22 ohlone greenway berkeley

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Split bicycle/pedestrian path

The greenway splits into separate bicycle and pedestrian paths under the BART tracks, allowing more space for both user types

The Ohlone Greenway in Berkeley, CA is a heavily used linear green space that incorporates many uses including playing fields, tennis courts, a bicycle/pedestrian path, community gardens, a dog park, and ample unprogrammed open space. The greenway is well-integrated with the surrounding neighborhood and is a vital asset to the community. Playing fields

Tennis courts

Connectivity Multi-functional open space

The unprogrammed open space allows multiple activities to occur in the space including field sports and picnicking

Local streets continue pedestrian and bicycle access through the greenway, but block vehicle access

Flexibly designed playing fields provide space for multiple different youth sport programs

20 feet

Community garden Paved pathway


Berkeley BART

Baseball field

175 feet


All-level bicycling

A nicely paved pathway with identifying signage helps guide users

Bicyclists of all ages and abilities feel safe using the greenway because it is protected from traffic

Dog park