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D I S C OV E R O U T D O O R P L E A S U R E S • H I S TO RY & H E R I TAG E • H O M E TO W N C H A R M OUTDOOR RECREATION • Kayaking - Fort to Field 50 Paddle Battle

• Fishing, Boating and Water Recreation

• Lewis & Clark Lake, Missouri National Recreational River, Tabor Recreation Area, Lake Henry

• Golf Courses - Springfield Golf Course, Dawson Creek-Scotland, Bon Homme Golf Course-Tyndall

• Camping - Springfield State Recreation Area, Tabor Lakeside Use Area, Community Parks

• Hunting: Pheasant, Duck, Goose, Turkey, Deer • Talsma’s Trail Park (ATV / Horse Trails)

COMMUNITY CELEBRATIONS • Bull-O-Rama, Frog Jumping Contest - Springfield • Old-fashioned Saturday Nite & Car Show Holiday Parade of Lights - Avon • Czech Days -Tabor • Scottie Stampede Rodeo, Catfish Days - Scotland • Hot Dog Night - Tyndall

HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS • Replica of First Schoolhouse in Dakota Territory • Museums - Avon Historical Museum, Bon Homme Heritage Museum in Tyndall, Heritage Museum in Scotland, Czech Pioneer Mini Village & Blachnik Museum in Tabor, Springfield College Museum • Lewis & Clark Trail - Historical markers and scenic lookout at Chief Standing Bear Bridge

• Tyndall Bakery (in operation for 80 years) • Avon Meat Locker • 1917 Carnegie Library in Tyndall • Bon Homme National Cemetery - graves of Gen. Custer’s men, Civil War soldiers, pioneer markers • Senator George McGovern’s Birthplace - Avon • Old Military Road

Bon Homme County

A Little Bit of History Lewis and Clark noted in their journal "passed a large island-----Called Bon Homme or Good Man----2nd September, Sunday, 1804"---on their expedition up the Missouri River. is journal entry may have caused the county to be named Bon Homme. e first trading post in Bon Homme County which did business with the native Indians was built at the mouth of Emanuel Creek in about 1815. e Military Road was established in 1856 with Army Engineers drawing the route which passed through Bon Homme County with Fort Randall as its destination. is road was later used by stage coaches and wagon trains. Bon Homme Village was established in 1859 and was visited by General Custer while waiting for high waters to recede. Seven of his soldiers died of typhoid fever. ey are buried in the historic Bon Homme Cemetery along with veterans from the Indian Wars, Spanish American War, Civil War, WW I and WW II. It is said that this is the oldest rural cemetery still in use today. Bon Homme built the first schoolhouse in Dakota Territory in 1860. e village was also the original county seat, but after it was bypassed by the railroad the county seat was moved to Tyndall in 1885 and the village of Bon Homme died out.

For more information about Bon Homme County, contact: Avon Chamber of Commerce: 605-286-3213 or


Scotland Chamber of Commerce: 605-583-2320 or Springfield Chamber of Commerce: 605-369-2309 or Tabor Area Chamber of Commerce: 605-463-2478 or Tyndall Chamber of Commerce: 605-589-4050 or



• Avon: North Vue Motel, W. Hwy 50, 605-286-3202 • Tabor Area: Cogan House B&B, 605-464-0238 • Tyndall: Shady Rest Motel, 605-589-4002 • Springfield: Broken Willow Lodge, 605-369-2565




• Avon City Park, 605-286-3694 • Scotland City Campground, 605-583-2320 • Springfield Recreation Area, 605-668-2985 • Tabor Lakeside Use Area, 605-668-2985 • Tyndall City Campground, 605-589-3481 Cover Photo: Missouri National Recreational River - Tabor Lakeside Use Area

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Discover Bon Homme County - 2015  
Discover Bon Homme County - 2015