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October ’ 13

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Cyclobia 13 Forever Unchained

"Spread the Stoke " Aaron Picard Smith


How to Cross-Step on a Longboard

18 Jesus Guerra Photo by: Daniel Vega Brownsville, Tx



Brownsville, Texas Photographer: Daniel Vega

Writer: Art Benavidez


Brownsville, Texas Photographer: Daniel Vega





Aaron Picard Robert Smith Harlingen Texas Photographer: Daniel Vega


Longboarding is little brother to skateboards and surfing. The two go hand in hand but with longboarding having different techniques consider it more of a thrill then the two. Aaron Picard Robert Smith, age 18 of Santa Monica, Texas considers longboarding a lot like surfing on land. “Nothing feels just like it.” say’s Aaron. “Lot more dangerous than skateboarding.” Aaron began longboarding when he was 17 years old. Three years into this sport and Aaron has found a sport worth perfecting. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys longboarding and hanging with friends. Aaron took to skateboarding first but found that this wasn’t to his advantage and found it less appealing. He needed something more that involves speed and adrenaline. Longboarding.

With longboarding there are many ‘starter tricks’ similar to skating and surfing. Sliding is the most effective braking technique for downhill skateboarders. Slides can be done with one or two hands placed on the road to guarantee the slide in any number of positions. With hand-down slides, protective slide gloves must be worn. This is one trick Aaron has perfected. For his next project, he plans to work on his stand-up slide; it all comes down to balance. When it comes down to achieving a trick and he finds it difficult, he consults videos on YouTube and keeps trying them over and over till he feels the need to move on. Knowing he can land a good trick is his only motivation to keep moving forward. As far as creating a new trick, Aaron is sticking to the tricks longboarding has set over the years. There is only so much you can do on a longboard. Aaron has visited the Maryhill “Festival of Speed” also known as IDF, International Downhill Federation in Goldendale, Washington. This event qualifies all longboarding whether you’re standing or lying on your board. Going 50 miles per hour teams from all around the world find it more than just a suicide sport. While other courses may be

faster or more difficult, the Maryhill course has history. Maryhill Loops Road is a historic road; it’s the first paved road in the state of Washington. It’s the Mecca of downhill skateboarding and longboarding. Races continue through-out the weekend and admissions to the races are free. Outside of longboarding Aaron also prepares for cycling and dirt biking. He has practiced cycling all his sophomore year of high school with his dad. Since then Aaron has enjoyed this sport as well as taking bike trips. With dirt biking, Aaron has participated since he was in 7th grade. Speed and adrenaline is no surprise to Aaron. You can find him at the bike trail in Arlington, Texas. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Texas, Aaron felt restless and picked up longboarding, thinking he was the only one who picked up this sport. He first went into longboarding not knowing what was involved. But now Aaron finds it ‘lots of fun’, feeding his need for speed. Going downhill, feeling the wind through his body, crossing over bends not knowing who will be around the corner going 35 miles an hour. The perfect ecstasy for Aaron Picard Robert Smith. Writer: Marie De Ponce




South Padre Island, Texas

Writer: Aarin Hartwell 19

Issue 4 Vol. 1  

On the Cover: Lui Morales Brownsville, TX in his epic story “Forever Unchained.” This month we covered Brownsville Texas Cyclobia 2013. Spre...

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