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2011 PRESIDENT’S REPORT South Dakota’s Leading Technical College Responding to Regional Workforce Demands



EDUCATION FOR A NEW GENERATION At Southeast Tech, nine Institutes of Excellence encompass 50 programs to offer students the ability to specialize in careers that are highly sought-after. We know that finding an education that is both relevant and affordable is challenging. That’s why we have committed more than 40 years to crafting programs that deliver fresh and innovative knowledge in two years or less. National accreditation coupled with a faculty that is industry-savvy ensures that not only will education be valid and credible but also rewarding.

At Southeast Tech, we’ve refocused the concept of traditional higher ed. Southeast Tech has offered more streamlined and cost-effective methods of education since 1968. In fact, more than 14,000 students have chosen to ‘Live Blue’ at Southeast Tech, to achieve their degrees and start a new life full of opportunity! Isn’t it your turn to discover what Living Blue is all about?

Southeast Tech Vision Creating Workforce Excellence

Southeast Tech Mission The mission of Southeast Technical Institute is to educate individuals for employment opportunities, professional growth and lifelong learning.

A Message from the President Jeff Holcomb, President, Southeast Tech

Southeast Tech – South Dakota’s Leading Technical College Responding to Regional Workforce Demands Looking back over the year, I am proud of Southeast Tech’s many contributions to our community, our region and our state. Meeting workforce challenges with practical and sustainable solutions has always been our strength. And with an increasingly strong bond with our business partners, educational colleagues, government and community organizations, we are poised to present an even stronger workforce leadership presence in the upcoming decade. Our Vision, Creating Workforce Excellence, has unswervingly guided us in the past and will continue to be our benchmark for future endeavors. While preparing students for a dynamic and powerful new economy, we ask for your assistance in developing innovative programming that will engage your needs and drive your workforce to new heights. In the past year, we have broken through barriers to embrace new opportunities for both our students and our workforce partners. A new RN degree, several Business degree additions and new online and flexible degree offerings are just a few ways we have been working to increase our value for our constituents. The success of Southeast Tech, and subsequently the success of our graduates, would not be possible without the support of our community. I am looking forward to continuing our partnership so that we can move forward to a new and exciting economy together.

Southeast Tech Council The Southeast Tech Council advises, advocates and provides direction to Southeast Technical Institute.

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A Note from the Southeast Tech Council Bruce Eide, Southeast Tech Council Chairman

PAGES 6&7 Year in Review


Bruce Eide, Chairman; Deb Fischer-Clemens, Vice Chairperson; Kent Alberty; Jeff Eckhoff; Pam Homan; Deb Letcher; Doug Morrison

Big Sky Classroom


Southeast Tech Council Members


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We all know how valuable education and training is in today’s workplace. Southeast Tech’s Business Advisory Council works with administration to maximize the student experience here at Southeast Tech. The ever changing dynamic workplace requires Southeast Tech to be at the leading edge of business and industry. The Council is honored to be a part of the ongoing excellence that is Southeast Tech.



Southeast Tech Alumnus BOB JENSEN Director of Assessment Technology and Information Services, Sioux Falls School District As with many of our graduates, Bob continued on with his education after completing his diploma with Southeast Tech. In addition, he earned the following degrees: 1982: Bachelor’s in Business Administration, National American University 2010: Master’s in Business Administration, University of Sioux Falls

Leading the Sioux Falls’ School District IT Initiatives Bob Jensen, 2010 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year

SOUTHEAST TECH – A GREAT ASSET FOR SIOUX FALLS! TOP 10 SOUTHEAST TECH EMPLOYERS 1. Sanford 2. Avera Health Systems 3. Wells Fargo 4. VA Hospital 5. Good Samaritan Center 6. Daktronics Inc. 7. Citibank 8. Wal-Mart 9. Raven Industries 10. City of Sioux Falls

A graduate of Southeast Tech in both 1969

the wave of the future, Bob researched

have when they get to take advantage of

and 1974 with two Computer Program-

to find training that would put him on the

the new technology we introduce to them.

ming diplomas, Bob Jensen is the Director

cutting edge of this innovative technology.

Southeast Tech gave me an excellent

of Assessment Technology and Information

That search brought him to Southeast Tech.

foundation to start my career and today is

Services for the Sioux Falls School District.

“Through my research, Southeast Tech of-

second to none with their technology they

In 1969, Bob was certain of his desire to

fered the training that I was looking for so I

provide for students.”

enter the fascinating and new world of

enrolled into the program,” Bob shares.

computers after visiting with representa-

Today, Bob manages 28 employees and

*Bob attended Southeast Tech twice to

tives from IBM at a college career day at

his department serves 37 sites plus seven

obtain the same degree after being called

his high school in Watertown. At the time,

remote sites, 21,000 students, 1,600 teach-

to military service.

