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August 2019

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August 2019

August 2019

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August 2019

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7/22/19 9:06 PM

Words From the Publisher................................................... 6 Want a Piece of History? Elvis Presley’s Last Motorcycle Up For Auction..................................... 8 Vance & Hines Harley Team Debuts new FXDR-bodied Pro Stock Motorcycles..................... 8 2020 Indian Raptor Leaked............................................... 10 Everyone was at the Junebug Boogie– Even Mother Nature...................................................... 12 Texas Iron Butt Challenge– 1,000 Miles, 24 hours, Zero Stops................................ 14 ‘Nooga Strong................................................................... 18 AMA News from around the States................................... 20 2020 Monster Energy Supercross & Futures Schedules Announced.................................................. 22 Motorcycle Event Listings............................................ 25-27 Bike Night Photos........................................................ 28-29 Alabama...........................25 Georgia.............................25 Mississippi........................26 Tenn. - East................ 26-27 Music Events....................27


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August 2019

August 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 5



Hello Riders, We are hoping everyone is riding safe and enjoying some great riding weather around this great nation! We are fortunate to live near the Cherohala Skyway and the Tail of the Dragon where hundreds of motorcycles from all over the country visit our community weekly. The mountains, waterfalls, farmland and curvy scenic roads are sometimes mesmerizing, but it truly adds to the joy of ride. Just watch out for the wildlife that sometimes wants to say “Hi”. The past couple of months has been trying. We discovered a new type of “justice” that is beyond comprehension. A couple of months ago, I attended the Steel Cowgirl’s event at Copperhead Lodge. Long story short, I had a great time meeting new women riders and a couple of great friends that joined me at the event. However, on the last day, two friends and I rode to breakfast with me in the lead position. On a hard curve, a truck appeared in my lane heading straight toward me at an excessive speed. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE AT THAT MOMENT! I did the only thing I knew to do, lean hard right, hold my line without going off the road and off the mountain side. He side swiped me crashing into my motorcycle. I have tire marks down the left side of my bike. His truck was a mere inch from my leg. However, the entire side of my bike sustained damage from the fairing to the saddlebag. Miraculously, I managed to keep my bike upright and came to a stop on the shoulder, got off my bike and started screaming, crying and shaking uncontrollably once the gravity of what just happened started to sink in. Thankfully, my friends riding behind me were not injured; Amber & Sunshine were upset and crying. Sunshine turned around to go after the driver and get the license plate number. Another motorcyclist pulled over to check on us and I sent him to go after the truck driver too and make sure he comes back. The guy left the scene! Two motorcycle riders took off after him (eventually catching up to him) and the truck driver returned. He didn’t seem too remorseful at all but did apologize. If he really was a caring driver, he would not have been in my lane in the first place. He had


P.O. Box 644 • Madisonville, TN 37354 • 865-247-8118 • Fax 606-220-1412 President/Publisher Kristin Gracy msmagman@southernbiker.us 865-405-6989

Editor/Track Photo Journalist Randy Gracy themagman@southernbiker.us 865-257-2279

Youth Motocross Writer Gavin Smith

Graphics & Design Director Lori Strohmaier lori@southernbiker.us Graphic Designer McKayla Cunningham mckayla@southernbiker.us

two lanes of his own to utilize going up the mountain. Police were called and an officer with the Lumpkin Co Sheriff’s Dept arrived. No one could believe I survived this close call, I heard people say many times. The officer did his “regular job” and investigated the accident but failed to take a statement from Cindy “Sunshine” William or get her contact information. The driver of the truck (a GA resident) was cited for crossing the centerline ONLY! Now understand this; witnesses had him speeding and crossing over the double yellow line miles back before crashing into me and narrowly missing my two friends behind me, two witnesses stated that if they had not gone after the driver, they did not believe the driver would have returned. One witness in a car had a dash cam which recorded the impact. And the deputy only cited the truck driver for crossing the centerline. Slap his hand and tell him not to do it again; that’s how I see it. This driver didn’t and doesn’t have respect for other driver and will most likely do it again, just like the truck driver that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire after driving into their lane two days before this accident. Why does loss of life have to happen before anything changes? Back at the hotel, staff mentioned several people have died on Highway 19 “Blood Mountain” (as locals refer to it) because drivers don’t respect the double yellow line after I told them what happened. What I’d like to know is, why officials haven’t implemented yellow plastic poles on the double yellow line on that section of road to keep drivers on their side of the road or something similar? Do lives not matter to them or do a certain number of people need to die first before they will do anything to correct the problem? I’m thankful to be alive and that my Guardian Angel traveled with us that day. I think God has plans for me. The reason I’m telling you this is no matter what, in any accident, GET AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY to protect your interests. I’m so disappointed how this was handled and “investigated”. The driver should have been charged with a more severe penalty for nearly taking my life! The only reason I’m alive is because of Heavenly protection and driving skills. Motorcyclists lives matter! Be mindful, watch out for yourself and others on the road. Our only protection is riding cautiously and defensively. Enjoy the America’s birthday month and as always, “Keep Your Knees In The Breeze” ©

Kristin “Ms. Mag Man” Gracy

Southern Biker Magazine is published monthly and NO reproduction of content is permitted without Publisher’s prior written approval. Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors in ads beyond the cost of space occupied by error; a correction will be printed. Publisher is not liable for: any slandering of an individual, or group as we mean no malice or individual criticism at any time; nor are we responsible for the opinions or comments of our columnists; and promises, coupons, or lack of fulfillment from advertisers who are solely responsible for the content of their ads. Publisher is also to be held harmless from: failure to produce any issue as scheduled due to reasons beyond control; all suits, claims or loss of expenses; this includes but is not limited to, suits for libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement and unauthorized use of a person’s name or photograph. Publisher does not promote excessive consumption of alcohol beverages. The Southern Biker Magazine name and logo are owned nationally by the Publisher.

