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Over the last two years The Pines Lodge has received a number of significant national and international design awards that recognise the creative collaboration of Southern Cross Care and Comcorp Architects. For us, such recognition is a confirmation of our commitment to providing quality aged care facilities that people feel they can call ‘home’.

FROM THE DESK OF THE CEO As I write these notes for the Autumn edition of Southern Star, South Australia is experiencing a late summer heat wave. Through Mad March the city was at its vibrant best and there was much going on. So too across all the villages and care centres of Southern Cross Care where a wide range of activities and events were taking place that engaged our residents, their families, our volunteers, supporters and staff. The highlight of our year so far has been the wonderful garden party at Government House in Adelaide on Valentine’s Day, when we celebrated the launch of the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation. We were honoured by the presence of His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR and Mrs Scarce. We were joined by 350 friends and supporters, including Knights of the Southern Cross, residents, mayors of the communities we serve, business supporters, volunteers and members of staff. It was a great occasion, enjoyed by all who attended, and extremely well organised and executed by our wonderful hotel services and marketing teams.

Other recent events have included the dedication of the altar in the new chapel at the Philip Kennedy Centre. At our Lourdes Valley site at Myrtle Bank the Southern Cross Care community has expanded considerably as we have welcomed the residents of the Glen Woodley Estate to the family. Our internal focus has been on the launch of a number of initiatives that will help to enhance the standards of care and support services we offer to our residents and clients. Our ‘Care Matters’ programme is intended to sharpen the focus of all our staff on the fundamental principles and values that underpin high quality care services. This is being strongly reinforced by the commencement in March of our ‘Connected Leaders’ course which will give our management and leadership teams opportunities to hone their leadership skills as they develop their careers in care. Our aim is always to work to ensure that people we support are ‘living well’ in their retirement. My sense is that, despite the challenges and frailties that most older people experience in one form or another, our residents and clients are remarkably resilient. They take all that life throws at them in their stride and do all they can to make the most

of opportunities for enjoyable activity. Please tell us about your experiences and stories and let us know how we can further assist you to live well in the communities of Southern Cross Care. Alongside all that is going on within Southern Cross Care, we are keeping our eyes on what is happening elsewhere. Nationally our politicians have embarked on, and we must prepare ourselves for, the longest election campaign in history. Fortunately the economy seems to be picking up slowly and Australia has fared better than many countries through the recent global recession. We must all hope that the modest growth in the economy will continue and will contribute to improved conditions for growth and further investment in the retirement and aged care sectors.

With best wishes.

Andrew Larpent OBE CEO

FEATURES: Southern Cross Care Community Foundation celebration......................................6 PKC Chapel dedication of the Altar......................................3

VIP Birthdays...........................................................................9 Preventing Falls........................................................................4

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When The Pines Lodge won the 2011 UDIA National Award for Excellence in Seniors Living, it was the first time that an aged care facility had been recognised at that level. This is a significant achievement not only for Southern Cross Care and The Pines Lodge but for the aged care industry as a whole. It raises the profile of aged

care design across the development industry and in the wider community. The accolades have continued. Most recently, the American Institute of Architects included The Pines Lodge in the Institute’s recent book, ‘Design for Ageing Review’. The book showcases 30 outstanding examples of design for assisted living facilities from around the world. It is one of only six international projects that were selected for the publication. The American Institute of Architects also included The Pines Lodge at the International Design Symposium which was conducted in October 2012 and included projects from the UK, China, USA and Australia.

DEDICATION OF ALTAR, THE PHILIP KENNEDY CENTRE On 20 February, the altar in the chapel at The Philip Kennedy Centre, Largs Bay, was dedicated by the Vicar General, Father Philip Marshall, in the presence of over 100 residents, staff and guests. The original chapel was demolished in 2010 to make way for a major upgrade of accommodation at The Philip Kennedy Centre. The new ecumenical chapel has been in use since early 2012.

altar. Stations of the Cross, statues and pictures came from the previous chapel and have been donated or left in our care by previous residents or their families. The building was designed by Kirkbride Boyce Architects, and built by Warburton Builders. Andrew Kirkbride, who helped oversee the building project, ministered as deacon at the Dedication Mass.

