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Trusting you and your family will have a very blessed Easter Season. Let us remember this special day‌.in honor of our Lord and Risen Savior! While we celebrate e in our home with Easter Baskets for Cheyenne and Autumn, we always start our day with church and knowing the true reason for this season. Had it not been for Him, Jesus and that Old Rugged Cross...this world would be lost. But most all, he did not stay in that grave, but He Arose! Happy Easter to all and may you be abundantly blessed. The Brewers

Please keep Marty Brewer in your prayers. We are seeking a “live donor� for a kidney transplant. He is in acute status for this transplant. If you are interested in being a donor, please contact us asap. We thank you so much for your kindness and giving life to someone else. The costs for the donor are paid by his insurance...the before care, during surgery and the after care. 910-986-4670

New Addition For The Shivers Family Hendersonville, TN - Bill Shivers of the Southern Gospel group Brian Free & Assurance, his wife Michelle, and two daughters, Brittany and Sarah, were thrilled to welcome a beautiful baby boy into their lives on February 25, 2014 at 1:50 p.m., in Villa Rica, Georgia. William Brent Shivers III weighed 9 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20 inches in length. Bill stated proudly "We are very excited about our newest male addition to the family. My son might have been unexpected by my wife and I but he is truly a blessing from God! I can't imagine my life without him at the moment! I Love my "Lil Chunk" as I call him. He is a gift in every way." They are thankful for the many prayers and well wishes they have received. If you would like to congratulate them please visit Brian Free and Assurance's Facebook page at - Daywind -

Patsy Ann Black‌ of our fans for Southern Gospel Magazine. Congratulations for being fan of the month! Patsy is a loving Mother and Grandmother and she resides in North Carolina! Keep reading Southern Gospel Magazine and be sure and tell your friends about us!


By Michael Summers

Michael's work is available for purchase. "LIKE" his Facebook fan page called Blackfire Ink or contact order a print at: "Remember, God loves you and so do I.

Be excellent to each other."

Ahh...we wish we were there right now. And by "there" we mean in the sunshine enjoying live bluegrass music.

You can be part of that crowd in September when World of Bluegrass 2014 comes back to Raleigh! Get the details on when to register here:

Working together for the success of bluegrass music worldwide IBMA is the trade association that connects and educates bluegrass professionals, empowers the bluegrass community, and encourages worldwide appreciation of bluegrass music of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Contact us at 1-888-438-4262 or for more details

Grammy Nominated Bluegrass Queen! Unprecedented 7consecutive wins - Female Vocalist of the Year! 5-Time Grammy Nominee "Rhonda Vincent" Most Awarded Group in Bluegrass Music with over 80 Awards!

Famously crowned as "The New Queen of Bluegrass" by the Wall Street Journal, and the most decorated artist in that field. Vincent's music incorporates savvy contemporary touches while drawing deeply from the authentic traditions of classic bluegrass, with a flawless band that can execute break-neck instrumentals to heart wrenching ballads. Her latest project "Taken" features special guests ranging from Dolly Parton to Richard Marx. With over eighty awards to their name, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage are the most celebrated band in bluegrass.


"Rhonda Vincent - A bandleader who ranks with Bill Monroe and Ricky Skaggs when it comes to inventiveness, virtuosity and discipline, Vincent played to each of her band member's strengths, urging them along with her own driving excellence as a vocalist, mandolinist and fiddler.

BILLBOARD -"Vincent is too good to be mortal" Ed Morris

Mike Riddle Of Primitive Quartet Injured In Accident Candler, NC - Primitive Quartet vocalist/guitarist Mike Riddle was injured yesterday in a freak accident in a sawmill accident as he was helping his brother Larry cut wood for friends of the family. Mike's left ring finger suffered three bone breaks and several cuts. After initial treatments, Mike and his doctors have conferred with a hand surgeon and the decision has been reached that surgery will not be necessary. However, Mike's guitar-playing will be sidelined for approximately two months as he recovers. "We thank God that this situation was not worse," says Larry Riddle. "We are scheduled to record shortly and this will be the first Primitive Quartet recording Mike has not played guitar on in more than 35 years. But we so look forward to the day Mike is back playing his guitar for us. We truly appreciate the prayers of everyone." Primitive Qt.

Newest Statement By Primitive Qt.:

We have a special prayer request, Mike Riddle injured the tip end of his ring finger in an accident working around home yesterday afternoon. He was required to have 14 stitches and the finger was broken in 3 places. I talked to Mike this morning after his visit to a hand surgeon and Praise the Lord it looks like He will not have to have surgery, so prayers are already being answered. Mike said the Doctor told him that in 2 months he could be back playing the guitar. We are so thankful for the Lords blessings and would ask for your prayers for Mike's quick and complete recovery. Thank You

Franklin Tennessee- Mansion Entertainment and Eric Melton of Choice Promotions and Management have entered into a Radio Service and Promotion agreement that will begin effective immediately. Since the label group division of the Mansion Entertainment began, the label has always handled its own servicing of radio compilations and maintaining their secure website made available to radio programmers for the purpose of downloading the label's roster of artist singles made available for radio airplay. Now that Choice Promotions will be partnering with Mansion to handle the implementation of those services, this new venture will increase the productivity of their radio department. Melton states" I am appreciative of the opportunity to work with Mansion Entertainment and for my company to be representing them in this capacity. I have always had a wonderful friendship with my friends Bill Traylor and John Mathis and I am anticipating even greater things to come as we work together". Eric Melton spent over 17 years working for recording labels such as Zion, Spring Hill and Homeland and has for the past 2 years cultivated his own company which specializes in radio promotion, artist management and public relations. Bill Traylor, President of Mansion, states, "I have been a believer in Eric Melton for some time. He lives and breaths radio and his deepest desire is to serve this area of Gospel Music with quality and integrity. Mansion is fortunate to have this association with Eric and will continue to be a partner with Gospel Radio in our joint endeavors".

The Writer’s Hook-Book: The Songwriter’s Best Friend Since last month, I hope you have enough ideas to need a place to store them. This is a great time to talk about how essential the hook-book is to all songwriters. Your hook-book is a place you will write every line; phrase; idea; etc.; for future use. Remember, great ideas are like flashes of lighting, and if you do not write it now—it will be gone. A hook-book should be small enough that it fits in your pocket so that it is always handy. An average size would be the smallest of the spiral notebooks—pocket size! Anything too large, or elaborate, is likely to be preserved rather than be at hand ready to be used. It should always be easy to reach and even easier to open. The hook-book is your best friend, as a songwriter! I recommend that you attach some a designated pen to it. The simplest way to do this is to hook a rubber band onto the pen clip, and then stretch it around your hook-book. Then you will not loose time, and possibly the idea, searching for a pen. I also suggest you put only one item to a page, and fold the corner of next fresh page. This will also keep you from loosing your sudden idea, while you are rambling to find the next empty page. I also suggest you DO Not write on both sides of the page. Save yourself some writing room to add your own thoughts to an idea later. My next step actually has two parts. About once a week or so, I take new lines from my hook-book and make a list of them using a large font. My Coach, Mark Cawley (, recommends that hook-book list be posted close to your regular writing space.

