personal lives. “The SNU School of Business is always striving for excellence,” summed up Katy Stewart. Excellence in the classroom, excellence in faculty, and ultimately in developing excellence in our students.

SNU School of Business Degree Programs UNDERGRADUATE Accounting Accounting CPA track Aviation Business Business Administration Business Administration/Pre-Law Finance International Studies Program (Multi-Departmental) Management Marketing GRADUATE Master in Business Administration (MBA) Master of Science in Management (MSM) Adult Degree Completion (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) For more information about the SNU School of Business log on to

Development The Office of University Advancement has added more than 150 pages to the SNU web site on the topic of personal finance, tax planning and smart strategies for charitable giving. Each page allows SNU friends and alumni to surf our web site and anonymously gather important information for your future financial health. To find the pages, go to, then click on “Planned Giving.” Included is a Glossary of Terms containing entries of 36 definitions commonly used in estate planning.

Spring ’06 Commencement

This year’s PLN line up of speakers includes the following well-known business leaders:

S/L Summer-Fall06 Pages 1,2,3

The SNU School of Business provides a variety of opportunities for students to involve themselves for the sake of developing good business ethics and skills. Student opportunities include:

Summer Construction Update

Peer Learning Network (PLN) Speakers for 06/07

SNU Room – Pictured above standing (left to right): Larry Hess, Tyler Bennett, Alesha VandenBosch, Heidi (Brandt) Babin. Back row: John Roberts, Howard Hughes, Joey Fougerousse, Corey Desselle, Isaac Porterfield, Andy Bennett, Rick Babin. Front row: Rebecca Jones, Danielle VandenBosch, Emily Fougerousse, Whitney Scott, Jennifer Roberts, Brooke Scott, Lauren Richard.

in world poverty areas where we can place students as leaders who see this business challenge also as a ministry. In other words, taking the mind of Christ to the world of business, be it forprofit or not-for-profit business.”

Under the Q&A section, you can test your financial prowess by taking any of seven quizzes. Once you have answered the questions simply hit, “Check Your Answers” to see how you did.

A peek inside SNU’s new recording studio

New Recording Studio for the School of Music Above is pictured the inside of the new recording facility constructed for the SNU School of Music. Occupying about 2,000 square feet, this studio addition contains three control rooms and five isolation rooms capable of functioning independently or as a whole. Students will have access to industry-standard software to study principles as diverse as basic acoustics to common studio procedures, in a hands-on environment that far exceeds the conventional classroom experience. Students can work together or individually on class assignments, commercial studio work, or personal projects. SNU performance groups can also produce commercial quality recordings.

9/19/06, 10:18 PM

Also new is a Reading Room, filled with articles available for you to read online or print. These are arranged in 34 categories of interest for easy reference. Among the more unusual titles: • A Spending Quiz for Couples • On Your Own Now: Estate Planning for One • Living Will: Pros and Cons There are also 11 fact-filled articles written specifically to attorneys, accountants and financial planners, to help you make wise choices. If you prefer, we can send you any one of several ebrochures for you to read. Simply click on an ebrochure title and e-mail us with your request. For any questions on these new web pages or to request information by regular mail, contact the Office of University Advancement at 405-491-6311 or e-mail us at

SNU welcomes new faculty for Fall 2006

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Pictured left to right: Doug Eaton, Alumni President; Harrell Luckey; Jan Hulsey; Brent Hofen; Janis Dawson; David Hubbs; President Loren Gresham; C. Wayne Rice; Joy Beaver; Brenda Styers, Alumni Director.


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At Homecoming 2005, awards were presented to alumni including several from the School of Music. Outstanding Alumni for 2005 included Janis Dawson, Brent Hofen, David Hubbs, Jan Hulsey, Harrell Kenny Marchant Robert Hale Luckey and Kenny Marchant. Joy Beaver and C. Wayne Rice received the Heritage Award, which recognizes individuals for personal dedication, service, reflection of Christian ideals, and extended contributions to the SNU Community for 25 years or more. The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the featured showcase concert performer, Robert Hale, for his accomplishments in the field of operatic classical and sacred performance.

Chapter Events Southern California

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Kansas City

April 13

Union Station Includes private showing of the Dead Sea Scrolls

June 2007

Alumni Night at the Cincinnati Reds

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Log on to www/ for dates and details

December 9 Winter Commencement

November 10-12 Homecoming 2006

November 3 Excel Auction

November 2-4 College Days

October 19-20 Fall Break

Tustin Golf and Country Club

October 17 5th Annual Pastor Appreciation Day at SNU

October 14

Upcoming events

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SNU Alumni Office 6729 NW 39th Expressway Bethany, OK 73008

If you’re an alum, we’re interested in what you’re up to. Share news about weddings, births, deaths, graduations, promotions, jobs and such, and we’ll include as much as we can squeeze into Southern Light. Photos are welcome. Please include your class year.

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Each Homecoming presents an annual opportunity to publicly recognize outstanding alumni. This year at the Homecoming showcase concert on Saturday, November 11, alumni will be recognized including several representing the School of Business.

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Inquiring minds want to know!

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Alumni Awards

Want to know more about classmates and other alums? Check out the AlumNews page on the SNU website at

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Dr. Llyle E. Eckley, former chairman of the SNU Board of Trustees, passed away on August 15, 2006. A highly regarded minister whose work spanned 75 years of service as pastor and District Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene, Eckley was 96 years old. He devoted his life to ministry to the “man on the street” and supported Nazarene Higher Education. The Rev. Dwight Southworth described Eckley in his retirement tribute as “a great doer as well as a great believer, a man without sham or veneer, and a preacher with an irresistible passion.”

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Want more AlumNews?

