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MARVIN GAYE PARK Northeast Washington, DC (Ward 7, East of the Anacostia River) 1.6 miles of linear open space dotted with flower fields, recreation/community centers, performance space, agricultural/ educational gardens and creek-side trail spread over a handful of residential neighborhoods and cutting through several roadways/arterials Historically one of DC’s most prominent black neighborhood parks; previously known as Suburban Gardens Recreational Park, pictured left (early 1900s)

• Park suffered disinvestment in the ‘70s and ‘80s • Unsafe park conditions prompted a public-private partnership called the “Down By the Riverside” Campaign in the ‘90s

First Lady Johnson christened the park as the Watts Branch stream valley, pictured right (1960’s)

Transportation / Context Map

• Campaign involved residents, park advocates, community organizers, non-profits, and several local and national government agencies • Park Renovation Master Plan by landscape architect, Ian Tyndall, on behalf of the campaign • Restoration project formally started in the late ‘90s and continues to the present (currently in construction phase)

Relevance to Santa Rosa’s Southeast Greeway: 1. Linear parkway with stream/trail 2. Green connection to transit


Metro Stations

3. Adjacent to larger state/national parks

Marvin Gaye Park

Adjacent Neighborhoods

4. Bisects residential neighborhoods

Southeast Waterfront Initiative

Trail Remediation and Transition Zone Designs

Node 1: Ladybird Wildflower Meadows

Node 2: King Sanctuary

Node 3: Heritage Green

Node 4: Capitol Greenway

Gaye Family Home