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Southeast Technical Institute

2012 PRESIDENT’S REPORT South Dakota’s Leading Technical College






Southeast Tech Vision Creating Workforce Excellence

Southeast Tech Mission The mission of Southeast Technical Institute is to educate individuals for employment opportunities, professional growth and lifelong learning.

CAREER RELEVANT EDUCATION Southeast Tech has offered cost-effective, career relevant education since 1968 to educate students for careers that drive our local economy. National accreditation coupled with a faculty that is industry-savvy ensures that not only will your education be valid and credible but also rewarding.

A Message from the President Jeff Holcomb, President, Southeast Tech

Southeast Tech – We are Committed to Being South Dakota’s Workforce Solution Southeast Technical Institute has held a long tradition of providing a trained workforce to South Dakota and particularly to Sioux Falls and the southeast region of the state. We are committed more than ever to creating workforce excellence! The need to increase enrollment to ensure adequate numbers of workers to maintain the economic engine has never been more important. Not only do we need to increase enrollment but we must retain students, encourage persistence, and ultimately help each individual reach graduation. Increasing the number of graduates is essential to our vitality as a state. At Southeast Tech we are making it our priority to increase retention and graduation among our students. More graduates in the workforce make South Dakota and Sioux Falls stronger! Not only does Southeast Tech strive to increase enrollment and number of graduates, Southeast Tech offers and maintains relevant programming for careers, not only for today but for the future as well. Education for employment is our mission. Graduates are able to move directly into a career and succeed. We pride ourselves on being able to create programming with skills for direct employment and long term career pathways. Relevance is instilled in our programming with clear advice from area business and industry professionals. Current trends and technology are infused in program curriculum. The quality of our graduates reflects the quality of our programs. Our graduates prefer to stay in South Dakota and are committed to making South Dakota and Sioux Falls a better place to live and work. Southeast Tech is committed to continuing our mission, striving to meet our vision and always maintaining quality in every aspect of our operations. We are here for you and we are grateful to serve.

STI COUNCIL PROVIDES COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP STI Council Advises, Advocates and Provides Direction for Southeast Technical Institute

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STI Council Members



The STI Council, created in 2007, provides the institute with invaluable advice, direction, guidance and counsel on what the future of the institute must and can be. Composed of industry professionals from across the diverse community of Sioux Falls and Southeastern South Dakota, Southeast Tech collected a broad cross-section of industries and individuals to offer the best guidance for the institution. As we see a growing need for a technical workforce in South Dakota, the STI Council strategizes the best methods to accomplish meeting those needs. The eight members of the Council meet quarterly to direct and measure the progress of the institute. They are STI advocates within the community and work hard to keep technical education in the consciousness of the public.

Bruce Eide STI Council Chairman Vern Eide Motorcars

Deb Fischer-Clemens STI Council Vice Chair Avera McKennan

Kent Alberty Employment Edge

Mike Crane Crane & Fowler Investments

Tech Times Highlights

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Deb Letcher Sanford Health

Doug Morrison Citigroup

Scott Reed John Morrell

Revenue/Expenditure Summary

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At Southeast Tech, we’ve refocused the concept of traditional higher ed. Our students are taught through real-life methodology so they can ‘hit the ground running’ once employed. This teaching philosophy has been so successful, more than 15,000 students have chosen to ‘Live Blue’ at Southeast Tech, to achieve their degrees and start a new life full of opportunity! Isn’t it your turn to discover what Living Blue is all about?

How the Shortage Affects The Economy Because the trucking industry delivers goods throughout the nation, the truck driver shortage will affect more than just the truck driving industry. If this shortage isn’t addressed, consumers can expect to wait longer for delivery, and to pay more when it does arrive.


Training Solutions Institute Addresses South Dakota’s Driver Shortage with Affordable Training Quickly and Effectively The nation is heading towards a truck driver shortage. To meet the demand of training new drivers quickly, the Training Solutions Institute division at Southeast Tech is gearing up to meet the challenge of deflecting this potentially crippling trend.