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Micah Paul was born January 14, 2006, to Kevin (’00) and Heather (Howard, ’00) Simpson. Micah is welcomed by big sister, Anna.

Jude Patrick was born October 14, 2005, to Julius (’00) and Julia Sanna.

Dr. Loren Gresham President Dr. David Alexander Vice President for University Advancement Brenda Styers Director of Alumni Relations Carol Wight, Editor Director of Communications & Marketing Eunice Trent Associate Director of Communications & Marketing Nita West Designer Judy Akins, Tyler Thomas Creative Consultants

Heaven Madison was born May 6, 2006, to Randy and Kristine (Oakley, ’00) Lee.

Vol. 20 Issue 1

Hailey Ann was born April 21, 2006, to parents, Deron (’99) and Deawn (Rauh, ’00) Dunnington. Hailey Ann was welcomed by her big sister, Hannah, and grandparents, Don and Jane Dunnington.

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Isabella Grace was born August 28, 2003. She is the proud big sister to Spencer William, born April 29, 2006. Their parents are Ben (’98) and Jill Sailors.

Emma Michelle was born May 31, 2003, to Tim and Cristina (Cummins, 97) Wright.

Caden Alexander was born June 30, 2005, to Kyle and Julie (South, ’97) Whittle.

Betty “Mom Ottwell” Scott passed away on June 6, 2006. She was the dorm “mom” for Hatley Hall in the 70s. She had retired as the Director of Career Guidance at Rogers State University. She will be greatly missed.

Lydia (Garrett) Northcutt (’43) Cement, OK • 5/8/06

Richard “Dick” Schumann (’54) Eureka Springs, AR

We remember …

○ ○ ○

Wesley L. Harmon (’50) Bethany, OK • 4/25/06

Ford N. Burkhart (’52) Newton, KS • 2/10/06

In Memoriam

Professor Department of Sociology

Hayden was born May 19, 2006, to parents, Steve and Angela (Whatley, ’97) Cooper.

Alan Young

Brycen Scott, born May 25, 2005, to Michael (’97) and Ginger (Malone, ’98) Cannon.

Assistant Professor Department of English

Gina Weaver

Assistant Professor School of Business/ Modern Languages

Hannah Grace, born October 7, 2005, and adopted October 9, 2005, by David (’95) and Tracie (Stokes, ’98) Pettigrew.

Jiuhong Tang

Assistant Professor School of Nursing

Donna McArthur

Jonathan Calvin Ross, born April 18, 2006, to Jason and Heather (Johnson, ’95) Clemmer.

○ ○ ○

Amy (Alexander, ’05) and Andy Curry (’05) were married on January 21, 2006.

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Lindsay (Fitzsimons, ’04) and Michael Arwood were married on November 12, 2005.

Kannon Dyami, born June 14, 2006, to Keith (’93) and Michelle (Pedroza, ’97) Jones.

Tracy Atteberry and Rev. Shawna Renee (Bound, ’96) were married on May 26, 2006.

Professor School of Business

Christi (Overstreet, ’94) and Chris Park were married on June 10, 2006.

Taylor was born April 18, 2006. Her parents are Robert and Teresa (Buller, ’91) Treadwell.

Mary Jones

Assistant Professor Department of Psychology

Stephanie Grant No photo available

Hannah Joy was born May 19, 2006, to Steve (’92) and Michelle (Banz, ’93) Livingston and welcomed by brothers Nathan and Caleb.


(Heather Clemmer chose to publish the photo of her new baby boy rather than herself ... isn’t he adorable?)

Assistant Professor Department of History

Heather Clemmer

Ezekiel Quentin was born March 10, 2006, to Herb (’91) and Jenny (Boldt, ’93) Albertson. Their baby brother brings excitement to Abi, Ben, Celeste and Daniel.

Connelley Mae was born December 28, 2005, to Kent (’02) and Aimee (Coryell, ’01) McCroskey.

Assistant Professor Department of English

Stephoni Case

Professor School of Education

Darcy Kate was born January 19, 2006, to James (’01) and Angela (Hada, ’99) Travis.

No photo available

Sophia Carolena was born October 27, 2005, to Henry (’89) and Charlotte (Dandridge, ’83) Siems. She is adored by her five sisters and six brothers including one SNU alumnus and two current students, Sarah, Tyler and Thomas!

Jan Cantrell


Assistant Professor School of Music


Rebekah Ambrosini

9/19/06, 10:18 PM

Scoreboard Check out the latest updates on the Crimson Storm website at http:// Watch SNU MOTION, listen to live broadcasts, learn about featured athletes, and follow the roster and stats of every Crimson Storm athletic team. You can also follow updates on the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets as SNU continues to serve as the team’s official practice site for the second year.

Fall team updates Volleyball, Football and Soccer (Men’s & Women’s) seasons are already in full swing. Log on to the website at for complete schedules, stats and team photos. Men’s and Women’s Basketball seasons begin November 3 in the Sawyer Center. Go Storm!

Southern Nazarene University 6729 NW 39th Expressway

Bethany, OK 73008-2694


Come home for Homecoming! On the cover

Pictured on the front cover is the current SNU School of Business faculty, holding photos of former faculty: Front row, l to r, Dr. Mary Jones; Dr. Tom Herskowitz, chair; Dr. Jiuhong Tang. Middle row, l to r, Dr. Randall Spindle; Prof Cindy Powell. Back row, l to r, Prof Rendall Garrett; and Dr. Larry Mills.

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Celebrating the SNU School of Business: Taking the mind of Christ to the world of business Point of Grace in concert

9/19/06, 10:10 PM

Fall 2006 - Southern Light  
Fall 2006 - Southern Light  

The Fall 2006 edition of Southern Nazarene University's Alumni news publication.