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Course work must be complementary to the course requirements and overall purposes of Southeastern’s degree program as determined by the Registrar. In general, course descriptions, material covered, and assignments given must reasonably correspond to the complementary course at Southeastern for credit to be transferred. Course work must be from a school whose accreditation is commonly recognized by similar institutions in this region. The College at Southeastern is accredited by SACS. Other accrediting agencies are reviewed on a case-bycase basis. To verify accreditation of an institution, contact its Registrar. The student may be asked to provide a copy of the transfer institution’s academic catalog. Only college-level courses that appear on a student’s official transcript with a grade of C or better will be transferred. Course work taken at non-accredited institutions cannot be transferred to the college.

Concurrent Enrollment Once a student has enrolled as a student at Southeastern, the student should not enroll at another academic institution without permission from the college. A student who desires to take classes from another regionally accredited institution for the purpose of transferring credit to Southeastern while concurrently enrolled at Southeastern must have prior approval of the student’s faculty adviser, the Dean of the College, and the Registrar. To initiate the approval process, the student should complete a Transfer Request Form available from the Registrar. The student should be prepared to provide all pertinent information regarding the transfer course in question. Except in rare circumstances, students will not be permitted to enroll in transfer courses if the course in question is offered in the same term by The College at Southeastern. Consult the Academic section for additional information.

A.Div. Program Transfer Policies Up to 15 hours of General Studies courses may be taken at other accredited colleges and applied to the A.Div. program. Since the A.Div. is a specialized professional degree, a maximum of 6 hours of foundational or vocational electives may be transferred from comparable work at another accredited institution. Credit hours completed at a non-accredited institution will not be applied to the A.Div.

B.A. Program Transfer Policies Transfer students in the B.A. program must take a minimum of 32 hours at Southeastern in order to graduate from the college and a minimum of 26 hours must be taken on the main campus in Wake Forest. Not more than 12 may be taken in practica, individualized studies, and similar special courses.

Correspondence and External Degree Programs A maximum of 12 hours of regionally accredited correspondence and external degree program course work may be credited toward graduation requirements. Before registering at another accredited institution for correspondence or online course work to be transferred to the college, current students must have written permission from the Dean of the College. Transfer Request Forms are available from the Registrar.

Military Course Credit Military credit is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may apply only as electives. Applicants must provide all necessary military transcripts.

Credit by Examination The College at Southeastern accepts nationally recognized Credit by Examination programs including the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board (AP), the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the International Baccalaureate (IB). Credit awarded for successful completion in AP, CLEP, and IB programs is assigned semester hours without quality points. Students may be awarded a maximum of 30 hours of Credit by Examination. Successful completion in these programs is determined according to the following guidelines.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program The College at Southeastern will award credit with grades of 3 or above for the following courses. Scores of 4 or 5 on selected AP examinations will award 6 hours of credit, with the second course identified by an asterisk (*). AP Test

Southeastern Course

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Official 2013 2014 academic catalog  

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