Southern Biker Magazine began in 2007 with a monthly circulation of 30,000 and is currently distributed in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, Kentucky and growing. All ads are included on our Facebook page at no additional cost. For rate sheets and info sheets visit our website under Customer Services/Media Kit or email ads@southernbiker.us. No additional cost for our services. One price for everything. Call us today to be included in the Southeast's most popular motorcycle events magazine! Deadline is the 13th of each month for the following month issue.

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August 2019

Bike Night Every Thursday w/ Live Music!

Hot r me m u s y p p haour h

beat the heat! M-F 2pm-4pm

$2.50 Demestics $2.50 Imports

Longnecks $2.50 Imports $3.50 Live Ride every sunday music

(weather permitting) See Facebook for Times & Details

Aug 15

Aug 23 National ride the wind day

Lowest Beer Prices in Town $3 Longnecks $4 Imports Redeye in a Cup Bike Ride, Live Music @ 5pm, $2.50 longnecks Blind Draw Dart Tourney Open Pool Tables Ladies Night - Ladies Beer Specials Karaoke!

Salute toVeterans & Bike Night

Blind Draw Dart Tourney

See you here on your motorcycle !

See Us on Facebook for upcoming Bands & Events

7715 Clinton Hwy. Powell, TN August 2019

Bike Night - Live Music $2.50 Longnecks Live Music & Karaoke Pool Tourney 8pm

Hours Open: M-F 2pm-till, Sat-Sun 12 noon - till

Live Music & Karaoke

865-512-9158 Southern Biker Magazine - 7


Last Motorcycle Up For Auction By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


lvis Presley is undoubtedly one of the top 5 most recognizable figures in American history; #1 in music. And the majority of folks, who listened or knew of him, knew that he rode motorcycles. His favorite brand was Harley-Davidson and now the final piece of

his riding enjoyment is up for auction. His AMF-era 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH-1200 Electra Glide was a classic and this one is one of a kind; the KING owned it. It’s the last one he purchased before passing away in 1977. Kruse GWS Auctions will put the Presley Electra Glide on the auction block on August 31 at a yet-tobe-disclosed location in Los Angeles as part of the Artifacts of Hollywood collection. The FLH is custompainted and has been displayed in a

glass case at the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, South Dakota, since the late 1980s. The 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH1200 Electra Glide featured a 1206cc Shovelhead motor with a four-speed transmission. Peak output was 58 horsepower at 5150 rpm. With a curb weight of 761 pounds, the FLH topped out at about 84 mph. Along with the motorcycle, all of the essential documentation is included, such as the title and registration in Elvis Presley’s name. NADA Guides put the value of an excellent condition 1976 Harley-Davidson FLH-1200 Electra Glide at $16,395. Expect to pay much more for the Presley motorcycle.



colors while Sampey’s bike is adorned with a 2020 factory color known as Barracuda silver.

With Hines and Kraweic in first and second place and Angelle in seventh, the team would like to end the season 1-2-3. The actual bikes that Hines and Krawiec are riding are painted in the traditional orange and black Harley-Davidson

Before this issue went to print, Andrew Hines continued on his hot streak on his new machine picking up his sixth win of the season at the 40th annual Dodge Mile-High NHRA Nationals. Hines defeated his teammate Eddie Krawiec in the final round on Thunder Mountain at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado. He also snapped Krawiec’s win streak at the facility, as he won last year’s event. Hines also earned the 500th round win of his career in his crucial semifinal win against low qualifier and reigning world champ Matt Smith. Angelle Sampey finished a disappointing 9th.

hy in the world would the top NHRA Pro-Stock Motorcycle team change the design of its drag bike? It’s because they are still looking to get better. Racers Andrew Hines, Eddie Kraweic, and Angelle Sampey have switched to the new FXDR. The FXDR is the fourth factory Harley-Davidson model that has been adapted for NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle competition joining the V-Rod, Night Rod, and Street Rod, and Hines believes it will be their best.

8 - Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019

August 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 9

2020 Indian Raptor Leaked L

ookout Harley-Davidson Road Glide, you have a new competitor coming (it looks like). Indian has been quietly preparing to launch its new water-cooled bagger and they’ve named it appropriately; the RAPTOR!

Leaked spy photos and patent application documents give a good picture as to where Indian is heading with this new model. The Raptor’s centerpiece will be an all-new liquidcooled V-twin, (which was intended to replace the Freedom 106 V-twin in Polaris’ Victory brand, now deceased). The new motor (believed to be 108ci, or 1,770cc, and rated at 120 hp) will use a single-overhead-cam layout and four valves per cylinder, but adds water-cooling and a couple of extra cubic inches of capacity. That HP is around 30 more than Indian’s existing Thunder Stroke 111 can output. That would put this engine in its High-Performance category (i.e. CVO?). Patents show that the camshafts can be removed from the side without dismantling the rockers above them, and that they feature a built-in automatic centrifugal decompression system to ease the starter motor’s life. A sixspeed transmission is confirmed by the limited specifications that have leaked onto the internet so far. The spy shots, even though low-resolution image of the finished bike, reveal that it’s clearly 10 - Southern Biker Magazine

aimed at Harley-Davidson’s Road Glide. There’s a near-identical fixed half fairing at the front, with a similarly forward-slanted headlight and short and stubby windscreen are dead giveaway. The bike’s Raptor name has a production start date of August this year. The leaked documents also confirm that the bike is the first of a range of machines going under the project name “Legend.” Although the documents don’t indicate what other Indian models will be under this status, Indian has filed trademark applications for other names; “Raven” and “Renegade” with a stylized “R” logo. The August launch date suggests that Sturgis, taking place beginning August 2, is likely to be where the unveil will happen as Indian has done in the past. On another note; there will also be two new models derived from the 1,203cc, 120-hp Indian FTR1200 over the next two years. That entire model line goes under the project name “Apollo,” with the FTR1200 referred to as the “Apollo Tracker.” For the 2020 model year a “Street” model is to join the Apollo line and for 2021 the firm plans to create an adventure bike on the same basis. The Street is likely to be revealed in the second half of this year. Another recent trademark filing, for the rights to the name “Challenger,” could be an indication as to its final name. August 2019

