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April 2019


2 - Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 3

On the Cover: 2019 Leesburg Bikefest

APRIL 2019 Words from the Publisher ................................................... 6

Harley-Davidson Acquires & Begins Sales of StaCyc, Electric Stability Bikes for Kids..................... 8 Exciting Update: Harley-Davidson Livewire........................ 8 Yester-Year Returns on Two Wheels, Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed........................................... 10

Leesburg Bikefest Concerts & Activities......................14-15

The Speeder: Jet Powered Flying Motorcycle is HERE!........................................... 16 Custom ‘Cool Wing’ Gold Wing Unveiled at Daytona Bike Week................................................... 16 Ride for Liz, Because Cancer Sucks................................. 18 Motorcycle Event Listings............................................21-23 Bike Night Photos........................................................24-25

BIKE EVENTS: Arkansas...........................21 Mississippi.................. 25-26 Tenn.- East................. 21-22 Music Events....................23

Florida........................ 21 N. Carolina................. 21 Tenn.- Mid & West...... 22


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Georgia......................21 S. Carolina.................21 Texas..........................23

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April 2019





April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 5



Hello Riders, The season has officially kicked off after Daytona Bike Week and April will mark the time that bike nights return and motorcycle events begin getting advertised to peak your interest in coming. We are excited about this upcoming year and look forward to getting out there to ride and… Keep Our Knees in the Breeze.© Daytona Bike Week proved to be as spectacular as always with all the concerts, vendors, rides and meeting folks of all nationalities there. The racing was absolutely awesome. It all started with the AMA Supercross at the Daytona International Speedway and all the dirt racing it entailed. The racing then went vintage with Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed and commenced to the 50th Anniversary Gator Nationals and some 200+ drag bikes. The dirt track changed its design and we went Flat Track Racing and

watched a little Hooligan Racing too. The last race for the week was the Daytona 200 and what a show it was! Look for our Bike Week and racing re-cap write ups coming in the May edition. We also learned a few things new with how to protect your motorcycle when you go the events like Daytona Bike Week. Small, concealable tracking systems can be placed on your ride without notice and can be used to locate it in the event it is taken. Not a bad idea for a small amount of change. Look for that review in our May edition as well. Lots of events are headed your way and what better way to stay informed than to pick up a copy of Southern Biker Magazine or go to website at www.southernbikermagazine.com to get all the info you need for what event is coming up and information that is important to you. Until I see you on the road… “Keep Your Knees In The Breeze!”©


Southern Biker Magazine is published monthly and NO reproduction of content is permitted without Publisher’s prior written approval. Publisher assumes no financial responsibility for errors in ads beyond the cost of space occupied by error; a correction will be printed. Publisher is not liable for: any slandering of an individual, or group as we mean no malice or individual criticism at any time; nor are we responsible for the opinions or comments of our columnists; and promises, coupons, or lack of fulfillment from advertisers who are solely responsible for the content of their ads. Publisher is also to be held harmless from: failure to produce any issue as scheduled due to reasons beyond control; all suits, claims or loss of expenses; this includes but is not limited to, suits for libel, plagiarism, copyright infringement and unauthorized use of a person’s name or photograph. Publisher does not promote excessive consumption of alcohol beverages. The Southern Biker Magazine name and logo are owned nationally by the Publisher.

P.O. Box 644 • Madisonville, TN 37354 • 865-247-8118 • Fax 606-220-1412 President/Publisher Kristin Gracy msmagman@southernbiker.us 865-405-6989

Editor/Track Photo Journalist Randy Gracy themagman@southernbiker.us 865-257-2279

Youth Motocross Writer Gavin Smith

Graphic Designer McKayla Cunningham mckayla@southernbiker.us

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Graphics & Design Director Lori Strohmaier lori@southernbiker.us

Public Relations Coordinators Tammy Burns, John “JJ” Jones, Bill Grant

6 - Southern Biker Magazine

Kristin “Ms. Mag Man” Gracy

Southern Biker Magazine began in 2007 with a monthly circulation of 30,000 and is currently distributed in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virgina, Kentucky and growing. All ads are included on our Facebook page at no additional cost. For rate sheets and info sheets visit our website under Customer Services/Media Kit or email ads@southernbiker.us. No additional cost for our services. One price for everything. Call us today to be included in the Southeast's most popular motorcycle events magazine! Deadline is the 13th of each month for the following month issue.

