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June 2014

• New 2014 Honda Valkyrie Ride & Review • 31BLK Modification • A Community Adopts the Motorcycle Culture • Ethanol, the Bad Motorcycle Gas Additive

In Memory of Jim Miscichoski 6 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014

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June, 2014 MS-1683

MOTORCYCLE INJURY GeorgeStein•BrianCaron•MarcosGarza

Our motorcycle injury Lawyers are committed to effective and aggressive representation of Bikers who have been involved in an accident. STEELHORSELAW.COM


Georgia Office 1355 Peachtree Street N.E. • Suite 150 • Atlanta, GA 30309 Tennessee Offices Bank of America Building • 550 Main Street • Suite 340 • Knoxville, TN 37902 600 Republic Centre • 633 Chestnut Street • Chattanooga, TN 37450 20 Music Circle East • Nashville, TN 37203 June, 2014

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On the Cover: Photo by Kevin Wing • New 2014 Honda Valkyrie Ride & Review • 31BLK Modificatio n • A Community Adopts the Motorcycle Culture • Ethanol, the Bad Culture In Memory Motorcycle Gas Additive of Jim Miscichosk



- JUNE 2014 Honda Valkyrie - New for 2014 First Ride & Review...........................................8, 10 What Happens When Ethanol Blended Fuel Mixes With Water................................12 Motorcycling 101 by Kathy Tolleson of ROAR........................................................... 14 A Community Adopts the Motorcycle Culture With Arms Wide Open............. 16 You Can Learn to Ride Like a Pro................................................................................ 18 The Inaugural Boogie Hollar Was Off The Chain...................................................... 22 Jim Miscichoski, Remembered........................................................................................ 24 Villopotto Claims Title #4............................................................................................... 26 The BRASSE 31BLK Modification................................................................................. 28 Food for Thought - Archers BBQ.................................................................................. 34 Recipe - Corn Pone Cornbread.................................................................................... 34 Bike Night Photos.......................................................................................................36-37 Southern Biker Riders...................................................................................................... 38 Steel Horse Law - Advice & Tips from your Attorneys............................................ 38 Alabama .........................30 Georgia ..........................30 N.Carolina .....................31 Tennessee-Middle & West...32-33 National Events ...........34


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June, June,2014 2014

June, 2014

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words from the publisher

Hey Folks,

Hope everything in your world is going well and you are able to get out and ride. This month, we are happy to announce the 2nd Annual Tennessee's Ladies Ride-In Bike Show at Pavilion 117 in Knoxville on June 7. This is an event we organized because we recognized a need for this type of event. Bike shows are usually heavily influenced by the male persuasion and this gives women a chance to show off their amazing rides. One thing you can say about the entries at this show is how diverse the bikes are, as much as the women who ride them to the show. The only requirement to enter the show is for the woman to ride the bike herself into the show. She can enter several different classes, if desired. This venue attracts people because they appreciate a woman on a motorcycle and these ladies can offer inspiration to women who don’t ride… yet. We like to support women riders whenever we can. The show benefits breast cancer charities, Sally's Fight Like A Girl and Champions for a Cause. A very dear friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 37. Sally Chapman rides her own motorcycle and is the owner of Oskies Sports Bar & Grill in Knoxville, TN, one of our favorite hangouts. She is currently taking chemo and will then have a double mastectomy after the chemo treatments are finished. We are praying for her speedy and full recovery. We are also selling for the first time, pink Southern Biker Magazine shirts. All of the proceeds from the sale of the shirts go directly to Sally and her mounting medical expenses. Please join us at the bike show to support this wonderful woman and these wonderful charities.

Sally and her husband Brandon

Public Relations Coordinators Tammy Burns John “JJ” Jones Chris Cooper

Editor/Track Photo Journalist Randy Gracy 865-257-2279

Military Moment Editor Tiffiny Gracy

Graphics & Design Director Jennifer Wilson

Bike Night Wednesday

Come Along for the Ride!

Mon. Steak Night - Thurs. Ladies Night 2914 Whitten Road - Memphis - 901-388-0285 Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm • Fri & Sat 11am-Midnight Must be 21 - we’re smoking No colors, please.

Keep Your Knees In The Breeze! Kristin "Ms Mag Man" Gracy

President/Publisher Kristin Gracy 865-405-6989

IT Director/Event Editor Joe Ball 865-405-0274

Good Friends, Good Food & Good Times

Motocross Photo Journalist Lisa Miller Supercross/Motocross Senior Track Editor Jacob Saylor


Luxury Victorian Style Decor with a taste of the sea. 30%

One Minute To:

-The Beach -Main Street -Beach Street


FF Midweek res Mon ervation day s T Exp hursda ires y Ju ne 3

0, 20


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1209 Peninsula Drive Daytona Beach, FL

386-248-8420 June, 2014

June, 2014

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Honda Valkyrie-New For 2014 First Ride & Review By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


onda’s new 2014 Honda Valkyrie is not the Valkyrie of years past. It has a 40mm throttle body working in sync with six cylinders being fueled by six fuel injectors… It’s more torque and horsepower than you’ll ever need. Jumping on this new Valkyrie, I noticed right away more comfort from the seat to the handlebars and I could touch the ground with feet flat. As large as this bike is, the bike felt surprisingly well balanced. As I took off from the dealership with the GM and marketing manager watching, I twisted the throttle, hit second gear and barked the 180 rear tire (my adrenaline started pumping with anticipation). As I approached the elevations going up Signal Mountain it felt like I was riding on level ground. Off to some curves and I had to keep reminding myself I was on a cruiser not a sport bike. Through the curves, the transitions were swift and sharp as well as the switchbacks and sweepers; balance, handling and nimbleness made this part a tremendous surprise. I had to restrain myself from getting over

8 - Southern Biker Magazine

confident and twisting the throttle because this thing was like riding a rocket! (1832cc liquid-cooled with 118 HP and 125 ft.-lb. of torque; 18% more torque and 25% more horsepower than the previious Valkyrie). I even stopped at the TVA Dam to see if they needed any volts from the Valkrie’s powerplant. With this kind of power the Valkyrie has to have max stopping power as well and it does with dual 310mm front discs accompanied by a single 316mm disc on the rear. The calipers are Nissin, four-pistons for the front and duals rear (ABS is an option). The 5-speed, overdrive transmission is more like a direct powerband. When you change gears expecting a pause in power, there isn’t one. It continues to give you max torque and power as you twist the throttle. While riding the sweeping turns coming off the mountain and onto the straight away, I realized I have never ridden a bike in this class equal to the new Valkrie. It has power, balance, comfort, style and it carries the Honda badge. New for this model is the three-way intake ducts on the air cleaner, June, 2014

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 9

Honda Valkyrie - New For 2014 First Ride & Review continued... Transmission: Five-speed dual radiators to reduce engine Final Drive: Shaft heat and its flat six design making Suspension vibrations almost non-existent. The Front: 45mm cartridge fork; Pro Arm single-sided swingarm Rear: Pro-Arm single side swingarm sports a Pro-Link single shock, the with Pro-Link rear single shock with spring capable of being adjusted hydraulic spring preload; by hand for preload, the knob is Brakes accessible by removing the left side cover below the seat. In addition to Front: Dual 310mm front discs Rear: Single 316mm rear disc its chrome-trimmed headlight, the Valkyrie uses LED lights all around. Optional ABS Tires The back end is Honda Rune-like. Front: 130/60R-19 If Honda set out to make a muscle bike, they have totally succeeded in Rear: 180/55R-17 my opinion.