August 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 11



By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy

Junebug Boogie

Even Mother N ature


he 18th Junebug Boogie saw a couple thousand folks pull in their cars, trucks, RVs and some hauling tents on their bikes to attend one of the best rallies anywhere. Thank goodness Herbert & Amber purchased the extra land next to theirs, they needed it this rally. Hundreds of early attendees came Wednesday to set up and get ready, so the rally officially began. Wednesday night, Scooters Biker Bar was the happening scene with live music and lots of wild times. As the weekend approached more and more folks lined up to get in and get a good spot. One couple came from Texas and said they heard about this rally and had to come. They also said, “We WILL be back!” This rally is touted as the largest outdoor parties for adults there is in Tennessee and trust me… IT IS! Vendors were set up nose to tail on the midway where Amberland is located. With everyone settled into their camping spots and began enjoying the entertainment to come; Phoenix Rising, Shady Sadie, Skipper Grace, Hillbilly Bonez, Ali Randolf and Big Top. Everyone was looking forward to the biker games and contests Herbert puts on at each rally and compete for those coveted etched trophy mugs. Everything was set up and it looked to be one of the biggest parties they’ve every thrown. And then a party crasher came… Mother Nature. Torrential rain and high winds hit the venue and

12- Southern Biker Magazine

somebody must have given MN a jar of shine because the harsh weather was all over the place and it only let up for a few minutes for folks to use the rest room. Holding down tents so they don’t fly away became a new water sport. Lots of folks lost tents, awnings and everything camping. On Friday night, there was even a tornado in the area and the lights went out everywhere. Scooters bar had emergency lighting so that’s where a lot of folks continued the party. The rest of the weekend was wet, but everyone seemed to have a great time. It took a little tractor pulling to get some folks out but everyone got out on Sunday in time to depart. But you know what, no one complained and folks seem to have an even better time than if it was sunny and HOT. Lots of memories were made as Herbert and Amber put on one heck of show. (Some might want to forget a few… LOL). The Southern Biker Road Crew was well represented with me, Jeff Burkhardt and Chelsea Pendleton along with Biker Bob from USA Biker Parties. The Boogie Too is just around the corner (Sept 26-29) so pack your motorcycles, trailers, tents and trucks and come on! The weather will be sunny! August 2019

Boogie TOO www.Junebugboogie.com

S e p t e m b e r 2 6 th- 2 9 th

4 AWESOME days!

More party than you can handle PLUS 5 OTHER TOP ACTS!



115 Waterloo Road Cookeville, TN www.Junebugboogie.com

August 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 13

1,000 Miles, 24 hours, Zero Stops

Texas Iron Butt Challenge Excerpt Via Zack Courts & Ari Henning


very motorcyclist has a marathon story, whether it’s returning home on a cold night from a few towns over or crushing 10 states during a coast-to-coast road trip. Distance holds a particular allure for us riders. For motorcyclists who want to prove themselves against their odometers and the clock, the most basic test is 1,000 miles in under 24 hours. The Iron Butt Association, which certifies long-distance rides, calls it a Saddlesore 1000. A Saddlesore 1000 ride is no walk in the park, but frankly, with today’s high-tech and luxurious ultra-tourers dripping with comfort features, it just doesn’t seem that difficult. So we decided to up the ante and tackle our 1,000 miles in one go; as in, without stopping. That means no stopping for gas, food, or bathroom breaks. Not even putting a foot down for 1,000 miles; this is why we ended up peeing through a hose. Our other favorite accessories were our magnetic tank bags, where we kept three meals worth of granola bars, nuts, beef jerky, and protein shakes. As if that weren’t enough, we opted to tackle our 1,000 miles on $1,000 bikes, or at least give ourselves a total budget of $2,000. Ari found a crashed and slightly clapped-out Honda CBR250R that he managed to take ownership of for $400. For Zack, a well used Kawasaki Concours 1000, circa 2002, made it to our driveway for $1,600. Ostensibly a forgettable, boxy touring bike, the Connie 1000 was Zack’s choice for one main reason, its 7.5-gallon tank. Ari would carry all the fuel he needed for the ride, which worked out to an

14 - Southern Biker Magazine

additional 15 gallons strapped to the CBR’s rear with a tangle of hoses, valves, and a fuel pump feeding gas into the tank. Zack would ride light and refuel like the Air Force does, by getting his gas pumped into the tank during a fill-up rendezvous with a truck (while still riding). The great state of Texas (would be the backdrop of the ride) with its famously wide across its middle, plus it offers varied terrain and high speed limits. We prepped the bikes in the back of a dealership near the city of Orange, nestled up against the Sabine River at the easternmost border of the Lone Star state. Our destination was El Paso, about 850 miles west of Orange in a straight shot, but we planned to dip south and brush the Mexican border and net a hair over 1,000 miles. Neither of us slept well the night before the ride, and most of Texas was still asleep when we wiped dew off our seats at 4:30 a.m. and prepped for launch. We plugged our headsets into accessory USB ports and gave our hamstrings one last stretch. Then we lifted our feet up onto the footpegs where, if all went well, they’d remain for the better part of 24 hours. By early afternoon we’d added 500 miles to our bikes’ odometers and were mercifully halfway through the mission. Even after the Connie’s second fuel-up near Del Rio, the Honda and Kawasaki were running flawlessly, but we could feel ourselves beginning to break down. Mentally we still felt sharp, but our butts, knees, and necks were predictably unhappy. Adding Advil capsules to our diets of beef jerky and nuts helped take