April 2019

d n 2 MAY

E K I B E T I N 6PM-till


* Newly Paved Fenced Parking Area Just for Bikes * Hot Fresh Food * Beer Girls * Vendors * Biker Games


2t APRIL 1

ed By:


April 26th

See us on our Web Site or on Facebook for updates!

Thursday: Ladies Night! (Men & Women 21 & over $5, 18-20 $10) * 6pm till Gone Free food buffet * 6pm-9pm OR while supplies last. Free pitchers of beer for EVERYBODY 21 & up! * 7:30pm-9pm Free Linedance lessons * 6pm-10pm 2-4-1 Well mixed drinks Friday: * $5 Cover 21 & over. $10 Cover 18-20. * 6pm-10pm 2-4-1 Mixed Drinks * 6pm-Close $2.50 Bud, Bud Light, Mic Light, Yeehaw Dunkel * 6pm-10pm $10.25 Buckets of domestic bottles of beer (5 beers) * $15.25 Buckets of Corona or Corona Light (5 beers) Saturday: * $5 Cover 21 & Over. $10 Cover 18-20. * 6pm-10pm 2-4-1 Mixed Drinks * 6pm-10pm $10.25 Buckets of domestic bottles of beer (5 beers) * $15.25 Buckets of Corona or Corona Light (5 beers) Sunday: College Night * $5 Cover 21 & Over. $10 Cover 18-20. (18-20 $5 discount with your college ID) * 7:30pm-9pm Free Line-dance Lessons * 6pm-9pm OR while supplies last - Free pitchers of BEER * 6pm-Close $2 PBR, $6.25 Pitchers of domestic beer

*Liquor Drink Specials and by 10pm; Specials may change due to concerts, events or holidays.

April 5th

11220 Outlet Dr. Knoxville * TN April 2019

865-675-4563 Southern Biker Magazine - 7

Harley-Davidson Acquires & Begins Sales of

Electric Stability Bikes for Kids By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


ith the current trends of motorcycle purchases and the age of the main motorcycle riders growing older, HarleyDavidson is going proactive in a big way. How do you get kids wanting to come to a Harley-Davidson dealership and wear H-D clothes their size besides coming in with mom or dad? You break into their lifestyle; something the kids can associate with, love and get behind. Harley-Davidson has done just that by purchasing StaCyc Electric Stability Cycle for small kids to juniors. These are not your every day mini-cycles. These are your top of the line electric stability cycles that encourage kids to begin riding earlier and begin these riders on the track to ride larger motorcycles by learning to use throttles and brakes. During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Harley-Davidson’s President and CEO Matt Levatich said while discussing the Livewire. “We’re at a historic juncture in the evolution of mobility, and Harley-Davidson is at the forefront.” He backed that up even further with the purchase of StaCyc. As part of its More Roads to Harley-Davidson plan, the Motor City Company is continuing to evolve riders into riding the Bar & Shield, even as young as 3-4 years old. StaCyc cycles are 12eDrive & 16eDrive cycles (12” wheels & 16” wheels) that begin the child’s training for balance and movements beginning motorcyclists have to learn. “We’re thrilled to have StaCyc become part of the Harley-Davidson family,” said Harley-Davidson Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Heather Malenshek. “The StaCyc team shares the same vision we have for building the next generation of riders globally and we believe that together, we will have a significant impact in bringing the fun and enjoyment of riding to kids everywhere.”

“…our commitment to bringing more riders to motorcycling (are) incredibly aligned,” said Ryan Ragland, Founder of StaCyc. “The opportunity to work with the team at Harley-Davidson and have the support to carry out our mission to create the next generation of riders is exciting. Together we’re building a plan that fast-tracks our ability to help the industry create as many riders as possible.” The cycles operate on a 20 Volt battery much like the ones you use on your power drills today. Run time is estimated at 30-60 minutes depending on the terrain, weight of your child and the throttle power your child uses. The cycles will have three power modes: Low/Training mode 5mph, Med/Standard mode - 7mph, High/Advanced mode - 9mph. It will also have a coast mode so the child can learn to balance while walking with the cycle first. As a subsidiary, a Harley-Davidson branded version of both StaCyc cycles and will be sold through select Harley-Davidson dealers. The products have already begun arriving so contact your H-D dealer for inventory and test rides for your child. And don’t think once this begins, that HarleyDavidson doesn’t come out with its own kid’s line of clothing. I mean, they have a few things now, but look towards the end of the year when it has full line of clothing and accessories for the new riding kids. Being a father and grandfather, it’s my personal and professional opinion; Harley-Davidson just got cooler!