ACCORDING TO CNNmoney “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also sees the demand for truckers increasing, up from the 1.5 million drivers on the road now. It expects trucking to add 330,100 jobs between 2010 and 2020, an increase of 20%.”

Three South Dakota communities and two South Dakota counties have been awarded workforce development dollars through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. The grants are expected to train 220 individuals in high-demand career fields. Officials say there are approximately 800 such job openings in South Dakota. Minnehaha County is working with Training Solutions Institute to expand its Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program. The $120,000

grant will be used to purchase a new semi and provide training for 20 individuals.

could pay the entire tuition. It’s a perk to keep an important industry driving forward.

“The driving profession is a graying industry. We have more people who are leaving the industry, because of retirement, redirection and things like that, than coming into the industry,” Lon Hird said.

“South Dakota is being very proactive in this; we see it as an issue. We want to help this in terms of economic development and workforce development,” Hird said.

Hird is the Director of Training Solutions Institute at Southeast Tech. He says the industry, which hauls more than 90 percent of all products, needs more drivers. He’s hoping new grant money will put the brakes on the decline. “It’s a tremendous opportunity; it’s really a quick step into a rewarding career,” Hird said. A Class A license costs approximately $3,500. Depending on your income level, the grant

By offering the Commercial Driver’s License training, individuals are able to enter a short term (4 week, Day or Evening/Saturday class options) training program, obtain a very marketable skill and, when qualified, enter a career with excellent employment opportunities. For more information on the CDBG program, call Training Solutions Institute at 605.367.7619 or 800.247.0789.




TRAINING SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE has been offering Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training since 1987.



Southeast Tech Alumnus JENNIFER STAPLETON Nuclear Medicine Compliance, Education and Training Specialist, Sanford USD Medical Center Class of 1993 Degree: Nuclear Medicine Technology

“Nuclear Medicine is a very fulfilling field that is constantly evolving and I take great pride in being a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. Southeast Tech is fulfilling to those who want a formal education and start their career because it focuses on the needs of the students and providing the best academic atmosphere they can.” –Jennifer Stapleton


Jennifer Stapleton, 2012 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year Leads Nuclear Medicine Compliance at Sanford USD Medical Center

SOUTHEAST TECH – A GREAT ASSET FOR SIOUX FALLS! TOP 10 SOUTHEAST TECH EMPLOYERS 1. Sanford Health 2. Avera 3. Good Samaritan Center 4. Daktronics Inc. 5. Wells Fargo 6. VA Hospital 7. Citigroup 8. Raven Industries 9. Billion Automotive 10. City of Sioux Falls

Jennifer Stapleton’s story at Southeast Tech is similar to one third of the current student body. After enrolling in a traditional college and completing just one semester, she knew it wasn’t the right fit for her. “I wanted to pursue a formal education; however, I also wanted to accomplish my goal sooner than four years.” In 1991, she was accepted into the innovative Nuclear Medicine Technology program, which had launched just a year before in 1990. “I knew that I definitely wanted to spend my life and develop my career in the medical field. After evaluating different

programs, I found Nuclear Medicine to be interesting and challenging.” Following graduation in 1993, Jennifer immediately secured a position with Nuclear Imaging, Ltd., now DMS Imaging. In 2001, Jennifer accepted a position at Sanford USD Medical and has continued her career at Sanford over the past decade. She currently serves in a leadership position as the Compliance, Education and Training Specialist in Nuclear Medicine. Jennifer ensures that Sanford is compliant and meeting all national regulatory

requirements set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as well as working with staff to ensure they have the resources to work safely around radiation. Jennifer credits her education at Southeast Tech with giving her an advantage in her profession, and the ability to pursue higher education. “Southeast Tech provided me with the educational foundation I have built my entire career upon. Their partnership with other higher education institutions ensures students receive the best education and provides them the opportunities to continue their education if they wish to do so.”


