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December 2017

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Yamaha Nikon 3-Wheeler 2018 Honda Goldwing AIM Expo Re-cap 25th Chrome Biketoberfest Thunder Beach Fall Rally Christmas ideas, events & more!

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2 - Southern Biker Magazine

December 2017

December 2017

Southern Biker Magazine - 3

On the Cover:

Michael Lucas & Lucas Motorworks, Honda Patrol Photo by Kyle Brown Photography & sponsored by Short Mountain Distillery

December 2017

• Yamaha Nikon • 2018 Honda 3-Wheeler Goldwing • AIM Expo Re-cap • 25th Chrom e Biketoberfest • Thunder Beach Fall Rally • 25th Chrom e • Christmas Biketoberfest ideas, events & more!

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December 2017


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December 2017

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words from the publisher

'Tis the Reason for the Season,, Hello riders of southeastern Tennessee and beyond. Thanksgiving will be over by the time this issue hits the stands and Christmas will be approaching quickly. Please remember a few extra folks this year when you gather with family and friends: our soldiers, our law enforcement and first responders and those less fortunate.

This season will hit pretty close to home as my husband goes in for heart surgery. Please keep Randy in your daily prayers. Our holiday season will revolve around that and our family. We'll be keeping plans flexible, but we will be thankful for the Lord's blessings on us and our family. Time is something we all take for granted and my hope is that everyone takes a little time out of your day and let loved ones know how much you love them. Tomorrow is not promised and things happen in the blink of an eye. Make the days and moments count. It's also the season of giving. When possible, support those toy rides and charity events to help those less fortunate.You never know how one small generous gesture can impact the lives of others. They might not seem so big, but they are HUGE on the other end when a child receives a gift he might not have received otherwise. Randy and I have witnessed this first hand and the warm feeling inside is wonderful and brings my season even more joy. Remember, it's not how much you spend, but the thought and the time spent that matters. December is my birth month and I usually get a little down around my birthday, but this year I want to do something different. I want to give a birthday wish to all our friends and family: May you live a happy, loving, healthy and prosperous year and reap bountiful rewards. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

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December 2017

Ho, Ho... Oooohh!

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2018 Honda Gold Wing has Arrived By The Mag Man Randy Gracy


he iconic touring machine from Honda gets a new level of performance and a new sleeker look as well as a few new design modifications. The Honda Gold Wing was unveiled at the EICMA show in November and has been receiving outstanding reviews as well as some highly touted first ride-reviews. The 2018 Gold Wing Honda is trying to move into the direction of marketing towards a younger generation. It’s looking to interest those on the leading edge of Gen X and with this new Gold Wing; I think they’ve done just that. Right out of the gate, the new Gold Wing is 90 pounds lighter than the 2017. That’s a huge reduction all the while retaining the icon’s unique look and powerful production plant. Speaking of the new power plant, the new motor moves from 1800cc to 1833cc and is more powerful in the mid-range. Coming through the corners, it has considerable more power than its predecessor. New double wishbone suspension along with rider assist traction control, ABS braking and a 200mm Bridgestone rear tire allows the rider to keep planted on the asphalt and really get after the curves far better than the 2017 model. New tech gadgets abound on this new version of the Gold Wing and Honda spared no expense in creating a user friendly system. Central locking and passive keyless entry are a nice touch as you get on the machine. It has four riding modes: Rain, Economical, Touring and Sport. Each offers the same power, but as the throttle response sharpens, the traction control becomes more lenient and, if equipped, the DCT becomes more aggressive. Main stream bikers might scoff at Honda’s new optional DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission), but I for one love it. Think

8 - Southern Biker Magazine

about it, a seven-speed unit that can shift itself automatically, quicker and smoother than an actual rider can. For those purists, you can override the DCT by clicking a pair of toggles on the left grip. Hill-start control and an upgraded Intelligent Navigation system are excellent features. You can even option your bike with additional LED puddle lights that illuminate the ground around the bike. But the buzz around the console system is the new Apple CarPlay. This feature is available for the first time on two wheels courtesy of the 7-inch LCD in the center of the new Gold Wing’s dashboard. You can connect your phone via USB (either in the trunk or the storage cubby in the tank), then pair your Bluetooth headset to the bike and the familiar CarPlay interface shows up right there on the dash. Total integration has this system at the top of its class and the market. The new sleeker, modern design is aided by a reduced tank size (from 25 liters to 21), but the 2018’s higher 42.2mpg more than makes up for the 35 mpg prior. The top cargo capacity of the touring model is 110 liters due to the new modern design, but all new boxes use the central locking system. Standing near the motorcycle with the key in your pocket and the boxes unlock and are easily opened with the push of a flush-mounted button, pivoting downward smoothly on hydraulic dampers. The 2018 Honda Gold Wing is more engaging and appealing to those who want an invigorating ride, safer and more reassuring secure ride without compromising comfort and performance. With a starting price of $23,500, this 2018 Gold Wing is a sure bet for Honda and a great machine for its new owners. It’s no longer that “Sofa on Wheels”. December 2017