Bob was entering such a new field of study

ers and 1,400 employees. “This job is always

that many of his counterpoints thought it

changing, it’s been a great field to be in

ridiculous, even a ‘lost career path’.

and there’s never been a dull moment. It’s

Sticking to his instinct that computers were

rewarding to see the excitement students

& Associates.

Thinking Bigger Than the Classroom Civil Engineering Students Survey Yellowstone National Park and Gain an Incredible Working Experience A popular degree at Southeast Tech, Civil Engineering Technology has an equally popular student organization. Through this organization, students have planned field trips to locations such as the Black Hills to acquire experience in surveying land that is considerably different than local terrain. For 16 students, membership this year led to an incredible experience out to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The trip was headed up by an enterprising student, Josh Viet from Marion, who landed the once in a lifetime experience. A second year student, Josh knew the previous class had experienced a surveying trip to the

Black Hills, so he wanted to make it an even more incredible opportunity for his class. He shares, “The fact that we initiated and planned this whole experience in just three or four weeks, when it typically takes six weeks, was amazing. The administration at Southeast Tech wanted this to happen for us so they helped push it through.” He smiles, “The school trusted us to take over $400,000 worth of equipment to bring out there. It’s pretty clear to me that at Southeast Tech it’s all about the students.” The students, supervised by instructors Elizabeth Kassing and Rod Breitling spent three full days surveying campgrounds.

Rod Breitling, LS notes, “There are many things that can’t be taught in a classroom setting or even in a two hour lab. Three days of continuous surveying teaches students so many lessons that can’t be covered. It was an ideal teaching exercise. Every moment was a teachable moment.” A sentiment shared with his colleague Elizabeth. She remembers, “We had one student running a laptop and AutoDESK Civil 3D software while the other students were required to download their survey points every couple of hours. It was great experience because they could see what information they had collected immediately. In

some cases, they had errors that needed to be corrected and in some places, they needed to take additional shots.” According to student Jim Milne, “The people at Yellowstone didn’t have the funding or equipment to do this, or the knowledge or training. It was an awesome experience and I’m so glad I got to be part of it. It was fabulous to see how blown away they were by our work.” Yellowstone National Park will use the survey data provided by Southeast Tech to determine new campground facilities.



For Southeast Tech Civil Engineering Technology students, 2010 was a great year. For the first time ever, the Civil Engineering Technology Student Organization was invited to survey multiple campground facilities in awesome Yellowstone National Park. Possible through the tenacity of one very determined and articulate student along with the backing of Southeast Tech’s faculty and administration, two instructors and 16 students had the experience of a lifetime. This was funded in part by Sayre


Western Adventure




MOMENTS OF EXCELLENCE Although an organization isn’t defined by any one moment, a consistent succession of these moments does. Southeast Tech is proud to not only offer excellent education for our community, but forward-thinking stewardship as well. Please look through some of our defining moments that have occurred over the past year. This is what truly embodies Southeast Tech.



STI for the Cure –

Tech hosts a

our first campus

Southeast Tech


walk to support

and USD enter


Susan G. Koman

an innovative


for the Cure – is


on campus.

planned and


Recipients as well

organized by


as representatives

Students Taking

allowing students

from multiple

Initiative, a

to earn degrees

local businesses

Business student

from both

attend the event.



institutions at the same time.

organization. $3,000 is raised.

NOVEMBER 2010 An Adopt A Highway project near Hartford, SD

DECEMBER 2010 The Food Pantry

is sponsored by

receives 16

Law Enforcement

barrels of food

Science students.

from Southeast Tech’s faculty and staff during a holiday food drive.

“I have been overwhelmed by the genuine caring and heart-felt generosity. Staff and students have put forth great effort to benefit our community. This in conjunction with educational excellence, is placing



Southeast Tech as a community leader.” –President Jeff Holcomb

JUNE 2011 Technology student Wade


MAY 2011

The South Dakota State Board


of Education

Southeast Tech

MARCH 2011

approves six

is approved to

Business &

new business

launch a new

Industry Training


Allied Health

rebrands and

proposed by



Southeast Tech.

becoming Training Solutions Institute.

APRIL 2011

Persson is elected

The Southeast

to SkillsUSA

Tech Foundation

national office


hosts their annual

and attends



training in

& Digital Media


Washington D.C.


honoring our

students host a

generous donors.

Portfolio Show to showcase their best work at the Sioux Falls Museum of Visual Materials.