The second part to this step is what I call my idea journal. I use a bold pen to write each idea at the top of a regular size, notebook page. These pages are collected in a loose-leaf notebook binder. Using a binder allows me to shuffle the ideas around from time-to-time. After my daily prayers, I read several of the idea pages, and add comments that I feel led to write. God often gives me amazing insights to the ideas that lead to future song lyrics. Dove award winning Christian-songwriter, Sue C. Smith (, says that she ends her daily devotional prayers with: “Give me this day my daily lyric!” Once she told me that, I have found my idea-journal to be a perfect place to put those daily lyrics that God sends me! The hook-book is an instruments used by even the most successful of songwriters. I was amazed to see legendary songwriter Bill Gaither take his hook-book out during a writing session. As he thumbed through his hook-book pages, he would read out-loud selected ideas from his book. We other writers did the same thing, and ideas began to pop out loud like popcorn popping. Before long, our collection of originally random ideas formed a framework for a new song lyric. Just like you may have heard said of your Bible: “A Bible that is falling apart belongs to a life that is not falling apart.” I believe that a hook book that is tattered and scribbled all over belongs to a songwriter with really great ideas. My pages appear to be bleeding new ideas! What about you, how do you capture those ever elusive song ideas? Please tell me about your ways to brainstorm and develop an idea. Write me at: Or visit me at:

LaBreeska Hemphill Undergoes Brain Surgery….Gospel Icon Recovering at Home

(Nashville, TN) March 27, 2014 – LaBreeska Hemphill, matriarch of the legendary gospel music family The Hemphills, is recovering well from a recent brain surgery. Several weeks ago, LaBreeska began suffering from frequent headaches. After finding no relief, she decided to see a doctor. Upon a seemingly routine checkup, the doctors discovered a large mass pushing against LaBreeska’s brain, and she was rushed immediately to Vanderbilt Hospital to see a specialist. The diagnosis of a brain mass was confirmed, and surgery was scheduled. On March 14, what was supposed to be a three to five hour intense surgery, successfully ended in just an hour and a half. The doctor stated, "We have a sea of good news, and a best-case scenario." The biopsy of the mass returned benign, and LaBreeska is now home and recovering very well. LaBreeska Hemphill commented: "It was the prayers of my precious family and friends and my Father God that made all the difference." LaBreeska and the entire Hemphill family are extremely thankful for the kind words, prayers, acts of kindness, cards, food, and donations she has received during this trying time. Candy Hemphill Christmas says, “On behalf of my brothers, Trent and Joey, and my father, Joel Hemphill, thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! My Mother is the glue that holds this family together and we thank God that she is making a full recovery!” To send a get-well card or love gift, please direct all correspondence to: LaBreeska Hemphill c/o Candy Christmas / The Bridge Ministry P.O. Box 463 Goodlettsville, TN 37070 Aaron Crisler

Joe Brown Rejoins Diplomats

After announcing his resignation from The Diplomats earlier this year, the group has announced today on their website that Joe Brown would be rejoining the group. Here is the official statement from their page: "After leaving The Diplomats in January, Joe Brown has returned to the group to continue his career as one of the best bass vocalist in gospel music. It is great to have Joe Brown back with The Diplomats and we look forward to many great times spreading the gospel through song."

Activate Records Announces The Release Of Lefevre Quartet Concept Video

Activate Records has produced a concept video on the Lefevre Quartet's new single, "Put It Right There". The video was produced by Paul and Tre' Corley for Activate. This timely video portrays a son turning to his father for help with an addiction. The song, "Put It Right There", which was penned by Gerald Crabb, compares their relationship with our relationship with Christ. It's a powerful message and a powerful video.

Broccoli Salad

2 heads chopped finely broccoli Mix together for dressing: 1 cup mayonnaise 1 cup sour cream 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt

Tracy Dartt, A Quiet Legend Behind the scenes of what draws our attention is often where the real legends can be found, and so it is with Tracy Dartt. Never one to push himself into the lime-light, Tracy’s influence has nonetheless been felt for years due to the music he has written and the recordings he has produced. Born and raised in Minnesota, Tracy really wasn’t raised in church even though he began to attend the local Lutheran Church occasionally when he was about the age of five. Later, at age twelve, he went through catechism classes and received his first communion, but never heard any inspirational music until he heard the Jordanaires while listening to the Grand Ole Opry on radio and watching them on the family’s first television. Little did he know that he would be hooked for life on the close harmonies and the unique message of the gospel being delivered by the songs he heard coming across the airwaves at that time. While in high school Tracy began to exercise his newly found talent by first singing soprano in the ninth grade choir, and then after his voice changed, by singing bass in the Acapella Choir, as well as with a Barbershop Quartet. After high school, he began college, and later in life received his Bachelors Degree from Baptist Christian University in Shreveport, Louisiana, and later earned his Masters Degree from American Bible College in Pine Island, Florida. Tracy’s love for gospel music was just starting to blossom when he and his precious wife Sharon were married, and he joined the Stewards Quartet, made up of members of the church where they were attending. His love for gospel music was growing along with his love for Christ, and the Lord began to open doors of opportunity to Tracy when he was called to take up the bass position with the Victors Quartet, who were under contract to Capitol Records. After going with the Victors Quartet, Tracy realized that he had a special gift for writing gospel music. Al Harkins, Victors’ manager, recognized it as well, and he began coaching Tracy in songwriting. In fact, Tracy’s first song became the title song for their album with Capitol Re-

ords titled, “Brand New Feeling”, which was rather “progressive” with its edgy rock beat. When heard on the radio, the group was often mistaken for the Imperials due to their cutting edge sound. For about five years Al and Tracy worked together singing and writing songs, but in 1971 Tracy received a call to take over the bass spot with the Weatherfords, and that is when his songwriting accelerated, as did his dates on the road. It was at this time that Tracy also began to be used greatly for soul-winning, as he would give an invitation to receive salvation at the end of every concert, and in his year singing with the Weatherfords nearly one thousand souls accepted Christ. The anointing to write gospel music, and to win souls increased greatly during his time with the Weatherfords. Indeed, the first really big hit by the Cathedrals was a song that Tracy wrote titled “The Last Sunday”, which was the album title as well. Establishing a great relationship with George Younce allowed Tracy the opportunity to write many songs for the Cathedrals that were very successful recordings for the group over the years. Although Tracy’s time was relatively short with the Weatherfords, it was enough time for the Lord to establish his name in the gospel music industry. With a young wife and family, the choice was not difficult for Tracy to leave the Weatherfords, which was one of the busiest gospel groups in the country, and find something closer home. God opened doors for Tracy to work at Cam Records, which later became Sound Factory Music Company, as a producer, and to help start a publishing company. He later moved his family back to southern California where he entered into private business for awhile, but he found that gospel music was in his blood, and he and his wife Sharon helped start a group called The Country Congregation, but in 1975 God opened doors for Tracy to begin a solo ministry. He began writing all of his own music, and his wife Sharon accompanied him on the piano. In 1988 God opened another door to Tracy, when he was called as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Auberry, California. He served as pastor for seven years until God opened yet another door. In 1995 Tracy, and his wife Sharon, and their sons Forrest and Stone formed The Dartts, and began a journey that continues yet today. After Forrest left the group in pursuit of his own career, young B. J. Speer (son of the singing evangelist, Billy Speer) joined the group in their tenth year, and he remains with them today. Since 1995, The Dartts have travelled from coast to coast, overseas, have made numerous television appearances, written hundreds of songs, recorded dozens of albums, but the best part of their ministry is the amount of souls they have led to Christ every year. It is not unusual for them to see three hundred souls accept the Lord each year in their concerts.