December 2017

December 2017

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2019 Yamaha NIKEN 3-wheeler Coming to America By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


amaha’s new NIKEN leaning 3-wheeler is coming to America and already getting rave reviews. This will be the world’s first leaning 3-wheeler production model motorcycle ever and it is getting a lot of attention and media. Yamaha recently unveiled it at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and production and distribution in the US market has been confirmed by Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA.

The NIKEN’s twin front wheels form the focal point and Yamaha’s designers have sought to highlight the distinctive technology used in the LMW system and have NIKEN’s structure and working mechanisms are there for all to see. The upward-curving main seat features a wide, flat design with excellent rear passenger support that gives high levels of comfort.

At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, Yamaha displayed the MWT9 prototype, a 3-wheel concept motorcycle. Two years later, Yamaha reveals the all-new NIKEN. NIKEN means ‘Two Swords’ in Japanese, the word NIKEN originates from 17th century Japan when the two-sword style of swordsmanship was first invented. It proved to be a revolution and marked the beginning of a new era in combat.

Double “external” upside-down front forks are added to achieve sportbike handling capabilities to give the NIKEN’s a maximum lean angle of 45 degrees, and this has been made possible by the use of the Ackermann dual-axle steering mechanism, together with a cantilevered suspension system mounted to the outside of the wheels. The double “external” upside-down front forks are also equipped with rebound and compression damping adjusters that enable the rider to dial in their ideal suspension set up.

Yamaha’s new technology will have you carving the open roads and curves with confidence as now you are able to lean into the corners with grip and confidence. It will have the speed and power of a sportbike with the torque-rich 847cc crossplane concept 3-cylinder engine all while having the comfort of a cruiser.

Other important new features include: a newly designed hybrid steel and aluminum frame, sporty and lightweight cowl with dualLED headlights, fully adjustable rear suspension, double 15-inch front wheels for excellent cornering performance with dual 298mm front disc brakes, R-series type aluminum

10 - Southern Biker Magazine

fuel tank and a Compact instrument panel with LCD display. A second great endorsement for this motorcycle will be those who can no longer hold up a two wheeler and the many applications it holds for handicap riders who crave the ride like a two-up rider. The time for those riders is arriving in the form of a Yamaha. The NIKEN represents one of the most significant developments in the motorcycling world for many years and will be available in the second half of 2018.

December 2017

December 2017

Southern Biker Magazine - 11

Biketoberfest's 25th Chrome Anniversary Draws a HUGE Crowd By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy 25th Anniversary only comes around once, and those riders that took part in this year’s 25th Chrome Biketoberfest made out like bandits. The town of Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas cleaned up from Hurricane Irma and put on one heck of an event. Main Street was packed from the Legendary Boot Hill Saloon to Atlantic Ocean. Motorcycles were everywhere you looked and then some.


Riders from all over the world came to take part in this historic event. Smokin’ Joe Ball, the Canadian PoPo Ed Skotarek, Liz Cunningham, myself and several other SBMag Road Crew rolled into Daytona Beach to take in the festivities. Huge scheduled events took place all over the area including Rossmeyer’s HarleyDavidson, the saloons on US-1,

Beach Street vendor section, Indian Motorcycle of Daytona, Cabbage Patch and the Daytona International Speedway where the Daytona Beach & Convention Bureau held their press conference to kick-off the 25th Chrome Biketoberfest. The Road Crew and I hit our usual favorite spots while in town: Finn’s Beachside Pub, Zappi’s Italian Garden, Racing’s North Turn, Ocean Deck, and Bruno’s Pizzeria which is located directly across from our host hotel, the Dream Inn. I decided, due to diet concerns, to forgo the Charlie Horse Restaurant and my attempt to break my 19 pound crab leg eating record. We also hit several spots to enjoy some of the best entertainment that (continued on page 13)

