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Runaway Slave Advertisements Focus of Historical Research Project Two University of Southern Mississippi

professors are culling through history’s classified section to gain insight into the world of slavery with the support of a $25,000 grant from the

Chambers. “We plan to expand our research

effort, first to the larger Gulf South and then the

rest of the southern U.S. as well as the Caribbean and Brazil.”

According to Chambers and Grivno, the advertisements provide important clues

about the life of slaves, their efforts at self-

emancipation, and

National Park Service

the viewpoints of


their masters. Their work will include

Dr. Douglas Chambers


and Dr. Max Grivno,

the documents

faculty members in

verbatim and then

the Southern Miss

organizing them

Department of

into a full-text

History, are launching

searchable online

a collaborative

anthology to be

research project

made available

that will document

initially through


Southern Miss’

in Mississippi

newspapers from

1790-1860 placed by masters seeking the capture and return of runaway slaves.

The NPS grant is facilitated through the Lower Mississippi Delta Initiative and the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom

Program, and establishes Southern Miss as an official network partner.

“The Mississippi project is a pilot project,” said

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“This anthology will be an absolute gold mine

for academic researchers, genealogists and others who want to learn more about this time period, the conditions of slaves and the attitudes of

their masters in regard to recovering what they considered their property,” Grivno said.

Newspaper advertisements soliciting information about the whereabouts or sightings of runaway


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slaves often include first and last names of

advertisements, newspapers played an important

ages, and names of the current and previous

“Antebellum Mississippi was a print culture,” he

reasons why the slave fled, where his destination

(during this time).”

example, one ad describes a slave as “having

The outcome of the advertisements varied. Some


while others were beaten for their transgression

“These advertisements help us see the enslaved

collar or a ball and chain. Their masters might

Chambers said.

breaking up the family and selling them off to

the slaves and their masters, where they lived,

role in the regime of slavery, Chambers said.

slaveholder. Other information may feature

said. “There were newspapers all over the state

may be, and features of his personality (for

a sullen look when spoken to”) among other

as real individuals, not simply as a group,”

Chambers and Grivno note the irony of the

advertisements in that, while the slaves were

slaves were killed or injured resisting capture,

or placed in iron shackles, sometimes in a steel also retaliate against the runaway slave by plantations across the region.

“It’s a tragic history, but these ads bring that

property, their masters expected them to act

history to life,” Chambers said.

the project’s research material include one that

For more information about the project, e-mail

like people. Advertisements that are part of

describes a runaway slave by the name of Harry

Chambers at

in the economic activity of selling various


as being a “frequent nocturnal trader,” engaging goods - even though he was himself a piece of

Another ad detailed one slave’s flight as driven

Southern Miss Faculty Join Trent Lott National Center Fellows Program

While others wanted to escape from forced

Dr. Bridget Hayden, associate professor of

Mississippi advertisements even document

associate professor of Marketing, have been


by a desire “to go to Hinds (County) to ma’s….” labor, many runaways sought their freedom.

Anthropology, and Dr. Michael Wittmann,

instances of one-legged runaways.

selected to become the 2012 Trent Lott National

Reflecting on the significance of the


Center Fellows at The University of Southern



Hayden and Wittmann will work at the Center

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“I am honored and thrilled to be selected as

throughout the 2012 summer semester.

a Trent Lott Center Fellow,” said Wittmann.

In order to achieve its potential of serving as

tradition of investing in economic development

development and business engagement entity,

carry on this tradition. It is a great opportunity

Economic Development and Entrepreneurship

business community.”

staff throughout the university to have formal

Hayden will research the intersection between

“The University of Southern Mississippi has a

the University’s primary community economic

and research and I look forward to helping to

the Trent Lott National Centerfor Excellence in

for me, personally, to work with the Mississippi

created the Fellows Program for faculty and affiliations with the Center.

two trends of globalization and localization

The idea for the fellowship came out of a Trent

cultural perspective.