7 PRESIDENT’S REPORT As the demand for skilled workers remains at an all-time high, policy makers are looking to South Dakota’s technical institutes for help. For the past two years, administration and staff at Southeast Tech have been on high alert introducing new degrees and diplomas that will help meet that need.

CRITICAL NEEDS WORKFORCE SCHOLARSHIP The South Dakota Legislature has identified numerous industries that have a ‘critical need’ in South Dakota. $125,000 in scholarship money has been awarded to Southeast Tech. Programs have been identified and potential recipients have been contacted.



Southeast Tech Alumnus FRED FINCH Engineering Technician, Raven Industries Class of 2008 Degree: Electronics Technology

FINDING THE GOOD LIFE WITH A NEW CAREER Fred Finch Embraces His Fascination for Electronics and Changes His Life for the Better

“If you have a passion or curiosity for how and why electronics work then this field is perfect for you. Getting your degree with Southeast Tech means handson training and application in the field you are going into, at a price that is worth every penny.” –Fred Finch

Fred Finch spent 13 years working as a cook, attempting to provide for himself and his family. However, limited opportunities and a hectic schedule made it difficult for him to share quality time or offer financial security for them. He shares, “I knew I wanted to make a change in my life, and ever since I can remember, I have always had a fascination with electronics and how they work. I wanted something where I could start in my field quickly and affordably. That’s why I chose to enroll at Southeast Tech.” A non-traditional student, Fred flourished at Southeast Tech, attaining his Electronics Tech-

nology degree in just two years. “Southeast Tech offers a great hands-on learning environment, with small affordable classes. The teachers interact with the students providing answers and assistance quickly. I didn’t feel like a number to hurry and get through… I felt like there was a place for me there.” Before Fred even graduated, he had secured a job as an Electronics Technician with Raven Industries in Sioux Falls. Just three years later, he accepted a position as an Engineering Technician as a member of Raven Industries steering team designing steering kits for tractors and sprayers.

“I feel the quality of my education at Southeast was equivalent or better than a four-year degree. I was able to step right into my job and begin working. It fit with what I’m doing and I was able to do my job immediately.” Fred doesn’t regret making the change or making the choice to return to school. “This has meant job assurance and stability for my family. I know day to day I have a job to go to and that I can find another job if I would ever need to with ease.”




ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY Electronics technicians work with electronics engineers to help in the design, development, troubleshooting and manufacturing of electronic equipment such as radar, sonar, television, industrial, medical measuring or control devices, navigational equipment and computers. The Electronics Technology degree is an Associates in Applied Science degree that takes two years and less than $17,000 to complete. It is also offered as a hybrid program, which is a blend of evening and online courses.



OUR STORY Southeast Tech is a diverse and inspiring organization. With over 50 programs, more than 40 and on

career-building over






degrees students always



Often times, it’s much more than people realize, which is why Tech Times was created. It helps us tell our story by sharing how our alumni, staff, industry partners and benefactors are contributing to our community. It’s through this good work that we are able to make South Dakota one of the nation’s best places to work, play and live! This is what truly embodies Southeast Tech.

Tech Times has been awarded both regional and national awards by the National Council on Public Relations and Marketing multiple years in a row for both Newsletter and Feature Story categories. 11,000 copies are disseminated three times annually.

Jobs Priority One Southeast Tech – a Valid and Imperative Solution for South Dakota’s Skilled Workforce At Southeast Tech, the goal is to provide education that empowers its graduates to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation. A strong bond with local industry allows students to learn professional skills that are in demand in South Dakota, and the adjoining region. The ultimate benefit is that students are able to secure employment while local industry has a strong and steady supply of skilled employees to draw from. Read on to share in the following students’ stories who are preparing to graduate or who have recently graduated and are now valuable members of our local workforce.