Late last year the new building at Philip Kennedy Centre was blessed by Father Philip and opened by The Hon Mark Butler MP, Minister for Mental Health and Ageing. With the dedication of the altar the building is now complete. L-R: Pastoral Care Manager Pat Peak, Monsignor Robert Rice, Father Ron Davoren, Father Kevin Horsell, Vicar General Father Philip Marshall, Deacon Andrew Kirkbride, Father Michael Doherty, Father Brian Angus, Father Maurice Shinnick and CEO Andrew Larpent

The most obvious feature of the new chapel is the stained glass wall behind the altar. The glass was refashioned from windows reclaimed from a former Methodist Church which stood where the visitors’ car park is now. The redesigned windows now include new features depicting stormy and calm seas. The altar, tabernacle plinth and presiders’ chair from the earlier chapel have been refurbished. The tabernacle came from the Sisters of St Joseph, along with the Crucifix near the

TELLING OUR STORIES Southern Cross Care is partnering with Tutti – a South Australian organisation that has won a number of awards for its community engagement – in an exciting new art media project. We have received a grant from the South Australian Office for the Ageing to deliver the Creative Reminiscence for Older People in Residential Care project which aims to The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

assist our residents share their stories with other residents, family, carers, staff and the wider community. We know that everyone brings their own story with them when they join Southern Cross Care. We also know that people enjoy sharing stories. At Southern Cross Care, we talk a lot about understanding and respecting ‘the whole person’. This

project is about developing a ‘storytelling culture’ in our communities, personalising relationships between staff, residents, families and carers and increasing social interaction. The Creative Reminiscence project will start at Oaklands Park Lodge and we hope to extend it to all our care homes and community programs.




Anyone can have a fall. Most people dismiss falls and think they are due to ‘getting older’ but falls can be very damaging and are easily prevented. When someone has a fall, it can be a warning sign that something may not be right. There are a number of reasons, or ‘risk factors’, that contribute to falls and each can be prevented in a number of ways: • Health problems – some of the health problems that can contribute to falls include Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes, stroke, arthritis, dizziness, incontinence, depression and dementia. Make sure you have a regular checkup. • Fitness and exercise - people who are inactive or unfit usually have poor balance and weaker muscles and this can contribute to falls. Physical activity is very important to improve balance, muscle strength and flexibility, increase energy levels, improve sleep and control weight and blood sugar levels. In addition, exercise makes you feel better and can make you feel like doing more. • Medication - some medication can contribute to falls by making you feel dizzy, confused, unsteady and drowsy. • Vision - as we age our eyesight gradually worsens and we need more light to see. This can mean that other tasks like judging steps and avoiding obstacles are affected which increases our chances of falling. It is very important to get your eyes checked regularly. • Footwear - as we age our feet become less flexible and we may even experience

pain, swelling or decreased sensation. Choosing the right shoe is very important, as wearing loose, tight, uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes reduces your balance, increases your chances of falling and may contribute to pain and swelling. • Fear - if you are afraid of falling, you may find that you become less active. This can then affect your fitness and strength. It is normal to feel anxious about falling if you have suffered a bad fall in the past. However, like most fears, the fear of falling can be overcome. Talk to your GP or one of our rehabilitation staff (contact details below) if you are worried about falling. • Environment - it is important that your home and surroundings are free from falls hazards. There are a couple of simple things you can do to reduce your chances of falling: • make sure you have adequate lighting, especially during the night

Regular exercise helps to prevent falls

• use equipment like shower chairs/ stools if you are unsteady in the shower • be careful with steps and use coloured tape so you can see the change in floor height easily. Plan ahead The most important thing you can do is plan for what you would do if you suffer a fall. Being prepared will not only decrease any fear you have of falling but will also reduce your anxiety if you do have a fall. There are several things you can invest in to provide assistance and assurance such as a personal alarm or mobile phone. If you would like further information about anything in this article please speak with your GP. Our expert Rehabilitation Services team can also help steer you in the right direction and you can contact them on 8179 6825 or 8242 2985.