Harley-Davidson Livewire By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy

(Follow-up from our Feb 2019 Livewire article) Even though Harley-Davidson remains mostly silent on the hard specs for the Livewire, H-D has recently released some new information that tells us it will be better than first thought. The Livewire launch is this summer and H-D is getting its ducks in row for this big release. Speed: 0-60 mph in 3 sec., 60-80 mph in 1.9 sec Range: 140 miles/city 88miles/combined city/ highway (going 70 mph on the freeway) Recharge time: 0-80% in 40 min. 0-100% in 60 min. (using onboard DC fast charger)

Charging Stations & DC Fast Charging: DC Fast charging is referred to as Level 3 charging which doubles the voltage going to the bike. This means charging with 25kW of power, rather than 7kW (The new Zero SR/F can only charge at 12

8 - Southern Biker Magazine

kW) Simply put, DC fast charging systems are the future for electric motorcycles and electric vehicles. Level 2 chargers are already reaching the usefulness as time continues; battery packs will become larger and denser. This will leave Level 2 charging systems for the home and DC fast charging will have to be installed for the road.

more actions in motion from every motorcycle manufacturer producing electric motorcycles. Harley would be blazing the path again in a new market.

Sales Estimates: Will the Livewire sell out in its first year? If each of the dealerships sell just 5 units, that is a total of 1,000 Livewires on the road. That doubles the current electric motorcycle market already. That would set

It’s time to get this electric machine on the road. Time will tell who the leader will be in the electric two-wheel industry.

Livewire Dealerships: 200 dealerships (1/3 of all dealerships) will carry the Livewire in the USA. Each of those dealerships will have at least one DC fast charger available to the public which means these dealerships will become destination stops for electric vehicle owners, including the Livewire riders.

Price: The Livewire is going to cost more than other electric motorcycles already on the market yet it still should sell well. The upgrades on the H-D will more than compensate the cost over other motorcycles; the DC Fast charger, better components like the Showa balance free shock and Brembo braking system. Let’s not forget having that Bar & Shield on the motorcycle is worth a lot as well.

April 2019

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 9

10 - Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 11


BILLY LANE’S SONS OF SPEED By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


he 78th Daytona Bike Week was a huge gathering of over a hundred thousand riders from around the world taking in the sights, the entertainment and the motorcycle racing. One of the great things about Daytona Beach is that it is home to Chopper’s Inc. and custom motorcycle builder, Billy Lane. His passion remains old school, old engines on old motorcycles. His idea of organizing a race based solely on vintage motorcycles is taking off. Each year a new face arrives ready to race it seems. I do know this year, the pits and pit road were packed with racers, pit crews and support staff. The New Smyrna race hosted over 30 vintage motorcycles that race in three different class races; Stock 45’s, Stock 61’s and Hot 61’s that have been “souped up” to go faster than originally intended. Our SBMag Road Crew member Liz Cunningham was there to handle all the magnificent photos for the race and in the pits. This year’s riders had some famous and familiar faces; Billy Lane of course, Ebay Jake from Bootlegger Harley-Davidson, Jodi Perewitz from Perewitz Cycle Fabrication & Custom Paint, Rick Petco from Orange County Choppers, and many others. It also included one of the original moonshiners, Josh Owens. His theme for this year’s race would be… redemption. Two years ago, Josh crashed on this very same track and was hospitalized with injuries that would take a while to heal. This year, he came back with one objective…to win. Billy put some final touches on Josh’s bike over the winter and it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered as Josh came across the winner in the Hot 61 class. In the Stock 45’s & 61’s was American Motor Drome rider extraordinaire Billy Applegate. His stock 45 he rode to victory came from my home state of Tennessee; Cyclemos Speed Shop built by Mike Silvio. This class of racing brings back memories of yesteryears and the good ol’ days. Billy Lane and his staff have again outdone themselves. Also, the after party at Giuseppe’s was the largest pizza I’ve ever seen. Make your plans for the Sons of Speed during Daytona Biketoberfest. You will fall in love with motorcycles from yester-year. Honored to have legendary 9x & 3x Grand National Championship winners Scotty Parker & Jay Springsteen open the American Flat Track TT races at Daytona International Speedway last night on my 1919 HarleyDavidson & 1911 Indian Sons of Speed board track machines. 12- Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019

Bike Night Kick-Off

April 18th

Coming Soon: Hardwood Fire pit on outside patio M-F 2-6 $2 Longnecks

$2.50 Longnecks

(Imports just a little more)

LIVE Wall to Wall TVs to APRIL19TH thwatch your favorite Sports Game!! Live Music Lives Here!