2011 Southeast Tech Foundation Mission Statement The Southeast Tech Foundation is committed to building a solid foundation for tomorrow’s workforce. Through community involvement, our workforce needs will be fulfilled by providing financial resources that allow our students to meet their potential.


For more information on the Southeast Tech Foundation or to contact Michelle, visit or email

Energized and Excited to Move Forward Full Speed New Institutional Advancement Officer Shares Her Passion for Student Success and Workforce Development

To invest in our 2011-2012 Giving Blue annual fund drive, call the Southeast Tech Foundation office at 605.367.7464. Please remember Southeast Tech in your wills and trusts.

Over the past year, Institutional Advance-

financial resources that allow our students

Alumni Association Launched Spring 2011

ment Officer Michelle Lounsbery has felt

to meet their potential.” She believes the

A new Alumni Association was created to

welcomed and energized by Southeast

key to this point is to focus on building mutu-

reconnect Southeast Tech’s Alumni with

Tech’s environment and culture. In early

ally rewarding relationships with our business

former classmates as well as Southeast

2011, Michelle and the Southeast Tech

and community partners.

Tech. A Mission Statement for the Alumni As-

Foundation Board went through a strategic

“I’m passionate about education and

sociation has been developed and events

planning process to align itself with South-

building a solid workforce for the needs of

and reunions are currently being planned.

east Tech Foundation’s goals.

Sioux Falls and surrounding communities.

For more information about the Alumni As-

To this end, a new Mission Statement was

I believe with the strength of our board in

sociation or to join the association, con-

developed along with a strengthened

collaboration with the strength of our in-

tact Michelle in the Foundation Office at

resolve to continue building a solid founda-

dustry partners, we can continue to secure or

tion for tomorrow’s workforce. She notes,

resources and opportunities for our students,


“Through community involvement, our

faculty and Institution. I’m excited about

workforce needs will be fulfilled by providing

the opportunities for the future!”

Southeast Tech Foundation Board Members 21 Leaders Join to Further Southeast Tech’s Workforce Impact The Southeast Tech Foundation Board is

• Jeff Holcomb, President, Southeast Tech

comprised of 21 insightful and forward-think-

• Carl Rapp, ADP

ing individuals who have generously

• Larry Fuller, Insight Builders, LLC


given of their time to further Southeast Tech’s

• Myron Rau, SD Auto Dealers Assn.

• Jeffery A. Hazard, Koch Hazard

Mission. Members include (noted in order of

• Dale A. Jans, Jans Corporation;


the photo above back row to front):

Southeast Tech Foundation Vice

• Helen Henkin, Transitional Living



• Rachel Buse-Flaskey, Eide Bailly LLP

• Bill McLean, Avera McKennan

• Michael A. Crane, Crane & Fowler

• Evan Nolte, Sioux Falls Area Chamber


• Debbie Sneve, Citibank

• Deana Larson, Wells Fargo Customer

• Orlen Tschetter, Sanford Health –


Sioux Falls Region

• Jeff Talbot, Southeast Tech Faculty Representative • Kathy Thorson, MetaBank; Southeast Tech Foundation Treasurer • Randy Knecht, CPA, Sioux Falls Construction • Jeff Nelson, HJN Team Real Estate; Southeast Tech Foundation President

• Nancy Hughes, The Dunham Company • Michael J. Jamison, TSP

• Tracey Deatherage, Daktronics

Foundation Donations & Scholarships In-Cash and In-Kind Donations $214,960.95 Scholarships Awarded $137,900.00 Scholarship Recipients 193 Total Emergency Retention Loans Awarded $43,138.82 Emergency Retention Loan Recipients 92



“Southeast Tech’s Foundation Board serves one of the most important functions in work force development in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area. The leadership of Southeast Tech is always visionary and proactive to the current and future needs of all the employers of the area. Their concern for the community and the students who will be future citizens is always evident. The board will pledge to help the leadership, staff and students do everything necessary to build the programs by increasing scholarship funds in 2011-2012.” –Jeff Nelson, Southeast Tech Foundation Board President


FOUNDATION NET ASSETS Investments $768,716 Cash/Cash Equivalent $195,039 Accts/Notes Receivable $ 31,117 TOTAL Net Assets $994,872


2011 Southeast Tech Student Facts STUDENT BODY 2010-2011 Student Population: 3,069; 25% to 30% of all students attending Southeast Tech are from out of state. Under 18....................................... 1% 18-19........................................ 28.7% 20-21........................................ 21.3% 22-24........................................ 16.2% 25-29........................................ 14.4% 30-34.......................................... 6.6% 35-39.......................................... 4.7% 40-49.......................................... 5.5% 50 and up.................................. 1.5%

GRADUATE SURVEY Southeast Tech’s six-month followup graduate survey placement information for 2010 graduates % Employed............................... 94% % Employed in Field.................. 91% % Employed in SD...................... 70% % of Graduates Employed in SD staying in Sioux Falls............... 71% *Numbers based on graduates responding to Southeast Tech’s follow-up survey

More than 350 area industry professionals belong to Advisory Committees which meet annually to help guide Southeast Tech’s programs. This collaboration ensures fresh and innovative curriculum tailored for local industry needs.