Take a peek at what life is really like for three Southeast Tech students! Filmed completely documentary-style by students, this documentary gives you a glimpse into what real college life is like. Join Andrea, Cody and Kayla as they experience a typical day taking classes at Southeast Tech and their life outside of the classroom as well! A Day in the Life is available to view on at under the Future Students tab.



A Day in the Life Documentary Life at Southeast Tech from a Student’s Perspective

FALL 2011 ISSUE SkillsUSA National Office Wade Persson Sets His Sights High as Student, Community Steward and as National Representative Collison Repair & Refinish Technology graduate and current Automotive Technology student Wade Persson is a great guy. Always willing to put in extra effort for others, he has made it a priority in his life to be a leader in many respects. He shares, “I’ve always thought it’s important to contribute to community service. I’m involved in Big Brothers, I’m an Eagle Scout and I work with United Way Youth as Resources because I like to get out and help people. I figure if you take the time to help others that can be your way to help solve the world’s problems right there.” These qualities of integrity have no doubt helped him rise to success within the SkillsUSA organization.

visit to read the full stories or call 605.367.7624 to be added to the mailing list





2012 Southeast Tech Foundation Board Members The Southeast Tech Foundation Board is comprised of 20 insightful and forward-thinking individuals who have generously given of their time to further Southeast Tech’s Mission. Members include (left to right): • Jeff Holcomb, President Southeast Tech • Monty Miller, Sayre & Associates • Ruby Castardo, Southeast Tech Faculty Representative • Larry Fuller, Insight Builders, LLC • Jeff Nelson, HJN Team Real Estate • Daryl Englund, Banner Associates, Inc. • Tracey Deatherage, Daktronics • Tom Kelley, Gage Brothers Concrete Products, Inc. • Dale Jans, Jans Corporation; Southeast Tech Foundation President • Darin Schaap, Wells Fargo • Bill McLean, Avera • Harold Morse III, Southeast Tech Student Government Association • Debbie Sneve, Citibank • Brian Meyer, Raven Industries, Inc. • Diana VanderWoude, Sanford Health NOT PICTURED • Kathy Thorson, MetaBank; Southeast Tech Foundation Vice President • Rachel Buse-Flaskey, Midland National Life; Southeast Tech Foundation Treasurer • Helen Henkin Kluck, Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation • Mike Jamison, TSP • Evan Nolte, Sioux Falls Area Chamber


For more information on the Southeast Tech Foundation or to contact Nancee Sturdevant, visit or email


Southeast Tech Foundation Past President Jeff Nelson Shares His Thoughts on the Importance of Technical Education Jeff Nelson has witnessed many changes

Jeff shares, “Southeast Tech significantly

and ready to work which is an incredible

living and working in Sioux Falls for the past

affects every aspect of the area’s employ-

benefit for an employer.”

38 years. In that time the city has literally

ment. It’s our responsibility to let present

doubled in size, yet has remained a com-

and future employers know that Southeast

As the past leader for Southeast Tech’s

munity with small town values, friendships

Tech will step up and develop programs

Foundation, Jeff made it his mission to share

and business relationships.

that meet their employee needs to main-

the powerful impact Southeast Tech has

tain and expand the vibrant market that we

had on the Sioux Falls region. “Workforce

are renowned for.”

development and training are the founda-

As co-owner of HJN Team Real Estate, Jeff has a deep appreciation for the economic

tion of a growing community, and Southeast

growth and well-being of the region. In

No stranger to Southeast Tech, Jeff has had

Tech has been and will continue to be a

fact, he felt so strongly about the continued

experience with graduates from Southeast

cornerstone for our community. It’s impera-

development and growth, he committed

Tech firsthand. “I have had interns from

tive that we continue to support the institu-

his expertise to guiding the Southeast Tech

Southeast Tech in the past and eventually

tion and the students that attend Southeast

Foundation as Past President.

hired them. They were all well-educated

Tech. Scholarships for students empower them to become a part of the community.”


13 PRESIDENT’S REPORT To invest in our 2012-2013 Giving Blue annual fund drive, call the Southeast Tech Foundation office at 605.367.7464. Please remember Southeast Tech in your wills and trusts.