Wheelbase: 67.2 inches Rake (Caster angle): 29째 50' Seat Height: 28.8 inches Fuel Capacity: 6.1 gallons Colors: Black, Dark Red Metallic, Blue Metallic Curb Weight*: 750 pounds

2014 Valkyrie Other Specifications Engine Type: 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder Bore and Stroke: 74mm x 71mm Compression ratio: 9.8:1 Valve Train: SOHC; two valves per cylinder Induction: PGM-FI Ignition: Computer-controlled digital with 3-D mapping

We have more for every biker than any other store in the South (And at Better Prices)

8065 S. Main St., Helen, GA 30545


Visit 1920 Tattoo next door & Route 75 Roadhouse Restaurant & Bar 10 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014

June, 2014

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What Happens When Ethanol Blended Fuel Mixes With Water

By the AMA

the ethanol to acetic acid”. This troubling study raises even more concern about ethanol in fuel, now that the EPA has publicly acknowledged that ethanol blends can damage internal combustion engines not designed for its use by increasing exhaust temperatures and indirectly causing component failures.


study involving several state environmental agencies and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sought the answer to that question after a compliance inspector with the Petroleum Program in the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality noticed “odd corrosion reactions in some of the sumps” for the underground fuel tanks . The EPA “speculated that ethanol vapor that originated from the motor fuel was finding its way into water in the sumps, which would provide a source of food for the acetic acid bacteria. The study found that sump pumps containing water allowed the acetic acid bacteria to degrade the ethanol to acetic acid. The acetic acid would then cause corrosion of the pumps (See Figure 1). Conversely, “If moisture was not available, there would be no opportunity for bacteria to degrade

12 - Southern Biker Magazine

According to the EPA, "ethanol impacts motor vehicles in two primary ways. First ... ethanol enleans the air/fuel ratio (increases the proportion of oxygen relative to hydrocarbons) which can lead to increased exhaust gas temperatures and potentially increase incremental deterioration of emission control hardware and performance over time, possibly

causing catalyst failure. Second, ethanol can cause materials compatibility issues, which may lead to other component failures. "In motorcycles and nonroad products [using E15 and higher ethanol blends], EPA raised engine-failure concerns from overheating." This study

and EPA’s acknowledgement demonstrate that fuels containing high levels of ethanol can damage, not only engines, but also fueling station infrastructure. The American Motorcyclist Association opposes E15 fuel (15 percent ethanol by volume) because inadvertent misfueling can cause engine and fuel system failure to the estimated 22 million motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles currently in use and can void manufacturers' warranties. The AMA supports H.R. 1462. This bill would reduce the total RFS by 79 percent in 2014 and reduce the RFS by other significant percentages each year until 2022, when the total RFS is reduced by 42 percent. That is, the bill adjusts the mandate to 21 billion gallons in 2022, rather than 36 billion gallons. Moreover, H.R. 1462 rescinds the EPA’s E15 waivers and caps the amount of ethanol content in gasoline at E10. The AMA supports this common sense solution to make sure that motorcyclists have access to safe fuels.

June, 2014

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 13

Motorcycling 101

Tips & Information that every beginning rider needs to know Riding is like nothing else…the call of the open road on a beautiful day is hardly resistible! You’ve seen them ride alone, you’ve seen them ride in packs and maybe you’ve gone to a couple of bike festivals, but now you have your own motorcycle and you are ready and revving’ to go! If you are a beginner rider, here are a few tips you need to know before going on a ride! • Above all, be legal! Take the motorcycle safety class, get the training and the license! • Once legal, practice, practice, practice…if you are still apprehensive, get more education and training! Riding becomes a joy when it moves from the conscious to the subconscious and that doesn’t happen without repetition. • Buy and wear the proper gear (DOT helmet, riding boots, motorcycle glasses, gloves, rain gear) No flip flops please!!! • Start on a motorcycle that is suitable for you…not someone’s hand me down that doesn’t fit! • Ride with someone so you are not alone! Company makes for fun times! • Most of all, be safe, be aware of your surroundings! Think ahead!

Kathy Tolleson CEO ROAR Motorcycles, Inc.

• Maintain correct air pressure in your tires for safe riding, cornering and stopping. • Make sure your motorcycle idles properly. Stalling is dangerous and so is an engine that is idling too high. • Over braking is one of the main causes of bike accidents. Make sure you learn how and when to use your rear and front brakes and practice so it becomes habit. • Always remember where your head and eyes go, that’s where your motorcycle goes. It takes discipline but can make a big difference between staying upright or going down and it’s also important in holding your lane, especially when cornering. • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or have others critique your riding. • And with all that said, it’s also important to relax, have fun and enjoy the ride knowing that with each mile your abilities and confidence will increase. Now you’re ready to go!! Don’t let fear or anxiety stop you from experiencing the joy and exhilaration of riding a motorcycle! Remember to ride safe, ride strong and ROAR!!!









One of ROAR's Latest Customs, "Sugar"

DAYTONA BEACH, FL 386.255.7527 • 14 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014

A Community Adopts the Motorcycle Culture, With Arms Wide Open

By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


plus riders pull into a town; leathers, bandanas, loud pipes, sweaty from a 400+ mile trip, tired hungry and looking to get some rest. What came next was nothing short of amazing. The Run For the Wall ride from Los Angeles to Washington DC sported these riders. Coming across the state of Tennessee, they were escorted in by the Tennessee Highway Patrol and then by the Cookeville Police Department to the Chamber of Commerce where they were treated to a BBQ dinner and cold beverages compliments of the Cookeville Chamber of Commerce, the Miller Brewing Company and Boswell’s Harley Davidson. After that they all went to restaurants for a bite to eat and then to their hotels to get rest for the next day’s ride. But not before some hundred or so Cookeville citizens

16 - Southern Biker Magazine

welcomed the riders wherever they went. “Never before have I seen a community treat motorcycle riders like this”, said Tom Dawson, a veteran and motorcycle rider. “I’ve had over 20 people all over town, wherever I’m at here, welcome me and ask me to come back. It’s like a motorcycle community heaven.” I can concur with his assessment. My wife and I had similar moments while we were there covering the event. Strangers, old and young, welcomed us to their town. The next morning the riders were treated to a huge send off by the city, several radio stations, Southern Biker Magazine and more. But none of these more special than what got off the city school bus. It was the last day of school and the entire 3rd grade class of Cookeville’s Parkview Elementary came to wish the riders a safe trip. Not

only that, they all made cards for the riders to take with them and place at the Wall in Washington DC when they get there. Tears flowed, hearts pounded, hugs were given and a new emotional reason to ride was given to every one of the riders. It was one of those events that I’m so glad I didn’t miss. “This is a one of kind city. We’ve been treated very well in places, but this town is just amazing”, said Gunny, the original founder of the ride. “This town just opened its arms and hearts and just hugged us. We’ll never forget this town.” I just have never seen a town adopt the motorcycle culture and its riders like the community and the town of Cookeville. It’s just amazing. It’s something you don’t expect and nothing like you’ve ever been treated. Tennessee’s state capital is Nashville, the football headquarters is Knoxville but the heart of Tennessee is in Cookeville.

