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APRIL 2009

post & beam gone green


built green, saves green, while lessening the impact on the environment

green spring cleaning


eco-friendly cleaning saves money and the environment

go native


benefits to using native plants

perfect petunias


a must have in any garden

projects that pay


home remodeling that keeps its value on resale

lawn & garden


prevention and protection to ensure a healthy lawn and garden



to spray or not to spray

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cream cheese pound cake

Editors-Bethany Hauf & Fritz Hauf, Associate Editor-Justine DiMauro, Art Director-Clyde Owens, Photographer-Judy Nemeth Contributing Writers-Ginese Wilmot, Christine M. Lisiewski, Kristi Linauer, Marta Carlson , Ann Wayne Account Executives-Lori Dalton, Dennis Rossello, Jason Smith, Tosha Smith We welcome your comments, questions, article ideas, or any suggestions to make Southern Home Magazine even better. Write us at 20914 E. Catawba Ave. Cornelius NC 28031 or email to To contact any associate you may email them directly by typing their first name@ or call 704-777-0334 and speak with a live representative. This magazine is published by Southern Home Magazine LLC. and distributed twelve times a year to selected households in the Lake Norman Area. All rights are reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced without written consent by the publisher. Southern Home Magazine does not necessarily endorse the views or perceptions of contributors or advertisers. Southern Home Magazine has the right to refuse any content based on the publisher’s sole discretion. Our office is located at 20915 E. Catawba Ave. Cornelius NC 28031 Publisher Southern Home Magazine LLC

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Jamie Policz (704) 280-4760 We live, work, shop, and play at Lake Norman!

Natural Images Nancy and Russ Gavitt are self-taught, fine art landscape and nature photographers located in Davidson, N.C. They have always had a love and an appreciation of all of God's wonderful creations and a commitment to preserving our environment for future generations. Several of their photographic images have been made available to the Davidson Land Conservancy and are featured in their brochures. In order to provide sustained image quality, the Artists choose to print virtually all of their images themselves on premium fine art linen, premium matte and gloss papers and on 100% cotton canvas papers. Their images are available here in Davidson at Main Street Books, So Alive Gallery and they have been chosen as the featured Artists at the new Homewood Suites during the month of April. Additional services offered by Natural images are: Environmental Portraiture for families and individuals, archival printing and image retouching for other Artists and Commercial Photography.

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green spring cleaning eco-friendly cleaning saves money and the environment

by Ginese Wilmot


ith the warmer days and budding spring flowers, you’ve probably started thinking about de-cluttering and deep cleaning. Armed with a to-do list and possibly some underage helpers, you’re ready to rid your house of dust bunnies and unwanted grime. However, the cleaning products you use could be exchanging one evil for another. You may be getting rid of dirt but leaving harmful chemicals for your family to inhale and in some cases even ingest. According to the Ameri-


Southern Home APRIL 2009

can Association of Poison Control Centers, cleaning products were within the top 3 causes for poisonings in 2007. Before the multi-billion dollar marketing for cleaning products, homes were made spic and span with natural, inexpensive household items like baking soda and vinegar. This was

not only much safer but more practical and economical. Now, with all of our advanced technology, not to mention fancy marketing, we’ve seemed to complicate things by replacing nature’s cleaning solutions with chemical-ridden, man-made

mixtures. According to the National Research Council, "no toxic information is available for more than 80% of the chemicals in everyday-use products. Less than 20% have been tested for acute effects and less than 10% have been tested for chronic, reproductive or mutagenic effects." Many Americans have already resorted back to using allnatural cleaning methods and here’s the top reasons why:

Economical We’re all looking for ways to save these days and a good place to start is in the home. Using natural products as cleaners and making your own takes only a few minutes and could add up to hundreds in savings per year.

cleaning products.

Eco-friendly Household hazardous waste is defined as anything that is discarded from the home and has at least one of the following characteristics: 1. corrosive 2. reactive 3. ignitable 4. poisonous According to this definition, many household cleaners would be considered hazardous waste. Products containing bleach are especially harmful because chlorine, a major component of bleach, is an exceptionally persistent ion. Bleach is corrosive and poisonous and is highly reactive in the presence of other chemicals. When empty bottles, spray cans, or other packaging reach a landfill, the chemical residues from household cleaning products can potentially seep into local groundwater supplies. Protecting the environment doesn’t take a whole lot of effort when it comes to household cleaners. Using what nature provided for us goes a long way for the environment.


Spring Green-ing Basics

It’s easy to overlook the amount of harsh chemicals in everyday household cleaners since most of us have used them for so many years. But, the fact is, these chemicals can get into the food your family eats and the air they breathe. Using homemade natural cleaners is a safe alternative to harsh commercially-made

When going back to nature’s cleaning basics, you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind. First, you will need to get a couple of different sized plastic spray bottles and label them as you fill them. One might be labeled “glass cleaner” and one “fabric softener”, for example. Second, things can get kind of

smelly when using substances like ammonia and vinegar. Commercially made products have added artificial scents, but when mixing your own, just add a drop of your favorite essential oil or some lemon juice to take the edge off. Lastly, do what’s practical for you. Much like eating healthy, you can’t make all the changes overnight. If you have a favorite commercial cleaning product and can’t seem to give it up, use it, but make sure to take precautions when you do so; ventilate the area and don’t use it around food.

Stocking up on Basics If you are looking to stock your utility room with the natural cleaning basics, put these items on your shopping list. We think you will find them handy and multi-functional. Ammonia - cuts grease, strips the wax off floors, and cleans windows Baking soda - cleans, deodorizes, scours, polishes, and removes stains Borax - alternative for bleach, deodorizes, prevents mold, removes stains and boosts the cleaning power of soap Cornstarch - cleans and deodorizes carpets and rugs Ketchup - cleans copper APRIL 2009 Southern Home


Lemon juice - cuts grease and stains on aluminum and porcelain, whitens Salt - makes an abrasive, but gentle, scouring powder Vegetable oil - furniture polish White vinegar - cleans windows, shines metal surfaces, removes mildew, stains, grease and wax buildup