Investments........................$ 772,954 Cash/Cash Equivalent......$ 246,906 Accts/Notes Receivable..$ 24,273 TOTAL Net Assets................$1,044,133

In-Cash and In-Kind Donations: $208,594 Scholarships Awarded: $140,750 Scholarship Recipients: 190 Total Emergency Retention Loans Awarded: $33,451 Emergency Retention Loan Recipients: 73



Southeast Tech Alumnus RENAE REINTS O’KANE Assistant Director, Christ Lutheran Church Daycare Class of 2011 Degree: Early Childhood Specialist


Renae Reints O’Kane Revels in Making an Impact as a Leader and Teacher for Children and Their Families

“Southeast Tech is an excellent choice for obtaining a degree. The class times are flexible, the tuition is affordable, the instructors are knowledgeable and the environment is fun, fresh and convenient!” –Renae Reints O’Kane

Renae Reints O’Kane practically gushes goodness and her love for children is obvious. As a young woman, she knew she wanted to pursue a career that would allow her to work with children so she enrolled at Dakota State University to earn her Elementary Education degree. The fit wasn’t right, and Renae knew it almost immediately. “I wasn’t happy there but I knew I wanted to work with children. Since I had worked at a daycare the summer after high school I knew I really enjoyed that, and I knew getting a degree in Early Childhood would be a good fit for me.”

Renae earned her Early Childhood Specialist degree at Southeast Tech while holding down a job at the same time. “It really helped that Southeast had flexible class times so it made it possible to work and attend school at the same time. I’m very proud of the education I have received. I feel even more prepared for day-to-day challenges because I’m educated.” And the degree didn’t hurt her employability either. Shortly after earning her degree, she was promoted from teacher to Assistant Director at Christ Lutheran Church Daycare. “I think that my commitment to educating

myself really showed my supervisor that I was serious about my career. I have no doubt that was what helped me get the promotion.” As far as whether Renae made the correct career choice? “It feels great knowing parents don’t have to worry about their most precious possession when they’ve placed them in our care. It’s a very fun and rewarding field. You can go home and feel very proud every day because you know you made a difference and positive impact on people’s lives!”




EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIALIST The Early Childhood Specialist degree provides graduates with a background for working with children in childcare centers, public and private school early childhood programs, preschools, Head Start programs or private childcare centers. Emphasis is placed on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of young children. The Early Childhood Specialist degree is an Associates in Applied Science degree that takes two years and less than $16,000 to complete. It is also offered as a hybrid program, which is a blend of evening and online courses.



Hovland Learning Center The center, formerly known as the Adult

A Valuable Community Resource for Education, Personal Development and Workforce Readiness

Learning Center, adopted its new name

Jennifer Keyes clearly understands the

The Hovland Learning Center offers an

Hovland Learning Center in January of 2012

importance of basic skills and literacy

independent learning lab and structured

in honor of Southeast Tech benefactors How-

for every adult. As the Hovland Learning

classes to help meet the individual needs

ard and Eunice Hovland. Southeast Tech

Center Program Coordinator, she sees the

of students. Staffed with qualified, friendly

President Jeff Holcomb shares, “It’s through

impact this service has had on its clients for

teachers who are always willing to help, the

a number of years.

center offers free educational assistance for

the generosity of patrons like the Hovlands that allow us to continue to raise the bar for our students and the community. They are wonderful people who have done amazing work at Southeast Tech through their continued and committed support.”

the community. Jennifer shares, “I believe we provide our students the first step toward completing

According to the National Coalition for

their goals. Many of our students continue

Literacy, workers without a high school

their education through enrollment in a

diploma are nearly two times as likely to be

post-secondary institution and others

unemployed than those with at least some

enter the workforce after completing

college and have much lower wages.

our program.”