At Southern Cross Care, we want our residents to feel they are at home. At our 15 residential care homes, we aim to maintain a high standard of living so that residents and their families feel comfortable, welcomed and respected at all times. Our Hotel Services staff play a huge part in helping us achieve this aim. These staff are involved in the day to day running of each care home. They work hard to deliver a wide range of services that are all about the details that help people to live well. Hotel Services Group Manager, Lynda Sanderson, and her team of over 200 skilled professionals are dedicated to serving our residents in the best way possible. For these teams, the working day commences at 6.00am and finishes at 8.00pm, every day of every year, and you’ll see them in all sorts of roles: • Our professional chefs and catering staff prepare up to 1000 meals a day in some of our larger care homes. Food service assistants plate meals and serve them to our residents and guests in their dining rooms. • Housekeeping staff care for all cleaning needs in personal rooms

and the common areas that are used by residents, families and friends. We know how important it is that Southern Cross Care homes are well maintained at all times. • Laundry staff take care of all personal laundry for nearly 1300 residents. They ensure the washing, ironing, folding and labelling of personal items for all residents is a job well done. • Our on-site cafes meet the needs of both our residents, their friends and families providing a welcoming place to sit to enjoy time together. In several of our residential homes, our dedicated and wonderful volunteers assist with running the cafès. What’s more, this great team of people can turn their hand to most things, including the recent Southern Cross Care Community Foundation celebration at Government House where they catered for over 300 guests — a challenging assignment which was carried out to perfection. Left: Staff member serving a customer. Middle: Enjoying dinner. Right: The laundry operation.


• remove general hazards like old rugs/ mats and cords from any walkway • wear appropriate shoes at all times • use non-slip mats in wet/slippery areas

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SUPPORTING OUR RESIDENTS Southern Cross Care connects residents in our retirement villages with support services so that people can live independently for as long as possible. Judy Gower is the Resident Support Coordinator based at John Martin House at The Pines at North Plympton. Judy provides a very personal service to our residents, doing everything from helping with the paperwork needed for entry into residential care and liaising with SCC community service teams about in-home


care packages to referring people for ACAT assessments and rehabilitation services and keeping residents and their families informed. An enthusiastic group of SCC retirement residents, accompanied by Retirement Living Manager Raelene Skoblyk, recently crossed ‘the ditch’ and visited New Zealand. The group enjoyed ten days of new experiences, wonderful scenery and great company.

Judy regularly visits SCC retirement communities talking to residents about their current and future needs and also arranges the annual Retirement Resident Forums, which include speakers from a variety of organisations of interest. This year the Forums are held from March through to June and there is still time to book. Please call Judy Gower on 8371 0743.

One of the more adventurous travellers, on only her second trip overseas, joined The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

in every event including a jet boat ride in Queenstown and a helicopter scenic flight over the Southern Alps. The group agreed that they all had a wonderful time, formed new friendships, and look forward to another Southern Cross Care adventure in the future. Left: The group en route from Twizel to Mt Cook Right: An exhilarating snow landing near Mt Cook with their helicopter in the background


Brendan Bowler receives Foundation Gold pin Guests were treated to a Garden Party

CELEBRATING OUR FOUNDATION The Southern Cross Care Community Foundation was officially launched at a function at Government House on 14 February 2013, in the presence of the Governor of South Australia, His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, AC CSC RANR and Mrs Scarce. Over 300 guests enjoyed the beautiful setting of the Government House gardens on a perfect Adelaide summer evening where they were entertained by string quartet, Amicus Strings, and strolling acrobats, the Columbines. We were particularly happy to welcome the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation Patron, ABC radio broadcaster and wonderful supporter of our community, Mr Peter Goers OAM. Peter’s kindness and generosity to older people, in particular those who are isolated or suffering ill-health, is well known and we are delighted that he has agreed to support our work. Among the many highlights was the speech by His Excellency, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, AC CSC RANR, who is also a great supporter of our work, and who previously spoke at a Southern Cross Care function in 2008, the year of our 40th anniversary. We are very grateful to His Excellency and to Mrs Scarce for opening their home to us. At the event, the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation honoured its first four Gold members, who were presented with a special Community Foundation pin. In recognising the recipients, Southern Cross Care Community Foundation Chair Michele McCormack and CEO Andrew Larpent paid tribute to their commitment, leadership and support. These very special people are volunteer Lois Brock, SCC Board Chairman Brendan Bowler, long-time SCC supporter Bernard Booth