the edge off the agony as we steeled ourselves for the second half of the journey, which we knew full well would be a lot more difficult than the first. Amazingly, we never felt the weight of fatigue pulling at our eyelids. Somehow the thrill of the challenge sustained us, and while there were periods of silence on our intercoms, we spent hundreds of miles discussing everything from kitten ownership to the fact that outer space doesn’t end. It just keeps going. So, what’s it expanding into? The lights of El Paso finally appeared in the distance (close to 2am). We were tired, stiff, and downright sick of riding by the time we pulled into a scenic overlook on the western edge of the city. Our legs wobbled as we held ourselves upright for the first time in nearly a full rotation of the Earth, and we laughed at the bizarre and farcical mountain we had just climbed. Texas had offered high speed limits, yes, but also a grandiose canvas for us to paint our own version of the Iron Butt Challenge. All motorcyclists have their marathon story. And now we have ours. We didn’t prove anything, other than you shouldn’t try this at home, but if nothing else it placed us one step closer to appreciating those motorcyclists who undertake these rides more regularly; Respect. To read their entire story, go to: https://www.motortrendondemand.com/ show/throttle-out/105501512/ *All photos by Spenser Robert and Lyttleton Carter

August 2019







E TIO UC DG30241 EA O M H ’S L ge, GA O 11 A UFF AS T ER WH ELK aGran DR 9T OO d, L E M THS Davis R N FRO F JAMES W E:











AUG. 10TH 11AM




* One side print – one color * Using your custom art * 25 shirt minimum order * NO additional charges – really! * Great name brand t-shirts, all colors


Call Matt or Carissa at (865)-233-0810

inkmonkeystudios@gmail.com QUALITY WORK AT A GREAT PRICE! FIND US AT: 424 Maryville Hwy. Suite 1 Seymour, TN 37865 WE SHIP ANYWHERE AT COST! August 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 15


The USA’a Official qualifying round of the AMD show featuring the country’s top Custom bikes on display for 3 days as they compete for prize money, trophies, a pretty fancy cake and a paid trip to a place in the World Championship finals held in Germany.

PEREWITZ PAINT SHOW & CUSTOM BAGGER SOUND OFF Dave and Jody Perewitz present their highly prestigious Custom Show All Makes are welcome - It’s all about the paint! Cool hand painted trophies & other prizes









FMI about Ladies Bike Show call 865-257-2279 or themagman@southernbiker.us 16 - Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019





August 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 17

‘NOOGA STRONG By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


our Marines and one sailor were killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee by a radical muslim on July 16, 2015. Terrorism came to America, to Tennessee, to Chattanooga. Sadness and anger flowed over not just the Chattanooga community, but worldwide. And today, the memory of that day still resonates hard in the community by witnessing the ride for the fallen soldiers. Riders came from all over to remember and ride for the fallen five. The ride began at 23rd Street and passed several highlighted locations; the National Cemetery and the Fallen Five mural on McCallie Ave. A couple hundred riders came to ride with Red, White & Blue everywhere on themselves and their bikes. Some shed tears as the memory of that day came and hit home in the heart. The ride ended at White Lightning Harley-Davidson for a ceremony and celebration of life. During the ceremony, there were several speakers speaking about that day and the men themselves. There was also a 21 gun salute, taps played and a fly over by airplanes. It was a very humbling experience and awesome show of respect.

My wife and I are proud parents of two Marines, my brother-in-law is a retired two-star General, my nephew is a Captain in the US Army and my daughter-in-law is a US Navy veteran. Our families are deeply entrenched in our nations military. We stand proud and we stand American, hand-in-hand with everyone who bleeds red, white and blue. I thank God today that we have a President that is strong in the eyes of our enemies and makes sure America comes FIRST. We all learned lessons that day and we should never forget those lessons… or those men. We stand…‘NOOGA STRONG! 18 - Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019

The Soldiers & Airmen


TOY RUN & Benefit

! September 28









Motorcycl e LOTS OF S HOW!

& much more!

Tennessee Land Opportunity! Located in Monroe County TN near Cherokee National Forest and waterfalls with plentiful outdoor activities for RV, motorcycle riding, kayaking, hiking, river tubing, fishing and more! A. Bawek-Rivendell Ln, Tellico Plains, TN




(creek on property, 3.25 acres) B. McBride-Rivendell Ln, Tellico Plains, TN (creek on property, 1.25 acres) C. Hopper-Rivendell Ln, Tellico Plains, TN (1.41 acres) D. Scaglione-Smithfield, Tellico Plains, TN (2.04 acres) E. Phillips-Laurel Lake, Madisonville, TN (gated lake community, 0.5 level acres) F. Wallace-Laurel Lake, Madisonville, TN (gated lake community, two lots available 0.70 acres and 0.83 acres, can be combined)




Contact Kristin Gracy today! Honest, ethical, and reliable assistance in the real estate market





My Goal is to help you achieve Your Goal.