INTERESTING FACTS about individuals who attended the Hovland Learning Center in 2011-2012 • 450 individuals were served • The AEL program at Southeast Tech has improved overall level completion by 10.45% • Approximately 65% of beginning ABE students increased a functioning level. • Our population served in 2011-2012 was represented by 28% ESL, 55% Adult Basic Education (Between 0 – 8.9 grade equivalent) and 16% Adult Secondary Education (between 9.0 and 12.9 grade equivalent).


17 PRESIDENT’S REPORT The Hovland Learning Center is funded through the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation.

HOVLAND LEARNING CENTER OFFERS • Free Classes • Self-Paced or Group Classes • GED Preparation & Official Testing • Basic Skill Development • ESL Classes



• 18 years of age or beyond compulsory attendance age • Valid Social Security Card or comparable documentation to prove eligibility to work in the US

• Individualized, Group Instruction • Teacher Directed Instruction • Peer Study Groups



Southeast Tech Student Facts STUDENT BODY 2011-2012 Student Population: 3,175; Approximately 24% of all students attending Southeast Tech are from out of state. Under 18....................................... 1% 18-19........................................... 26% 20-21........................................... 22% 22-24........................................... 15% 25-29........................................... 16% 30-34............................................. 9% 35-39............................................. 4%

GRADUATE SURVEY Southeast Tech’s six-month followup graduate survey placement information for 2011 graduates % Employed............................... 95% % Employed in Field.................. 87% % Employed in SD...................... 76% % of Graduates Employed in SD staying in Sioux Falls............... 73% *Numbers based on graduates responding to Southeast Tech’s follow-up survey

Southeast Tech Revenue/Expenditure Summary Southeast Tech Post-Secondary Vocational Fund – Revenues


2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 $ 7,905,834 $ 7,732,410 $ 9,832,238 $ 10,183,957 $ 7,038,481 $ 7,004,048 $ 8,406,964 $ 7,240,804 $ 7,600,756 $ 1,788,606 $ 1,268,059 $ 1,457,039 $ 1,127,868 $ 1,047,881 $ 1,435,199 $ 1,359,101 $ 998,148 $ 1,699,833 $ 3,111,299 $ 1,080,699 $ 1,155,908 $ 1,809,724 $ 600,723 $ 567.334


$ 17,719,815

Tuition/Fees State Distribution Federal Other State

More than 350 area industry professionals belong to Advisory Committees which meet annually to help guide Southeast Tech’s programs. This collaboration ensures fresh and innovative curriculum tailored for local industry needs.

$ 6,376,830

$ 18,692,950

$ 20,404,285

$ 20,501,466

$ 22,511,227

Southeast Tech Post-Secondary Vocational Fund – Expenditures

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 $ 10,116,985 $ 11,051,407 $ 12,050,933 $ 12,777,832 Purchased Services $ 2,556,610 $ 2,762,393 $ 3,113,491 $ 3,030,799 $ 3,156,069 Supplies/Materials $ 815,459 $ 985,237 $ 1,042,810 $ 1,031,352 $ 1,340,772 Capital $ 3,124,362 $ 2,442,126 $ 2,390,401 $ 2,731,612 $ 4,151,329 Other $ 994,083 $ 1,071,546 $ 922,388 $ 1,148,965 $ 1,208,757 Personnel

$ 9,781,899


$ 17,272,413 $17,378,287

$ 18,520,497

$ 19,993,661

$ 22,634,759


Ambassador’s Circle $50,000 Plus Howard & Eunice Hovland Leadership Circle $25,000 Plus Citibank* Sanford Health* Endowment Circle $10,000 Plus AGC of South Dakota Building Chapter SDN Communications* Commitment Circle $5,000 Plus Premier Bankcard* Rachael K. Trygstad Memorial* Rotary West/John Cole Scholarships Tessiers* Development Circle $2,500 Plus HJN Team Real Estate* Jans Corporation* Raven Industries* Sayre & Associates* Sioux Falls Construction Southeast Tech Student Government President’s Circle $1,000 Plus Avera Heart Hospital Banner Associates, Inc Bellevue University CNA Surety CorTrust Bank Dakota Digital Daktronics Donald E. & Dorothy L. Johnson Dunham Company* Eide Bailly LLC* Larry Fuller* Golf Course Superintendents of South Dakota Jeffrey & Robyn Holcomb Homebuilders Association Howalt–McDowell Insurance*