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Green Clean Recipes No-Streak Glass Cleaner Recipe • Spray bottle • 1 quart warm water • 1 tablespoon cornstarch • 1/4 cup white vinegar Dissolve cornstarch in warm water. Pour this into a spray bottle. Add the white vinegar. Shake before each use. Spray on and wipe dry with crumpled newspaper, buff to a shine. Use crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels for lint-free results. Fabric Softener Recipe • 2 cups baking soda • 2 cups white vinegar • 4 cups water Mix these ingredients and use 1/4 cup per load in the final rinse.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to make your own cleaners, you can find several commercial “green” cleaning products at your local grocery and health food stores; however, beware, just because they say they are “green” doesn’t mean they are all created equal. Wood Polish Recipe Words like “natural” and • 1 lemon “green” can be used loosely so • 1 teaspoon olive oil make sure to look at the ingredi• 1 teaspoon water ents and if it says “danger” or Extract the juice from the “poison” anywhere on the packlemon. Mix with oil and water. aging, that’s a good sign that Apply a thin coat on your wood it’s harmful for your family and surface and let sit for five minthe environment. Below is a utes. Use a soft cloth to buff to a comparison of some of the deep shine. more popular brands:


Cleaning Power

Clorox Green Works


Dr. Bronner’s Method


Tub and Tile Cleaner Recipe • 1 2/3 cups baking soda • 1/2 cup liquid soap • 2 tablespoons white vinegar • 1/2 cup water • a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil Mix soda and soap. Add water, then add vinegar and oil. Store in a squirt-top bottle and shake before using. Rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving a residue.

´´´´´ ´´´´

Simple Green


Seventh Generation


Southern Home APRIL 2009

Cost per Oz. .12 .25 .14 .12 .21

Green Power ´´´´ ´´´´´ ´´´´ ´´´´ ´´´´´

Gold’s Gym “Change Your Body, Change Your Life” Gold’s Gym, located in Mooresville just off exit 36, is 20,000 square feet of fitness and fun. The décor is stunning. It has a modern, artdeco style, characteristic of the streets of South Beach. Even more impressive is the assortment of new, state-of-the art equipment. They have a great smoothie bar, pro-shop and lounge, as well as a very impressive “Kid’s Corner.” It is a fully

ronment where anyone, at any fitness level, could feel comfortable coming to meet great people and get in shape.” You don’t need to spend a fortune to get in the best shape of your life, and Gold’s Gym Mooresville is a testament to that fact. Currently, Gold’s Gym is offering a free, 7-Day VIP Pass so you can try before you buy. The pass is for first time visitors only and you have to be 18. Nominated in 2007 as the Best Overall Gym in the Gold’s Gym Chain, this is truly a “Gym for Every Body.”

supervised babysitting and children’s activity center. There is a medical doctor literally behind the next door and the use of video monitoring can be viewed from the workout floor so you don’t have to worry about the little ones. The personal training staff utilizes a “Visual Fitness Planner” to provide you with the education, motivation, and support needed to achieve your goals. If you’d like to see yourself at your ideal weight, they have a 3-D imaging component which shows you what your new body will look like. This program can even calculate how long it will take you to achieve your goal. Gold’s Gym is a perfect place to workout for individuals, couples and families of all ages. The owner of Gold’s Gym, Dr. Craft, emphasizes, “The goal was to create an energetic and unique, yet trendy, enviAPRIL 2009 Southern Home


This Spring‌

go native! in the Carolina Garden By Christine M. Lisiewski


enerally, the term native plant refers to any plant that was present in North America before the time of European settlement. For the purposes of this article, however, we will focus on North Carolina natives, particularly ones that do well here in the Piedmont. The use of native plants in the garden setting can provide numerous benefits to the gardener, the landscape, and the environment as a whole. Plants that are found naturally in this area are well adapted to our soil and climate and, once established on the appropriate site, require less maintenance. This is excellent


Southern Home APRIL 2009

news for the gardener‌fewer disease and insect problems mean less diagnosing, spraying,

Plants that are found naturally in this area are well adapted to our soil and climate and, once established on the appropriate site, require less maintenance. and stressing and more time enjoying the great outdoors. Your

garden appears lush, colorful, and diverse without too much fuss. And the environment benefits because native plants provide food and shelter for local wildlife, they do not require the heavy use of toxic chemicals in order to flourish, and they do not become invasive as some non-native plant species (can you say kudzu?). Our climate and soil conditions here in the Carolina Piedmont pose some special challenges to the gardener, but nothing that cannot be overcome! Our soil here is heavy

clay, requiring significant amendment with soil conditioner (aged pine bark fines), compost, and/or manure to break up the clay and allow water to drain from the roots of the plant. Trees and shrubs should be planted “high,” meaning a portion of the root ball should remain above the planting hole to allow for settling and improve drainage. Our summer climate is hot and humid, a major stressor for new plantings. Consequently, the best time to plant most material is late autumn or early spring, which gives the roots time to become established before the serious summer heat. Our humid summers also tend to encourage the development of fungal diseases, so try to keep in mind the concept of air circulation when planting. Don’t overcrowd your plantings and try to thin out some of the center branches when doing your seasonal pruning. Ok, now that we’ve covered the basics… There are a myriad of outstanding native plants suitable for the Piedmont, but for the purposes of time and space, I will only cover some of my very favorites. As far as trees go, you just can’t go wrong with a River Birch (Betula nigra), with its beautiful pale exfoliating bark and multistemmed branch structure. For the quintessential southern tree

try the Teddy Bear Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora ‘Southern Charm’) for its medium stature,

brightens the winter landscape with its multitudes of yellow blooms. One of my favorite shrubs is the Southern Wax Myrtle (Myrica cerifera), with its fragrant ever-

lovely fragrant white blooms, and beautiful evergreen foliage. The Sweetbay Magnolia (Magnolia virginiana) is another fragrant beauty that is the perfect medium tree for a moist spot in the yard. For something a little more unusual, a dwarf Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum ‘Peve Minaret’) is a lovely example of a deciduous conifer (produces cones but loses its needles in winter) with a narrow upright habit and great yellow fall color. For spectacular lavenderpink spring blooms, plant a Weeping Redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Covey’) as a specimen tree or focal point in your garden. And for winter interest, try Witch Hazel (Hammamelis virginicus) which