Tracy Dartt has written hundreds of gospel songs, many of which have been recorded by some of the finest groups and soloists in gospel music. His songs include such notable titles as “The Last Sunday”, “Your Blesser Ain’t Never Been Blessed”, and “With Him” (recorded by The Cathedrals), “A Matter Of Policy (The Deacon Song)”, “God Stopped To Pick A Rose”, and of course his biggest hit song, “God On The Mountain”, which has been recorded over 200 times by artists such as The McKameys, Lynda Randle, Jason Crabb, Jake Hess, The Weatherfords, Jessy Dixon, Dixie Melody Boys, John Starnes, and many more artists in at least 8 different languages. In 1988, the McKamey's live recording of "God On The Mountain" jumped to the top of the Southern Gospel charts, taking the #1 spot in the Singing News charts for 5 months in a row. The song was nominated for a Dove award, and during the 5 months that it was #1 on the charts, it drew more radio airplay points than any song in the history of Southern Gospel music up to that time. The song has been used on several of Bill Gaither's "Homecoming" videos, and is used frequently in his "Homecoming" live concerts. In 2008 The Dartts moved from the San Francisco Bay area to Nashville, Tennessee where they now reside. In December 2008 The Dartts finished their touring for the year in Southern California, parked the bus in Phoenix, Arizona, and flew home to Nashville to celebrate Christmas. Tracy had been short of breath and coughing quite a bit for a few months prior to this, and he had also been putting on a little weight each day for several weeks. Just after New Years Day Tracy was taken to the hospital in Springfield, TN, and it wasn't a moment too soon, as his kidneys were shutting down, and he was rushed by ambulance to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. The medical staff immediately started Tracy on dialysis, and within the first couple of days the doctors had taken more than 20 pounds of fluids out of Tracy's system. His kidneys had completely failed. While awaiting a life saving kidney transplant, Tracy and Sharon had to remain close to home while their son, Stone Mountain (Stoney) and B. J. Speer kept all the dates that Tracy had booked, and continued to lead many souls to Christ. More than 20 individuals from across the United States expressed an interest in donating a kidney to Tracy, and many of those were tested for a match, but one by one they were quickly turned down. In late 2010 a gentleman from a church in the Nashville area volunteered to be tested. He was a good match and passed every test. The transplant surgery was done on January 11th, 2011, and Tracy's recovery has been miraculous. In fact, Tracy and Sharon were back on the road with Stone and BJ in April, 2011. Tracy had to have unexpected spinal surgery in August of 2011, but went back out on the road when he was released by the doctor. He has had yet another surgery recently, but was released on March 14, 2014 to hit the highway for Jesus once again! The Dartts continued to write new music, and just when it looked like they might have to bring things to a close due to Tracy’s infirmities, they released their largest project ever, thanks to the hard work of their first-born son, Don. "The God On The Mountain Legacy" full-length film was released in September, 2010. The film was produced by Don Dartt to highlight the impact that Tracy's song, "God On The Mountain", has had on people the world over. "The God On The Mountain Legacy" has been featured on television and is available on DVD through the Movie's website at . Also, released in December, 2012, "The God

On The Mountain Legacy - Music From The Motion Picture" album is available on CD. The album celebrates the song-writing legacy of Tracy Dartt and contains complete versions of most of the musical tidbits and orchestrations heard throughout the film, including brand new recordings from The Dartts and Dartts and rare, classic recordings from Tracy Dartt, The Victors, The Weatherfords, The Regents of Southern California, June Wade, and The Country Congregation. Tracy and Sharon have 4 children, Donald, Florence, Forrest; Don is General Manager at Trinity Broadcasting Network, Nashville, Tennessee and has a wife and two children. Florence Dartt-McLain and her husband, a Major in the U. S. Army, have four children. Forrest Dartt works for HCA, Nashville, and has a wife and four children, and Stone, the youngest is a singer/songwriter/producer/runs the sound, and drives the group’s bus. Now, whenever you hear “God On the Mountain”, perhaps you’ll understand a little more about the man behind the song. This quiet, humble man, casts a mighty long shadow in our beloved Southern Gospel industry. Tracy Dartt and his entire family are wonderfully talented, extremely humble, and radically saved, and they are one of the busiest gospel groups in the country today. Their entire repertoire is made up of their own compositions, with smooth, close harmonies, and the love of Christ they share in their concerts continues drawing them back year after year to hundreds of churches around the world.

Singer's Stolen Purse Returned After 8 Years Hiltons, VA (November 28, 2014) William Cowper in the 19th century is credited for saying, "God moves in a mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.” If it was true back then, it is certainly true for the Browders today. It was around eight years ago in Wildwood, GA and Sonya and Matthew had recently been married. As a matter of fact, Sonya hadn't even changed her drivers license changed yet. Sonya Browder states it best in her own words. “Approximately 8 years ago, not long after Matthew & I were married, The Browders sang at a church in Wildwood, GA. As I walked in to the church just before the concert started, I discreetly put my purse in a box under our merchandise table which was set on the church porch. That probably wasn't the best choice, but it was something I had done many times before and really didn't think anything of it. After service, I went out to the table and reached for my purse to find it was gone. I looked everywhere to no avail. We decided that probably some curious neighborhood teenagers had probably snatched it during service. I didn't have a lot of money in it, but most of the gift cards that had been given to us as a wedding gift were in my wallet. I was devastated, but after the initial shock, we decided to chalk it up as a loss and trust that God would provide for the things we needed as a young married couple. Fast forward 8 years to Sunday, February 23, and we were back at the same church in Wildwood, GA. I really had forgotten completely about my purse being stolen there. As I sat in the front row waiting for the service to begin, the pastor's wife sat next to me with something folded into a paper towel. She peeled back the corner to reveal my gift cards! They had been bulldozing in the back of the church and dug up a nearly disintegrated purse. Instead of discarding it, they opened the wallet, cleaned up the contents and realized they were mine. Most of the cards don't have an expiration date and are still usable. It was an amazing surprise and a great reminder that God can restore what the devil has stolen from you, regardless of time passed or circumstances.” In other news for the Browders, Matthew Browder stated “We are being endorsed by WorxAudio Technologies, Inc. for our sound equipment. We are blessed beyond measure and want to thank Mike Templeton of Templeton Sounds for putting us in contact with them.” To learn more about the Browders go to or https:// . You can reach the Browders for booking by E-mailng . **** About The Browders From their beginning traveling together as a family in a Dodge Omni car, to a successful music ministry with national hits, The Browders of Hiltons, Virginia are one of the most exciting groups to step on stage in many years. This family group consists of Tommy Browder, his sons, Matthew and David, and Matthew’s wife, Sonya. They travel year round, keeping a full concert schedule as well as holding revivals across the country. One of their most captivating qualities is that The Browders play much of their music live with Tommy on acoustic lead, David on bass, Matthew on rhythm gui-

tar and Sonya on piano. They also write most of their own music. In recent years, they have been steadily expanding and improving their ministry for the glory of God. The were voted “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” in the prestigious 2013 AGM Awards. They have enjoyed Singing News #1 song charting success with original songs like “Praise You In This Valley,” “Message Of The Cross," and “Land Of No Goodbyes." . With the release of their highly-anticipated, “The Message” recording came a milestone—their first #1 radio singles. They are currently performing songs from that recording as well as their hits and most-requested songs. Their current new release 'Time Machine' already has a number one song on the AGM Charts in “He's Alive”. Though things change throughout the years, their mission has remained the same— to bring hope to a lost and dying world and to encourage and challenge believers. They’re real and they’re anointed. We hope that in the near future you are able to attend or host a Browders’ concert to experience how God is working through this team.