Mar 29 Left Foot Dave & the Magic Hats Mar 31 Matthew Hickey Band Apr 7 Matthew Hickey Band Apr 14 Matthew Hickey Band Apr 18 Matthew Hickey Band Apr 21 Matthew Hickey Band Apr 28 Matthew Hickey Band

See Us on Facebook for upcoming Bands & Events 7715 Clinton Hwy. Powell, TN April 2019

Hours Open: M-F 2pm-till, Sat-Sun 12 noon - till

865-512-9158 Southern Biker Magazine - 13

14 - Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 15

The Speeder: Jet Powered

Flying Motorcycle is HERE! P

By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy

reorders are being taken for the first ever flying motorcycle in production. Jetpack Aviation has finished its design and approvals to bring it to market. It’s a self-stabilizing, jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle capable of 150 mph speeds, 30 minute endurance and 15,000 ft altitudes. You heard that right! After years and years of committing to producing a flying car and a motorcycle, JPA is bringing their Speeder motorcycle to the public first. A combination of four turbojet engines (much like a small drone) combines to give it a maximum thrust of 705 lbs. That’s enough lift for a pilot up to 240 lbs. The controls on the handlebars consist of two joysticks that control every movement and speed. It comes with a 12” touchscreen for navigation and a built in two-way aviation radio system (air-to-ground communication). It runs on Kerosene, JetA or diesel fuel. You’ll have anywhere from 10 to 22 minutes air time depending on weight and air density. It comes set up with a fly-by-wire control system that allows the Speeder to self-stabilize and hover in the air giving the rider a

break or time to maybe shoot some photos. It will also hover in case one of the engines goes out, for safety concerns. Compact and powerful, it can take off and land anywhere. Flying requires minimal training because the motorcycle can fly itself. JPA is building a different version that will fit Ultralight and recreational categories under FAA laws. That means you can fly this motorcycle without a pilot’s license! The Ultralight version will have a five-gallon fuel capacity and up to 60 mph flying speed. The experimental category version will need a full pilots license, but JPA is in contact with the FAA, trying to have that reduced to a Recreational Pilot Certificate or Sport Pilots License. At a price of $380,000, not too many of these will be seen zooming through the air, but there will be some that will have to have one. With just 20 being built and the remainder going to the military, you have to reserve yours pretty quickly. A deposit of $10,000 will reserve yours today. For more information, go to: www.jetpackaviation.com

Source: Jetpack Aviation

Custom ‘Cool Wing’ Gold Wing Unveiled at Daytona Bike Week By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


he 78th Daytona Bike Week had plenty of excitement and more motorcycle events than you could shake a stick at and Honda wanted to add to the fever by unveiling a new custom Gold Wing. It was designed by Francis Clemente and custom manufacturers Kevin Dunn, Duy Nguyen, Jimmy Chen and Ray Tong, of So. California’s Steady Garage took on the task of making it happen. The team built this new custom “Cool Wing” with parameters: “create something stylish but without straying too far from functionality.” With a Gold Wing, you almost are asking the impossible and they only had 45 days to do it in order to get it to Daytona Beach for Bike Week…but the team made it happen. In order to accomplish this build in 45 days, the Steady Garage Team had to enlist in some of the top industry professionals to add their talents to the build… and quickly. Calling the state of Tennessee, the

16 - Southern Biker Magazine

guys contacted Lewis Preston at Electrical Connection for some custom amber fog lights and custom cylinder head covers. Knowing the Cool Wing needed to be slammed, they got the help of Platinum Air Suspension who added custom air shocks; steel air tanks and a Viair 380c air compressor from Dirty Works pumped and stored the needed air and the system was hidden in one of the saddlebags. Mooneyes built a specific mold to make the retro disc covers for the front rim. The Cub Group supplied the industry’s first ever motorcycle blind-spot monitoring system (BSM). A custom paint job was required on this build so that task was taken on by Maxima Imagen who developed a scalloped paint for over 33 individual parts. The last thing to add was a seat. You just can’t do stock seat on a custom bike. Enter Rogelio’s Auto Upholstery who popped out the one-off ribbed leather seat along with matching padding inside the saddlebags. Some batique-style mufflers were added to complete the machine’s silhouette.