Southeast Tech Revenue/Expenditure Summary Southeast Tech Post-Secondary Vocational Fund – Revenues

2006 $ 7,109,197 $ 997,359 $ 600,149 $ 380,722 $


$ 6,666,186

State Distribution




Other State






2007 2008 2009 2010 $ 7,905,834 $ 7,732,410 $ 9,832,238 7,038,481 $ 7,004,048 $ 8,406,964 $ 7,240,804 1,788,606 $ 1,268,059 $ 1,457,039 $ 1,127,868 1,435,199 $ 1,359,101 $ 998,148 $ 1,699,833 1,080,699 $ 1,155,908 $ 1,809,724 $ 600,723 6,376,830

$ 17,719,815

$ 18,692,950

$ 20,404,285

$ 20,501,466

Southeast Tech Post-Secondary Vocational Fund – Expenditures Personnel Purchased Services Supplies/Materials Capital Other Total

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 $ 9,781,899 $ 10,116,985 $ 11,051,407 $ 12,050,933 $ 2,607,926 $ 2,556,610 $ 2,762,393 $ 3,113,491 $ 3,030,799 $ 1,037,846 $ 815,459 $ 985,237 $ 1,042,810 $ 1,031,352 $ 1,882,813 $ 3,124,362 $ 2,442,126 $ 2,390,401 $ 2,731,612 $ 140,575 $ 994,083 $ 1,071,546 $ 922,388 $ 1,148,965 $ 14,885,855 $ 17,272,413 $17,378,287 $ 18,520,497 $ 19,993,661 $ 9,216,695

Southeast Tech Degrees

INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS & COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS Accounting Business Administration • Human Resources Emphasis • Management Emphasis Entrepreneurship

INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Architectural/Construction Engineering Technology CAD Engineering Technology Civil Engineering Technology Construction Management Technology Land Surveying Science Technology INSTITUTE OF HEALTH TECHNOLOGY Allied Health

• Health Information Services Option • Pharmacy Technician Option • Surgical Technology Option Cardiac Ultrasound Technology Diagnostic Medical Sonography Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (ENDT) Health Information Services* Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)* Nuclear Medicine Technology Pharmacy Technician* Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician* Registered Nurse Surgical Technology* Vascular Ultrasound Technology INSTITUTE OF HORTICULTURE TECHNOLOGY Horticulture Technology Landscape Design Technology Sports Turf Management

INSTITUTE OF HUMAN SERVICES TECHNOLOGY Early Childhood Specialist Early Childhood Support* Law Enforcement Science INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Residential Heating & Cooling* INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY Automotive Technology** Collision Repair & Refinish Technology** Diesel Technology** For complete information on any of these programs including course content, please see our website at

Training Solutions Institute Career & Continuing Education Training Opportunities The Business & Industry Training division of Southeast Tech has launched a new name. This new identity reflects a redirection in our business philosophy that is focused on solutions, while remaining a provider of continuing education and training. Our true mission is to help South Dakota companies

and individuals find solutions for workforce challenges and needs. Training Solutions Institute focuses on skillsbuilding and helping individuals improve employability and workforce readiness.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING SOLUTIONS Training Solutions Institute works with many local and regional companies to develop and deliver training programs for employees seeking to improve on current skills or adding new skill sets.


Financial Services Insurance & Financial Services Marketing • Design Emphasis • Sales Emphasis Office Assistant* MEDIA COMMUNICATIONS Digital Media Production Technology Graphic Communications


INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS Computer Network Security Technician Computer Programming Computer Technician* Network Administrator Software Support Specialist* System Administrator ELECTRONICS Biomedical Equipment Technology Electronics Technology Mechatronics Technology


All Programs are Associate in Applied Science Degrees Which can be Completed in 24 Months or Less Unless Indicated as a *One-year Diploma or **AAS Degree or Diploma

2320 N Career Ave • Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Main: 605.367.7624 Southeast Tech is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

2011 President's Report  

Southeast Tech has a compelling impact on the Sioux Empire. Take a moment to read about the year in review.

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