Southern Gospel Music Executive, Norman Holland, Passes Away Hendersonville, TN (March 10, 2014) - Southern Gospel music executive, Norman Holland, passed away today, March 10th, 2014 due to heart failure. After beginning his career at Benson Company in 1980, Holland served as Vice President and A&R of Daywind Records for 16 years, where he invested into countless artists and ministries within Southern Gospel music. Highlights of his career include developing and orchestrating the 100 Years of Southern Gospel Music celebration at NQC 2010, as well as receiving a lifetime achievement award from the SGMA in 2012. "There may never be another who cares for artists like Norman Holland did," shares Ed Leonard, President of Daywind Records. "He was an innovative and dedicated employee. This is a heartbreaking loss." "The wonderful memories of working and sharing life with Norman for 16 years are precious," remarks Dottie Leonard-Miller, Founder & CEO of Daywind Records. "I will cherish them as I cherished him." Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision adds, "Norman and I had a great working relationship for 27 years, but more importantly, he was one of my closest friends. His laughter was contagious, and his larger-than-life, magnetic personality always lit up any room he was in. Gospel Music has lost one of its most innovative and influential behindthe-scenes personalities, and I have lost a friend. But not for long. I know where he is."

Hendersonville, TN (March 18, 2014) - The Memorial Celebration of the life of Norman Holland will take place on Monday, April 14, 2014, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, at Christ Church, 15354 Old Hickory Boulevard, Brentwood, TN 37211. The beloved Southern Gospel music executive passed away last week. His friends from Nashville, his family from Geneva, Alabama, and artists from the music he held so dear, Southern Gospel music, will gather together to celebrate his life and legacy. Norman began his Gospel music career in radio promotions at the Benson Company in 1980, and through the years became a catalyst in the careers of such legendary artists as the Cathedral Quartet, the Speer Family, the Kingsmen Quartet, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, Gold City, Jeff and Sheri Easter, and Greater Vision. Later, Holland headed the A&R department for Chapel Records (now Spring Hill) where he worked on the Gaither Homecoming Series and helped launch the careers of Brian Free and Assurance and the Martins. For the past 16 years, Holland served artists as Vice President of A&R at Daywind Records where he built one of the top labels in the genre by guiding the careers of Greater Vision, the Perrys, Legacy Five, the Booth Brothers, Brian Free and Assurance, the Nelons, Karen Peck and New River, the Mark Trammell Quartet, Mark Lowry, Sisters, Barbara Fairchild, and many more. In recognition of his tremendous impact on Southern Gospel music during his career, Holland received a lifetime achievement award from the Southern Gospel Music Guild in 2012.

In this month’s story we travel to Grove City, Ohio to meet an awesome lady with an amazing testimony. Her poetry has encouraged people all over the world and we know her story will encourage you. We’d like to introduce you to Eva Dimel. We pray her story of “Triumph Through Tragedy” will bless you as it has us. Be Blessed, Rocky and Gail Smith “A Broken Shell” Sometimes I close my eyes and go back in time remembering how God has brought me through the first 56 years of my life. I had a very dysfunctional childhood. By the time I met my husband and moved out, I counted 17 different houses we had lived in. My prayers always told God that all I ever wanted was a normal life and to be loved. Yes, I knew there was a God and I prayed, but I did not really know Him and was not as close to Him as I should have been. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with panic disorder, which frequently held me back from doing a lot of things that is so easy for others. Some of these battles I still fight today. There were many times I did not think I was going to make it, but God always brought me through because He had plans for me. I had my first child at 19. We struggled a lot, but I knew by the grace of God, we would get through. When my children were little, we lived in an apartment and my neighbor invited me to church. We went, but at first, I was only able to stay through Sunday school because I was so anxious. Eventually, with God’s help, I was able to stay for the whole service. It was wonderful! When I gave my life to God, things started changing. In time, I became a Sunday school teacher and the Vacation Bible School director. Was I still anxious? Yes! Did I still panic? Yes, but God always got me through. Now 26 years later, I am still at the same church and for that I say, “Thank you, God!” In 1995, I began having trouble with the vision in my right eye. I went to the doctor, and he sent me to an eye specialist. The specialist discovered that my optic nerve was inflamed and ordered an MRI and blood test. These tests revealed a tu-

mor on the optic nerve of my right eye, something the specialist had never seen before. Because I still had vision in my right eye, the doctor was pretty sure it was not cancer. I quietly said, “Thank you, God!” when I heard that statement. For the next seven years, I saw many doctors and had many MRIs, which was especially hard for me because of my panic disorder. After seven years, I started going blind in my right eye. The doctor said he would have to do brain surgery to remove the tumor. I had so many questions and yes, I fell apart. Would I die? Would I have a stroke? Would I ever be okay again? I loved my family and did not want to leave them. I knew all these things were a possibility. I also knew I just had to rely on God. I prayed and prayed. By now, I was very close to God and dependent on Him for everything. Finally He gave me a peace that can only come from God. The surgery lasted 9 hours. All of my family was at the hospital praying for me and many members of my church were also praying. God did answer all those prayers. The doctors were amazed that I was coherent after the brain surgery. The surgeon said they had successfully removed the entire tumor, but my right eye would be permanently blind and permanently shut. I was out of the hospital in only 4 days. The doctor said I was way ahead in my recovery process and I knew it was because God was still answering all those prayers. I had to make changes in my life to adjust to my blindness. Yet, God never left my side. He got me through everything. Unfortunately, my nerves got worse going through everything. Through all this, I felt in my heart that there was more God wanted me to be, but what???? Since the age of 12, I have written poetry. I had family members, friends and knew people who had drug and alcohol addictions. I lost someone very close to me who was addicted to prescription drugs. To ease my pain, I wrote poetry. It’s like God would give me things to write and I would obediently write them down. I shared these writings with others praying they would comfort them, too. In 2005, a lady I worked with kept encouraging me to put my writings together in a small book. I fervently prayed about this. Soon, with God’s help, I put together a 40 page booklet called, “Hope In The Storms”. I published this book with no expectations. I did it because I did not want to let God down. I ordered 250 copies and I thought I was done but God had other plans. My goal was, and still is, to touch someone’s life that is going through a rough time, with God’s love. Lots of people have written telling me how they have been blessed by my first book. The response to “Hope in the Storms” really blessed and overwhelmed me, I did not fit this mold I just knew there was someone better God could chose to do this. I was blind in one eye I had panic disorder and I was nobody special. I keep asking myself, what God could possibly see in me. One night while talking to God I explained all of this to Him and thanked Him for wanting to use me but there was someone better to do this. The next morning when I got up I was reading my daily devotion and it said “Broken Shells Can Touch A Life The Way No Perfect Shell Could Ever Begin To” that was me I was the broken shell God wanted to use. I cried and I now knew why God wanted to use me. Since 2005, I have also published “Showers of Blessings” (2007) and “Everyday Grace” (2010).