August 2019

418 Cherohala Skyway Tellico Plains, TN


Southern Biker Magazine - 19

Co-star Jack Nicholson and the film’s screenplay were both nominated for Oscars. In 1998, “Easy Rider”was added to the National Film Registry, and the iconic movie is also part of the American Film Institute’s list of 100 best American films. “A seminal counterculture film that spoke for a generation, ‘Easy Rider’ captured the imagination and social consciousness of the late ‘60s,” said Fathom Events Vice President of Studio Relations Tom Lucas. “On the big screen fifty years later, the film continues to resonate, doing so beautifully in its new 4K restoration.




he American Motorcyclist Association has been informed by the series promoter that there will be no national championship-level EnduroCross racing in 2019. The promoter, WHR Motorsports informed the AMA that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2019 series has been canceled.


ollege students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee now have a new favorite class to consider just in time for the start of summer: Harley-Davidson Riding Academy. Offered through the Department of Kinesiology Sport & Recreation Office at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s College of Health Sciences, Harley-Davidson Riding Academy began May 2. The elective course includes required reading and classroom lessons on the parts and functions of the motorcycle, suggested riding behaviors to promote confidence, and of course riding practice.

“The extreme off-road racing discipline is very important to the AMA as an organization and to many of our members,” AMA Director of Racing Kevin Crowther said. “We will continue to work toward securing a promotional partner that meets the requirements for operating an AMA extreme off-road national championship series.”



assively influential and enormously popular, “Easy Rider” became the film event for an entire generation when it was released on July 14, 1969, less than a week before a human being landed on the moon – and for the film industry, “Easy Rider” turned out to be as significant as that event. Now, exactly 50 years after it became a cultural touchstone, “Easy Rider” returned to movie theaters this past month for two days only: Sunday, July 14, and Wednesday, July 17. “In 1969, I went looking for America,” said star Peter Fonda, who co-wrote the film with Terry Southern and director Dennis Hopper. “Fifty years later, I’m still looking …”

“Harley-Davidson is committed to building the next generation of riders and meeting them where they are – in this case on campus – is a natural extension of that strategy,” said Claudia Garber, Harley-Davidson Marketing Programs Manager. “While many may consider college itself to be the ride of a lifetime, we’re looking forward to broadening horizons even further with a real-life skill and access to a mode of transportation that they may not have considered before.” Students who complete the course will receive one general credit toward their degree and an MSF completion card, which in many states exempts them from the riding portion of the state motorcycle license test and may qualify riders for discounted motorcycle insurance. The course includes use of a training motorcycle, course materials, and insurance. Could this be coming to a college near you?


August 24TH


September 7TH

10 as TOP Ameriocrldwide W d ize RecogEnE Biker MUST eSstination Bar D

Get OUT of the ASPHALT JUNGLE Ride on in Any Day & Enjoy the French Broad Riverfront Views

2299 Highway 25/70 E * Del Rio, TN (423) 613-9726 www.BobarosaSaloon.com 20 - Southern Biker Magazine



October 12TH

8PM BEATLES TRIBUTE – FOREVER ABBY ROAD THURSDAY’S: 6-9PM .50 WINGS & KARAOKE BIKE DAYS & NIGHTS EVERY FRI, SAT & SUN Beer, Food & Apparel Specials, $1 Mojo Shots, LIVE Entertainment. Ride in with a tent & Camp FREE!

BROWSE & SHOP VENDOR ROW w/ Brotherhood Leathers, Momma Cats Sewing, Beth’s Bike Wash & Detailing, Big John’s Pinstripping & Extreme Motorcycle Audio & more!

* Ice Cold Beer & Beverages, Great Food, Music, Times & Customer Service * ALL Brand of Motorcycles Welcome * Outdoor Bars & Seating * Indoor A/C Bar & Kiosk offering Bobarosa Apparel & Sewing Services * Campgrounds w/ Motel Rooms, Cottages, RV & Tent Sites, Bath House, Fire Pits, Tables & Games!

August 2019





Let us personally select from the world’s finest diamonds for No order is too small or large, and no special request is beyond the reach of our Antwerp suppliers. Personally hand-picked diamonds are guaranteed to be the best of the best. We are now taking preorders. We would love to be your personal shopper. 4914 North Broadway · Suite B · Knoxville, TN 37918 865.686.0502 · FountainCityJewelers.com

August 2019

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2020 Monster Energy Supercross & Futures Schedules Announced Via AMA Supercross


he 2020 Monster Energy Supercross schedule has been announced, and there are significant changes in the program for the 17-round series, which is an AMA National Championship and FIM World Championship series. Expected to be returning to the fray are 2019 Supercross Champion Cooper Webb (#2), runner-up Eli Tomac (#3), Marvin Musquin (#25), and Ken Roczen (#94).

As in the previous season, the Easter break comes late in the year. However, for 2020, it comes between the 14th and 15th rounds, one week earlier than in 2019. Lastly, in its second full season, Supercross Futures, an AMA Amateur National Championship, will take place in ten select markets while continuing to establish itself as the world’s premier developmental platform for amateur Supercross racing. The 2020 national championship will take place in October following the Monster Energy Cup.

The first big change is St. Louis as the second stop in the series. For years, the Monster Energy Supercross series has hugged the west coast in the opening round. St. Louis was absent from the Supercross schedule in 2019. “Our goal is the continued growth of the sport and rotating markets every couple of years,” according to Todd Jendro, Vice President of Operations – Motorsports, Feld Entertainment, “expanding Supercross Futures events and moving the finale to a new location helps keep the series fresh and exciting for the fans, as well as for the race teams and athletes.” Part of that “rotating markets” strategy means that Minneapolis, Houston, Nashville, and E. Rutherford will not host a 2020 Monster Energy Supercross round after doing so in 2019. Replacing those stops Before the 2020 season officially begins, the sport’s top are St. Louis, Tampa, Foxborough, and Salt Lake City. athletes will battle it out in Las Vegas on October 19 at the The other end of the 2020 Monster invite-only all-star event – the Monster Energy Cup. Following Energy Supercross schedule is perhaps a second-place the biggest shocker. For the first time 450SX Class in decades, the final round will not be finish in 2019, at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. Monster Energy Instead, Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Kawasaki’s Lake City will host the last round, Eli Tomac will with the series racing in Las Vegas return to Sam the previous week. Boyd Stadium “Utah has a long history and attempt to of hosting Supercross defend his 2018 events and other major Monster Energy international sporting Cup title. If events, including the Olympic Winter Games,” Utah Sports successful, Commission President and CEO Jeff Robbins said. “The Tomac will season finale will be one of the biggest sporting events ever become the held in Utah, driving tremendous economic impact and media first athlete value to our great state. We are excited to welcome back the to ever win top riders in the world and their terrific fans to Utah.” the “Monster Million” twice. 22 - Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019