12 - Southern Biker Magazine

December 2017

(continued from page 13)

money didn’t have to buy as all of the shows were free to all of the Biketoberfest attendees. Top acts like Mustang Sally, Jackyl, Jasmine Cain, Hayfire, Miss Intent, and more set the atmosphere roaring. We also took in the Sons of Speed vintage Motorcycle race put on by Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. That was some outstanding vintage horsepower to see live. Bike shows were all over the place and if you were entering yours, you had to decide which ones to take in. Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show is always a huge draw and you just never know what famous person you might run into there. The Rat’s Hole Bike Show at Indian Motorcycles of Daytona always draws top competition from around country. We enjoyed the entire Biketoberfest event and even stayed over three extra days to take in Daytona Beach and some relaxing down time. And boy did we need it. Daytona Beach is like my home away from home due the fact I’m there so many times each year. Next up for Daytona is the 77th Annual Bike Week that will be held March 9-18, 2018. Get your reservations early and get ready to enjoy the largest Bike Week on the World’s Most Famous Beaches. For more information on it you can go to daytonabikeweek/. December 2017

Media Day at the Daytona International Speedway This year’s media day was hosted by the Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and was held under the FPL Solar Pavilion in Harley-Davidson Thunder Alley at the famous Daytona International Speedway. Subjects of conversations from the stage were safety, having fun and realizing the 25 year history of th@is great event. Lots of area dignitaries and VIPs were hand including Lori Campbell Baker, executive director Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Chip Wile, president Daytona International

Speedway, Bob Davis, Lodging and Hospitality Association of Volusia County, Sheriff Michael Chitwood, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, Shelly Rossmeyer Pepe, Bruce Rossmeyer’s Harley-Davidson, Brian Holt, Riverfront Park/Official Gear Promotions and the “mother” of Biketoberfest, Janet Kersey (Exec VP & COO of the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce). Janet spoke about the first Biketoberfest and where it is today, a multi-million dollar event for Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas. She was busy working during the entire week, but got to spend a little time with friends, too.

Southern Biker Magazine - 13

2017 Thunder Beach Fall Rally By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


anama City Beach remains a great destination for motorcycle riders to visit and enjoy the great many ride routes, seafood, ocean boat rides, scuba diving or just lying by the pool and tiki-bar and enjoy the scenery that the Gulf Coast offers up. But through in a motorcycle rally with top entertainers and you have over 100,000 folks coming to enjoy a very long weekend with friends and meeting new ones. Thunder Beach Productions and their staff do an outstanding job putting together one of the most liked motorcycle rally events that is enjoyed by everyone. This Fall Rally was no exception, especially being next to Halloween! Top headliners for the event and surrounding venues were entertaining attendees by the hundreds at each place. This year Thunder Beach played host to great entertainers like Skid Row, Kentucky Headhunters, Confederate Railroad, Jasmine Cain, Eli, Mustang Sally, Buck Wild, Kid Rock Cowboy, Big Engine, KISS America, Roadhouse Atlanta and many, many more. Music tastes for everyone at Thunder Beach!

Motorcycle riders from around country come to enjoy this Emerald Coast of white sandy beaches. At Frank Brown Park the Tim Dyson FMX Freestyle Moto-X Stunt Show kept everyone entertained with his high flying stunts aboard a motorcycle. There were also a ton of vendors there with everything from food to motorcycle accessories to trailers. You could not be without whatever you needed if you came here. I think I even saw a kitchen sink! Other vendors, official merchandise and motorcycle manufacturer demo rides were set up at official Thunder Beach venues all of the beach area: Aaron Bessant Park, PCB Harley-Davidson, the Boardwalk Beach Resort, Hammerhead Fred’s, Sharky’s, the Sand Piper Beacon Resort, the Boneyard, the Wicked Wheel and Pier Park. Every one of these venues were packed with people enjoying themselves. The Southern Biker Road Crew and I hit all the venues plus a few favorites like Buster’s Beer and Baits, SiK Cycles, Ms Newbies, Dat Cajun Place and our every night destination before turning in, Hershey’s Ice Cream Parlor. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at our host hotel the Calypso Resort that was right in the center of all the