“The Gold Wing is one of our halo products,” said Chris Cox, Honda Motorcycle Shows & PR Manager. “We wanted to highlight the fact that while it’s rightly known for its amazing touring capabilities, it’s also a very high-performance machine that can be appreciated by a broad range of enthusiasts. Cool Wing has a youthful, creative, exciting spirit, while still respecting the Gold Wing brand and what it stands for. What an awesome build in 45 days by a very talented team. It can be seen next at other motorcycle events including the Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and the Americade Motorcycle Touring Rally. April 2019

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 17


Because Cancer Sucks By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


ometimes we just don’t know why some close to us or even we ourselves may be brought to our knees with that terrible disease…cancer. Regardless of age, religion, sex or money in the bank, it can strike and strike hard. When it does, it takes a toll on you physically, mental and financially. I have seen it first hand and I pray no one will ever have to deal with disease, but it will. And it will before long, affect you or someone around you. Getting a motorcycle ride together is what we do for our friends when they are in need, but organizing it, getting the stops and business together, getting prizes, asking for volunteers… it isn’t an easy task. Thank you, Lord for friends and family when this happens. That is what just what happened. Friends, strangers and business owners surrounded Liz Cunningham this day as they came to support her during her fight with cancer. Folks came to ride and support her during her struggles against cancer and the rising cost of fighting this terrible thing. Liz has lots of friends and it showed this day. Liz made sure she made this ride. Business stops for the poker run included Rudy’s Bar & Grill, Main Street Station, the Beaver Bar, Finn’s Beachside Pub, Hanky Panky’s Lounge and Snowbirds. Other business sponsors included Atlantic Beach Brewing Company, Behind Daytona and Southern Biker Magazine. Several hundred dollars was raised with the ride, raffles and 50/50 drawings. God Bless you Liz. You are surrounded by wonderful friends who are there for you…and so are we.

18 - Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 19

estate JEWELRY EVENT ONE DAY ONLY! April 13 • 10am-4pm Join us for this starstudded, one day event! There will be one of a kind pieces starting at $399 And a large selection of Celebrity owned Estate Jewelry Items.

4914 North Broadway · Suite B · Knoxville, TN 37918 865.686.0502 · FountainCityJewelers.com

20 - Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019



Mar 30: 3rd Annual Freedom Ride at Nevada County Courthouse, Prescott. FMI 870-703-3128 or paula.ledbetter@yahoo.com Apr 24-28: Spring Fling Bike Rally, Cathouse Lounge, Eureka Springs. FMI 479-363-9976 or cathousellc@yahoo.com


Apr 26-28: Leesburg Bikefest, Downtown Leesburg. Vince Neil, Vanilla Ice, vendors, bike shows, hot body contests, wall of death, biker games, Ride Like A Pro and more. www.leesburgbikefest.com May 1-5: Thunder Beach 21st Spring Rally, Free concerts with Colt Ford, Black Stone Cherry, The Lacs, White Tie Rock Ensemble. Concert VIP upgrades available online. www. Thunderbeachproductions.com May 1-4: Biker Book for Charity Book Signing/ Fundraiser, Harley Davidson PCB, 14700 PCB Pkwy, PCB. Biker Book for Charity is conducting a book signing and fundraiser during Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally. Proceeds benefit the Children’s Hospitals Donation Tour. Facebook: The Biker Book for Charity. May 11: Clyde E Lassen Poker Run, 3912 N Ponce de Leon Blvd, St Augustine. Viet Nam Vets/Legacy Vets MC N Chapter Charity poker run. Reg 10a-12p, KSU 10a, LBI 4p, $10 per hand (includes raffle/food) 904-575-0867


Apr 7: Blue Knights GA VIII – Coastal Georgia Police Memorial Ride (escorted). Registration at Savannah H-D, 1 Fort Argyle Rd, Savannah 12:30 – 1:30 PM, KSU 2PM. Ends at Wild Wing Café, 52 Aspen Heights Dr, Statesboro. $20/person, free ride pin.