Certified in whiplash and mild traumatic brain injury

865-679-2225 111 Northview Street Knoxville, TN 37919 info@hombergchiropractic.com www.hombergchiropractic.com

August 2019

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888-380-4990 • CARSCASH.co 24 - Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019

August 16th Donna’s Old Town Cafe Day in Madisonville, TN Come celebrate with us!

Sun - Wed 7am - 3pm Thurs - Sat 7am - 8pm

100 College St. South • Madisonville, TN (423) 442-3304 http://www.oldtowncafe.com


Aug 4: August Thunder Sunday at Mt Cheaha H-D, Oxford @ 9:00 AM.

Aug 17: National Vintage MX Series - Mill Creek MX Park, Mill Creek Motorsports Park, Pell City. www. ahrma.org/schedules-results/vintage-motocross/

Aug 22: Hueytown Faith Riders Bike Night & Bug Run, Arby’s, 105 River Square Plz, Hueytown. No fee, prizes. See Facebook. Aug 23-25: Alabama State CMA Rally, Lakepoint Resort State Park, Eufala. 256-783-4823

Aug 24: Veterans of America RC 7th Annual Poker Run & Hog Roast, American Legion, 2900 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville. 256-783-1957

Aug 29-Sep 1: Stock Law Gap Fall Rally, 9100 S. Shakleville Rd, Georgiana. www.stocklawgaprally.com


Aug 10: Rumble in the Park Poker Run, Herman Dierks Memorial Park, De Queen. 870-784-6283

Aug 14: Wednesday Nite Cruise-In, Pig Trail H-D, Rogers. All bikes & cars welcome. 6-9pm. Aug 16-18: Mountains, Music & Motorcycles, Downtown Mountain View. Free event. www. mountainmusicmotorcycles.com

Aug 28: Wednesday Nite Cruise-In, Pig Trail H-D, Rogers. All bikes & cars welcome. 6-9pm.


Oct 17-20: Biketoberfest, Daytona Beach. www. daytonabeach.com/biketoberfest/ or info@ daytonabeach.com

August 2019

Oct 23-27: Thunder Beach Autumn Rally, Panama City Beach. www.thunderbeachproductions.com or info@thunderbeachproductions.com or 850-249-7627 Dec 1: Azan Shriner’s Toy Run - Returning Home Ride, 1591 W. Eau Gallie Blvd., Melbourne, Start Time: 08:30 am. Cost: $10/rider or new unwrapped toy, KSU 11:45 am Byrd Plaza, Cocoa. http://www. azanshrine.org/index.html under Calendar - 2019 Toy Run or AzanToyRun@yahoo.com


Aug 2: American Legion Bike Night, Post 233, 4635 Atlanta Hwy, Loganville. 6pm-11pm. See Facebook.

Aug 3: Deputy Nicolas Dixon Memorial Ride by Punishers LEMC, Frazier’s Harley-Davidson, Buford. 9AM-3PM. FMI bobrickard@aol.com Aug 3: Southeast Sizzler Car & Bike Show, Arbor Place, 6700 Douglas Blvd, Douglasville. www. eventbrite.com/e/61999864263

Aug 31: 22 to Zero Veterans Ride, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School, Fort Oglethorpe. www. bikershelpinghand.org/

Sep 14: Cruisin for St Jude at Easy Living Yamaha & Polaris, 3120 Martha Berry Hwy, Rome. Regist starts 9AM, KSU 11AM. $20/bike. Escorted ride. 678-9017445 Sep 21: Warehouse of Hope Poker Run, 100 Hunter Rd. Douglasville, 9:30-5:00, $25 per bike. Rain date: 10/5/2019. Reg: 9:30, FBO 10:30, LBO 11:00. 770917-9964, www.servantsofthecrossga.org


Oct 12-13: Southern Kentucky Motorcycle Show & Expo, Corbin KY Arena. Featuring “All Things Motorcycle”. Vendors, bike show, live entertainment, contests, special guests, swap meet, bike corral and more! Vendors forms or bigimpressionsmarketing@ gmail.com or Facebook.

Aug 10: Sgt David Collins Memorial Bike Ride, Microtel Inn, 171 H Mullins Ct, Jasper. All vehicles welcome. 706-273-9680 or wsa652@etcmail.com

Nov 10: Veterans Appreciation Ride, H-D Bowling Green. FREE food, registration 11am-1pm, KSU at 1pm. Proceeds to Combat Vets KY 1-6 to help local Veterans in the area. $20 per rider/$10 passenger. https://www.harley-davidsonbowlinggreen.com/

Aug 16-18: CMA GA State Rally, GA Baptist Conference Center, 462 Sonrise Way, Toccoa. 912269-3272 or cmascr4.org/ga/state-rally-form.aspx

Aug 1: Bossier City H-D Bike Night – August 6-9pm. Live music, beer, food and more.

Aug 10: Benefit Ride for Deputy Billy Baker by Blue Knights at Elk’s Lodge, 90 S Davis Rd, LaGrange. Reg 9-11.