June, 2014

Mark Enix, Owner, 865.686.0502 4914 North Broadway, Suite B Knoxvil e, TN 37918 Fountain City Shopping Center (next to Home Federal)

Mark Enix, Owner, 865.686.0502 4914 North Broadway, Suite B Knoxville, TN 37918 Fountain City Shopping Center (next to Home Federal)

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 17

You Can Learn… To Ride Like a Pro

By Stacy Loring


slow speeds, such as in parking lots, where people are watching and vehicles are in close proximity. Having that in mind they sought out a program that would offer training in a simple presentation that has more riding time than classroom time. Anyone can watch a Math Professor do an elaborate algebra problem, but it’s entirely different to do it yourself. It just doesn’t make sense to stand in front of a group and lecture about riding a motorcycle when it would be better to have them experience it themselves. This is where Ride Like A Pro comes in the story.

While riding with friends, Tim and Jay noticed that there is a need for a base of knowledge that every rider should be able to demonstrate in order for everybody around them to be safe.

Ride Like A Pro teaches advanced motorcycle handling that is very similar to the police motorcycle operators class, yet is available to all riders. The class is a four hour learning

im Willis and Jay Loring are long time law enforcement motorcycle riders. Both Tim and Jay have always been interested in learning how to control their bikes in a safe manner under all riding conditions. This interest has led them to seek out training opportunities that have been presented both professionally and outside the office. Both have taken advantage of these opportunities and as a result they have more confidence than ever in their abilities to handle even the biggest touring bikes.

Most riders are uncomfortable at

18 - Southern Biker Magazine

experience that you won’t forget. Potential students have asked several questions, but the most common ones are about clutch problems and the skill level needed to attend the class. The short answer is if you use the techniques that we teach, you will not have any mechanical issues and if you can ride it to the class; you’re qualified to learn more. For more information, go to www. or find us on Facebook at Ride Like A PRO Alabama. We hope to see you soon!

June, 2014

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 19

20 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 21

The Inaugural Boogie Hollar Was Off the Chain

By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy

From all indications, the Boogie Hollar Rally is a hit and here to stay. In the middle of West Tennessee stood 127 acres of nothing but a good time as new owners, Herbert & Amber Clark set out to raise the bar of rallies yet again. With the entire area mowed, trimmed and pampered, everyone commenced to meet old friends and new ones, preparing themselves for one wild week. Vendors of all kinds, biker games, field events, top line music acts and a Big Dog motorcycle give-away to boot! Now that’s doin’ it right. Hundreds and hundreds of rally goers poured into Atwood with their RVs, trailers and tents to enjoy four days while taking a break from the real world. “It was a really good time. I was impressed with everything”, said Christina Metzger (aka Rosie). Herbert and Amber are already planning the Fall Boogie Hollar and promise to out-do this one. Top music entertainment acts are getting booked and more vendors are putting it on their schedule. I don’t know how they’ll top this one, but I’m not gonna miss it!

22 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014


June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 23

Jim Miscichoski, Remembered

By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


hether it was a regular ride, a charity event, a vacation to the beach or a toy ride, Jim Miscichoski was up for the task, on his motorcycle. Known mostly for his work with the East Tennessee Toy Run and the Shiloh Riders Association, Jim set himself apart by volunteering for most everything, especially when children were concerned. From my view, Jim was quiet and stayed in the background, shunning the spot light and not concerned with popularity or being the front man. His main drive was to make sure that tasks were completed so no children were left without a toy or clothes or other necessities. He was always willing to help others in need to get assistance. He was truly a generous man and his efforts came from the heart.

24 - Southern Biker Magazine

Jim passed away during the Panama City Beach Rally this year while vacationing with his wife Kelly and their dog Millie. Words cannot describe the loss she must have felt or is still feeling today as she was there for his last breath. Jim’s funeral was a testament to this veteran’s and Kelly’s dutiful work and efforts. Over one hundred people came to ride with Jim to his final resting place with full military honors for his naval service. The American flag was draped over his coffin, then folded by two service men and presented to Kelly with the stars facing up, reminding us of our nations motto; In God We Trust. Then the officer said, “On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, please accept this flag as a symbol of our appreciation for your loved one's honorable and faithful service.” Taps was played, the three volley-shots by military personnel and then a prayer. Afterwards, there was a gathering to celebrate Jim’s life. Jim will be missed, but truly never forgotten. Rest in Peace my friend, until we meet again.

June, 2014

Mark Enix, Mark Enix, Owner, Owner, 865.686.0502 865.686.0502 4914 North Broadway, Suite B 4914 North B Fountain CityBroadway, ShoppingSuite Center Knoxville, TN 37918Center Fountain City Shopping (next to Home Knoxville, TNFederal) 37918 June, 2014

(next to Home Federal)

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Villopotto Claims Title #4 By Jacob Saylor


he 2014 Monster Energy Supercross season is a wrap and Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto once again defended his championship, making it four consecutive seasons in a row. Villopoto made a huge statement by winning the last four rounds and going 80/80 for laps lead in the main events. It was a display of complete dominance and confidence by the Poulsbo, Washington native. The 250 divisions battled out for bragging rights in the Dave Coombs East/West shootout with

Monster Energy’s Justin Hill taking the title. Geico Honda’s Justin Bogle amd Rockstar KTM’s Jason Anderson both captured their first championships of their young careers. Both riders earned the AMA Horizon Award as amateurs and finally, after years of ups and downs, lived up to their own expectations. The fireworks filled Sam Boyd Stadium as Villopoto took his victory lap. When asked how he felt about joining the record books alongside Jeremy McGrath, Villopoto simply stated “I’m glad

its over.” The rumor in the pits for most of the remaining rounds of supercross was the injury that Ryan Villopoto was concealing. With the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season just a few weeks away, many questioned if Villopoto would even be able to make the gate at Glen Helen for Round 1. He put the rumors to rest as he went under the knife for surgery on his knee just one week later. That leaves the door wide open for the rest of the field as the riders head to the great outdoors.