action by Pier Park. It was a welcome and comfortable place to get our rest and get us rejuvenated for the next day. Also taking place was the Official Miss Thunder Beach Pageant, the LED Motorcycle Light Show, the Baddest Bagger Contest hosted by American Bagger Magazine and the Best of Thunder Beach Bike Show hosted by yours truly, Southern Biker Magazine. As hosts of the Best of Thunder Beach Bike Show, we the SBMag Road Crew want to represent Thunder Beach Productions and the rally in the most professional way possible. Even though the forecast was for 70% thunder storms throughout the show, the good Lord smiled on us and we managed to get the show in with great participation. Motorcycles with two and three wheels entered to win the coveted 14” laser engraved wooden surfboards by Etchalot Laser Designs in Madisonville, Tennessee. Door prizes donated by some of our sponsors were Virtual Reality Goggles, GPS trackers for motorcycles, an Invicta watch and a cruise vacation for two! Our Angel was busy selling our SBMag Road Crew t-shirts to everyone that came to see all the show bikes. Our judging was done by Big Kris Stevens out of Athens, GA, Ed Skotarek from Nanaimo, British Columbia-Canada and always one secret judge.We always have different judges so none of the same ideas and thoughts on what motorcycles should have or look like are the same each show. With our three judges, the scores averaged up and the results are as follows: (continued on page 15)

14 - Southern Biker Magazine

December 2017

(continued from page 14)

V-Twin American Mfg (Non-rley) 1 st - Rudy Mora #103 2 nd- Cort Harwood #101 Three Wheel Class 1 st – Cleve Corley #203 2 nd – Martha Young #201 Harley-Davidson Touring 1 st – Bill Roush #301 2 nd – Jack Jesse #302 Harley-Davidson Cruiser 1 st – Robert Baxter #403 2 nd – Mark Schmidt #402 Harley-Davidson Softail 1 st – Gregg Gill #504 2 nd – Jim Lynch #501 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1 st – Dexter Dean #601 Metric Street Bike 1 st – Jose Diaz #702 2 nd – Larry Boyd #701

boards to the People’s Choice and the Best of Show. Get those motorcycles cleaned and ready to win! Always remember when going to Thunder Beach and you buy merchandise, make sure it’s OFFICIAL merchandise. If it doesn’t say Thunder Beach on it, it’s just another bogus t-shirt you’ll end up tossing out or using it to wipe off your greasy hands while fixing stuff. No one would put a Honda emblem on a Harley, so make sure you buy the real thing and we’ll see you in the fall!

Metric Cruiser/Touring 1 st – Fred Spivey #801 2 nd – Jeff Hardin #803 Radical Custom 1 st - Corey Johnson #903 2 nd – Causter Birk #901 Antique 1 st – Justin Bauer #1001 2 nd – Jeff Hardin #1005 Custom Paint 1 st – David Brown #902 2 nd – Corey Johnson #903 Editor’s Choice – David Brown #902 People’s Choice – Corey Johnson #903 Bob McNally (our own version of UFC’s Dana White) from presented the championship belts to the People’s Champion and the Best of Show. After the show, we treated our entire staff to dinner and cold beverages at the Dat Cajun and then cold beverages at Buster’s Beer & Baits. The 2018 20th Annual Spring Rally is scheduled for May 2nd - May 6th. We will again be hosting Best of Thunder Beach Bike Show and this time we’ll be presenting 6-foot custom painted surf December 2017

Southern Biker Magazine - 15

The 2017 AIMExpo Re-Cap By The Mag Man, Randy Gracy


he 2017 AIMExpo presented by Nationwide is North America’s largest powersports show. This year the event took place in Columbus, Ohio where thousands of dealers, media, industry professionals and consumers experienced the four-day show inside the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Some great new motorcycle industry rides, parts and accessories were unveiled for over 18,000 attendees and those folks were not disappointed. Our SBMag Road Crew were on hand to take in not only the consumer side of the event, but the media side as well. Some great new products were unveiled and we have a few to go over that caught our eye:

First, a new type of beginner bicycle/ motorcycle was introduced. It’s a stability bike that is also an electric motorcycle. Confidence in riding is a premium among young riders. This i s going to be a great and safe way to not only teach your young child to ride a bicycle, but also learn the first steps to riding a motorcycle. They even had a demo section for kids to take a ride on these and from what we saw; it is going to be a huge hit. Second, Kirsh Helmets new DOT brain

16 - Southern Biker Magazine

Makoto Endo painting from the of his great cretions

BPG Werks DTV shredder

bucket was and will be a welcome sight for riders. From the outside, the helmet appears to be a regular brain bucket helmet. Inside is where the difference kicks in. The shell is thick and the technology that went inside is hidden. Gone are the foam and cloth fillers to make a regular helmet DOT approved. Replaced is a liquid-filled liner that not only protects the rider from impacts (the liquid moves around the point of impact), but the proprietary liquid inside the liner also transfers heat away from the head, leaving the rider cooler and more comfortable than ever before. You might want to take a look at one of these for riding in summer heat.

approved locks for easy air travel. These new DrySpec Hard Bags will be available early next year.