Aug 17: Nam Knights Car & Bike Show, Statham American Legion, 1633 Atlanta Hwy SE, Statham. 678-878-9540 or Facebook. Aug 29: Two Wheel Thursday (TWT) Bike Night, Cycle World of Athens. See Facebook.


Aug 24: Poker Run, VFW Post, DeRidder. 9am-4pm, benefiting BeauCare. 337-462-2273 Aug 29-Sep 2: Meet on the Creek Labor Day Rally, Silver Creek Campground, Mount Hermon. www. meetonthecreek.com

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Aug 1 & 8: Rumble on the Gulf, Bike night at Silver Slipper Casino, 5000 S Beach Blvd, Bay St Louis at 5pm. www.silverslipper-ms.com/promotions

Aug 15-18: All-Bike Mississippi Motorcycle Rally #20, Sturgis. FMI 662-341-0115 or hsh750@bellsouth.net or www.msrally.com

Run #16, Texas Roadhouse, 8304 Two Notch Rd, Columbia at 8am. FMI Jackie.brown@ texasroadhouse.com or www.hfotusa.org/get-involved/ support_our_mission/fundraiser/bikerun/ Aug 10: National Vintage MX Series at Moto-Vated Sports Complex, 14499 SC-101, Gray Court. www. ahrma.org/schedules-results/vintage-motocross/


Fri: Live Music & Karaoke & Pool Tourney @8pm at Corn Pone 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell

Fri: Food Truck Friday (11-2) at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy and Bootlegger H-D, 605 Lovell Rd, Knoxville

Sat: Live Music & Karaoke at Corn Pone 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell

Sat: Bike Day & Nite, beer & food specials, live music, bikini bike wash, bike games, outside bars, 8-ball pool tourney @ 9pm at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, TN www.bobarosasaloon.com or 423-613-9726

Aug 24: City Wide Stacey Deans Motorcycle Rally & Show at 150 N 2nd Street, Columbus. Register at 10:00 AM. KSU 10:30. www.raceroster.com/ events/2019/25045/captain-stacey-dean-benefit-5k

Mon & Tues: Customer Appreciation day, $1 off all appetizers at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, www. bobarosasaloon.com or 423-613-9726

Sep 6-8: Cherokee Blue Ridge Run #3 at Cherokee Fairgrounds, Cherokee. Perowitz Ride-in custom paint show & bagger sound off, Ride in custom bike show, Ladies Ride-in bike show, Antique Motorcycle Club of America vintage bike gathering & kickstart ride, motorcycles, concerts with Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Jasmine Cain, Thunder Jack (AC/DC), Strutter (Kiss), Sabbath, Michael Allman, Stone Senate, Phuncle Sam (Grateful Dead), stunt shows, artists, vendors, flat track racing, factory demo rides, tours, free maps, food trucks and more. A family friendly good time. $15day pass, $30 weekend pass, under 16 free. www. blueridgerun.com

Mon & Wed: Blind Draw Tourney at Corn Pone, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. Open pool tables.

Sun: Bike Day All Day, beer & food specials, live music, bikini bike wash, bike games, outside bars at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, TN www.bobarosasaloon. com or 423-613-9726

Wed: Ladies Nite 7-10p, $1 MOJO shots, 7-11pm Heath’s Extreme Karaoke, Free pool all day at at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, TN www.bobarosasaloon. com or 423-613-9726

Sun-Funday: Ride (weather permitting) from Corn Pone 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. See Facebook for times & destination.


Sep 7: Ladies Ride In Bike Show at Cherokee Blue Ridge Run, Cherokee Fairgrounds, Cherokee. FMI Randy Gracy TheMagMan@SouthernBiker.us or 865-257-2279


Aug 3: Hardwood Cruisers MC Anniversary Party, 5970 Hwy 134 E, Donalds at 2pm. Aug 4: Texas Roadhouse Homes for Our Troops

26 - Southern Biker Magazine

Mon-Fri: Happy Hour at Corn Pone, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 2-4pm, $2.50 longnecks, $3.50 imports. Tues: Ladies Nite at Corn Pone, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. Ladies beer specials and Karaoke.

Thurs: Bike Nite at Corn Pone, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. Live music. $2.50 longnecks

Thurs: Wing Nite at Bobarosa, 7-11 Heath’s Extreme Karaoke, 50c wings, 9-ball pool tourney @ 9pm at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, TN www.bobarosasaloon. com or 423-613-9726 Thurs: Bike Nite at Knoxville H-D & Bootlegger H-D, Knoxville, thru Oct 12.

Fri: Bike Nite at Bobarosa, 7-11pm Heath’s Extreme Karaoke, Free tent camping, beer & food specials, live music, bike games, outside bars, 8-ball pool tourney @ 9pm at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, TN www.bobarosasaloon.com or 423-613-9726

Sun: Matthew Hickey Band at Corn Pone, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 5-8pm. $2.50 longnecks. Redeye In A Cup.

Aug 1: Food truck Thursday / Ride in Chopper & Bobber Bike show at Smoky Mountain HarleyDavidson, Maryville.

Aug 3: Ride For Life & Hope at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, Maryville. Reg 9am, KSU 10:30.

Aug 8: Tattoo Night during Thirsty Thursday at The Shed, at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, Maryville. Aug 10: Veterans Benefit Bike Ride at Greeneville Veterans Memorial Park, 806 Forest St, ending at Johnson City Veterans Memorial Park. Donations to Mountain Home VA Medical Center. Registration10AM, KSU 12PM. FMI 423-470-3433

August 2019

We are expanding…

WE HAVE TWO MOTORCYCLE MAGAZINES Want to be your own boss? Run your area or state as if it was your own without the expenses! Positions for individuals looking for extra income while having fun riding motorcycles. Must have valid driver’s license and want to earn 20-25% of everything you sell.