2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Schedule May 24 Glen Helen National May 31 Hangtown Motocross June 7 Thunder Valley National June 14 High Point National June 28 Tennessee National July 5 RedBud National July 12 Budds Creek Nation al July 19 Spring Creek National July 26 Washougal National August 9 Unadilla National August 16 Indiana National August 23 Utah National

26 - Southern Biker Magazine

San Bernardino, Calif. Classic Sacramento, Calif. Lakewood, Colo. Mt. Morris, Pa. Blountville, Tenn. Buchanan, Mich. Mechanicsville, Md. Millville, Minn. Washougal, Wash. New Berlin, N.Y. Crawfordsville, Ind. Tooele, Utah June, 2014

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 27

The BRASSE 31BLK Modification By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


ant a cool looking retro look for your Kawasaki Ninja 250? Joshua Brasse has got your ticket. Just look at the design and read how it came about. He designed the 31BLK that features an innovative quickrelease passenger seat to go from street fighter to second seat and back again in seconds. The passenger seat is stored in the front of the bike - locking in place with a double slamlatch mounting bracket. When it's time to give someone a lift, simply unlatch and slide the parallel 13-inch solid steel rods back into the frame and pinlock in place. Completely transform the 250 Ninja by removing its stock fairings and bolting on the 31BLK with no electrical or mechanical modifications required. Designed and engineered over the 2013 fall and winter in the company's shop in Toronto, the 31BLK mod went through the full design process; clay and foam form development, prototyping in ABS, and weeks of refinement. The production mod kit is now being produced in their shop laser cut and thermoformed parts, hand finished, with custom decals. Formally launched at the 2014 Toronto Motorcycle Show, the 31BLK has received incredible reviews, and the BRASSE shop is running at full steam filling orders. Since launching, there has been a lot of interest for compatibility with the 300 Ninja (which they're currently developing an adaptor set for), as well as the 250 Hyosung, and kits for larger bikes. In addition to producing the 31BLK mod, the BRASSE team also does custom builds for GSX-R600s, and some cafe racers. Stay tuned for more modifications on other bikes.

28 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014

Kenny Cross's

The Best Bikes, The Best Price! Kenny Cross Cell 423.991.3073 1005 McFarland Ave. Rossville, GA 30741

Located in Chattanooga

Jim Cross Cell 423.902.1011


Authorized Dealer For

Chocks Gel Seats

Schedule an appointment with George in Jacksonville, FL, area to have George Beidler / 865.310.5526 lights installed on your bike. EVENINGS & WEEKENDS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE

June, 2014

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Affordable Low Interest Home Loans


Specializing In

• First-Time Home Buyers • Home Owner Refinancing • Conventional, FHA, THDA, VA and USDA Loans • On-Site Underwriting, Processing & Appraisal Services and In-House Technology I am committed to helping you find the mortgage program that best fits your individual situation

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5301 Kingston Pike • Knoxville, TN 37919 Office: 865-851-7919 • Cell: 865-368-4254 Toll Free: 800-489-8910 • Fax: 865-851-7783 NMLS Unique Identifier #180135 • TN Lic #105303

ALABAMA Sep 21: Ride For Kids at Barber Motorsports Park, Leeds. Registration 8-9:30 am. www. ARKANSAS Jun 19-21: Spring Rivera Rally, Griffin Park, Hardy. Vendors, bikini contests, concerts, camping, concessions, poker runs, poker float, bike games, bikini bull riding and more. Weekend pass $30/$15 day. FLORIDA Oct 1-5:Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally-14th Annual Autumn rally. Within the city limits of Panama City Beach. The most biker friendly FREE rally in the U.S.A! A 4-Day Motorcycle Rally on the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches. 250+ Vendors, Live Entertainment, Contests, Bike Parade, MC Stunt Shows, Tattoo Contests and more. www.thunderbeachproductions. com Oct 16-19: Biketoberfest 22nd

30 - Southern Biker Magazine

Annual-An international event that attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from throughout the United States and Canada to the Daytona Beach area. Festivities include motorcycle races, charity rides, street festivals and expos. Biketoberfest® gives motorcycle enthusiasts that one last ride of the season. The event takes place at various locations throughout the Daytona Beach area. Oct 18: 9th Annual Tickled Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Poker Run. Proceeds benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and The Lucky Puppy Rescue. Registration starts at HarleyDavidson of Panama City Beach 9am-10:30am. FBO at 9am, LBO at 10:30 am, LBI at 3pm at Flashback, Hwy 231 and Penny Rd, Bayou George, FL. $10 donation per playing sheet, West Coast Poker FMI Music, food, 50/50, prizes. Drawing starts at 3:30pm.

June 7th June 14th June 21st June 23-28

Private Party Shooters - Alcoa, TN Skyzoo - Chattanooga, TN Acoustic on the Beach Panama City, FL To Book Exit 60 call

865-388-5662 or 423-519-4026 GEORGIA Jun 1: Ride For Kids at Cummings Fairground, Cummings. Registration 8-9:30am. Jun 7: Silent Partners 7th Annual Ride to Hillside at Frazier’s H-D, 4699 Friendship Rd, Buford. Raise money for the kids at Hillside Hospital and Children’s Home. Car & motorcycle show, food, vendors, games, live band. $25, $15 Rider. Registration 7am-8:30am, KSU 8:45. or 678-617-9340 Jun 14: Bike Ride for Devin, 4th Annual at Northwest Park, 605 Lynton Dr, Cedartown. registration 8:30 am, KSU at 10:30 am, Bikes $20, Passengers $5. All vehicles welcome. 50/50 raffle, raffle tickets. Pre-order shirts for $12. Call 678-977-2047 FMI or to make a donation. All proceeds to Devin’s family for his vast medical expenses. Jun 14: UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) PPV event at Hooters of Cartersville.

