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 Through core of larger city  Twice as wide  Sunken site  Bound by major streets


 Blank slate  Major road was rejected  Mediterranean context  Crossed by busy roads

Typical snapshot of park


History • 1.7 million people live in metro Valencia • The Turia river flooded massively in 1957 • It was diverted in 1973 at the city limits


Centerpiece: City of Arts and Sciences science museum former river

diverted river Source: Mike Lowe

opera house


• Architects: S. Calatrava and F. Candela • Major tourist attraction

TURIA RIVERBED, VALENCIA Pedestrian/bicycle pathways well-confined space

poor pedestrian space

raised areas create viewpoints

Source: Flickr user Yosoynacho

variety of path surface Source: Flickr user Sueinvalencia2006

Source: Flickr user Chantrybee

2-way bike facilities Source: Flickr user Sueinvalencia2006

Source: Flickr user Sueinvalencia2006

Ricardo Bofill Plan, 1981

Comprehensive Plan, 1988

“The river is ours and we want it green!” - 1970s slogan

Different uses: horticulture ponds fountains flowers soccer fields rugby field athletics track cafés artwork climbing walls zen garden museums