Thirdly, Twisted Throttle’s DrySpec Hard Bags offer a new variation for those riders

Dickies or Red Kap work shirts for some of our SBMag apparel and I’m looking forward to some of these newly designed clothing for riders. Dickies has partnered with Ascot and Bates Leather brands to produce a line of motorcycle gear that is protective and looks good riding or just wearing in public.

that use hard luggage bags. The bag’s mounting system is the key to making a new statement. An A-frame adapter allows for the use of luggage brackets from several different manufacturers, broadening the bags’ utility. With this bracket mounting system, the same bag can be used as saddlebags or as a rear mounted tail bag. The water-tight, 35-liter bags are made from impact-resistant plastic, and feature TSA-

Dickies Brand clothing is also entering the motorcycle gear market. I’ve always used

The custom bike show had an awesome display of custom bikes from vintage to mind-blowing new rides. It also presented some of the most outstanding builders, painters and pin-stripping professionals the industry has to offer. My buddy Bob Kay did an excellent job organizing and putting this part of the event together. The 2018 AIMExpo moves to Las Vegas inside the Mandalay Bay Casino. We’ll see you there! (continued on page 17)

December 2017

(continued from page 16)

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame welcomed five new inductees on the final night of the expo. Donnie Emler Sr. helped establish the roots of the motocross and off-road aftermarket performance industry, which continues to thrive today. Eddie Lojak Sr. won numerous off-road championships, was the 1982 AMA Amateur Athlete of the Year. Bob Moore was a former AMA 125cc West Region Supercross Championship in 1985, the 1994 125cc World Motocross

Championship, but he is most noted for being the co-founded Road 2 Recovery in 2000 to offer support to injured AMA motocross and Supercross racers. Mid 20th century English racer Peter Starr is best known for his career as a filmmaker after moving to the US in the mid-1960s. He has been dedicated to bringing motorcycles and motorcycling to worldwide audiences, producing more than 50 feature films and specials featuring some of the all-time greats

in motorcycling history. John Ulrich is a leading figure in American road racing with credentials as a racer, a team owner, a journalist, a charitable organization founder and an industry leader. Among his many accomplishments, John started the nonprofit Roadracing World Action Fund to facilitate the use of soft barriers at race tracks. He has served on the AMA Board of Directors and is the 2017 recipient of the AMA Dud Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award.



Dec 2: Spyder’s Toy Run #27, 1704 Montgomery Hwy, Luverne. immediately following the Crenshaw County Christmas parade. Cost: toy valued at $10 or more. KSU: 10:45 AM. FMI: h t t p : / / a ro u n d t h e l o o p d e s i g n s . com/3in1/?p=1208

Dec 2: Plant City Bike Fest, Union Station Depot, Plant City. 5pm9pm. Bike show, music, food & craft vendors, restaurants, shops, 50/50 drawing and door prizes. www.

Dec 16: Chillbilly Ride, 1 Baptist Church Moody, Moody. Includes parade lap at Barber. $20 Rider/$5 Passenger includes chili dinner. Benefits Jimmie Hale Mission. See Facebook. st

Dec 16: Redstone Motorcycle Swap Meet at Redstone H-D, Madison. $10 table.

ARKANSAS Dec 3: Annual N.W.A. Toy Run starts at Locomotion in Fayetteville to Greenland HS Cafeteria for party activities, ceremony and toy distribution by Santa! Registration: one unwrapped toy for up to age 12. Lunch, music, photo with Santa. Event pin $5. 479-799-1761 or or flyers-links