Jun 15: Father’s Day at Hooters of Cartersville. Bring Dad in for Wings & Sports! Jun 21: Biking Dead Tour, Senoia. Motorcycle tour of Walking Dead film locations. Raffle prizes. Registration at 10am at Coweta Veterans Club in Newnan GA. LBI at 2pm. All proceeds to Bomber Girls LRC and 2nd HOOAH, both 501(c)3 military support non profits. Rain or shine, all vehicles welcome. $15/bike KSU: 10:30. FMI Bloody.BomberGirlsLRC@gmail. com Jun 22: Brian’s Ride For Independence at Killer Creek H-D, 11480 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell. Poker Run to benefit a young man who was in a motorcycle accident and is now a quadriplegic. Proceeds go directly to Brian to provide equipment to enable him to gain some independence. Ride ends at Killer Creek H-D with entertainment, prizes, raffles and more. $25 Rider/$10 Passenger. KSU: 10am. FMI: 478-808-7320,

June, 2014

Kimber Clevland June 1: Lakeside Tavern, Knoxville, TN, 3pm-6pm KICK CANCER'S BUTT, "A Fundraiser Party For Greg Thomas" June 5: Wild Wing Cafe, Knoxville, TN 9pm-midnight June 7: Poor Man's Country Club, Clarksville, TN 9pm-midnight June 13: CRU, Knoxville, TN 8pm-11pm June 14: 2014 Weim & Cheese Benefit, Jeffersonville, IN, 6pm-10pm June 21: Villa Antonio Winery, Hillsboro, MO, 1pm - 4pm AS GIRLS GO Performance with Roxie Randle June 27: CRU, Knoxville, TN, 8pm-11pm June 28: Kristtophers, Knoxville, TN 9pm-Midnight Sponsored By

KENTUCKY Jun 4-7: Kentucky State H.O.G. Rally in Lexington. Jun 14: Poker Run to Benefit Camp Quality Kentuckiana 3rd Annual at American Legion, 2107 Crums Ln, Shively. Sign-up: 9am-11am. Live music, food, auction. KSU at 11:30 am. $10 per person plus one canned good for Kentucky Harvest. Rain date: 6/21/14. FMI 502-681-2954. In memory of Audrey M. Mason. Jun 14: Shrine Ride to benefit the local Hospital fund. Registration 10am-12pm, KSU at 12:30pm. Cost: Single $15/Double $25. FMI (606) 309-1692 Jul 17-20: Kentucky Bike Rally, Union County Fairgrounds, Sturgis. Live music, drag races, bike games, bike show, wet t-shirt contest, burnout contest, poker run, showers, vendors and more. Adults only fun. Pre-event $30 weekend/$20 Sat. FMI

June, 2014

MISSISSIPPI Jun 7: Southern Thunder HarleyDavidson Grand Re-Opening at 4870 Venture Dr, Southaven. Water Tower Stage Perf with Tullie Brae, Nuttin Fancy, Dead Soldiers, & 714. Main Stage Perf with Black Oak Arkansas, National Anthem, Bob Parsons to Speak then Molly Hatchet! Free admission with motorcycle endorsement, $20 admission for all others-1 Rider + 1 Passenger. Proceeds benefitting the Boys & Girls Club of North MS. FMI www.SouthernThunderHD. com

music - You Guns of Country Concert, vendors, door prizes, LED light shows, M/C tours, The Loop Tour, event merchandise, DJ, special guest & more. Sunday-Salutes Our Troops Day. FMI 336-580-1638,, Aug 24: Ride For Kids at WNC Ag Center Expo Hall, Gate 5, Fletcher. Registration 8-9:30am. www.

Jul 11-13: Hill Country Motorcycle Rally and A.M.R.A. Nationals Drag Races at Holly Springs Motorsports, 159 Old Hwy 7 S, Holly Springs. FMI visit www.

SOUTH CAROLINA Jun 1: Brotherhood of Heroes 2nd Annual Benefit for St. Jude at Birdie & Sharons Bar, 2912 Jefferies Hwy, Walterboro. Music, food and silent auction. Last year was a blast! And it's for the children. Cost: $15, KSU: 12:30. FMI: or 843-599-3489

NORTH CAROLINA Aug 15-17: Maggie Valley Summer Rally, Maggie Valley Festival Grounds, 3374 Soco Rd, Maggie Valley. Admission $10/day. Bike games, bike & trike shows, live

Aug 9: V.V.A. Annual LZ 960 Benefit Poker Run, Lakevue Landing, Clarendon County, Manning. Help support all veterans (not just Vietnam Veterans). 1st prize $100; 2nd prize $75 and 3rd prize $50.

Door prizes; music and a meal included in entry fee of $10/ participant. All stop are marinas so boat, automobiles and bike can participate. KSU 11am. FMI: 803460-5881 or 803-478-4300 EAST TENNESSEE Jun 7: Southern Biker Magazine’s 2nd Annual Ladies Ride-In Bike Show at Pavilion 117, 5616 Merchants Ctr Blvd, Knoxville. Entry fee $10 per class. People’s Choice plaque and $50 cash. Live music, chair massages, vendors, and more. FMI Kristin@southernbiker. us. Jun 7: Todd “Doc” Tuckier Memorial Ride. Starts at Holiday Inn Express. Last stop: Point Park in Dayton. Food, door prizes, silent auction @ noon, 50/50 drawing at Point Park. Get a memorial sign made for your loved one. We will have them put along the ride route. You can include a picture and words for $30 (double sided). Pre-register and get a free window decal. Donations welcome. FMI Lori 423-618-9576.

Southern Biker Magazine - 31

Jun 7: Ride to Remember, First Annual. Starts at 3pm at Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville. Jun 7: PTSD Awareness Family Day at American Legion Post 13, 224 Waters Rd, Maryville. A ride through the mountains, lunch and games. Bike and Car Contest (one winner for each). Bring the kids and the family. All monies raised will go to raise awareness in Blount and surrounding counties. Event Cost: donation only. KSU: 10:30. FMI: Karen @ 865-228-0137 Jun 7: Spreading of the Antlers Summer Cruise sponsored by Morristown Elks Riders. Starts at Classic Leathers, Morristown. zegistration at 9am. FBO at 10am. Ride fee $20 per person. Jun 8-12: Ride the Ridge with Smoky Mountain Harley. Space is limited. FMI call 865-977-1669 x 324 or Jun 14: Camp Hope For Kids Bike Run at Biggies Restaurant, 417

West Stone Dr, Kingsport. Starts and ends at Biggies Restaurant and includes visit to Camp Hope. Join us in the evening for great food, live music, raffles and awards for best bike. All proceeds go to Camp Hope which camped 800+ kids in 2013, all free. Cost $20/ Bike. KSU 12:00, FMI: tlockhart@

Jun 21: Relay for Life Motorcycle Run starts at Classic Leathers, 2704 E Andrew Johnson Hwy, Morristown. Ends at Howmet, 5650 Commerce Blvd, Morristown. Registration at 10am, KSU at 11am. Lunch, door prizes. $10 reg fee per driver, $5 per passenger. Checks can be made payable to American Cancer Society. FMI 423-317-3301.

Jun 14: Come see Tommy Flanagan who plays Chibs Telford on Sons of Anarchy. All day event, cost is $20 per person to meet Tommy. At Smith Brothers H-D, Johnson City. Tickets 423-283-0422.

Jun 21: Ride for the River at 10am. This tour benefits Little River Watershed Association’s conservation and education work for sustaining the quality and assets of this beautiful stream. Starts and ends at Smoky Mountain HarleyDavidson, Maryville. KSU 11:30. FMI

Jun 14: Freedom Run, 148 Pine St, Newport. 9am-6pm. Disabled American Veterans of Cocke County 1st annual Freedom Run. Bike Show begins at 9am. Poker hands available. KSU: 11:00. FMI: 423-625-8915 or usa102dav@ Jun 14: Christian-Newsome Ride at Pavilion 117, Knoxville. Music by John Titlow.