I love sharing these books where ever I go and I give them away when God puts it on my heart to. I fell at work in 2010 and had to have knee surgery and I was not able to go back to work. I was upset but realized it gave me more time to work for God writing and doing the things I love to do. I published my first calendar in 2012. I continue to do that every year now, each one has one of my poems on each month with a beautiful picture that I chose. People seem to really love them and are so blessed and encouraged by the poems God gives me to use for them. I have also put some of my writings on plaques that say the things they want to share with friends and loved ones. My most precious plaque is “Letter From Heaven” that comforts so many who has lost a loved one. I don’t do any of this for fortune or fame but for it to be a blessing to someone who is hurting and going through a rough time always with all the glory going to God. I could not write or do anything without Him. I love face book! It allows me to post a poem each day that is touching so many that I would not be able to do without it. I have heard from people all over the world and I know why God had plans for me, plans that I never would have even dreamed was possible. And God has shown me with Him all things are possible even for me His “broken shell”. Last year, God gave me a song to write, He woke me up with it and I wrote it down over a year ago. The title of the song is “So Many Times”. He would not let it go and I did everything I could to get someone to put music to it and record it. After 4 failed tries God still wanted it done. Christian Voice magazine had done a story on me a few years back and I was still in touch with them. I called and they gave me Rocky and Gail’s name to call so I took a chance and I talked to Rocky he was so kind and so willing to help me. I knew this was God at work again in my life. When I first heard the finished song Rocky put together all I could do was cry, it was so anointed and I know God will use it to bless so many. I know I have been so blessed by it, and I am so Grateful to God and so humbled that He gave me the words to write it. Chorus So many times... time and again, you run to my rescue oh Lord, Into your arms Ill gladly stay, for I know you'll keep me from harm When Satan comes in like a flood, You'll lift up a standard for me, Under the standard your banner of forever I'll be! With God I have so much to look forward to, He never ceases to amaze me with the things He does in my life. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, it is the little things in life that mean the most to me. Looking back over my life I realize how far God has brought me from that little girl who felt so

worthless growing up. To the daughter He loves and continues to use for His Glory. I have two sons and a daughter, and three grandsons that I love so much. And my loving husband Tom who means the world to me. I was also blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law and a new son-in-law. God is so good to me and I love Him with all my heart and soul. I know if He can use someone like me just imagine what He has planned for your life!!!! To find out more about Eva’s ministry, order calendars and read more of her poetry you can go to her Facebook page @ : Call her at 614-875-9263 or email You can also go to Thank you for taking the time to read “Triumph Through Tragedy” Our goal is to encourage others to share their story. No matter how horrific or simple you feel your tragedy may be God can use your experience to encourage other believers and non-believers to trust in Him. Romans 8:28 reminds us “We know that all things work together to good for them that love God and are called according to his purpose” Our prayer is that this monthly article will help others get their stories out to the world. If you or someone you know have a story that you would like to be considered for the article please email it to

Kelly Bowling To Debut In Christian Family Movie Movie Nashville, TN (February 28. 2014) Kelly Bowling has been chosen to play the part of ‘Nurse Kathy’ in a feature film titled ‘Virtuous’. The filming took place in the Atlanta, Georgia area in January of this year. The official website of ‘Virtuous’ states that the film is “a faith-based film created to ignite women to live with non-negotiable convictions. Convictions of faith, beauty, family and integrity.” Kelly Bowling stated “I am so excited for everyone to see this movie. The message it contains is inspiring and the story is moving. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a Christian movie with a positive message.” According to the movie’s website, ‘Virtuous’ interweaves the stories of several different women involved and impacted in and through the trial of Simone Burner, a young college-aged Christian woman. The individual story of each woman examines the different challenges Christian women face in today’s culture, from Si herself, her mother, the lead detectives and police officers, judges, the prosecution and defense lawyers, new reporters, and hospital staff. Nurse Kathy, Kelly Bowling’s character is described on the movie website as “a nurse whose abusive and adoptive past destroyed her selfimage and her ability to connect with anyone, except for one lady, an elderly patient with a secretive past.” Virtuous is to release on Mother’s Day and is available in a format for a Church viewing and for Women’s Conferences. This is just a VIRTUOUS Sneak Peek: To learn more about Kelly Bowling and the Bowlings go to http:// or or . To book the Bowling Family for concert or Kelly for Women's Seminars contact the Beckie Simmons Agency at . For more information on the movie 'Virtuous' go to .

When we say yes to God, He takes us from glory to glory. I have been singing since I can remember. I enjoyed being in the choir and leading songs every now and then. From there I was chosen to be the Praise & Worship Leader. It was a new experience and out of my comfort zone. But because I have a passion for God’s Presence, I love being used to create an atmosphere that is inviting to Him. Now I am currently being used to write and record songs that are being played around the country. I am humbled that God would give me songs and the opportunity to serve His people at another level. My currently released singles “Keep Us Lord” and “Worship You” were birthed during my personal time with the Lord. Through surrendering to God’s will for my life, he is affording me opportunities to minister these songs around the country and on television shows such as the Word Network, Atlanta Live and upcoming TBN Chicago. I am also excited to receive three 2014 Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominations. I am thankful for what He is doing in my life, rejoice in small beginnings, and look forward to his continual open doors of opportunity to serve His people. My heart’s desire for this upcoming album, entitled “I Will Worship You”, is that it will assist in birthing a greater desire for worshipping the Father in the people of God. I pray that we will be found faithfully at His feet in a posture of surrender. My hope is that in that place we are able to say yes to whatever His will is for our lives so that He can take us from glory to glory. Booking information please contact : or call 808-213-1061

I want the responsibility of taking the gospel mainstream. I don’t want to pack-out churches, I want to sell-out stadiums! I want people to see my music as real and relatable; many times these words have been uttered, but it has yet to be done consistently. I’m here to take music, in general, to another level; I’m want people to see that I’m gospel but not in the box of other artists. I was raised as a preacher’s kid but Michael Jackson’s impact, on not only music but the whole world, was undeniable. He was one of my greatest influences in music because he was BIGGER than music. I want the same thing, save for the fact when people hear me I want them to feel like they know without a shadow of doubt that GOD is in the building! Beyond Michael, my earliest influence was my sister (who is 19 months younger than me). At the age of 4, she sung with such passion and emotion, it was just amazing; when I have the microphone in my hand I’m in heavenly places, and I learned that from my sister. This is what I was born to do! People always ask, “what does your music sound like?” I just reply with “LISTEN!” Follow me, I’ll be performing in Brunswick, Georgia on March 29, 2014 at Shiloh M.B.C. Rotunda, Charlotte, North Carolina at American Legion Independence Post 262 on April 18, 2014, and back home in Martinsville, Virginia on April 19, 2014. I would love for everyone to join my friends list on Facebook and follow me on twitter to get all the updates in my career. The lasting impression I want to have associated with my name is that I was an ambassador for Christ and had fun doing it!