December 2017

Dec 3: Bert’s Barracuda H-D Toy Run, Bert’s Barracuda H-D, St. Petersburg. Join us in helping children in our community have a Merry Christmas. Benefits Athletes for Hearts. www. Dec 7-10: 19th Annual Bikers Bash, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Hollywood. Police escorted ride, dinner, auction, open bars, casinos & live entertainment,Toys in the Sun Run. De 9: Million Lights Night Ride, Millers Ale House, Winter Park. 5pm-8pm. KSU 6pm. Bring nonperishable foods to donate to our homeless. Ride thru downtown and neighborhoods with lightshows, audio and animation. (407) 459-2172 REGUIFLOHR@GMAIL.COM Dec 16: Freedom 100-100 bikes w/100 flags for PTSD. $10/bike

includes rider. 8:15 to 9:45. KSU 10:15 AM from Main Street Station, Daytona Beach. Silent Auction, 50/50. See ad this issue. Jan 27: Dania Beach Vintage Motorcycle Show, Frost Park, 300 NE 2 St, Dania Beach. View over 400 vintage motorcycles along with vendors, bike games, dealer displays, old parts swap meet, antique bicycles, live music, food and more. Proceeds to Southeastern Guide Dogs & Stray Aid & Rescue. 954-830-8855 / / www.

GEORGIA Dec 3: Catoosa County Toy Run, Big Lots, Ft Oglethorpe. Bring a gift to help less fortunate have a Merry Christmas. Starts at 2pm. Dec 3: Photos with Santa at Timms H-D, Augusta. Dec 16: Santa Lands at H-D Atlanta, Lithia Springs. Come meet Santa and have your photo taken. www.

KENTUCKY Jan 13-14: River City PowerSports Show 2018 at Owensboro Kentucky Convention Center, Owensboro. Features American Baggers Baddest Bagger in Kentucky contest, “Joe’s” Motorcycle Show, live music, contests, vendors, after party and more. Frank.parsley@ or 812-660-0584 or rivercitypowersportsshow.

LOUISIANA Dec 9: Photos w/ Santa at Cajun H-D, Scott. 11am-2pm. Dec 9: Ruston Toy Run at Life Church, Ruston. Reg 9AM, KSU 11AM. Bring a new toy or 4 or more canned goods. Meal ticket included w/$15 registration. Vendors and music. FMI 318-243-2475 Dec 10: Magnolia Gift Run, starts at 10AM from Truck Stop, 3110 Hwy 90, Avondale, ends at 100 Central Ave, Jefferson. KSU 12:30 PM Sharp! Benefits Magnolia Community Services. Join Santa in a ride to deliver Christmas gifts.

Southern Biker Magazine 17

Etchalot Laser Designs

Custom Professional Laser Etching, Wood Engraving

"Make Christmas special with a Unique Gift" Daytona Beach, FL

That Special Gift You Haven't Thought About Military & Civilian Plaques Custom Signs Wooden Gifts

Etchalot (423) 435-7998 Laser Designs

Recommended $25 cash donation covers gifts as requested by the center, food and police escort. No toys please. 504-908-1404 or facebook

Dec 23: Central Squad Bike Night, Little Willie’s BBQ Pearl, 3015 Hwy 80E, Pearl. Every 4th Saturday @ 6pm. Everyone welcome. See Facebook

Dec 30: 2nd Annual John Frank Memorial Run, DAV, Sabine Chapter #21, 29336 LA-191, Many. Escorted ride. 11AM Jambalaya & hot tamales. 1pm KSY to ride to St John’s Catholic Church, Many. After party at The Bar, 1644 Texas Hwy, Many


MISSISSIPPI Dec 2: Bikers United For Children Toy Run, at Hilton Garden Inn/ Northeast Conf Ctr, Meridian. One new toy per participant. Reg 10AM. KSU 1PM, lunch provided. 601-4795709 or bikersunitedforchildren@ Dec 9: Tupelo Toy Run & Motorcycle Parade, Ballard Park (back parking lot), Tupelo. New unwrapped toy, gift card or monetary donation for Harden House and LeBonheur Childrens Hosp. Assemble 10 am, KSU 11 am. Dec 15: Santa Visits Chunky River H-D, 584 Bonita Lakes Dr, Meridian.

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Dec 2: Toys For Toys Ride, Ray Price H-D, Raleigh. Bring a new toy. Ride with us to Classic Car & Bike Show at Lone Star Steakhouse in Knightdale. 919-832-2261 or www. Dec 3: Randolph County CBA Toy Run, Randolph Mall, Asheboro. Largest toy runs in NC. Ride to Mills Children Home, Thomasville (police escorted). Monetary donation or unwrapped gift for teenage boy or girl. Cars welcome too then find a spot on Hwy 64 and wave to all the motorcycles as they go by. Facebook. Dec 9: Brenner Children’s Hospital Toy Run, H-D of Greensboro. Bring a new unwrapped toy. 336-2731101 or Dec 14: Cycle Gear Bike Night, Fayetteville. 5-8pm. Jan 20: Easyriders Bike Show Tour, Charlotte.