32 - Southern Biker Magazine

Thunder Creek H-D, Chattanooga. Benefits T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital ending at Pin Strikes with an auction, door prizes and raffle drawing for a Liberty Fatboy Jr gun safe and a 50" Toshiba LED HD TV. Cost: $10 Poker Hand/$5 Raffle Tix. KSU: 11:30. JD 423-400-3434 or Jun 22-26: AGWA National Rally at Holiday Inn, Johnson City. Begins at 8am. 12 rides, 5 guided rides, bike show, bike games, 50/50 drawing and more. FMI call 731-444-1564.

Jun 28: Jerry Taylor Memorial Dam Ride (American Legion Post 2) Starts at Food City, 7510 Asheville Hwy, Knoxville. Registration 9:3010:30. KSU 11:15. Front Roll Jun 21: 2nd Annual Black Dragon Auction. Open to cars and bikes on Breakdown Vintage & Custom Car approx 100 miles. Ends at Smoky & Bike Show at 10am. 100ft Drag Mtn H-D. $20 per bike/car. 50/50 Races – Old Tyme Biker Games. drawing. Benefits American Legion Old school stockers, choppers, Post 2 Building Fund and/or Honor bobbers, café, cutdowns, etc, at Guard. FMI 865-235-9995 Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville. Jun 28:White Lightning Trail Festival Jun 21:All In 4 The Kids Poker Run at Bike Run-3rd Annual at

June, 2014

Family Owned & Operated Open: Mon-Fri 7:30am - 6pm, Sat 7:30am - 5pm FROM OIL CHANGES TO ENGINES


“We make friends by accident”

Honest & Reliable Service by Qualified People

Authorized Warranty Vendor, No Charge for Pick Up & Delivery, Free Estimates, Low Labor Rates, Quality Work & Off-Site Repair


ALIGNMENT $ SPECIAL Expires: 06/30/14

Serving FL, NC, GA, LA, TX, NJ & CA Ph: 904-692-2202 REPEAT Fax: 904-692-2241 Cumberland Gap. benefiting "The Pat Summit Foundation" this year. Anyone can participate. $10/rider. Various stops along the way, which allows additional riders to fall in. Law Enforcement Escorted. KSU: 10:00. FMI: 423-307-9192/865-5857386 WEST & MIDDLE TENNESSEE Jun 7: Tennessee State Veterans Home Bike Show at 345 Compton Rd, Murfreesboro at 2pm. Judging will be done by veterans. All bikes welcome. No entry fee. Food provided. Sponsored by the TN State Veterans Home & Smith/ Wilson/Stones River CMT/ABATE Charter. FMI 615-310-3436 Jun 7-8: American Legion Post 88, 2nd Annual Iron Butt Ride starts at 2864 Elm Hill Pike, Donelson. Begins at 5:30am. To raise money for the American Legion Legacy Fund. Call for registration forms: 615-445-9182. Jun 8: National Truck Meet & Swap Meet at Wilson Co Fairgrounds,

June, 2014

Lebanon. 10am-6pm. Trophy Classes for all vehicles: Antiques, hot rods, rat rods, 4X4’s, Diesels, rock crawlers. $15 gen adm/$25 entry fee/$55 vendor fee. 615-3641828



We Service All National & Fleet Accounts FOUNDING MEMBER

GARY JELLISON Store Manager 5602 Kingston Pike • Knoxville, TN 37919

fax 865-588-4145 •


visit to schedule a service

8am-2pm. Honor Ride for Vets to help build Vets Park & Museum. Reg. 8am -10 am. Music, entertainment, food & door prizes. 615-444-2460 FMI. $20 rider/$10 pass. KSU 10:30. veteranservices@wilsoncountytn. com

show, adult contests, loud pipes contest, live music, vendors, beer & ice sales. $30. Call 931-308-5500

Jul 18-20: CMT Abate Liberty Rally at 1010 Gladdice Hwy, Whitleyville. Jun 27-29: CMT/ABATE Smith/ $10/pers or $15/couple. Children Wilson/Stones River Charter under 16 free with paid adult. FMI presents “Points Rodeo” at 5859 931-310-9719 Hartsville Pk, Lebanon. Gates open Fri 6pm. Camping Fri & Sat, $10/ Jul 22-27: Memphis Bike Fest at pers or $15/couple. Kids 12 and Mid-South Coliseum & Tiger Lane, under free. Kids 13-17 $5. Vendors Memphis. Motorcylce Event, Bike welcome-$20 includes 2 free & Car Show, Live Music, Camping, admissions. FMI Kim Marlin 615- Racing, Boot contest, Fashion Show, 310-3436 Poker Run, Vendors. $20 for the week., Jun 20-21: Lynchburg Motorcycle Jun 28: Smith Wilson Stones River, 901Rally, ride starts at Wiseman Park CMT Abate Points Rodeo at 5859 240-3403 in Lynchburg. No admission fee. Hartsville Pk, Lebanon. Begins Activities being at 3pm. Poker at 9am. $10 per person or $15 TEXAS run, bike show, motorcycle races, per couple. Children 13-17 $5 Jun 12-15: Republic of Texas Biker vendors, live music, food, games and admission. Children under 12 free. Rally at Travis County Expo Center, more. www.lynchburgtnmoonshine. FMI 615-310-3436. Austin. Must be 18+. The biggest com motorcycle rally in Texas and one Jul 11-13: Chopper Hill Spring Bike of the largest motorcycle events in Jun 21: Honor Ride for Vets at Rally, 1152 Gap Rd, Altamont. Must the US. Sammy Hagar performing James E. Ward Center, Lebanon. be 21 with valid ID. Bike games, bike June 14! Friday night headliner Jun 19-22: Junebug Boogie Motorcycle Rally, Cookeville. Free camping, hot showers. Wild contests every day and night, field events. Only $40 entry fee. Jessie Keith Whitley, Beau Braswell, Brit Stokes Band, JD Cable & the Empty Bottle Band, Rockin’ Country Nights, Tanya Davis, Dwight Dixon, Johnny Neal and more. FMI www. 931-260-9339

Southern Biker Magazine - 33

Food for Thought

by Barry Duncan

Archers BBQ

With a break in the weather, it was time for a short ride. Archers BBQ with three locations is on the horizon. They offer six different sauces to choose from: Original, Memphis, St. Louis, KC, Carolina and Moonshine. They serve up ribs, chicken, pork and beef. I like the BBQ sundae at $6.50. A big bowl of beans, slaw, and pulled pork covered with your favorite sauce and Texas toast. Ribs are $23 for full, $15 for half, $12 third with two sides and toast. The beef & beer chili at $5 is really good too. It has huge chunks of meat you could eat with a fork. They are open Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 12pm-7pm. With locations on Kingston Pike, Oak Ridge Hwy and Central Avenue, they’ve got Knoxville, TN covered. Archers BBQ, Knoxville’s place for Memphis style BBQ.

