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Importance of Air testing

What is Air Testing?  Air leakage, air permeability and air tightness all these terms refer to the uncontrolled flow of air in and out of the building.  The Process of measuring amount of air permeability, air leakage and air tightness in a building is called as Air Testing.  The loss or gain of air through gaps, cracks, holes and envelops inside a building to the outside and the infiltration of air coming from outside to inside.

Scope of Air Testing? ď ąBuilding control will not issue a completion certificate to any building / project without its compliance to building regulations. ď ąAir tightness is a prerequisite of approved document L Parts 1 & 2 of the building regulations.

Importance of Air Testing?  Air Testing plays a most significant role in the energy efficiency of buildings.  Owners/Builders needs to perform the air tightness testing on the new building after completion of certain construction process.  Building Regulations are mandatory in England and wales to reduce the carbon emission in newly constructed buildings.

Importance of Air Testing? ď ą Air Tightness Testing requirements of buildings are in three of the four Part L Approved Documents: q Part L1A: (For New Dwellings) q Part L2A: (For New Non-dwellings) q Part L2B: (applicable to large extensions to nondwellings) ď ą The UK Government has set the buildings regulations target with a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions from energy consumption by 60% by the year 2050.

Are you looking for Air Testing? ď ą Air Testing should be performed by competent persons as per the rules stated in the building regulations. Upon reaching to the set standards only a completion certificate is issued by Building Control. ď ą Southern Assessors will be happy to serve you with fully accredited personnel who can offer best air testing services, please feel free to know us:

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Importance of airtesting  

Air Testing is a process of testing air pressure and leakages in Buildings. Air tightness can be measured to quantify Air permeability, Air...

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