April 2019


Apr 5-7: Mississippi Mayhem Music Festival & Rally, Hancock County Fairgrounds, Kiln. 17 bands, kids row, Ms. Mayhem contest, car/jeep/ bike shows, 25-mile ride. FMI www.msmayhemfest.com/ Apr 20: Rally for Veterans, Boure, 110 Courthouse Sq, Oxford. Poker run, poker walk, door prizes, raffles and silent auction. http://www.facebook. com/events/598245397282081/ Apr 24-27: Mississippi Gulf Coast Memorial Day Blowout, Gulfport Dragway. Racing, street war racing, bike show, live music, camping, food and beer available. http://www.asgardmc.com/blowout.htm


Sep 6-8: Cherokee Blue Ridge Run #3 at Cherokee Fairgrounds, Cherokee. Motorcycles, concerts, custom bike shows, stunt shows, artists, vendors, flat track racing, factory demo rides, tours, free maps, food trucks and more. A family friendly good time. $15 day pass, $30 weekend pass, under 16 free. www.blueridgerun.com


Mar 29-31: 2019 CPL Systems Natl Roadrace Series at Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw. Vintage motorcycle racing. http://www.ahrma.org/ schedules-results/road-race/ May 15: Crude’s Annual Veteran Ride at Golden Egg, 415 Highway 17, Surfside Beach. Free ride and separate raffle to benefit Homes for our troops charity. Meet at Golden egg at 8 am KSU at 10 am 180 miles ride and ends at Causeway Bar in garden city. Raffles cash prizes leather auction live music!! Free event. FMI: http://springbeachrally. com/things-to-do/


Mondays: Blind draw dart tourney, open pool tables at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865-512-9158 Tuesdays: Ladies Night and Karaoke at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865-512-9158 Wednesdays: Blind draw dart tourney at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865-512-9158 Thursdays: Bike Night/live music/$2 longnecks at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865512-9158 Fridays: Live music/karaoke/pool tourney 8pm at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865512-9158 Fridays: Pool Tournament, Blistered Chicken Saloon, 433 Shut In Gap Rd, Spring City at 7:30 PM Fridays: Food Truck Friday (11-2) at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy and Bootlegger H-D, 605 Lovell Rd, Knoxville Saturdays: Karaoke w/Kourtney, Blistered Chicken Saloon, 433 Shut In Gap Rd, Spring City Saturdays: Live music & karaoke at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865-512-9158 Sundays: Redeye in a cup/Bike Ride/live music @5pm/$2 longnecks at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell. 865-512-9158 Mar 28-31: March Moto Madness, 801 Steer Creek Rd, Tellico Plains. If you love to ride, eat, camp, outdoors, spending time with good people, this event is for you. http:// marchmotomadness.com/ Apr 2: SMH-D Project Ridemore going to Yoder’s Country Market (9AM), Maryville. Apr 4: Food City Race Night at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville

Southern Biker Magazine - 21

Come Ride with the Blue Knights

Back the

Easter Buffet April 21


10:45am - 3pm (Open 7am for breakfast)

Blue Ride May 4th Saturday

100 College St. South • Madisonville, TN (423) 442-3304 www.oldtowncafe.com

Rain or Shine

Registration: Hwy 12 Motorsports 8:30am 5110 Ashland City Highway

Ashland City * TN

25 LY $er N O id R

$5enger s Pas

KICKSTANDS UP 10AM Ride Ends: Plantation Restaurant

237 Beasley Dr Dickson * TN


Proceeds Officer Andrew Delke and Officer Josh Lippert Benefit



Apr 4: Food Truck Thursdays at Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville Apr 5: Valor Fighting Challenge at Cotton Eyed Joe, Knoxville Apr 6: Ride for LLS 9am at Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville Apr 6: Suspension & Helmet Exchange Seminar, with discounts and trade-ins, Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville Apr 6: Knoxville H-D Demo Day and Cookout at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville Apr 9: SMH-D Project Ridemore going to Big Laurel (9AM), Maryville Apr 11: SMH-D Project Ridemore going to Museum of Appalachia Maryville Apr 11: Thirsty Thursdays at The Shed, Maryville Apr 13: Estate Jewelry Event at Fountain City Jewelers, 4914 N Broadway, Suite B, Knoxville. 10-4pm. Join us for this star-studded one-day event! One of a kind pieces starting at $399 and a large selection of celebrity owned estate jewelry items. www.fountaincityjewelers.com or 865-686-0502 Apr 14: Heart Break Hotel Ride-Brushy Mountain State Pen at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville Apr 18: Thirsty Thursdays at The Shed, Maryville. Apr 18: Bike Night Kick Off at Corn Pone, Matthew Hickey Band, give aways & door prizes. Apr 20: Master Gardener’s Plant Sale at The Shed, Maryville Apr 20: Blessing of the Bikes 10AM at The Shed, Maryville Apr 20: Dragon/Cherohala Skyway Ride at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville

22 - Southern Biker Magazine

Apr 20: Demo Day and Cookout at Bootlegger H-D, 605 Lovell Rd, Knoxville Apr 21: Easter Buffet at Donna’s Old Town Café, 10:45 AM-3:00 PM, Open 7 AM for breakfast. 100 College St S, Madisonville. 423-442-3304 or www.oldtowncafe.com Apr 25: Thirsty Thursdays at The Shed, Maryville Apr 26: Southern Tequila and Taco Festival at Cotton Eyed Joe, 11220 Outlet Dr Knoxville 865-675-4563 or www.cottoneyedjoe.com Apr 27: BACA Chili Cook Off at Knoxville H-D, 5810 Clinton Hwy, Knoxville Apr 27: Brown Bros Missing Link Ride at Bootlegger H-D, 605 Lovell Rd, Knoxville Apr 27: Smoky Mountain Cannonball Run, Smoky Mountain H-D, 1820 W Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville. 865-977-1669 www.SMH-D.com Apr 27: Soldiers For Jesus MC Bike Blessing, Knoxville H-D, Clinton Hwy, Knoxville. Food, fun, fellowship, raffle, 50/50, prizes. Donations accepted. 12:00-6:00. 865-237-1459 May 2: Bike Night Kick off at Cotton Eyed Joe, 11220 Outlet Dr Knoxville 865-675-4563 or www.cottoneyedjoe.com May 2-5: She Rides Moto, Women only moto meet-up at Smoky Mountain H-D, 1820 W Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville. 865-977-1669 www.SMH-D.com May 25-Jun 9: Tennessee Medieval Faire, 150 Culton Ln, Kingston. Live the Age of Chivalry! Go back in time to celebrate the High Middle Ages. See jousting tournaments, while you’re eating a turkey leg and drinking a cold beer. Enjoy warriors’ chess matches, improv comedy shows, and upbeat Celtic music. Shop for unique crafts. Play medieval games. Enter the costume contest to win a prize Share your talents in the Gong Show to join Robin Hood and his merry band of brigands.

Rated PG. $17 (ages 13+), $8 (ages 5-12). FMI: www.TMFaire.com 865-376-0319


Apr 6: CMA Steel Witness Annual Bike Blessing at 14346 Lebanon Rd, Old Hickory. All riders and bikes welcome. Free event. Come hand out with us! 321-689-4788 Apr 6: Mule Day Bike Blessing, 300 S James Campbell Blvd, Columbia. 9am-2pm at Advanced Auto. Stop by and get your bike blessed-All vehicles welcome! Hot dogs & sodas provided. Mule Day Parade-11am same day -route to Bike Blessing stays open. FMI: 615-347-7351 May 2-5: Boogie Hollar Rally with Jasmine Cain, Zeona Road, Bone Feathers. 164 Clay Farm Ln, Atwood. Bands every night, contests every day, party 24/7! 931-239-8509 or 931-260-9339 or www.boogiehollar.com May 3-4: Redneck Rumble – Spring with pre ’68 rods, customs, rats, bikes & swap meet, live music and more. Wilson Co Fairgrounds, 945 E Baddour Pkwy. www.bothbarrels.us or Facebook or 615364-1828 May 4: Back The Blue Ride – Ride with the Blue Knights (rain or shine). Registration 8:30 AM at Hwy 12 Motorsports, 5110 Ashland City Hwy, Ashland City. KSU 10AM. Ends at Plantation Restaurant, 237 Beasley Dr, Dickson. Only $25 Rider/$5 Passenger. June 20-23: Junebug Boogie with Shady Sadie, Phoenix Rising, Big Top, Hillbilly Bonez, Skipper Grace, Ali Randolph at 115 Waterloo Rd, Cookeville. Bands every night, contests every day, party 24/7! 931-2398509 or 931-260-9339 or www. junebugboogie.com