and our Patron, Peter Goers. This group exemplifies what Southern Cross Care and the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation stand for and it was a pleasure to honour them on such an important occasion. One of the highlights of the evening was the arrival of a new bus carrying residents, volunteers and staff to the event. The bus is the first purchase of the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation, and it was funded by a bequest and the generous support of the Commonwealth Bank. It is the first of a proposed fleet of six buses to cover all Southern Cross Care locations including Darwin. The new bus is fitted with lifters and wheelchair space, making it possible for most residents to enjoy an outing and is a wonderful addition to our lifestyle programs. With five more buses to purchase, we clearly have a lot of fundraising to do! The Southern Cross Care Community Foundation is dedicated to: • the support of projects and programs that have a direct and practical benefit for those for whom we provide care and those we represent • raising funds for aged care research and education • creating communities of care. Southern Cross Care supports the administration of the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation, meaning that every dollar raised goes directly to programs, equipment and research. Now that the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation has been officially launched, the real work begins. We are planning a campaign of fundraising, grant applications and events to raise the funds we need for our programs, commencing with a quiz night

on 15 June. Please contact the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation office on 8291 8035 for further information about this and other events. The wonderful launch event would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors.

Our guests enjoy reception

Peter Goers and Bernard Booth

Our Volunteers

If the enthusiasm and support we have received so far are anything to go by, we are off to a flying start. The programs that the Foundation will provide are unfunded. We will not be able to provide them without the support of our community. We ask you to consider the various ways in which you can help – volunteering, being an ambassador and spreading the word about our work, donating, nominating Southern Cross Care for donations in lieu of flowers at funerals, sponsoring a program or event or remembering us in your will. As the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation is a registered charity, donations of $2 and over are deductible for taxation purposes. For more information on how you can help, please contact the Foundation Manager on 8291 8035 or email The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

Official Party

Our entertainment, Amicus Strings

As lawyers to Southern Cross

Lynch Meyer proudly supports the Southern Cross Community Foundation T > 08 8223 7600 F > 08 8223 2722

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VIP BIRTHDAYS We are delighted to congratulate our residents who celebrate 100+ birthdays between 1 February and 30 April 2013. Freida Andrewartha of Bucklands 102 on 5 February Iris Marshall of Pines Lodge 100 on 5 February Mary Evins OF Glen Woodley Estate 100 on 28 February Ivan Romanowski of Onkaparinga Lodge 101 on 3 March

Mary’s story Mary Evins is an inspirational lady, born in Manchester in 1913. She was married to Jack Horton-Evins, a builder, who was able to use his knowledge and skills as a Captain in the Royal Engineers during WWII. Jack was responsible for advising on the build of camps for the troops. Following the war there was a shortage of building materials and cuts in government programs so Mary, Jack and their three children embarked on

THE SCC COMMUNITY FOUNDATION PROGRAMS Current Foundation programs are:


Equipment Program

Through the Southern Cross Care Research and Innovation Centre, the Foundation aims to fund research that has direct benefit for older Australians. In particular we are looking to support the practical application of research that will provide positive outcomes in care, wellbeing and lifestyle.

The Foundation provides funds to support the purchase of equipment to enhance the lifestyle and wellbeing of members of Southern Cross Care communities. Examples include gardening tools, sensory gardens, libraries, men’s sheds, computers, and lifestyle equipment (for example exercise gear). Bus Program Our bus program is aimed at enabling residents and clients to stay connected to their communities through providing transport for activities such as outings, events and shopping days. These trips are very much enjoyed by our residents. For those with difficulties walking, the buses are equipped with lifters and room for storage of wheelchairs. Scholarship Fund The Southern Cross Care Community Foundation Scholarship Fund has been established to recognise the valuable contribution SCC staff make to the quality of life of our residents and clients. This fund provides opportunities for staff members to expand and improve their knowledge and skills.