green leaves and attractive silvery-blue berries (which are a temptation to many of our small feathered friends). Wax Myrtles make excellent screening plants or can be easily pruned to any shape as a large foundation planting. For a wonderful fragrance in late spring to early summer, plant a Carolina Sweetshrub (Calycanthus floridus)—the blossoms are redolent of Juicy Fruit gum! For something to climb a trellis or cover a fence, try Trumpet Honeysuckle (Lonicera semper-

virens), which, unlike its Asian counterpart, is not invasive and boasts tubular coral blooms that seem to be custom designed for hummingbirds. For a shadier site you might try a Climbing Hydrangea (Decumaria barbara), with its clusters of fragrant white blooms in late spring and attractive glossy green foliage. As far as perennials go, I am what might be considered an avid collector (a.k.a. perennial freak). To begin, no native garden can be without Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea). These magentapink beauties bloom from early summer to late fall and attract birds and butterflies galore—and their strong stems make them excellent candidates for cut flower arrangements. Another favorite of mine is the fiery orange Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa), which

gets it name not only because it attracts adult butterflies, but because it is the host plant for Monarch Butterfly larvae. If you want a perennial with some height, the stately Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium fistulosum) is the way to go. This robust plant can easily reach 6-8 feet, boasts large clusters of pink flowers, and is an important pollen and nectar plant. A stand of Joe Pye Weed in full bloom is truly a sight to behold. For a burst of crimson red in the garden, try the aptly named Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis), which does well in moist sites and is irresistible to hummingbirds (but does not tempt cardinals!). And finally, if you need a lowgrowing perennial, try the lovely Crested Iris (Iris cristata), which has delicate lavender blossoms in spring and makes an excellent groundcover.

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As you can see, there is no shortage of outstanding choices when it comes to native plants. Choose the planting site carefully, considering factors like sun exposure and moisture levels. Keep in mind that no plant, native or not, will thrive if planted under the wrong conditions. Proper watering and fertilizing techniques are also of paramount importance—ask your local nursery staff about specific care instructions for your native plant purchases. And then just sit back and enjoy your beautiful low maintenance garden, with the knowledge that you are doing your small part to help the environment and the planet. Christine M. Lisiewski is the Purchasing/Marketing Manager for Dearness Gardens, a local garden center in Huntersville.

Be sure to say, Hi to Myrtle!

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Located in the heart of the Davidson Main Street Arts District, South Main Square includes inspired space to live, work, shop and dine. Easily accessible from I-77, South Main Square offers inspired, flexible space for businesses to grow and thrive in Lake Norman. It is also within walking distance to the Historic Main Street village and town green, as well as Davidson College.

Lofts. Condos. Offices. Retail. in the South Main Arts District 400 Block S. Main St Hwy 115 Davidson 704.896.0094

perfect petunias

southern favorite produces all summer Petunia plants, whether pur- Young plants may need chased or grown at home, should be carefully transplanted when set outdoors. Plant after all danger of frost has passed and when the soil temperature has reached at least 60 degrees F. Avoid excessive root and soil disruption around the transplant. Plant the young transplants at the same depth they were growing in the containers. To avoid excessive wilting, water thoroughly after transplanting. A soil ridge around the plant will help hold water near the plant.


Southern Home APRIL 2009

protection for a few days following transplanting during hot, windy weather. Plant on a cloudy day, if possible, to allow the plants to acclimate before being exposed to the hot sun. Plants can be spaced about 12 inches apart in the garden. Petunias do best in full sun; although, they will tolerate several hours of light shade a day. Two pounds of 5-10-5 fertilizer or one pound of 10-10-10 dry fertilizer per 100 square feet can be incorporated into the soil at planting. If needed, a half rate application

can be spread around the plants in July. Too much fertilizer can cause excessive vegetative growth and sparse flowers. In high pH soils (alkaline soils), additional iron or iron sulfate may be beneficial to reduce chlorosis (yellowing) of the foliage. Petunia’s are a staple in any garden and provide months of continuous blooms. When the weather cools, usually around October, the plants will start to get leggy and blooms will not be as profuse. By the end of October, planting Pansies is recommended for continual color during the winter months.

t1 tapas combines an impressive menu with hi-tech entertainment The word tapas originated in Spain and in essence it means "smaller portions". Not to be confused with appetizers or bar pickings, the health conscience entrĂŠes at T1 Tapas include Jerk Marinated Chicken, BBQ Shrimp, Pan Seared Scallops, Duck Salad, Shrimp Ceviche and other tantalizing choices. The idea behind the smaller portions is to order several entrees and share with your party or if dining alone one entrĂŠe makes a great light meal. Eating healthy is significant at T1 Tapas. The

menu changes to accommodate the availability of organic and locally grown ingredients. Their chickens, which are free range with no added hormones, are purchased from a local farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. While other products are purchased right here in 16

Southern Home APRIL 2009

Lake Norman. "We are happy to serve seafood from sustainable sources that don't compromise the survival of a species or the health of an eco-system", says owner, Mike Feldmen. What makes T1 Tapas even more unique are the hi-tech monitors, integrated speakers and the personal computer system which makes each booth a private multi media center. Inserted under glass in the center of the table is a touch-screen monitor that displays the menu, ingredients in each entrée and where those ingredients come from. Another hi-tech feature is the ability to watch current movie trailers and pull up show times at local theaters. If music or movies is not of interest, you can select from one of the many

photo albums that feature stunning slide shows of photos taken from around the world. The booths are large, comfortable, seat six comfortably and are ideal for personal or business presentations. T1 Tapas also has a full bar and proudly serves local microbrews, as well as excellent wines from our own region. On Monday evenings at 8:30 they host “Monday Night Trivia”. The trivia questions and answers can be seen on the big screen monitors above the bar. Anyone can play and win a prize! For something different, make it a point to visit T1 Tapas with friends and family. It’s reasonably priced, healthy, and definitely fun!

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Best of Lake Norman Send us your nominations Winners will be featured in upcoming issues and presented with a “Southern Home Magazine” award. • Best Outdoor Kitchen • Best Water Feature • Best Flower Garden • Best Outdoor Living • Best Swimming Pool • Best Kitchen • Best Recreation Room • Best Media Room • Best Bathroom Send nominations to:

Energy Audits & Thermal Imaging Services for Home and Business

You want to SAVE money, be comfortable and conserve energy, but you just don’t know where to START? The first step to a more energy efficient home is an energy audit from the ENERGY DOCTORS of the Carolinas. After all, it ’s hard to attack a problem if you don’t know what … or where it is!