Regional Reps:

Work from home!

(2) Georgia (1) Florida (1) Alabama (1) N. Carolina (2) Tennessee Other sales spots available

(1) National Sales Rep (1) Part-time Graphic Designer


Aug 10: Midget Wrestling at Bootlegger HarleyDavidson, Lovell Rd, Knoxville. See website for ticket info. Aug 14: Ladies of Harley (LOH) meeting 6:30 PM at at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, Maryville.

Aug 15: Masters of Metallica – Free concert, all ages, 6pm at Bootlegger H-D, 605 Lovell Rd, Knoxville. Aug 22: Dragon HOG meeting 7pm, at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, Maryville

Aug 24: Big Engine at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio.

Aug 24: American Legion Rider Post 2 Memorial Fun Run, 5700 Old Rutledge Pike, Knoxville. Registration 9:00-10:30, KSU 11AM. Escorted ride includes stop at Veterans Overlook. FMI 865-660-3351 Aug 24: Bikini Coast International Competition and 2020 Harley-Davidson new model intro. Live music, food and drinks at Knoxville H-D, Clinton Hwy, Knoxville. Aug 25: Kenny Moats Memorial Ride at at Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, Maryville. Reg 11:30, KSU 1:56.

Aug 29-31: Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson Birthday Bash Weekend, 1820 W Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville. Aug 29-Dirty Soul Revival, Aug 30-Georgia Thunderbolts, Aug 31-Kentucky Headhunters, vendors and more! 865-977-1669 or www.smh-d.com

Aug 29-Sep 1: V-Twin Visionary Smoky Mtn Tour, Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville. www.vtwinvisionary.com/ tour for details. Sep 7: Widows Sons M.R.A. Autism Awareness

August 2019

Contact Randy Gracy at themagman@southernbiker.us

Ride #6, Scott County High School, 400 Scott Hill Dr, Huntsville. Registration 10:30 AM, KSU @ noon. Single $15, Double $20. Proceeds to Scott County Schools Autism Program.


Aug 10: Blue Knights TN I Breast Cancer Awareness Ride at Memphis TN Police Dept N.E. Precinct

Sep 20-21: Redneck Rumble at Wilson Co Expo Center, Lebanon. Pre ’68 rods, customs, rats, bikes & swap meet, live music & concessions. $15 general admission, $25 show entry includes driver pass, $50 camp per person includes adm for Fri & Sat. 615-3641828 or www.bothbarrels.us Sep 28: Dave Day, VFW 215 Marshall Stuart Dr, Dickson. Honoring and celebrating the life of Dave Towne. 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. www.facebook.com/ events/2137629506547783/ or 615-406-4901


Aug 1-4: 4B Bike Rally & Music Fest, Hold My Beer Mud Ranch, Tahoka. FMI 806-831-2409 or bikerrally4b@aol.com or www.4bwildwestbikerally.com

Aug 28: Burn Run #6 by Brother’s Keepers Chapter 22 at Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse, 1315 S Main St, Cleburne. 817-304-2682 or www. brotherskeepersmc.com/bkmc/event/9

Aug 31: The Great Ride 2019 at CityLine Plaza, 1251 State St, Richardson. FMI donna.leach@cor.gov or www.richardsoncorporatechallenge.com/specialevents/great-ride.html


Aug 3: Will Hoge with Handsome & The Humbles at The Shed, Maryville TN

Aug 9: Jack Russell’s Great White w/The Great Affairs at The Shed, Maryville TN Aug 10: Ray Wylie Hubbard w/Bonnie Montgomery at The Shed, Maryville TN Aug 17: Parker Millsap w/Sierra Farrel at The Shed, Maryville TN Aug 24: Colt Ford w/Austin Moody at The Shed, Maryville TN

Aug 24: Big Engine at Bobarosa Saloon, Del Rio, TN

Aug 2-4: Surfside Beach Bash #13 at Oyster Creek City Park, Oyster Creek. 281-384-6882 or www.gypsymc.org/downloads/index.html

Aug 29: Dirty Soul Revival Free Show at The Shed, Maryville TN

Aug 23-24: Dawg Fest Benefit by Victor Pet Foods, Mount Pleasant Civic Center & Grounds, Mount Pleasant. 903-575-7494 or www.dawgfestrally.com

Aug 31: Kentucky Headhunters at The Shed, Maryville TN

Aug 10: Mercenaries MC Bike Night, 3316 S Pressa, San Antonio. 8pm.

Aug 30: Georgia Thunderbolts w/Charlie Overby and Broken Arrows Free Show at The Shed, Maryville TN

Aug 24-25: Biker Bash Texas-Gathering of the Tribes by Full Armor Biker Church at Wise County Fairgrounds, 3101 FM 51, Decatur. 940-627-1544 or www.fullarmorfellowship.com/biker-bash-2017

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Used Golf Balls


2134 Hwy 411 South MARYVILLE • TN




28- Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019

Service Parts Customization 178 Midway Ln Oak Ridge, TN 37830 865-314-1669 Now installing


NOW OPEN! 1708 Callahan Drive, Knoxville TN State of the Art Design & Bike Parking!

August 2019

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30- Southern Biker Magazine

August 2019

August 2019

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Join us this fall as we celebrate a full-throttle lifestyle born on two wheels. Enjoy beautiful Florida weather, live music, miles of scenic rides and action-packed motorcycle racing at Daytona International Speedway. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines – because all roads lead to this rally.


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Southern Biker Magazine August 2019  

#1 free motorcycle magazine covering events and news in the Southeastern United States. (motorcycle events, motorcycle events magazine, Har...

Southern Biker Magazine August 2019  

#1 free motorcycle magazine covering events and news in the Southeastern United States. (motorcycle events, motorcycle events magazine, Har...