SOUTH CAROLINA Dec 1: H-D Greenville Biker Christmas Party, 30 Chrome Dr, Greenville. Food and beverages, photos w/Santa, live entertainment, free gift wrapping, door prizes. 864234-1340 or Dec 2: Myrtle Beach H-D Toy Run, Myrtle Beach. Benefits Horry County Red Cross. 843-369-5555 or

Dec 9: Toy Run for Boys Farm & Area Children, Bolands Ace Hardware, 745 Chapin Rd, Chapin. Bring unwrapped gift for infant to age 18. 803-944-6789 Dec 10: Vets’ Christmas Charity Ride, Carolina Honda Powerhouse Store, Columbia. Donate a gift, gift card, donation or volunteer. Gates open 10am, KSU noon. www.

Dec 2: Catawba Indian Toy Run, American Legion, Rock Hill. Bring $10+ gift or $10 donation for ride. Entertainment and 50/50. Rain or shine. 803-371-4183

Dec 12: Brunswick County Toy Run Poker Run, Walmart Parking Lot, Surfside Beach. Reg 8:30, KSU 11:30. Poker Run, door prizes, raffles, food. 910-754-5144 or

Dec 2: Epworth Charity Ride, Harley Haven, 941 Western Ln, Irmo to 2900 Millwood Ave, Columbia. KSU 12:15 PM. 803-743-3944 or

Dec 13: Bike Nite @ Honky Tonk Saloon, Ladson. Raffles, bike show, saloon girls, beer specials, www.

Dec 3: Greenville ABATE Christmas Toy Run, 119 Beverly Rd, Greenville. Line up at noon. Escorted parade leaves at 2pm sharp. Benefits Julie Valentine Center. See Facebook.

Dec 16: Epworth’s Christmas Charity Ride, Target Columbia Garners Ferry, Columbia. Please bring $25 gift card for the kids. Meet at 9:30 AM, KSU 10 AM to deliver cards. See Facebook.

Dec 3: Blue Knights MC Toy Ride, Pepsi-Cola Bottling, 6925 N Main St, Columbia. See Facebook.

TENNESSEE - EAST Fridays: Pool Tournament, Blistered Chicken Saloon, 433 Shut In Gap Rd, Spring City at 7:30 PM

December 2017


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865-689-2454 Saturdays: Karaoke w/Kourtney, Blistered Chicken Saloon, 433 Shut In Gap Rd, Spring City Dec 9: Coat & Shoe Ride, Hwy 64 GYM, 5800 Hwy 64, Copperhill. 4th Annual. Benefits local kids. See facebook. Dec 9: Elf the Holidays at Bootlegger H-D, Knoxville. Free gift wrapping, Hot apple cider and snacks while you shop, 100 customer loyalty points for attending. Free kids’ activities. Dec 9: Performance Seminar 11AM at Smoky Mtn H-D Maryville. Dec 9: CMVA Toy Run 10AM at Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville. Dec 14: VIP Shopping Event at Knoxville H-D, Knoxville. 100 customer loyalty points for attending. Free gift wrapping. 5p-9p. Dec 16: Performance Seminar 11AM at Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville. Dec 23: Last Chance Sale at Smoky Mtn H-D, Maryville. Dec 23: Free Christmas dinner giveaway service at OAA Worship

December 2017

Center, 876 Englewood Rd, Madisonville at 6pm. 423-545-9200 Dec 31: New Year’s Eve party with Hugh Allen & The Renegades at Blistered Chicken Saloon, 433 Shut In Gap Rd, Spring City. Jan 1: Frozen Toes Ride at Handlebar Hwy, Knoxville. KSU noon. Jan 27: Bootlegger H-D hosts Micro Wrestling Federation. $5 tickets, all proceeds to V13ION. Cold beer, get a free Bootlegger koozie with ticket. Doors at 6p, Show at 7p..