Lott National Center stakeholder meeting.

This new affiliation creates a mechanism for the

using immigration from an economic, social and

“I look forward to the opportunity for interdisciplinary discussions that will enrich my

expansion of a robust body of knowledge for the

work,” said Hayden.

entrepreneurship and business engagement.

For more about the Trent Lott National Center,

“Both Bridget and Mike’s research can be very


and getting them engaged with the economic


practice of community economic development,

useful for economic developers in Mississippi development community should really be

beneficial for everyone involved,” noted Dr.

Chad R. Miller, graduate coordinator of the

Masters of Science in Economic Development Program.

Wittmann’s research will include an analysis of

the knowledge needs of the Mississippi business community, as well as a seminar series targeting C level executives.


Bach B Minor Mass to be Performed May 3 at Main Street Baptist Church University of Southern Mississippi students, faculty, staff and area residents are invited to

join conductor Gregory Fuller, the University of Southern Mississippi choirs and the

Meistersingers Civic Chorus as they perform Johann Sebastian Bach’s Mass in B Minor

Thursday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. at Main Street


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Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. Tickets are $18

the following:

Ticket Office or at the door. Any student can

Student Awards

for adults and are available at the Southern Miss get in free with identification.

Aerospace Studies American Legion Scholastic Excellence Award Kayla Andrews, Wesley Bunch, Joshua Dishmon and Richard Sullivan

American Legion General Military Excellence Award - Ezra Jones, Melissa Keith, Broddrick Ruffin and Aaron Wise

Anthropology and Sociology

For tickets, online visit

Shan M.M. Winn Award for Outstanding

Student in Anthropology -Barbara McClendon

music and under music resources on the bottom

and Sam Miller

information about this event, call 601.266.4001

Lambda Alpha Award for Best Undergraduate

right hand side, click on “tickets.� For more or email

College of Arts and Letters Recognizes


College of Arts and Letters Recognizes Students, Faculty and Staff The University of Southern Mississippi College of Arts and Letters recently acknowledged

the accomplishments of outstanding students,

faculty and staff in the college during a special ceremony at the Thad Cochran Center.

Recipients and the awards they received include

Paper in Anthropology -Caroline Miles

Irmgard H. Wolfe Award for Best Graduate Paper in Anthropology- Jaimie Ide

Sociology Student of the Year -Allison Upton Alpha Kappa Delta Award for Best

Undergraduate Paper in Sociology -Amanda Paris

Anthropology & Sociology Outstanding Service Award - Matthew Cole, Amanda Paris, Carrie Paris, TasheenShams ,Aaron Shook, Allison Upton and Jasmine Whiteside



Art & Design Student of Achievement in 3D -Betty Grace Kelly

Student of Achievement in Graphic Design Kathryn VanSkiver

Student of Achievement in Drawing and

Painting - Tristan Barlow and John Nathaniel Mullins

Student of Achievement in Art Education

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Janet Sims Award - Jody Balius James Sims Graduate Essay Award – Jennifer Robertson

Pedagogical Innovation Teaching Award - Dan Childers and Andrea Spofford

Howard and Helen Bahr Graduate Research Award - Damian Dressick, Randy Gonzales, Chris Love, Kara Manning and Tyler Sasser

-Laura Elizabeth Gambrell

Joan Johnson Award in Poetry - Greg Weiss

Student of Achievement in Art (BA) - Rachel

Joan Johnson Award in Fiction - Claudia Smith

Communication Studies

Garth Avant Award in Creative Writing -

Danielle Masters

Don George Award for Academic Excellence -Lacey Elizabeth Myers

Outstanding Service Award -Lacey Elizabeth


Damian Dressick

Ben Mounger Rawls Award in Creative Writing - Courtney Watson


Mississippi Association of Colleges Teacher

Susan Mallon Ross Award for Outstanding

Lucy Matthews

Service to the Speaking Center - Hannah Pritchard Rachal

English Howard and Helen Bahr Undergraduate

Literature Essay Award - Hannah Ryan Graduate Teaching Award - Courtney Watson

Education Outstanding Student Teacher 2012 -

Bahr Undergraduate Award in Creative Writing Poetry - Hannah Archer

Bahr Undergraduate Award in Creative Writing Fiction -Leslie Fagan

Linwood Orange Award - Beaux Boudreaux


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Foreign Languages & Literatures Outstanding Student in French -Ashleigh Ladner