Something Bigger Than Death: The Journey of Grief How close has death come to you? What does it look like? Even though some have tried, there’s no way to make death look pretty. And that’s actually a good thing: death is not supposed to look pretty. And it’s no respecter of persons. I think of my professor, who cried freely in telling how he held his wife in his arms, now blind and in constant pain from cancer, and told her Goodbye. Relief of her pain at her death didn’t lessen the pain in HIS heart, or that of their two young boys. I think of a friend who lost his father just a few months ago, and that just a few months after losing his mother. He knows that neither of his parents would have wanted to live a long time without the other, but the loss has been so hard for him. And I think of my friend and patient who was pregnant with a long-awaited and prayed-for baby, only to find part way through her pregnancy that her child had died inside her. How do you comfort a mother at a time like that? Faith or no faith, death is an enemy. The Bible calls it “the last enemy.” No wonder poet Dylan Thomas wrote, “Do not go gentle into that good night." … On the most recent Dr Carol Show Dr Carol and Al talk about the nearly universal but often lonely journey of grief. Bits of personal story, Scripture, ideas on making the journey more successful, and even a few tears make up the program. Several listeners wrote about their own journey of grief, and we share these on the program also. We share resources to help with the journey, and talk about what difference a connection with God makes in your grief. Here are some resources and Scriptures we mention on the March 8 program, and some we didn't: Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."

1 Corinthians 15:51-55 "Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed-- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: "Death has been swallowed up in victory." "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?"" Psalm 116:15 "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." Revelation 21:4 "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away." GriefShare: grief recovery groups to help you on the journey through grief to healing. Our Grief Resource Page: some extra thoughts and Scriptures about grief. For the complete Dylan Thomas poem, check here. Your turn: What has been the hardest part of grief for you? How has God made a difference in your grief? I’d love to hear from you! And don't forget to listen to the Dr Carol Show!

I have found that in today’s world people are determined to believe that miracles have stopped! Are you kidding me? How can we believe that miracles have stopped when every day a new baby is born all perfect and healthy and alive. We still serve a God who loves his children everywhere they are and anywhere they are. We started praying for a girl that my daughter had worked with and became very good friends with when we found out she was going to have a baby. I posted prayer for her and not long into the pregnancy she was told that she had a 50/50 chance of carrying it. We were told to pray, and pray we did! Then we heard she was carrying a boy, and were so happy for them. I prayed that this little one would make it to full term, but that wasn't how God planned it, and Eric was born at 28 to 30 weeks. He weighed 2.6 lbs, and we were so in awe of this little child when they said Eric never had to have oxygen, Now how often does that happen? I can tell you what the doctor told them. He said Eric was a super baby! I called it a supernatural event that involved God. Eric was born on Christmas, he had a brain bleed and was still not out of the woods yet, but the bleed stopped and he was fine, and went home a few weeks ago. I got to hold him at the baby shower the church gave them and what a little doll he is. That is a miracle people, and there is no other explanation for it! When my mother was leaving us for her eternity in heaven with Jesus we had so many unexplained things to happen that I can't even get through them all, but I want you to hear this because it is what God put on my heart. When mom had been in a coma for 4 days, of which I had never closed my eyes I had finally decided to take her truck and let the family stay with her till I went to her home and got a few hours of sleep. I cried from the time I left the parking lot till I made it to the house. I went to her room and laid down on her bed. Tears pouring down my face, but there was no sleep yet. I cried and poured it all out to God. So miserable in knowing she was not going to be with me and my children to watch them grow up, and the worse thing of all she would not be with me to talk to me, and I would never again hear momma call my name. I finally cried myself to sleep, and awoke to the phone ringing 4 hours latter. It was my brother telling me that mom had woke, and she said she wanted to see us all together, she had something to tell us.

I showered, and left for the hospital again. Thinking she would be awake and we could at least talk to her for a while. Not to be at that moment, for she was back in a coma by the time I got there. That night my little brother Caleb got off from work and we were all together, and mom woke up, and wanted water, so I got it for her. She was not hungry, but we knew what she liked and asked if she wanted something. She said maybe, and I fed her what I could, and nothing stayed down, but I gave it the best try that I could. Mom said she couldn't remember what she wanted to tell us, but she said; I have been in another world. It was beautiful! I can't remember to tell you all the things I saw, but as she said this she began to talk as if we weren't even in the room, she said; Thank you Jesus for letting me see my Mammy walk! My great grandmother was in a wheelchair before she passed away, and couldn't walk, so that struck me as a gift God gave her. Then she made the motion of taking something from God, and she said; Oh, it's so little, can we take care of it? I remembered that mom had had a miscarriage before any of us were born, and wondered if she was holding that baby. That night Mom fell silent again, and in a coma. I knew she wouldn't last very long without eating, but she talked in her coma and was saying she was so hungry! I told my (sister in law) Janice, that God had given Mom many dreams of eating, and she would tell me all about the good things she ate. So I said; Let's pray and ask God to feed her while she sleeps. She agreed and we prayed that God would give her a dream of eating so she wouldn't be hungry. We were sitting there talking when Mom said; Oh' thank you Jesus for that good food, it was so good! My sister in law and I about leaped out of our chairs praising God for his love for Mom and his answered prayers for her. A couple of nights latter I was laying at the foot of moms bed on a cot with one of her blankets over me when this feeling came over me. It was as if God was telling me; Kathy' get up and go pray for her, put your hands on her legs not her feet, her legs. So at around 2 or 3 in the morning I got up and laid my hands on her legs and began to pray. I didn't know what purpose this served but I was being obedient to God. That morning at around 7:30 my little brother came to the room just getting off work. He said Kathy did you do anything different last night? I said; like what? He said; Did you pray for her anytime during the night? I said; Now that you mention it, I got up early this morning and prayed for her. Caleb said; What time was it? I said it was around 2 maybe 3 AM. He smiled, and I thought, un oh' something is wrong with this! He said where did you lay your hands on her, and I said; Now that's funny you should ask, cause for some reason I was led to put my hands on her legs. Caleb began to cry and tell me how God had laid it on his heart, that if he was saved God would hear what he prayed, and his prayer was that God would let me get up and pray laying my hands on her legs where I wouldn't normally lay my hands, and he said; And sister you did it!

We can't expect a miracle every time, and my mother was not going to live. But this prayer was for my brother who was a sinner, but was saved when he was 12 years old. Caleb didn't believe he was saved, but this to me at least was proof. My mom had breast cancer and some 7 years later it had returned in her lungs, but we didn't know where else it had gone until we realized all the lumps on her were also cancer. She could not live and if she did it would be with horrible pain, so I knew this was it for my Mother. She lived two weeks from the day I left WV to go to Ky to be with her. God is faithful to be with us when we need him, and he was with me the whole time, and with my Mom which meant the world to me. God told me she would not live to have the surgery, and then he kept his word when he took her home 2 weeks latter. If you believe strongly God will show you more then you ever knew, or even thought you knew. Give God credit for every miracle that happens in your life, cause one day you too will be faced with something you'll need faith for, and then you'll be ready for it. God bless you all, and be with each of you in the name of Jesus. Amen Love and prayers coming your way.

Beckley, WV (March 24,2014) Campbell and Rowley's lead vocalist Rick Campbell is requesting prayer for his family as his one day old grandson passed away yesterday. On his FaceBook page Rick commented “Yesterday, we were proudly celebrating baby Jaxon's entry into this world. Today, we celebrate his entry into another new, and this time perfect world, as Jaxon has gone on to his eternal home. We'll never know, at least in this lifetime, why God decided to take him so soon. But we do know that in the one day, three hours, and ten minutes that he was here, he gave and received immeasurable joy and love. We'll miss you Jaxon . . . see you on the other side. In the meantime, go rest high.� Death is never easy, but grandbabies have a way of grabbing your heart the minute you hold them. Little Jaxon had trouble holding his oxygen level and then it was discovered that he had a heart problem. Please hold the Campbell family in your thoughts and prayers. You can contact the Rick Campbell family with your statements of sympathy at . Campbell and Rowley are managed by Bev McCann and Friends.