Randy Knecht* Koch Hazard Architects* Midcontinent Communications Nordstrom’s Automotive Rotary Downtown Sioux Falls SD Bankers Foundation Sioux Falls Woman’s Alliance Debbie Sneve* Southeast Tech Skills USA US Bank Xcel Energy Foundation Impact Circle $500 Plus 40et8 Altrusa Scholarship Fund ASHRAE Walda Benker Rachel Buse-Flaskey* Ruby Castardo Crane & Fowler Investments Davenport, Evans, Hurwitz & Smith East River Electric Power Coop Gage Brothers Concrete Products Inc. Lon Hird Jim Jacobsen Merrill Larson Michelle Lounsbery Kevin Lunstra Stacy McManus MetaBank Minnehaha Master Gardeners NAWIC Jan & Jerry Nicolay Tracy Noldner Kate Parkinson Kristin Possehl Bill Reiter SD Dental Foundation Nancee Sturdevant Jeff Talbott Orlen Tschetter* Les Tiezen Ulteig Engineers Rick Warkenthien

Friend’s Circle $250 Plus Tim Goehring Steve Herr Debora Huber-Stene Nancy Hughes* Romy Klessen DiAnn Kothe Phyllis Kuno Deana Larson Robin Sjogren Erik VanLaecken Dana Wohlwend Builder’s Circle $100-$249 Mike Bergwell Kaay Bowman Brandt Soloman & Anderson, LLP Rod Breitling Lynna Brenner Georgina Cavin Jon Clausen JoEllen Deschamp Stephanie Entringer Lynette Grabowska Kristen Gundvaldson Candy Hanson & Mike Crane Charlene Harbert Helen Henkin Kluck Betsy Homan Stacy Hotchkin Caroline Jacobsma Andrew Kibbe John Kolander Lloyd Properties Judy Lucas Karen McAreavey Roxanna & Donald McKenna Jr. Dr. Patrick & Kathleen McGreevy Cathy Miller Kelly Molstad Jon Muhs Deb Nowak Margaret & Marty Pennock Dennis Peters Terry Prouty

Jim Rokusek Jeanette Saugstad Jeff Schlepp Nick Schneider Tami Skorczewski Mike Stephens Deb Tieszen Doug Warner James Westcott Brian Williams Workforce Circle $1-$99 Karol Aeschlimann Dr. Pam Homan Vicki Oswald Joyce Van Zee Karen Winter Dana Wolff Gifts in Kind Avera Heart Hospital Dakota Video Endowment Funds Marvin & Clara Acker Memorial AGC of South Dakota Building Chapter Automotive Services Association of South Dakota Billion Automotive Bricker Bergeson Memorial Business Technology Team Citibank Delbridge Family Graco, Inc Eunice & Howard Hovland HSBC – North America Donald E. & Dorothy L. Johnson Gene Reiter Memorial Sanford Health System Endowment Southeast Tech Faculty & Staff Southeast Tech Foundation Southeast Tech Memorial Clint VanderPoel Memorial Vietnam Vets Legacy Motorcycle Club of Sioux Falls *denotes multi-year pledge


Pinnacle Circle $100,000 Plus Avera McKennan*


The Southeast Tech Foundation thanks the following companies, organizations and individuals for their generous support in 2011-2012. To invest in our 2012-2013 annual fund drive, please call the Southeat Tech Foundation office at 605.367.7464.


Southeast Tech Foundation Investors

2320 N Career Ave • Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Main: 605.367.7624 Southeast Tech is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

12-13 President's Report