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Burke Gilman Trail Road access point

The trail crosses through numerous neighborhoods of Seattle; it is considered an asset and has raised the value of adjacent housing in some areas.

The trail must cross many streets along the 17-mile route. The type of crossing treatment depends on the width and traffic volume of the street.

5-lane road TAYLOR REISS CP 243/LA203


The Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle, WA is a 17-mile bicycle and pedestrian greenway that has developed into a major urban route for non-motorized transportation. The trail is a critical asset to the Seattle cycling network. Trail map Adjacent housing Crossing treatments

An extra-wide sidewalk alongside a quiet street guides the trail through the University district

For wider streets with heavy traffic volumes, a user-activated traffic signal stops traffic and allows users to cross

Source: SDOT created google map

On-street greenway

New extensions of the trail are along major 5-lane arterials; a planted green strip helps users feel safe and buffered from traffic

A large grove of trees separates the diverging trail from multifamily housing, providing privacy while maintaining access

3-lane road

A median refuge island, painted crosswalk, and over-road signage help keep cyclists and pedestrians safe while crossing

2-lane road With a thick buffer of plantings, the trail is barely visible from the the adjacent single-family housing, even though it is very close

Bright indicator signage and a freshly painted crosswalk alert traffic to the trail crossing