RFD-TV and The Music City Show Start Second Season

Nashville, TN (March 5, 2014) After a hugely successful season on RFD-TV, The Music City Show is about to enjoy it's second season of great Gospel music programing. Quickly gaining new viewers every week, The Music City Show has become one of the premier programs featuring Gospel music on television today. Starting the program using a variety of special hosts one of the changes in programing includes going with one full-time host. Tim Lovelace is named host of the music city show. After a successful run of the 1st season, Comedian Tim Lovelace has found a home on the set of the Music City show. He was a guest co-host and was a part of many special segments throughout most of the shows in season 1. "When we started planning Season Two we decided to make a few changes based on the response we received from fans across North America. We are going from a guest host on some shows to one full-time host. We knew there was only one phone call to make, TIM LOVELACE. We are so happy to announce that Tim is a part of the Music City Show family. On behalf of the production crew, we welcome you to the team." said producer Scott Godsey. The Music City Show will continue to offer the highest quality programing using only the finest musicians and singers throughout the show. Featuring such talent in Season One as Lynn Anderson, The Blackwood Brothers, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Legacy 5, The Bowling Family, Gene McDonald and Karen Peck and New River the show has already delved into the talent pool of Gospel music to bring you more of the absolute best music and comedy available. One of the favorite regulars on the show is the Positive Cowboy Jim Sheldon. Jim was a natural singing those classic Gospel songs with a “cowboy” flare. He has become so popular that he was invited to walk the Red Carpet at RFD-TVs - The American Rodeo, the largest and richest rodeo in the country. No, Jim Sheldon was not riding bucking broncos, but he was promoting The Music City Show at The American Rodeo. He was meeting and greeting the fans and sharing the success of this spectacular show. You can learn more about The Music City Show at or . You can learn more about RFD-TV at and http:// . You can learn more about the Positive Cowboy – Jim Sheldon at http:// or . You can learn more about Godsey and Associates at http:// . **** About Jim Sheldon

After serving many years as music minster, there was a void yet filled. In 1994, joined my first gospel quartet. Immediately, I knew singing gospel music was God's true calling for my life. He confirmed this with a paraphrase of Proverbs 3:6 - "In everything you do put God first, He will direct and crown your efforts with success." My greatest inspiration came from Glenn Payne. The Cathedrals sang at my church in Virginia. He told me:"Vocalize daily and never sing out of your range. Remember, God gave you the ability and desire. Honor Him with a servant's heart." Now God says it's time to tell my story of how God has brought me out from a long 'wilderness time' of sin, shame and disgrace to where I am today. About The Music City Show The Music City Show, a southern/country gospel weekly show featuring top artists like Karen Peck and New River, Tribute Quartet, Legacy Five, The Blackwood Brothers, Comedian Tim Lovelace, Gene McDonald, Aaron Wilburn, Greater Vision, Lynn Anderson and many more. The show features special guest hosts each week with Nashville's own Blue Jean Band and The Positive Cowboy Jim Sheldon. The Music City Show is a series based in Nashville, Tennessee - America's favorite Music City. The show has many elements of Nashville that people love, namely a live house band, talented artists, heartfelt interviews and comedic entertainment. It is likened unto The Tonight Show, with comedy segments, a guest host, and a beautiful cityscape backdrop.



We have entered a Season Of Change "Spring," a new season, new life, new beggings. The tree's will soon begin to bud and sprout new leaves, grass will once again become green, and flowers will start to bloom. Along with spring comes new life. Wildlife will give birth to their young and birds that have migrated will return to their home's, and the snow and cold weather will be just a distant memory. People will be out tending to their lawns, gardens, riding bicycles, walking, and enjoying the fresh smells of Spring. Just as season's change and bring forth new things, so does our lives. You may be entering a new job, buying a new car, preparing for a new direction in your career or God may be redirecting your Ministry. Just as season's come and go, so does season's in our lives. We must never get comfortable and settle into one thing, because God always has fresh plans and idea's for us. If we get comfortable then our faith becomes unfresh and boring. We must always be seeking God's Face, other wise our faith looses the fire it once had and when it does that leave's you wide open for Satan to attack and bring you down and make you want to give up. There has been many time's in my life that I thought I was going in the direction that God called me into and I followed God's call to the letter. God directed me into writting Praise and Worship music and I wrote over fifty Praise and Worship songs and recorded my first album back in 2008. Then in 2009 God allowed me to tour with Country Gospel Singer Charlie May from Georgia and I fell in love with the Southern Gospel and Country Gospel Genre of music, and God led me to start an internet radio station playing Country Gospel music by independant artist. One day I was encouraged by the amount of people listening to the broadcast, and God called me to expand the station and play both Southern and Country Gospel music by both Independant and Major label artist. That went over really well and was blooming just like the flower's in spring A year later God called me to shut the station down to tend to some medical issues that I was dealing with and during that whole time God was working on making me stronger in my faith, and building me up spiritually for the next task that He had for me to do, which I had no idea what that was until October of 2013. Almost three years after shutting the station down God called me to start the station back up again, and it has been growing by leaps and bounds and on top of that God called me to write articles called "Thoughts of Inspiration" for this wonderful Magazine.

What I am trying to bring across to you folks is that you may think you have everything figured out, but then one day God pull's a 180 degree turn on you and you are left standing there saying, "God what is going on, what are you doing?" Then one day you look back and say to yourself, "God did that to make me a stronger and better person." God always has our best interest in His hand's. When a season of change come's I encourage you to grab ahold of it and run with it, with everything you have, because God brought that change into your life for a reason. That season of change in your life may look scary at first but trust me, God made the right change for you and God doesn't bring change to beat you into submission so you depend on Him more, He bring's season's of change into our live's to build our faith, and our love for Him. Season's of change can bring forth all kinds of wonderful thing's, people and blessing's into your life. God doesn't want you to just settle where your at, He want's you to prosper and have all the wonderful blessing's in this life that He has in store for you and your family. When you settle where you are, your faith weakens and Satan starts attacking you and start's saying to you, "Your no good! Your worthless! Where is your God now, see He did leave you! Your no good at what your doing, God will never use you! God doesn't have time for you! Give up! Your a fool! Do what you want to do, not what God want's! Go ahead quit nobody will ever notice! Nobody care's about what your doing!" Friend's those are all lie's from the pits of hell. God does care, God does love you, You are not worthless, God has not forgotten you, What you are doing does matter. In all my years in Ministry I noticed one thing, and that is when God is silent, that's when He is the closest to you and He is just preparing you for the next Seaon of Change in your life. When God open's that door He will kick it open and God will use you, and bless you beyond your imagination. Never be afraid of dreaming big, some of the most successful people in this world where dreamers and where told they would never amount to anything. God used them and God never gave up on them and they never stopped dreaming until with God's help made their dream's a reality. They embraced the season's of change in their life and God blessed them. Never stop dreaming Big! Never Give Up! Never Stop Believing In God, Never Stop Believing In Yourself! Embrace "Season's Of Change" and let God use you to the fullest! Daniel 2:21 He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;