Using Thermal Imaging Infrared Thermography used equipment, we can see to save Energy & Money what normally can’t be seen. We find air leaks, Audits start as low as $150 … insulation issues and other PLUS a free follow-up audit if energy related problems; you respond to this ad and since we don’t sell products, we’ll make unbiased For more information recommendations. Also, call us visit us at before you BUY or SELL a home. We can help spot potential or call us at 704-464-4470 to problems that can affect the sale. set up an appointment APRIL 2009 Southern Home


post & beam building green to save green at the lake


he contemporary green building movement, also known as sustainable or high performance building, arose out of the need and desire for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly building practices. The oil price increases of the 1970s spurred significant research and activity to improve energy efficiency and find renewable energy sources. The environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s also led to early experiments with


Southern Home APRIL 2009

contemporary green building. Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings consume energy, water, and materials, while reducing the building’s impact on human health and the environment.

house seemed to be the important thing to do. I had never really done anything special in my life,� Sam told Southern Home Magazine.

Sam and Barbara Glabermen of Mooresville, NC are believers in global warming and the need for green building and conservation. “Building a special

After visiting Barbara's son in Charlotte, Barbara and Sam began to think of moving to North Carolina and early retirement. After selling Christmas

decorations for many years, an early retirement was an attractive idea to Sam. Barbara also had ideas of retirement and was ready to give up selling real estate in the Manhattan area. After years of battling New Jersey’s winters, moving South was appealing. The Glabermens made the big move. They purchased a four-acre parcel on the shores of Lake Norman. Before buying house plans, Sam spent eight months researching plans and products that were energy efficient and Earth friendly. Sam conferred with an Energy Star consultant before making any final decisions. Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping consumers save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. In 2007, Sam and Barbara met with Tom West from Lindal Cedar Homes. Sam and Barbara had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and with Tom’s help they were able to come up with a list of qualified subcontractors and a beautiful 3,800 square foot, post and beam, cedar retreat with a lodge-style, open floor plan. Lindal Cedar Homes is the world's largest manufacturer of custom post and beam cedar homes. Founded in 1945, there are more than 50,000 Lindal Cedar Homes. They are well known for their superior post and beam designs, quality building materials and detailed craftsmanship. The architecture and position of the house itself was designed to be energy efficient. Overhangs protect the south facing windows from excessive heat in the summer and in the winter those same windows will heat the house, due to the change of angle of the sun from summer to winter.

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With so many choices to make, the couple agreed Sam would take charge of the yard and all the mechanical systems and Barbara would choose products for the inside and be in charge of the interior design and decorating. It took the Glabermens eight months to finish their home. When asked if they would build again, Barbara said “It was rough! It was hard on us.

Spa Specialists and a Physician available to answer all of your questions!

Carolina Bodyworks For more information or to make an appointment call 704.896.7546 Located in the Historic Kelly House 20915 East Catawba Avenue • Cornelius, NC •

APRIL 2009 Southern Home


We didn’t know anyone local and it was sometimes hard finding vendors.” When asked about the budget, Sam stated, with a chuckle, “We didn’t have an initial budget, but we did go over by about twenty percent from what we expected. Green elements do cost more but in the long term they pay off for the homeowner and the environment.” The

Glabermen’s electric bill averages about $120.00 a month, not bad for a pool, four acres and a 3,800 square foot house. In spite of the fact that it was sometimes difficult to find contractors who are familiar with green, energy-efficient products and installation methods Sam said he would build again. Sam also offered advice for anyone contemplating building a home. He said, “Know what you want. Know what’s important.” Sam and Barbara report, the most important energy efficient options with the best payback and comfort are good insulation such as spray-in foam to seal air infiltration and double pane argon filled windows. Energy conservation begins with the building envelope. However, there are many other elements that also contribute to the Glabermen’s efficient home. A blower test was performed by Energy Star to check the air tightness of the house. The


Southern Home APRIL 2009

Glabermen's house was rated second best in the region, according to the test results. Statistics show that Americans, along with Energy Star, saved enough energy in one year alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that from 27 million cars – while saving $16 billion on their utility bills.

Foundation Walls Stone and styrofoam were laid on the ground before the concrete foundation was poured. Styrofoam, with twelve inch plastic brackets, surrounds the concrete, foundation walls, wrapping the house like an envelope. The house is well isolated from the ground and this house is twice insulated because of this technique.

Metal Roof Metal roofs are favored for their speed and ease of installation. This type of roof is surprisingly lightweight and is great at reflecting heat from the sun, helping to keep the house cool. Metal roofs are made primarily from aluminum and steel—but other materials, such as copper and alloys are also used.

products. Sam shared a story about the titanium paper being installed on the roof and sitting there for a month and a half before the actual metal roof was installed. He said that traditional tar paper would not have held up. Titanium paper also has a 25-50 year warranty, depending on the product brand. This product is 100% inert to moisture absorption, unlike felt paper, thus protecting the metal roof from water breach or mold.

Hot Water Panel Solar Hot Water Panels convert sunlight to hot water for domestic use. On sunny days the temperature in the storage tank will quickly rise to 180 degrees. Tremendously efficient, the average cost for hot water is just $7 a month, about 70% less than tradition hot water systems. Because of their energy efficient water tank, Duke Energy offers Sam and Barbara Glabermen’s electricity at half price and has the privilege of turning off the power during peak times. They monitor this with a radio controlled tower.

Titanium Underlayment Titanium paper was used under the metal roofing system instead of the traditional tar paper. Titanium paper is a 100% polymeric based material, which is fully recyclable – unlike roofing felt underlayments that are made from asphalt

Geothermal Heating & Cooling Very similar to a typical air

conditioner or heat pump, but the air is pulled from tubes in the ground. A typical air conditioner tries to cool the house using the outside temp of say 90 degrees, while the geothermal unit is cooling the house using 56 degree ground temp. Because there is less fluctuation in ground temperatures the same can be had in the winter. When properly installed, a closed-loop system is economical, efficient, and reliable. In 2008, the IRS offered a $2,000 credit for residents who installed an Energy Star geothermal heat pump. It is IRS Form 5695 – Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit. The Glabermen’s average heat bill is usually $110 - $120 monthly. Compare this to an average 3,880 square foot home that has

an electric bill of at least $300 monthly - for a savings of around 70%.