Corn Pone Cornbread

Corn Pone - especially of a plain or simple kind. / k rn po n/ corn-pone-of or characteristic of an unsophisticated rural person, especially from the South; hick: a corn-pone accent. Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups white corn meal 1 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups cold water (or enough to make a soft mixture that can be spooned like pancake batter) 4 tablespoons vegetable oil Cooking Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 475°F (245°C). 2. Mix corn meal, salt and water. 3. Heat oil in a 9-inch round iron skillet in the hot oven until hot. 4. Carefully spread mixture evenly in hot skillet and spoon some of the fat that comes to the edges up on top of the batter. 5. Place skillet in oven and bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown. 6. Optional: Broil for the last 2 to 3 minutes to make it extra golden brown and crispy around the edges.

UNTIL WE EAT AGAIN, BIKER BARRY Reverend Horton Heat. 20 blocks of downtown Austin are closed off for a huge party on Congress Ave Friday night. Ride-In Bike Shows, custom bike builders, stunt shows, comedians, national named brands, The Paradise Bar, tattoo expo, ladies contests and more! www.

Two day ride in the mountains of southern WV. Great food, great people and many door prizes. Come as early as you want. Stay as late as you like. Everyone is welcome no matter make or model. Family type of environment. Cost: free. FMI: 304-207-0656 or or

and participation in the People's Choice Bike Show. Bike show limited space, first come first serve until 10am. Winner of People's Choice eligible for flight in our AT-6 Texan aircraft. Free event. FMI: 714210-4585/info@lyonairmuseum. org/

VIRGINIA & WV Jun 1: Ride For Kids at Richmond Times-Dispatch, Mechanicsville. Registration 8-9:30 am. www.

Jul 24-27: Thundering Beauties Biker Rally, Hungry Mother State Park, 2854 Park Blvd, Marion. 1st Annual Women's Motorcycle Rally @ Back of the Dragon. Bringing women together with their passion for motorcycling and giving back through charitable donations. All women and all types of motorcycles! Event Cost: $75.00, FMI:

Jun 19-21: Ozark Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Rally, 1600 West Hwy 76 / Area-57 Branson, Missouri. Free admission/open to the public. Live bands "Featuring" Jasmine Cain, with other bands, poker runs to benefit local Fire Dept. Have a cold beer at the Shriners tent and watch the bike show and see all the vendors. June 19, 2014 Kickstand down party with half price drafts from the Shriners Beer garden.

Jun 13-15: Back of the Dragon Days “The Dragon Roars” at Tazewell High School, 167 Cosby Blvd, Tazewell. Live music, vendors, parade, bike show, displays and more. $3 per day. www.

NATIONAL EVENTS Jun 7: Chris Colin Run Bentley's Jun 27-29: Hartford Bike Fest at Jun 26-28: Virginia State H.O.G. Saloon, 1601 Portland Road, Hartford Motor Speedway, MI. Rally, Harrisonburg. Pre-register by Arundel, ME Live music with Quiet Riot and 5/8/14 at more, car & bike show, IWF Pro Jun 8: Lyon Air Museum 3rd Annual Wrestling, burnout pit. FMI www. Jul 12-13: West Virginia Summer Bikes & Bombers at 19300 Ike Jones Ride, 788 Stewart St, Welch, WV. Rd, Santa Ana, CA. Free bike parking

34 - Southern Biker Magazine

MUSIC EVENTS Jun 1: Kimber Cleveland at Lakeside Tavern, Knoxville, TN 3p-6p Jun 5: The Donny Hammonds Band at Hooters of Cartersville, GA. Jun 5: Kimber Cleveland at Wild Wing Café, Knoxville, TN 9p-12a Jun 5: Fairview Union at Pavilion 117, Knoxville, TN Jun 6: The Reigns Band at Oskies, Knoxville, TN Jun 6: Phoenix Rising at Georgia’s Sports Bar, Smyrna, TN @ 9p Jun 6: Zack Dylan at The Log Cabin, Benton, TN Jun 6/7: It’s Wayne’s World at My Place Sports Bar, Claxton, TN Jun 7: Tuesday’s Gone (Lynard Skynyrd tribute) w/Krooked Kreek, 8pm at The Shed, Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville.

June, 2014

East Tennessee is the best place to live... and yes, Skyway Realty can prove it! Call or email us today for your free comparison guide with eight key factors you will want to know.

David Fankhauser 423-295-4440

Jun 7: Kimber Cleveland at Poor Man’s Country Club, Clarksville TN 9p-12a Jun 12: Roadhouse at Hooters of Cartersville, GA. Jun 12: Kelsey’s Woods at Pavilion 117, Knoxville, TN Jun 13: Grits From Dumplin Valley at Dandridge Pizza & More, Dandridge. Jun 13: Kimber Cleveland at CRU, Knoxville, TN 8p-11p Jun 13: Live music at Oskies, Knoxville, TN Jun 14: It’s Wayne’s World at Back 2 Brewskis, Oak Ridge, TN Jun 14: Exit Sixty at Shooters, Athens, TN Jun 14: Kimber Cleveland at 2014 Weim & Cheese Benefit, Jeffersonville, IN, 6p-10p Jun 15: Grits From Dumplin Valley at Knoxville River Boat Sunset Cruise, Knoxville, TN.

Jun 21: Drivin’ N Cryin’ w/The Eskimo Brothers 8pm at The Shed, Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville, TN. Jun 21: Grits From Dumplin Valley at Colboch H-D, Morristown, TN. Jun 21: Exit Sixty at Skyzoo, Chattanooga, TN Jun 21: Kimber Cleveland at Villa Antonio Winery, Hillsboro, MO 1p-4p, AS GIRLS GO Performance with Roxie Randle Jun 21: Phoenix Rising at Bikini Beach Bar, Antioch, TN @ 4p Jun 23-28: Exit Sixty playing acoustic on the beach, Panama City, FL Jun 26: South Lander at Hooters of Cartersville, GA. Jun 26: Mike Snodgrass Band at Pavilion 117, Knoxville, TN Jun 27: Kimber Cleveland at CRU, Knoxville, TN 8p-11p Jun 27: It’s Wayne’s World at Oskies, Knoxville, TN

Jun 19: Jack’d Up at Pavilion 117, Knoxville, TN

Jun 28: Kimber Cleveland at Kristtophers, Knoxville, TN 8p-11

Jun 20: Phoenix Rising at The Bunganut Pig, Murfreesboro, TN @ 9p

June, 2014

Don't leave them home, wherever you roam

Jun 20/21: It’s Wayne’s World at V Night Club, Lake City, TN

Jun 19: Ashlie Rae at Hooters of Cartersville, GA. Jun 19: Grits From Dumplin Valley at Old Town Grill,Tazewell,TN-bike night on patio.