Outstanding Student in Spanish -Patty Argueta Outstanding Student in German -Matthew Crochet

Kate Brown Award in Classics - Aaron Board Hugie Lee Foote, Jr Endowment and Sarah Stevenson Johnson Endowed Scholarship Daniele Adams, Bridgette Ann Isaacs and Ashleigh Marie LAdner

History Treadwell Davis Award -Kayla A. Stanley John E. Wallace Award - Jennifer E. Skoros Claude E. Fike Scholarship- Carrie A. Paris and Timothy V. Wells

Study Abroad Award -Jason C. Engle, Timothy J. Landry and Gabrielle Rae Rivero

Phi Alpha Theta Graduate Award - Colin M. Colbourn

Outstanding Student Teacher Award - Aaron Tyler Gaylord

Outstanding Senior in International Studies –

Mariya SergeevnaTolstova John E. Gonzales Award - Clyde A. McArn Graduate Teaching Award - John D. Fitzmorris Jay Washam Dissertation Award - Timothy C. Hemmis

Interdisciplinary Studies Go Getter Award – Thomas McLeod Biggest Heart Award –David McCauley Best Comeback Award – Matthew Shepherd Biggest Splash Award – Whitney Gallman Reach for the Stars Award – Jennifer Zachary

Mass Communication & Journalism Donald M. Dana, Sr. Advertising Award Merideth Nolan

Godwin Group Advertising Award – S.J. Bowden

GodwinGroup Public Relations Award - Perri Jackson

Parnell McKay, Sr. Photojournalism Award Laken Long-Nichols

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award -



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Amie Guenard

II)- Dana Elaine Diesi

Outstanding Senior in News Editorial - Kacie

Department of the Army Superior Cadet (MS


III) - Travis Roughton Hodge

Outstanding Senior in Broadcast Journalism -

Department of the Army Superior Cadet (MS

Jasmine Cooper and Malary Pullen

IV) – Clyde Alton McArn

Outstanding Senior in Film - Addie Marshal

George C. Marshall ROTC Award - Clyde

and Amber Weems

Alton McArn

Outstanding Senior in Radio, Television


Production - Erin Smith Brown

Outstanding Senior in Recording Industry Management - Ravin Floyd

Outstanding Senior in Recording Industry

Regional National Association of Teachers of Singing Winners – 2011:

John White - Graduate Men

Production - Adam Weinacker

Lori Joyner - Graduate Women

WUSM-FM Top Student - Don Devereaux

Deanna Tisdale - Graduate Women

Top Masters Student Award - Jared

Angeley Butler - Junior Women


Mississippi National Association of Teachers of

Top PhD Student Award - Riva Brown Teague

Singing competition Winners - 2012

Top Graduate Student Teacher -

Stephanie Miles- Freshman Women


Military Science Department of the Army Superior Cadet (MS I) - Christin Marias Peters

Department of the Army Superior Cadet (MS

Angeley Butler- Junior Women Jennifer Tipton- Graduate Women Mississippi Music Teachers Association Award Winners:


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Strings: Freshman/Sophomore Solo Division - Pedro Oseia

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in

Philosophy -Jonathan Cain & Brad Champine Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Religion

Jr./Sr. Solo Division - FrancyOrjuela

-Molly Elizabeth Richard


Forrest Wood Philosophy Essay Contest Award

Jr./Sr. Division - Koty Cox


Chamber Music Division:

Political Science, International Development and International Affairs

Euphoria Saxophone Quartet (Koty Cox,

Deanna Hunt, Lindsey Daniels and Eric Fry) Mississippi Guitar Festival:

– Georgia Rainer, Jonathan Cain and Brad

Paralegal Studies: Academic Excellence Award Elizabeth Smith-Trigg

Paralegal Studies: Excellence in Service Award -

Intermediate Category - Aaron Manning

Aaron Board

Beginner Category - Lindsey Lewis

William H. Hatcher in Political Theory Award -

Other Competition Winners: Becky Halliday, (Ph. D., Music Education):

Jacob Rothschild

Pre-Law Academic Award - Savannah Grey

Yarborough Award at the Southern Miss

Senior Political Science Academic Award -

Graduate Symposium.

Emily Simmons

William T. Gower Competition Winners:

Junior Political Science Academic Award -

Ismael Brandao, Craig Watson and Jesus Castro

Robert Williamson

Wind Ensemble Concerto Award Winners:

Sophomore Political Science Academic Award -

Craig Watson, Ismael Brandao and Buck McDaniel

Philosophy and Religion

Rainier Gallagher

Freshman Political Science Academic Award Chilevin Jones and Samuel Newman



Ed Wheat American Studies Academic Excellence - Madeline Campion

Graduate Academic Award - Ashley Lord and Molly McGuffee

Theatre & Dance Outstanding Freshman in Theatre -Jennifer Diaz

Outstanding Senior in Theatre Award -

History Reconstructing a Medieval Irish Library Westley Follett

Haunted Hibernation: Confederate Veterans

and Their Communities in Postwar Texas, 18651877 - Susannah J. Ural

Performing Race: Black Entertainers in Germany, 1871-1945 - Jeff Bowersox

Michelle Taylor

Dining in High Chairs - Andrew P. Haley

Outstanding Service in Theatre Award -Leslie

Treated Like an American: The African

Datsis and Darren Hayes

Outstanding Freshman in Dance Award Britney Kuehn

Outstanding Sophomore in Dance Award Tyler McCants

Outstanding Junior in Dance Award - Lauren

American Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.

Armed Forces from World War II to the Persian Gulf War - Douglas Bristol

Foreign Languages & Literatures Research Equipment and NEH Proposal

Development Resources - Jeanne L. Gillespie



Outstanding Senior in Dance Award - Cheryl

Viola Classics of the Twenty-First Century:


Scholarly & Creative Research Awards Art and Design Homes for Everyone - Jennifer Torres

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Music by American Women Composers Hsiaopei Lee

Tune Transcribing and Comparison to Support Writing a Book Entitled: George P. Knauff ’s Virginia Reels and the History of American

Fiddle Repertoires and Styles - Chris Goertzen Russian Classics: Recording of the Cello Sonatas


page 10

by Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev - Alexander Russakovsky

Political Science, International Development and International Affairs Whitewashing Plantations Revisited - David L.

Aretha McCall (Southern Hall)

University Awards Higher Education Appreciation Day – Working for Academic Excellence


Andrew Wiest

College Excellence Awards

Faculty Excellence Awards

Teaching Awards

Ellen Weinauer (Excellence in Teaching)

Junior Faculty Teaching Award – Amy Slagle

Stacy Reischman Fletcher (Excellence in

Senior Faculty Teaching Award – Deanne



2012 IHL Black History Educator of the Year

Research Awards

Kim M. LeDuff

Junior Faculty Research Award – Heather Stur

Southern Miss Nominees, National Endowment

Senior Faculty Research Award – Andrew

for the Humanities Award


Andrew Haley

Creative Activity Award

Aubrey Keith Lucas and Ella Ginn Lucas

Senior Faculty Activity Award – Alexander

Endowment for Faculty Excellence Awards


Jay Dean

Mentoring Award

Maryann Kyle

Phyllis Jestice

Special Service Award

Denise Richardson (LAB); Margaret Craft

(LAB); Virginia Hayes (Theatre & Dance); &

Kelly Ferris Lester

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