Energy Recovery Unit They also have an energy recovery unit. This system takes outside air, which could be cold, and runs it through baffles to warm the air before coming inside.

Argon Filled Windows Large energy efficient windows open the view for the lake setting. These windows were actually manufactured by Lindal, the cedar log home builder. The argon filled windows make homes more energy-efficient by reducing the overall transfer of

heat between the inside and outside of the house.

Insulation All interior walls are standard drywall; however, they are six inches thick and insulated with a layer of closed cell foam. The density of this foam provides better insulation than most types. The walls also have a layer of gauzing material and are filled with a fluffy fiberglass. Sam stated that the walls really seal up the house.

Low VOC Paints Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints were used. These paints are safer for the air we breathe. Paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. (con’t on p 34)

Nothing Matches the Quality of Lindal Homes or SunRooms . . . s Custom Design Services s Local Support s Premium Materials s Lifetime Structural Warranty s SunRooms and Additions bring the outdoors in

Independently Distributed by:

Carolina Custom Homes & SunRooms Denver, NC

704-483-6262 Each year Lindal’s reforestation program funds the planting of thousands of trees. APRIL 2009 Southern Home


home remodeling that keeps it’s value on resale

projects that T

he fundamental question facing anyone who has ever embarked on a home renovation project is, “How likely am I to get my money back, when I sell my house?” There's no easy answer because what a buyer might be willing to pay depends on many factors, everything from the type of project, the materials you use, and the value of other homes in your neighborhood. It is, however, important to have some idea of what your improvements might


Southern Home APRIL 2009

be worth. If you want to invest more than you can hope to recoup because you love your house and plan to live in it for a long while, that's fine; but consider the following guidelines and you're sure to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes time to put up that “For Sale” sign on the lawn.

Do Not Over Build Having the largest and fanciest

house on the block is not good when it comes time to sell. Appraisers heavily weigh their assessment of your home’s value based on the sale price of other homes near by. If the average house in your neighborhood is 1,600 square feet and sells for $210,000, it is not economically feasible for you to construct a large addition, install granite counter tops, top of the line appliances or costly finish work. It will be difficult to get back the full

your house for significantly less than it would cost to start from scratch. For instance, if you have a 300 square foot, unfinished bonus room area, that area finished would add approximately $30,000 to the value of your house. Chris Woodhouse, owner of Hands for Hire in Cornelius, advises, “The cost of this project, depending on the details, could cost as little as $10,000, resulting in a net profit of $20,000 when it comes time to sell.”

Create an Illusion of Space

pay value on an appraisal because so much of the appraisal is based on an average price per square foot cost, which is determined from recent sales of the surrounding houses in your neighborhood.

Finish the Unfinished Real estate appraisers do not consider basements or enclosed porches as living space, unless they are finished and heated. The amount of heated square footage greatly impacts the value of a house. If you finish off an existing space, you have the potential to increase the size of

Add more space or at least the illusion of space by knocking out a non-structural wall to open up a room. “Most buyers prefer an open floor plan,” says Kathy Day of Allen Tate. Having less furniture or scaled-down furniture in smaller rooms can also create the sense that a room is larger than it really is. This is especially helpful when staging your home for prospective buyers.

lighting fixtures, or install an upgraded stove top. Each step of these improvements can usually be done for under $500 and makes a huge impact on the appearance and desirability of your kitchen. The bathroom is another area where a minimal monetary investment can yield big returns. Upgrades here are inexpensive, easy, and perfect for the weekend warrior. Big improvements can be made just by deep cleaning and adding a fresh coat of paint. Cleaning or replacing the grout, removing rust stains (try CLR Cleaner) and any signs of mildew is highly recommended. Applying fresh caulking, updat-

Kitchen and Baths Spiffying up the kitchen and baths is a sure bet for adding value to your home. Although these improvements can get expensive, often times minor improvements can yield major dividends. According to Remodeling Magazine's annual analysis of cost versus value, painting, refinishing surfaces, and upgrading appliances will return more than a full redesign. The key to spending less is spending it wisely. In the kitchen, try a fresh coat of paint, new vinyl flooring, replace old

ing doorknobs and cabinet pulls is a good idea and cost under a hundred dollars. Light fixtures and a new faucet can also be purchased for under a hundred dollars. Discarding the full wall mirror and hanging a framed mirror will update (con’t on p 25) APRIL 2009 Southern Home


lawn & garden prevention and maintenance by Marta Carlson Paradise Landscaping North Carolina’s weather can be unpredictable and some times down right erratic. On March 2, 2009, Lake Norman had its first significant snow fall of the season and with it came 13 degree temperatures. By the following Monday, we were in shorts enjoying sunny skies and 80 degree temperatures. As the longer, warmer, sunny days of spring approach, the itch to work in the yard is inevitable but timing is everything when it comes to planning, planting and maintaining your landscape. The piedmont area’s average date for frost to have past is April 15th. Be aware that annuals can be killed or severally damaged if planted to early in the season. Also, new growth can be damaged by a late frost and some protection may be necessary. With the threat of frost past, the heat from long, hot days of summer will be upon us and with it brings a new threat to young plants. Planting trees and shrubs is best done in the fall but that’s not to say it’s too late to add new specimens to your garden, you will just have to water more often, daily in some cases.