Jun 20: Freequency at Oskies, Knoxville, TN

McTotem - Pet & Light Cargo Carriers

Jun 28: Billy Joe Shaver w/Otis Gibbs 8pm at The Shed, Smoky Mountain H-D, Maryville.

For More Event Listings

740-533-7743 •

want to...

Ride Like A Pro? Serving Georgia and Alabama!

Advanced motorcycle skills course based on police motor officer training. Retake the class, as much as you like, free for 1 year.

$150 Class Fee • $50 Deposit Required Sign up at

Iron Riders Outpost

Huge Selection of Patches and Sewing Available Club Discounts

Motorcycle Accessories & Leather 220 W. Dumplin Valley Rd F39-42,G40-43 Kodak, TN 37764 Steve 865-360-0966 Jennifer 865-583-9575



Biker Owned • Bike Tours MAGGIE VALLEY 1-800-787-6998 Swimming Pool Southern Biker Magazine - 35



Buckle and Hide Leather BELTS / BUCKLES / VESTS / JACKETS

Asia Cafe


164 Lowry Street Smyrna, TN 37167

e the Rattler d i R

Steve Johnson

Base Camp for an Assault on The Rattler

Nice one acre parcel at the start of The Rattler in Fines Creek NC. No restrictions. Great for an RV or small home. Beautiful area 8 miles north of I -40. Good access. Southern exposure. $33,000

Sam Hopkins 828 550 5959 •

Lori Ann Manns

Voted #1 Realtor on CHL!


Village Real Estate 615-383-6964

2206 21st Ave • Nashville, TN 37212

Call Mrs. Manns for all your Real Estate Plans! Selling Homes & Land from Center Hill Lake to Nashville!

Happy Father's Day

Allan & Donna Jackson Personalized Gifts & Souvenirs Traders Village Kingsport TN

36 - Southern Biker Magazine

June, 2014


STEEL HORSE LAW 1-888-38-COURT • Don’t Have A Party Without Us


(865) 567-6944 • •

Bike Night Every Sunday 3-9:30pm


98¢ Dragon Draft & Mermaid Draft (Monday Only) 38¢ Dragon Wing (Sunday Special Dine-in Only)

Asia Cafe

North Location 6714 Central Ave Pk #B Knoxville, TN

NEW West Location 8111 Gleason Dr Knoxville, TN

865.688.8888 865.281.3133

10% of all Sales We Support Donated to St. Jude Our Troops Bob Mobile 423-292-0944 Home 423-247-5449 Chris Mobile 423-292-4733

Sat. 8:30 till 5 Sun. 9:30 till 5

Traders Village • Building B • Back Row Kingsport, Tennessee

June, 2014 Biker Magazine 6 - Southern

Southern Biker Magazine - 37 June, 2014

Advice & Tips from Your Attorneys

Will Sheffield

Bike Info: 2004 Harley-Davison Buell XB9R with custom blue lights Occupation: Owner of Custom Cut Countertops Hobbies: Riding, rappelling, camping and water sports and spending time with my grandbabies!

Penny Sheffield

Bike Info: 2003 Honda Shadow VLX 600 with custom white lights Occupation: Executive Assistant at Custom Cut Countertops Hobbies: Riding with my soul mate, rappelling, camping and water sports and most importantly spending time with my grandbabies!

38 - Southern Biker Magazine


ay is coming to an end, and the summer is approaching, bringing with it prime riding weather. Coincidentally, the end of May also brings to the end of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Yet, just because May is ending, doesn't mean we should stop talking about how to keep riders safe through George Stein a hot southern summer. Spring always brings the beginning of riding season, which means rallies in Florida and Myrtle Beach. When you are riding with 200,000 of your closest brethren, riding in shorts or tank tops is a lot easier to look past, but when taking a Saturday morning cruise in the mountains, or jumping on your bike to head to work into a sea of minivans demands for you to take an accounting of your gear. Brian Caron A few months ago we wrote an entire article about helmet safety. Your health on a bike starts at the top and works its way down. A 2008 NHTSA study shows that 37% of motorcycle fatalities in the prior year could have been avoided by simply wearing a helmet. This equates to an additional 800 lives saved a year. Yet, on a positive note, this same study showed helmet use in the motorccycle community up five percent from the prior year. This is a trend that needs Marcos Garza to continue to rise each and every year. Working our way down, you can continue to protect yourself with the right type of riding gear. When getting on your bike, make sure you are dressed for the fall, not the trip. Every day our office sees riders coming in with significant injuries and road rash. Road rash that leads to infections, permanent scarring and even the unrepairable destruction of tattoos. Many of these injuries could be avoided by wearing proper attire. Make sure you are in long pants and sleeves. A leather jacket or "body armor" jacket can save a downed biker months of recuperation time if you are forced to lay your bike down. Wearing leathers over their jeans can do the same. I know the summer in the southeast can bring some heat, but don't let taking a day off of being safe lead to a summer of doctor's appointments. Lastly, think about the body part that is the closest to the road... Your feet. Don't go out riding in flip flops or open toed shoes. Tennis shoes or slick bottomed shoes such as cowboy boots or even dress shoes are also not your best options. A smart rider will be wearing something that protects their legs, and also helps them in a tough situation. A rubber soled boot will not only protect your feet and calves, but it will also help you when you slow down. A rubber soled boot will help you when you come across a slick road due to either weather conditions or even just oil from a car. We all love riding, but we have to think of the next ride before the one you are heading out on that day. Making sure that you will arrive safe to your destination starts before you get on your bike. We cannot control what another car may do, so we need to make sure we are prepared for any situation. Next month we will continue on this theme with respect to keeping you safe and look at the hard fact of alcohol and riding. Until then, enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. And as always, if you see Steelhorse Law around at one of your events come up and introduce yourself. We are here when you need us. If you have any questions or if you have been hurt in a wreck, give us a call at 1-888-38-Court. Ride Safe. June, 2014

June, 2014

Southern Biker Magazine - 39

George Stein • Marcos Garza

Our motorcycle injury Lawyers are committed to effective and aggressive representation of Bikers who have been involved in an accident. 1-888-38-COURT Tennessee Offices Bank of America Building • 550 Main Street • Suite 340 • Knoxville • TN • 37902 600 Republic Centre • 633 Chestnut Street • Chattanooga • TN • 37450 20 Music Circle East • Nashville • TN • 37203 Georgia Office 1355 Peachtree Street NE • Suite 150 • Atlanta • GA • 30309

Southern Biker Magazine June 2014 issue  
Southern Biker Magazine June 2014 issue  

Southern Biker Magazine June 2014 issue