Hoskins Family Releases New Song To Radio Featuring 17 Year Old Abigail Nashville, TN (March 10, 2014) Daywind Records has just released a brand new single to radio by the phenomenal Hoskins Family. Penned by Annie McRae “God Is Big” is performed by Angie and her 17 year old daughter Abigail Aldridge. Joining this awesome duet in the feature is special guest Joyce Martin Sanders, of the Martins. Angie Hoskins Aldridge said “We are so excited about this new release. It's the type of song that people of all ages can get in to. When you have momma (me) and daughter (Abigail) along with special guest of Joyce Martin you have an up beat drive down the road with the windows down kind of song.” This song will be getting the attention of radio DJs all across the country, so start now calling and requesting “God Is Big” by the Hoskins Family. The Hoskins' were back with their last radio release, “Whenever I Hear His Name” written by Marty Funderburk, but now they are on the map cranking out super hits again. To learn more about the Hoskins Family go to or . Information about Daywind Records is found at . To book the Hoskins Family go to . **** About The Hoskins Family God, who is the giver of all gifts and abilities, equips individuals with talent and places within them the desire to use that talent for him. Through prayer, trusting God and obedience to His will, those desires are fulfilled and the results are immeasurable. Abby, Angie, Reva, Rick and Ricky, collectively known as the Hoskins Family, are seeing those results as God takes their ministry to new heights every day. The Hoskins Family is made up of Angie (Hoskins) Aldridge, Reva Hoskins, Abby Aldridge, Ricky Hoskins and Rick Smith. The Hoskins Family’s first top 40 song, taken from the project of the same name, was a special one to their family. “Mission Of Love” was written by Angie (Hoskins) Aldridge for her grandfather, who was also her pastor. In fact Ricky, Reva and Angie’s ministry was solely committed to their home church until Reva’s father’s retirement from pastoral ministry. It was then that The Hoskins Family felt God called them to a different venture. “Help Me Stand,” The Hoskins Family’s follow-up single to “Mission Of Love” proved to be their first top 20 hit, reassuring them that they were headed in the

right direction. Within 1 1⁄ 2 years The Hoskins Family had their first top 5 hit with “Joyful Morning,” from their “Hope” project. This was followed by the top 10 hit “I Wouldn’t Trade One Minute Of It.” “Safe Thus Far” just might be the definitive recording that all their others are compared to. The Daywind project contains songs from some of today’s premier writers and is definitely a “Must Have” album. The first release from this album proved to be their first #1 song. This album was nominated for six Dove Awards.

This article is written to help those who have a desire to create artistically and to those who may not be aware that, they too, have creativity deeply placed inside of them. What I want to share with you is the time when I stood at the beginning of a new undiscovered path of fine art painting. For me, it was one special day. I was standing in front of paintings of such a quality level that I had only seen in library art books or online. As I stood before paintings created by incredibly talented and gifted artists that were still living, I inquired of art consultants in the galleries about the artists that were painting at such a high level of ability. One of many answers was that all the artists had at one time, themselves, stood at the beginning of their new path of creativity. Each artist had their own individual beginning but most of them were inspired by living and deceased artists. This also happened with the old masters many years ago. They were inspired so much that deep down inside of them something awoke and came to life. Some were not even aware they had it inside them. All this time it was just waiting to be awakened. As I stood for the very first time in front of those so creatively done paintings, I was literally stirred from within. I was awakened and motivated to paint and highly inspired to arrive at this artistic level one day. What I want to do for you is to bring the art galleries to your door because not everyone has access to a large amount of quality galleries to personally visit. The galleries that I was able to visit are in the wonderful city of Carmel-by-the Sea, Ca. with over 80 art galleries. It is a big destination point for people across the country and from around the world. What I am doing is giving you gallery websites in Carmel and then later you can expand your search, yourself, by searching on Google “art galleries in Carmel, Ca�.

Just take a few minutes, relax and enjoy the incredible works of art, then just see what happens! Blessings to you, Del Malonee

Ashley By Design Teams With GiGi’s Playhouse To Host New York City “Got Dreams” Event New York City, NY (March 11, 2014) Down Syndrome Speaker/Clothing Designer, Ashley DeRamus, will start World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st of this year at the United Nations. She will close the day with an Ashley by Design fashion show and party at Gigi’s Playhouse in New York City. The event has been named “Got Dreams?” and takes place from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The "Got Dreams?" event is a joint effort between two organizations that work to promote the awareness of those with Down syndrome, The Ashley Deramus Foundation and GiGi’s Playhouse. Ashley believes that those with Down syndrome should say what they can do instead of what they can’t. Featured as models will be several young ladies from Miss America and Miss New York pageants. They will also assist the other models with dressing for the show as well as helping with their make-up and hair. The event will begin with all children and adults who attend enjoying music, dancing, and refreshments. A professional photographer will be taking photos of attendees during this time and the models will be walking through the crowd wearing "Ashley by Design" fashions. The models will be girls and boys who attend GiGi's Playhouse, ladies from Miss America, as well as Ashley DeRamus herself. Ashley DeRamus will speak to the audience for 5-10 minutes introducing herself, her foundation, and her clothing line after which the "Got Dreams?" Fashion Show will begin. "GiGi's Girls" will model "Ashley by Design" clothing and be escorted down the runway by "GiGi's Boys”. Each child with Down syndrome, their siblings, and all fashion show participants will be given a gift bag at the end of the evening with a special gift in it from Ashley. They will also receive a photograph to remember this special occasion. "Ashley by Design" clothing will be on display and available for purchase. Ashley DeRamus will be available to talk with parents and children after the event at her display area. To find more information about the Ashley DeRamus Foundation go to .

For more information about Ashley By Design you can find it at . Information about Gigi's Playhouse can be found at . **** About Ashley Deramus Foundation The Ashley Deramus Foundation was founded for and dedicated to the education, advancement and quality life-style of children and adults with Downs Syndrome. Through the work of Ashley and the foundation, our goal is to increase the awareness and enlighten others about the rewards and positive contributions we make. You can contact Ashley through Gary Kannegiesser at 440-670-2897 or .

Daryl Williams' Father Passes Away Prattville, AL (March 3, 2014) Paul Kenneth Williams father of Singer/Songwriter Daryl Williams passed away early Sunday morning. After suffering two heartattacks in a very short period of time he went to meet the Savior of his life. Son, Daryl Williams stated “Dad made a lot of friends in Gospel Music over the years and was a huge fan.” Known for being such a nice man, Paul Kenneth Williams will be missed by the many friends he made both in the Gospel Music field as well as in life everywhere. You can contact Daryl Williams with condolences at https:// . **** About Daryl Williams Daryl was born in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Burlingame, and grew up in San Jose California. His mother was active in Gospel Concert Promotions, and Daryl fell in love with Gospel Music at an early age. He remembers vividly spending time as a child with such Gospel legends as Doris Akers, Jake Hess and Vestal Goodman. It was at the age of 7 that Daryl decided he wanted to write his first song. There are now over 1,100 songs in his catalog. Daryl went on to study music at California State University, and received a Bachelor’s degree in Music. From 1994 to 2008 Daryl traveled full time with his own ministry team, the Daryl Williams Trio. They recorded 10 CD’s and appeared on many Gaither Homecoming Videos and Concerts. They also appeared as regulars for 7 years on TBN’s Unfolding Majesty program with hosts Dean and Mary Brown.

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