Southern Home APRIL 2009

Fertilizing a fescue lawn is often combined with the pre-emergence to improve color. It is recommended to use a fertilizer with a low rate of nitrogen before April15th, to reduce the risk of brown patches during hot summer months. Bermuda lawns need to be fertilized with a slow release turf grade fertilizer during the months of May, June, July and August. You can fertilize shrubbery in the spring and a second time in mid summer if plantings are irrigated. Newly planted shrubbery should not be fertilized within six to eight weeks from the time they are planted. Mature shrubbery may not need to be fed as often as younger shrubbery. Evaluate the growth and appearance of the shrubs. Look for signs of “hunger”, poor leaf color, and early leaf dropping as well as smaller than normal leaves to determine if fertilizing is necessary. The lack of fertilizer will also affect the amount and size of

Early spring is the time to apply a pre-emergence herbicide to cool and warm season turf, such as Fescue and Bermuda grasses. Preemergence is used to control crabgrass and other seeds from germinating by forming a chemical barrier at the soil surface to prevent seeds from taking hold. Crabgrass seeds germinate when daytime temperatures reach 65 to 70 degrees consecutively; this also coinParadise Gardens Landscape, llc cides with the blooming time of the Design * Install * Maintain Forsythia (yellow bells) and Dogwoods. Your complete outdoor living space You can watch for Pruning * Mulching * Pine Needles * Fertilizing these spring bloomers Turf Management and Mowing as a reminder that its Perennial and Annual Flower Gardens is time to stop weeds “Four Season Pruning Schedule” before they start. If other weeds exist from winter germination, you can use a spot-treatment with a broadleaf herbicide. Unfortunately, weed and grass killers are not sophisticated enough to distinguish between weeds and flowers so be careful using herbicides near or in the garden.

704-477-3548 Owner Marta Carlson has over 20 years of experience in the horticulture industry. Can design and install traditional to tropical landscape incorporating all outdoor living aspects Qualifications: Landscape Designer NC Landscape Contractor, #1459 NC Certified Plant Professional NC Licensed Pesticide Applicator Master Gardner Horticulture Degree Memberships: Southeastern Palm Society Denver Area Business Association

blooms. The best bet is to use an all-purpose, slow-release fertilizer for shrubs and follow the recommended amounts found on the product’s container. Many shrubs, such as Azaleas, require higher acidity. Our local soils are commonly more acidic; however, if the question arises about the level of acidity of the soil, a soil test is then recommended. The local NC Cooperative Extension Service can provide you with a soil test kit with directions and mailing address. Don’t be intimidated by the aisles of products for your yard and garden. Although, there are many products to select from most nurseries and home improvement stores have an educated sales associate to assist you in making the right purchase. Proper maintenance and prevention will improve the health and appearance of your landscape and make your yard more enjoyable for years to come.

(con’t from p 23) .the look of your bath. Even buying a new toilet seat can make a difference. If you can do the installation yourself, you can spend under $500 on a bathroom and get a totally new, updated look.

Swimming pools and Home offices At the other end of the spectrum, swimming pools do not increase the selling price of your house because many buyers aren't willing to shell out more for a house just to acquire what they consider to be a maintenance issue. In some cases, a pool can actually be viewed as a detriment to a new buyer. Home offices may also result in a low-return on your investment. Only a handful of buyers will want a room designed for working. Think, how high a pre-

mium would you be willing to pay for a convertible, if you were never going to put the top down?

Quality work Everyone is a critic. Appraisers and potential buyers can instantly spot shoddy workmanship. Although many of the suggestions above can be done by the average homeowner, if you think you may be getting in over your head, trust your instincts and call a professional. In the long run, you will be better off with a quality job that will last and show well.

Have an article suggestion? e-mail us at comments@

DEFY AGE! NO Knives! NO Needles! NO Downtime!

Non-Surgical Face Lift Take off 10 years in 10 weeks. Amazing results don’t have to hurt or cost a small fortune!

Advanced Skin Care • Anti-aging Facials • Microdermabrasion • Chemical Peels • Ultrasonic Therapy • Photo Rejuvenation

April Special! 20% off the service of your choice Call for your FREE consultation For more information or to make an appointment call 704.896.7546 Located in the historic Kelly House 20915 East Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, NC

APRIL 2009 Southern Home


picture yourself here Pinnacle Ridge is one of East Lincoln County's newest communities and is quickly positioning itself as one of its finest. Most of the 100-acre plus property has been "in the family" for generations and it is now being developed into fifty custom homesites that range between one and six plus acres. Alan Merck along with Wayne Lyle are two of the partners and Wayne's love of the property and his enthusiasm about Lincoln County was evident when I spoke with him, but I also was inspired when I personally visited the development. Pinnacle Ridge is a private community and driving up to it, the extensive landscaping, flowers, mature hardwoods, and substantial stone columns really sets the tone. Once inside the gated entrance, the land is simply beautiful with rolling hills, streams, meadows, mature trees, views, and it really conveys "nature". It has a peaceful sense of place. I was told there is always a gently breeze along the ridge! Pinnacle Ridge really is something different and that is probably why they have sold over 30 of the homesites in the first year. It remains surrounded by large acreage, much of it still family land, and therefore its peaceful charm will endure. Unlike so many developments, all of Pinnacle Ridge’s acreage sites are unique. Wayne described it best, when he said, “The lots inspire the design of each house.” There are strict yet thoughtful guidelines in place to ensure the finest

in architecture, materials, and landscaping and also protect investments. There are now six "very custom" homes under construction and even though the minimum size requirement is 3000 sq. ft. the individual owners have been "inspired to raise this

The lots inspire the architecture of the house. Each lot is different, not only in size and dimension, but in its unique location within the development. bar". From the new intersection of Highway 16 and 73, it is approximately three miles to Pinnacle Ridge. With easy access to highway 16, which takes you right

into Charlotte, 16/73 also offers the convenience of shopping and dining, including major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and Harris Teeter. Lincoln County's popularity continues to grow and its lower property tax rates and highly rated schools are certainly a bonus. It is a growing community that still retains that country feel. Even with Pinnacle Ridge's great success, there are choice lots still available, starting at $99,000, and many that offer the ability to add a basement. If you have desired a quiet secure lifestyle, more space between you and the neighbors, appreciate fine architecture, and considered building, then visit Pinnacle Ridge for added inspiration! It is located off Schronce Road between Hwy 73 and N. Ingleside Farm Road. You won't be Wayne conveys...most first time visitors say "Wow. I didn't realize this was’s beautiful!" Wayne can be reached at 704-804-0392 to arrange a private tour. APRIL 2009 Southern Home


energy or just being uncomfortable. They know they have issues, they just don’t know where to start. We are certified thermographers and use infrared imaging equipment to conduct energy audits.

Local Profile:


SH: What is infrared imaging? Energy Doctors: A Thermal Imaging camera sees temperature variances on surfaces that the human eye can’t see. These variances often indicate problems. It’s non-invasive testing, meaning we don’t poke holes in walls or disrupt the environment.