the Orontes in 1949, bravely setting off for a new life in Australia. It was a rough trip through the Bay of Biscay and after a short stop in Perth WA, Mary and her family eventually arrived at Outer Harbour in 100°F heat (38°C) with a strong north wind blowing – quite a shock to all! Jack was quickly contracted to the Playford Government, building Housing Trust homes at St Marys. He went on to become President of the Master Builders Association. Mary has spent much of her life as a volunteer for various charities, for which she was awarded an OBE. Her many achievements include sitting on the Board of the YWCA from 1954 to 1968, including four years as President, President of the Mitcham Branch of Meals on Wheels and President of the Springfield Branch of the Crippled Children’s Association.

at the golf club with more than 80 family and friends. A widow for sixteen years, Mary enjoys family life with her four children, ten grandchildren and nine great grandchildren and the companionship of her neighbours at Glen Woodley Estate.

Mary was a keen golfer and played at Mt Osmond Golf Club for 30 years. This year, she celebrated her centenary

We are delighted to have Mary as a member of the Southern Cross Care family.

Retirement living at its best Adjacent to the natural setting of Ridge Park you’ll find Glen Woodley Estate - a private retirement sanctuary surrounded by beautiful gardens and views of the rolling Adelaide Hills from your doorstep.

We sincerely thank the organisations that supported the Community Foundation launch.

Villas selling from $495,000

Top: Passengers alight... Top Right: The Foundation’s first purchase.

The NEW Southern Cross Care Community Foundation bus is now housed at the Philip Kennedy Centre. The bus will be available for those within the community of Southern Cross Care and the details on how to book will be made available soon. POP QUIZ -

How do I find out more about the Southern Cross Care Community Foundation Quiz Night? See page 10 for answers The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

Two bedroom or two bedroom with study independent villas are now available, featuring unique character and elegant charm. Each villa is well-appointed with spacious living areas, modern kitchen, bathroom facilities with second toilet, ducted airconditioning, garage and an emergency call system.

While BDO is now the largest, locally owned, full service advisory firm in South Australia; what makes us different is our personal approach. We know that each of our clients is different and we support them accordingly. Distinctively different - it’s how we see you AUDIT • TAX • ADVISORY 1300 138 991

Serviced Apartments selling from $168,000 Serviced Apartments offer meals, cleaning and linen is provided for those needing a little extra care but still maintaining their independence. Each apartment is equipped with a galley kitchen, separate living/dining area and spacious single bedroom and bathroom. Each apartment includes an emergency call system with staff on-site 24 hours a day to provide peace of mind.

We invite you to inspect Glen Woodley Estate by calling Jennifer Jones on 8379 8019 for an appointment. 360 Glen Osmond Road, Myrtle Bank SA 5064

The Southern Star - Autumn 2013


STAFF POLISH THEIR ENGLISH SKILLS Southern Cross Care is privileged to have a highly diverse staff mix, with many people from a wide range of cultures from all over the world. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that enriches our communities. For these staff members, English has often not been their first language and we are working to support them in developing their knowledge and skills in the language.


The participants enjoyed learning new skills and the opportunity to participate in group work with a friendly and supportive group of colleagues. A highlight of the course was the final presentation where they shared a variety of engaging and sometimes moving presentations about

their home place or country of origin. This first group of graduates has provided valuable feedback about the program which will be used to plan further courses this year. Manager – Workforce Development, Sue Ostojic with the graduates

Throughout 2012, a number of interested staff participated in a new English language program which led to an accredited Certificate in English Proficiency. The training was designed to cover many useful topics and support staff in gaining improved communication for work and general purposes.

A. It’s on Saturday 15 June, 2013, 7.00pm.

Southern Cross Care Community Foundation is delighted to have been accepted as a Channel 9 Telethon Charity.

C. Tickets are $20 per person (10 per table).

SCC has had a long association with Telethon, providing funds to support a number of programs.

Present this coupon to receive 20% discount* off any treatment. *Terms and Conditions, 1 offer per person, cannot be utilised with any health rebates. Offer valid until 30 May 2013

Physiotherapy | Occupational Therapy | Speech Pathology Dietitian Services | Massage Therapy

Greenhill and Portrush Roads, Burnside.