TENNESSEE-MIDDLE & WEST Dec 2: Santa photos at Appleton H-D, Clarksville with Harley Hotties. Dec 2: Photos with Santa at H-D Cool Springs, Franklin. 11AM to 3PM. Snacks & hot cocoa. Dec 4: Columbia Christmas Parade, Knights for Christ CMA Chapter will be riding in the Columbia Parade. Everyone is welcome to ride with us. Meet at Hardees, Columbia 5pm. TN/KNIGHTSFORCHRIST/events. aspx


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Dec 16: Biker Brunch at H-D Cool Springs, Franklin. Pancakes & sausage, coffee & mimosas! 10AMNoon or until gone. Free! See Facebook Jan 1: Polar Bear Run, Maury County Senior Citizens Bldg, Columbia. 9:30 AM. $20/scorecard to participate. Includes Lunch. All vehicles welcome. 100% of proceeds to a local charity. TN/KNIGHTSFORCHRIST/events. aspx

NAYIONAL EVENTS Mar 9-18: Bike Week 77th, Experience a week that stays with you forever. Celebrate the freedom of the road and warm Florida sunshine. Connect with old friends and make some new ones. Food, music, scenic cruising and a lifetime experience that’s full throttle. www.


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MUSIC EVENTS Dec 31: The Shed-Indoor Show. New Year’s Eve concert with the Coveralls, Smoky Mountain HarleyDavidson, Maryville..

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December 2017

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or act as a stepping stone to a larger capacity Kawasaki - we are confident our plans address both needs”, said Mr. Ota.

Moto Guzzi is set to build a new range of adventure bikes, based on this, the V85, unveiled at the EICMA Show in Milan, Italy. With styling evocative of Moto Guzzi’s rallye-raid bikes of the mid-eighties, the V85 has a new 90° transverse-twin air-cooled 850cc engine which, ‘thanks to its complete redesign, has 80hp of maximum power,’ the firm says.

It’s not a production model yet but Guzzi said at the show in Milan that it would form the ‘technical base’ of a whole new range of bikes from 2021, when the Italian marque will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Kawasaki has introduced (in name only) its Ninja 125cc sport bike and a Naked Z125. The new models, which are not set to be fully revealed until this time next year, were due to be announced in Milan by Kawasaki’s Motorcycle & Engine Company President Kazuo Ota. The bikes were instead shown in a silhouette image, “Brand affinity is something we strive for. Riding their first ever kilometres on a Kawasaki is a vision we have for people taking to two wheels now and in future. Motorcycles that can either be the only machine that some riders will ever require

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At the Tokyo Show, the Honda Neo Sport Cafe made its debut and bears a strong resemblance to the CB1000R naked motorcycle of yore, as well as to CB4 concept superbike the Japanese bike maker had showcased two years ago at EICMA. The Honda Neo Sports Cafe, earlier known as Project N.S.C, appears to be a neo-retro cafe racer with a round LED headlamp, clean body styling and a simplified instrument cluster.

3.5 hrs with a 220V A/C plug. Soon you could be seeing what BMW calls the world’s first “Medium Range Electric Maxi Scooter” on the streets of your town.

The Motorsports Aftermarket Group (MAG), has filed for Chapter 11 in the District of Delaware as it looks to clear itself from some substantial debt. MAG is eliminating $300 million of debt through a “debt-equity” swap, which basically means MAG will exchange company equity (stock) for the debt that MAG owes its financial lenders. Any remaining debt has prompted MAG and most of its brands to file for relief under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The neo-retro styling on the Honda Neo Sports Cafe gets a metallic red finish accentuated by brushed aluminum finish elements around the tank, headlamp and rear section. Honda calls it a naked sport model that combines the fun and beauty of In regards to Chapter 11, court papers sport bike with new generation motorcycle show 19 MAG brands have filed for debt relief. Some of the bigger names package. include: , J&P Cycles, LLC, Kuryakyn Holdings, LLC, Motorcycle Superstore, Inc., Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Inc., Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC, Performance Machine, LLC (owns Roland Sands Design), Renthal America, Inc., Tucker Rocky Corporation, V&H Performance, LLC (Vance & Hines). At the AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio, the MAG also owns the Motorcycle USA, BMW C Evolution Scooter that originally LLC, known as MotoUSA, which ceased debut in 2012 is finally available in the its online motorcycle news publication US. The C Evolution has a claimed range in February 2016 after 20 years of of 99 miles. BMW claims charge times operations. are 9 hours with a 110V A/C outlet and

December 2017

December 2017

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Celebrate the freedom of the road and the warm Florida sunshine at Daytona Beach Bike Week. Connect with old friends and make some new ones. With 10 days of food, music and scenic cruising, it’s a lifetime experience that’s full throttle.

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Southern Biker Magazine December 2017  

Merry Christmas ALL!

Southern Biker Magazine December 2017  

Merry Christmas ALL!