Southern Home Magazine: What is Energy Doctors of the Carolinas? Energy Doctors: We are an affiliate of Energy Doctors, of Spokane, Washington. We started in 2002 with the goal of providing customers accurate information about their energy envelope. Most people are tired of paying high energy bills, wasting

SH: How can this technology help the average home owner? Energy Doctors: Using this technology for energy audits help us pinpoint problems with insulation, air leaks, ductwork, water damage, etc. These problems negatively impact the energy effectiveness of your home. The more energy you use or waste, the higher your bills. We have yet to go into a home that did not have issues. Great for new homes still under a builder’s warranty, older homes, if you’re buying or selling or you just want to save money.

SH: Is it expensive? Energy Doctors: Our service is not expensive when you consider potential savings and cost avoidances. Audits start at $150 depending on the size of the home and the level of reporting. SH: What type of reports to you provide? Energy Doctors: The basic report is an on-site, handwritten report. The recommended report includes a thermal image photo, an optical photo, an assessment and a general recommendation relating to each problem. The report can be sent electronically or printed. SH: Do you sell energy related products? Energy Doctors: No, we simply provide a service. It is important to us and our customers that we provide unbiased recommendations in our report. SH: How can our readers get in touch with you and find out more information? Energy Doctors: Our website is Our email address is Our local phone number is 704-464-4470.


How refreshing is this? PROFESSIONAL HANDYMAN

• We arrive on time! • Our pricing is clear and agreed upon! •Our work exceeds your expectations! AND It’s all GUARANTEED. You pay when you are satisfied with the results! PROMPT, RELIABLE & GUARANTEED! • Wood Rot • Roofing Repairs • Ceiling Fans • Drywall Repair

• Decks • Custom Bookcases • Tile/Grouting Repair • Homey-Do Lists

• Screen Porches • Replace Doors • Gutter Cleaning • Much, Much More!

Only 5% of companies on Angie’s list receive the Super Service Award. Phone: 704.896.6379

Contact us for Guaranteed Service: Mobile: 704.201.5842 Email: All employees background checked.


Southern Home APRIL 2009

Chris Woodhouse, owner

Finally, a Private Country Club that is Fun and Affordable!

No initiation fees, No minimums, No assessments

15801 NorthStone Drive Huntersville, NC 28078


Our dues only membership plan will get you on the course without spending the usual green! The course at NorthStone Country Club is a sight to behold, encompassing 230 acres in the Lake Norman area. Yet beyond its beauty, avid golfers will relish the challenge of our private P. B. Dye signature golf course, rated “Number One” by Charlotte’s Business Journal.

Benefits Of Membership

• P. B. Dye signature golf course • Academy of Golf • Private banquet space for up to 300 people • Corporate event packages • Business meeting space

• 2700 Square foot fitness center • Elegant Dining Room • Relaxing adult-only bar area • Resort Style four-pool swimming complex • Three tennis courts

& Decorating questions with Kristi Linauer

Should I paint my dining room furniture? Question: I have an Italian Provincial dining room set (ivory base and medium color wooden top). I would like to spray paint it a glossy white to give it some pizzazz. Do you think that would look okay? (The chairs have cane backs and cloth covered seats.) -Betty D. Mooresville, NC

Answer: I do think a glossy white would look great. It would definitely make it look more modern. However, I would rethink using spray paint if I were you. When painting furniture, the only time I ever use spray paint 30

Southern Home APRIL 2009

is when I'm painting a very small piece of furniture, or something that's very intricate. With that in mind, the only part of your set that I would use spray paint on is the cane backing on your chairs. I would suggest taking the extra time to brush on the paint for the rest of the surface. First, you will want to lightly sand everything to give it some "tooth". Next, use a good quality primer over the entire set. Finish by brushing on two coats of quality paint. If you want a professional finish, oil-based paint is the way to go. The finish is unbeatable, oil-based paint is more forgiving than latex (the brush strokes level out, whereas

with latex paint, the brush strokes remain), and the finish is more durable. Whether you use oil or latex, I would suggest no fewer than two coats of paint for a durable finish. When painting large flat surfaces, such as a tabletop, spray paint can be very frustrating to work with, as it is very difficult to get an even finish on a large flat surface. Happy decorating,

Kristi Email your decorating questions to:

home away from home Homewood Suites by Hilton Davidson ©

The international brand of upscale, all-suite, residential-style hotels, has opened the 128-suite Homewood Suites by Hilton® Davidson, North Carolina. Overlooking lovely Lake Davidson, the hotel is adjacent to walking paths surrounding a duck filled pond. The hotel is conveniently located near many local attractions including Harbour Place Park and Davidson College. The 5-story Homewood Suites by Hilton® Davidson features residential-style studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchens and spacious sleeping and living areas that are large enough for work, study, en-

tertaining or relaxing. In addition, the hotel features local artists and their artwork on a monthly basis. The hotel is designed for guests who stay for five or more nights, but is also perfect for short stays and families who need to feel more at home while they are traveling. Homewood Suites by Hilton ® Davidson is the ideal place for travelers who are away from home or the office for several days but still need to have a full kitchen, executive business center and complimentary high-speed Internet access. Beyond its spacious suites, guests will enjoy home-like amenities, such as: • On-site Suite Shop Convenience Store

Get an Island Tan at a Lake location! Spray-on Tanning Safe, long lasting, natural looking, hand sprayed by our experienced technician. Leaves skin looking naturally tan, smooth, and healthy, without the sun. $27.00 For more information or to make an appointment call 704.896.7546

• Exercise Facility • Guest Laundry • Daily Complimentary Suite® Hot Breakfast • Welcome Home Reception Monday-Thursday evenings featuring a light meal and beverages • Business Center To make a reservation call 704-987-1818 or visit www.davidson.homewoodsuites .com, or by calling 1-800-CALL-HOME©.

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It’s always nice to feel at home, even on the road. My Homewood.

A spacious suite, a complimentary hot breakfast every morning and a Welcome Home® reception.