D. All of the above! Get your smartest friends and family together to WIN! Great prizes available, fun and games plus a silent auction. BYO food only. Beverages will be available to purchase on the night. DON’T MISS OUT. For Quiz Night information and bookings, please contact Lesley Becker on ph: 8291 8035 or email lesley.


For enquiries and bookings:Phone 8550 8000 Email Address 1 Wildman Street, Goolwa


understanding to others as a volunteer at The Pines Lodge. Liz takes residents to do their shopping, to appointments and for walks around the complex, assists with bus trips and morning teas, writes letters and cards and often gives the simple but important gift of her time and attention — talking to people and listening to their stories. Like that of our other volunteers, Liz’s contribution enriches the lives of many, providing support, assistance, comfort and friendship. We value and thank Liz and all our volunteers for the positive impact they make to our Southern Cross Care communities. If you are interested in volunteering and you have the time, a specific skill or

interest to share, we have a wide range of rewarding programs that improve the lives of those in our communities. Please call our Volunteer Coordinator Deb Wooding on 8291 1800 or 0417 882 392.


B. It’s being held at Burnside Ballroom, corner of

The Therapy and Lifestyle Centre offers a variety of high quality, specialised health services. The new purpose built centre provides professional services to those living in the Fleurieu community - as well as provide a little TLC for those that seek it.

Liz says that she and Mike were ’10 pound immigrants’ when they came to Australia from the UK in 1965. They were married a year later and now have two sons and four lovely grandchildren. Last year they travelled back to their respective homelands — in Liz’s case Ireland and in Mike’s, England. They then ventured on to East Africa where they visited Zanzibar and went on safari in the Serengeti. Before retiring Liz worked as an enrolled nurse in aged care. We are fortunate that she brings all that experience and


Seeking TLC?

Liz Sedgwick and her husband Mike have made The Pines Retirement Village their home for the last five years and really enjoy the lifestyle including the BBQs, dinners and happy hours.

This year funds raised will be directed to our bus program that provides transport for our residents to go on regular outings including luncheons, events, shopping or simply sightseeing. We will sell tickets in the Channel 9 Telethon Distinctive Home and Land Lottery. Look out for these in the next edition of the Southern Star magazine. For the first time the SCC Community Foundation will sell the Channel 9 Telethon Take 9 Movie Card. The Card provides great savings for movie goers while supporting Channel 9 Telethon and Southern Cross Care Community Foundation at the same time.

• it can be used for all sessions every day (unless sold out) • it includes 2 FREE tickets valued at $17.50 each (Some restrictions apply) • you’ll receive 9 visits to the movies for two people for only $9 per ticket

For registered card holders, there will be a bonus draw for a prize of a Wallis Gold Movie Pass for 1 year. Please complete enclosed form or contact the Foundation office on 8291 8035 to purchase your card.

• it includes a free bag of Menz FruChocs on your first paying visit • is valid for use until 31 March 2014 The savings on 9 visits to the movies for two people is $207.75. You can purchase as many Channel 9 Telethon Take 9 Movie Cards as you wish and go to the movies for $9 per person until 31 March 2014.

ONLY $19


What you need to know about this great offer: • the cost of the card is only $19 • it is valid at all Wallis Cinemas (except Gepps Cross Drive-In)

The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

The Southern Star - Autumn 2013



Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) is committed to environmentally sustainable practices. This magazine was printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks.


The Southern Cross Care Community Foundation raises funds to enhance the quality of life for older Australians. It aims to: • • •

raise money for aged care research support projects and programs that have a direct and practical benefit for those for whom we provide care and those we represent create communities of care, encouraging and supporting people to look out for each other wherever they are and in whatever way they can.

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) respects the privacy of it supporters and does not disclose information about them to any third parties. We also respect the right of those who wish to donate or bequest anonymously. If you no longer wish to receive Southern Cross Care mail or your mailing details are incorrect, please let us know.

Southern Cross Care (SA&NT) Incorporated ARBN 129 895 905, South Australia, liability limited Trading as Southern Cross Care Community Foundation ABN 53 682 143 626 | PO BOX 155 GLEN OSMOND SA 5064

The Southern Star - Autumn 2013

Southern star autumn 2013  
Southern star autumn 2013