April 2019


Ride & Ceremony MAY 4TH

HOSTED BY: Blue Knights NC XV & VFW Post 6060 Elizabeth City Registration begins at 9AM. WHEN & WHERE: Moyock Visitor Center, 106 Moyock, NC This will be a leisurely ride leaving at 11:00am through the country side and ends at the VFW Post 6060, 1433 N. Road Street, Elizabeth City for a BBQ Chicken luncheon. DONATION: Donations Accepted $8 lunch purchased at VFW Door Prizes & 50/50 CEREMONY: 12 Noon: Honors Ceremony recognizing outstanding First Responders from each department with awards, each VSO will be recognized. Meals & entertainment to follow EXTRA: All First Responders/families will be offered free meal WHY: This will be a police escorted motorcycle ride through Currituck, Camden, and Pasquotank Counties to honor local First Responders and also to Honor to First Responders that lost their lives in the line of Duty. Law enforcement line of deaths in 2018 was 144 plus several more since Jan 1, 2019. Profits from this event are to be donated to these First Responders. Contact: P.O.C. Daniel Serik danielserik@gmail.com or (252) 619-8524 Skip Rapp soupbone@centurylink.net or (252) 562-5196

April 13 9 th ANNUAL OAA BIKE BLESSING REGISTRATION: • 10 am — 11 am OAA Worship Center 876 Englewood Road Madisonville • TN

CEREMONY: • 11:30 am


• 12 noon


• 12:45 pm





Southern Biker Magazine, Msalon-Vonore, Red Knights TN7, Knight Communication, Bert's Hometown Grill, Monroe County BUZZ, Wells Chiro-Healthcare, Sparks Insurance, Peter Alliman Atty at Law, Sen. Mike Bell, TN Rep Lowell Russell , TN Rep Mark Cochran, Quality Machine and Welding, Jacky Jones Ford, 1st Franklin Financial, Computer Catering, Total Access Auto Brokers


Apr 20: Bandera Wranglers 1st Annual Motorcycle Poker Run at Al’s Hideaway in Pipe Creek. $20/Rider or $30/Couple. Breakfast, bike wash, 50/50, door prizes, live music, crawfish cookout. 10AM breakfast and staging. 11AM KSU.


Apr 6: The Shed Season Opener: Big Gun w/Drake Freeman, SMH-D, Maryville TN Apr 7: Matthew Hickey Band at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell, TN Apr 12: Rock the Cradle feat. Monet Maddux, The Young Fables & Stone Broke Saints at The Shed, Maryville TN Apr 12: Buckcherry at Cotton Eyed Joe, 11220 Outlet Dr, Knoxville TN Apr 13: American Floyd w/Badlands, The Shed, Maryville TN Apr 14: Matthew Hickey Band at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell, TN Apr 18: Matthew Hickey Band at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell, TN Apr 19: The Barnyard Stompers at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell TN Apr 20: Zoso w/Austin Crum at The Shed, Maryville TN Apr 21: Matthew Hickey Band at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell, TN Apr 27: Tuesdays Gone with Neon Moon at The Shed, Maryville TN Apr 28: Matthew Hickey Band at Corn Pone Tavern, 7715 Clinton Hwy, Powell, TN May 11: Jackyl at The Shed, Smoky Mountain H-D, 1820 Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville TN May 24: Chris Robinson Brotherhood at The Shed, Smoky Mountain H-D, 1820 Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville TN May 25: Black Stone Cherry at The Shed, Smoky Mountain H-D, 1820 Lamar Alexander Pkwy, Maryville TN Jun 28-29: Jamey Johnson at The Shed, Maryville TN

April 2019


Southern Biker Magazine - 23


24 - Southern Biker Magazine

April 2019


NOW OPEN! 1708 Callahan Drive, Knoxville TN State of the Art Design & Bike Parking!





2 locations

2134 Hwy 411 South MARYVILLE • TN


4032 Fort Henry Dr. KINGSPORT • TN




Bike Nite

COMING MAY 2 11220 Outlet Drive • Knoxville, TN (865) 675-4563

April 2019

Southern Biker Magazine - 25

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April 2019

April 2019

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Southern Biker Magazine APril 2019  

#1 free motorcycle magazine covering events and news in the Southeastern United States

Southern Biker Magazine APril 2019  

#1 free motorcycle magazine covering events and news in the Southeastern United States