Davidson’s Newest Hotel 125 Harbour Place Drive Davidson, NC 28036

For Reservations call: (704) 987-1818 1-800-CALL-HOME®

20915 East Catawba Avenue • Cornelius, NC •

Actor dramatization. Personalized hotel services are offered at the discretion of each hotel and may vary. © 2009 Hilton Hotels Corporation APRIL 2009 Southern Home



Cafe & Italian Gourmet Market Featuring Italian cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere serving pastries, pasta dishes, panini sandwiches, soups & salads. The Trattoria menu includes appetizers, authentic pasta dishes and dinner entrees. 416 S. Main Street Davidson, NC 28036 (704) 987-5111 SERVING LUNCH & DINNER M-TH 10:30am - 8:30 pm Fri & Sat 10:30am - 10pm Sunday - Closed Party Room & Catering available Additional Parking in rear on Cotton Gin Alley

Local Profile:

CAMPANIA Campania Café & Italian Gourmet Market is located in the well-known “Ice House”, the former site of the historical Davidson Ice & Fuel Plant. The name “Campania” comes from the region in Italy where owner Vincent DiGiorgio’s family is originally from. Chef/owner, Vincent DiGiorgio, has over 15 years experience in the culinary field. He earned his culinary degree from The Institute of Culinary Education in New York. His culinary experience ranges


Southern Home APRIL 2009

from an apprenticeship in Rome, Italy, to NY City area restaurants and catering companies. Together, Vincent & his wife, Nancy, decided to move south from New Jersey to pursue owning their own business and open Campania. They are excited to share their passion for authentic Italian food with the residents and visitors of the Lake Norman area. Campania Café features Italian cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere. The Café is open all day with counter service, offering Panini sandwiches, fresh salads, homemade soups, pasta and daily Café specials. The trattoria restaurant serves dinner after 5pm in the back dining room. The Tattoria menu includes appetizers, authentic pasta dishes and dinner entrees. The dining room setting is warm & inviting with rustic brick walls and the original Ice House Hoist displayed under exposed beams. In the warmer months, Campa-

nia hosts “Party on the Porch” every Friday evening with live music from 6pm – 8pm. On the first Wednesday of every month, they have a “Taste of Italy” wine tasting, featuring wines from different regions in Italy, and includes an appetizer sampler for $15 per person. The food at Campania is served fresh everyday and Vincent makes fresh sauce every 2 days. Next time you stop in, make it a point to meet Vincent and ask him about his secret recipe for making his sauce. I think you will be pleasantly surprised! As Nancy says, “This is our baby”. You will appreciate those sentiments when you visit Campania Café. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a wonderful meal. The menu has soups, salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes from $4.95 - $10.95 and the Trattoria menu ranges from $5.95 $18.00. For something a little different, good and fresh give Campania a try.



428a South Main Street.


Davidson, North Carolina.

Amity & Bailey is an old fashioned trading post - customers and merchants are one in the same. Bring in former favorites for trade or cash on the spot, we will selectively buy quality items that can be resold. From a leather motorcycle jacket to a lace dress, a record album to an old framed portrait, you’re certain to acquire a red-letter piece for a s t e a l a t A m i t y & B a i l e y.



B Co

704­896­9690 Amity & Bailey Trading Company

peddle and barter goods. The store is a cornucopia of new

is the newest boutique of its kind to join the collection of specialty shops in Davidson's Historic Arts District.

and used goodies from handpicked men's and women's clothing, accessories, antiques, estate jewelry and house-wares. It is also a great venue for local artisans to market their work. Modeled after an old fashioned “trading post”, Amity & Bailey is a place to procure,

Customers become merchants and vice versa. You can bring

in old treasures to barter for other goods or trade for cash on the spot! Proprietors, Brandon Bailey and Wendy Yang, have lived and traveled all over the world. Formally from New York's epicenter of coolWilliamsburg, Brooklyn, Brandon and Wendy have brought with them their unique style and ability to blend a sophisticated melody of goods that are both new and used.


of the month

Post & Beam (con’t from p 21)

Fireplace Insert A high efficiency insert, which draws cold air from the outside into a fire box where it is heated and then becomes circulated through a blower into the room.

Other Green Elements

Nana's Cream Cheese Pound Cake

by Ann Haney Fortner 3 sticks butter (room temp) 1 8oz. pkg. cream cheese (room temperature) 3 cups sugar 6 large eggs 3 cups sifted cake flour 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract Combine the first 3 ingredients together creaming well. Gradually add sugar - beating with mixer until light and fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating for a few seconds after each egg addition. Then add cake flour to the creamed mixture about a cup at a time. Beating until flour is completly mixed in, about 1-2 minutes. Then stir in vanilla. Batter will be thick. Pour batter into a well greased and floured


Southern Home APRIL 2009

10" bunt or tube pan. Bake 325 degrees for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Let cool a bit before flipping cake out of pan.

• The Glabermen's use a battery operated lawn mower to prevent harmful fumes from polluting the air • They use CFL bulbs in lights – a savings of 70% throughout the year • They compost most things from the kitchen; the full decaying process takes eight to nine months • They have a small garden and experimented with six types of tomatoes, four types of lettuces and other vegetables • There is a rain barrel in front of house • All rooms have light sensors to save energy • Each bathroom has a sensor when you walk into the room to promote hot water • Showerheads have flow restrictors to save water

ForThe Love of Pets Reliable & Loving Pet Sitting Services For something a little extra, cut up 1 pound strawberries or peaches, add 1/2 cup sugar and a add just a couple drops of vanilla. Let mixture stand in the fridge for at least an hour. Serve and enjoy!

For the Love of Pets offers in your home customized pet sitting services. We strive to insure the comfort, happiness and safety of your pets while you are traveling on business, on vacation, at work or just need that one time visit. Bonded & Insured, Member of PSI, CPR certified Dedicated pet sitter since 2006 Annette Bauman 704.787.2268

If you have a favorite recipe Please share it with us. Email us at comments@

Spence Adams 704.604.5065

Susan Johnson 704.651.9023

Southern Home Magazine

Reach more customers! Targeted to an audience of 20,000 home owners of the Lake Norman area 704.777.0334

Be good to yourself. April Special! 20% off the service of your choice. Call for your FREE consultation 704.896.7546

Massage Therapy

Reiki Energy Work

Ear Candling

Carolina Bodyworks look as young as you feel

Detoxifying Foot Baths

For more information or to make an appointment call 704.896.7546 Located in the historic Kelly House 20915 East Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, NC

Southern Home Magazine  

Homes, Yards and Gardens of Lake Norman